REAL Green Working Vocabulary


one of the conditions of decline and a chaos theory variable

Abandonment is the physical side of systematic decline.  It will be those things and activities that disappear in a world downsizing with less.


objective and pleasurable intellectual research.  Academic is less activism and more a mental workout.  Work your mind as you do your body


In an environment of succession constant adaptation is required hence I named my blog REALGreenadaptation.  Green prepping with REAL Green behavior is the name of the game.



don’t reinvent your life just add a green prepping component.

All spiritual and religious persuasions can incorporate green prepping and lifestyle alterations reflecting the great turning.


affluence is a disease of modernity mainly because it is what drives growth and the techno green washing of solutions which don’t scale to proper human wisdom.  Efficiency is a prime example of more eventually becoming less because of diminishing returns.


natural philosophy, a philosophical and protoscientific tradition, transformation, internal alchemy.  REAL Green seeks transformation through green prepping.  The resulting orientation draws on the power of the planet.


amish         I admire the Amish for their low carbon capture using pre modern means.  They have been modernized in some ways but have used their wisdom to determine what is good and bad for Amish culture so they practice a wisdom of less instead of more.  What I mean by this is an orientation of triage instead of expansion.  REAL Green seeks a wisdom of less in regards to less modern but more spiritual.  The Amish are excellent primitive homesteaders.  They are simple and humble which is another REAL Green desired trait.

animal husbandry

This is an important low carbon capture avenue.  Animals are a critical element to a homestead.  They allow a good permaculture that embraces proper utilization of the planets cycles and systems.


The age of modern man the techno optimist and destroyer of things.

ascending level of abstraction

The tree of life reflections.  The social narrative has levels of abstraction that should be dissected so one can see through the subterfuge of delocalization



the practice of severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons.



concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.

Keep in mind beauty when green prepping.  Beauty is a reflection of the truth.  The planet will demonstrate this to you if you are getting it right.  A garden, a rewilding, a homestead will all show a beauty.  Some of this will be natural and some technological.  The technological will be with systems and things that demonstrate superior abilities.  A well-planned homestead and a properly functioning farm all poses beauty.  It is an indicator of success so always look for it.


an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something.

The REAL Green is awakened because he is in acceptance of decline and from this acceptance comes an embrace of a planet in succession and a web of life in declining complexity.  In the realm of human civilization, the REAL Green is embracing a world of decline human growth.


The planet and the web of life are in balance.  Change is balanced in these realms.  Human civilization can be looked at as out of balance mainly because humans are dualistic.  The reality is all is balanced.

REAL Green looks to balance in a psychological way.  You will need to balance two different worlds one of the status quo and one of the REAL Green way which is generally in tangent.  There is a balance and this will be within your trap.  It comes from the acceptance of what is realistic and relative of limitations and traps.  Striking a balance between the two lives you will have to live is one of the biggest challenges of REAL Green.



the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially toward others.

the way in which a natural phenomenon or a machine works or functions.

Behavior is the key to REAL Green and the focus is acceptance.  This is first and foremost because if there is not acceptance there is bargaining with anger and also false hope.  These are delusional behaviors in terminal illness.  Human civilization is in terminal illness.  Humans are mortal and spend their life in denial of death.  The reason acceptance is so important it is a liberation from the status quo to the REAL green world.  You demons become angles when you accept your trap and work within your box of dependencies.  Once in acceptance awareness is opened up.  Your journey enters a new dimension of one concerned with enlightenment to one that goes forth on the planet’s behalf



a monk or nun of an order following the rule of St. Benedict.

prayer, work, leisure.  meaning and activity.  compilation of instructions.  love, stability, hospitality, justice/peace, obedience, prayer, stewardship, community.

REAL Green embraces the Benedictine way because of their example of a monestary best practices and things.  When you invest in your local seek to combine knowledge with your equipment of green prepping.  Triage out the deadwood so this means less things but more potent results.  This is an art that is also a discipline


a rigid typically rectangular container.  the limitations of conventionality.  to enclose in or as if in a box.  an often-small space, compartment, or enclosure.  a cell for holding mail.  PENALTY BOX

In REAL Green, civilization is entrapped in a box.  It cannot go forward or backwards because of limitations and consequences.


Bifurcation theory is the mathematical study of changes in the qualitative or topological structure of a given family.

A forking or division into two branches; separation into two parts or things; in optics, same as double refraction.

A point at which forking occurs; one or both of the bifurcating parts.

systems thinking will be important to REAL Green because here is where acceptance of decline is witnessed.  A bifurcation is a break into a new reality for REAL Green such as a tipping point and a resulting new reality.

Most commonly applied to the mathematical study of dynamical systems, a bifurcation occurs when a small smooth change made to the parameter values (the bifurcation parameters) of a system causes a sudden ‘qualitative’ or topological change in its behavior.

In dynamical systems, a bifurcation occurs when a small smooth change made to the parameter values (the bifurcation parameters) of a system causes a sudden \qualitative” or topological change in its behavior. Generally, at a bifurcation, the local stability properties of equilibria, periodic orbits or other invariant sets changes.

It is the enlightenment of this process of breaking from the tatus quo into a REAL Green way that participates the awakening once awakened the REAL Green goes forth green prepping a local in an honest acceptance of the coming failure of the civilization the REAL Green is embedded in.

car culture

The car culture is what has killed and is killing the world so look with discrimination on the fake green EV people.  REAL Green understands that cars are essential for survival in the Anthropocene but they are also killing the planet and your local.  This means they are a poison and pollution to a properly operating local.  Use them wisely.  Combine trips and limit discretionary driving.  They are a double edge sword of a huge force enhancer but also a deadly crutch and even more deadly distraction from good local living.  This is one of the reason I admire the Amish who have rightly determined cars will damage their tight knit community.

carbon trapped in path dependencies.

civilization is carbon trapped becuase of carbon overshoot of both consumption and population.  Path dependencies are the engrained behavior educated and perfected over generations.  This condition is now detrimental to humanity and the web of life’s survival.  Humans are killing the world in a process of self-organization of intelligence out of balance and scale.  Modern man is tech based and this ensures a path dependency of using more tech to battle the problems carbon trapped tech results in.  This means a circular state of using tech to address problems of tech leading to new problems with new applications of tech that become yet again a problem to apply tech to.  This is a physical trap that is also behavioral


a person who has been shipwrecked and stranded in an isolated place.  When you embrace REAL Green you become a castaway because you are no longer attached to the status quo in the same way.  You will be considered odd and not right.  Some will consider you a nutter.  Use this as a badge of honer not a disparagement You are liberated but also shipwrecked.     This is the essence of the dualism of REAL Green.



a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.

This is a classic example of the great turning and why REAL Green has so much meaning.  REAL Green offers a realization of the human trap but more importantly a response.


the branch of mathematics that deals with complex systems whose behavior is highly sensitive to slight changes in conditions, so that small alterations can give rise to strikingly great consequences.  System thought means a REAL Green will need to embrace the conditions of chaos.



the clever will be deceived.  I read something like that in my studies of the Tao.  The point is for the REAL Green it is not the smartest that shine but those who know themselves and their local.  In other words, if you concern yourself with being the best then you will not know yourself.  Being clever for otherness is different than being clever for oneself.  Embrace the planet and you will discover what I mean.


The term collapsology is a neologism used to designate the transdisciplinary study of the risks of collapse of our industrial civilization.  The systematic decline and failure of our modern civilization is self-evident to the honest.  It is those who are enlightened and then awakened to the reality of the trap that then proceed on a road to green prepping’


Once you accept failure and start your REAL Green journey then the tragedy behind comedy lightens up.  There is a liberation from leaving the denial of death in all its forms.


Community is a sacred to REAL Green.  It is the physical and spiritual manifestation of localization.  It is from here a REAL Green grows and adapts.  We can talk monks, shamans, and knights but it is the community that is the true REAL Green.  It is a rare thing these days to have a REAL Green community becuase of delocalization so when one is found it should be protected.


There are two aspects of change one of which is constructive and the other destructive.  Real Green seeks to produce constructive change within an overall destructive change of decline.


A key aspect of REAL Green is conservation.  This is both from a green point of view but also a prep point of view.  Conservation then becomes a guiding principal to lower ones footprint but also strengthen ones local for survival


decline is the dominant force on the planet these days so embrace it.  While earth systems don’t necessarily decline the web of life is in a decline of complexity.  Earth systems and cycles are in a decline of stability of the Holocene.  Human civilization is in decline.  Embrace decline becuase this means you are embracing a force behind life today.


decoupling has two interesting points.  The fake green believes affluence and carbon can be decoupled which is not proving out.  The REAL Green should seek to decouple oneself as much as realistic from the delocalization of the status quo.


REAL Green accepts degrowth as the force of change and adapts to it locally and individually.  The status quo of globalism cannot and will not adapt to degrowth.  This will be forced on it.  It is this disconnect that allows REAL Green an advantage.  Use growth to leave it by smart degrowthing


delusions are everywhere in the status quo world.  The social narrative of growth is a delusion.  Seeing through these delusions is a REAL Green advantage because focus results


this is critical a aspect to understand in REAL Green.  Delocalization is the process of growth in globalism.  Growth is continued by centralizing, specializing the economic process of economies of scale, comparative advantage coming together in value chains that require long distance transport and digital connectivity.  Digital wealth and relative social values dominate.  Wealth crosses borders and social borders are reduced in the name of fairness but the reality is exploitation of the local by raiders of wealth that are parasitic.


denial is the fundamental human condition that initially involves our inability to face death in all its forms.  This ultimately is manifested in the political and economic narrative of growth and human expansion.

destructive change

destructive change is the other side of change that represents the decline process.  In the past destructive change was seen with technologies that broke down previous modes but today technology and efficiency are part of the problem.  Decline is destructively changing the human condition.  Technology and efficiency being manifested in increased centralization of wealth and power in globalism is destroying the social fabric.  This is the late stage of civilization.  We also see this manifested in the decline of complexity of the web of life.  The planet’s systems and their cycles are disrupted from a stable Holocene to what is now the Anthropocene.


The social narrative is not connected to the overriding process of decline so it is in disconnect yielding all kinds of dysfunctions.


Ideally a REAL Green will limit its digital connections and make efforts to be out in nature and with humans in person.  The reality is many REAL Greens can only connect digitally because of the isolated nature of this awakening.  Few ae awakened so reaching out means finding likeminded people on the internet.  If possible, take steps to reduce your digital consumption and usage.

diminishing returns

diminishing returns is everywhere in our delocalized hyper tech world.  To the extent you can downcycle your reliance on tech and globalism through localism


REAL Green is chiefly behavior and because of this your biggest challenge is in your mind.  You will be downsizing, accepting failure, and disconnecting from the status quo.  This will be a difficult road to travel and discouragement will be a result.  If you understand the challenges will require discouragement it is less a problem.  Know your limitations.  Understand being realistic and relative.  Acknowledge your own hypocrisy.  Face guilt for what it is for a REAL Green and that is the condition of living between worlds.


disturbance from a proper, original, or usual place or state


dooming is living doom.  Dooming today gets a bad rep but the reality is dooming means living with the understanding decline and failure are an underlying force of change on all levels except the spirtual.  In times of crisis real change occures and heros are made


Downcycling, or cascading, is the recycling of waste where the recycled material is of lower quality and functionality than the original material.

From a REAL Green perspective downcycling means less is more.  The act of triage and simplicity yields greater spirtual wealth



the division of something conceptually into two opposed or contrasted aspects, or the state of being so divided.

REAL green requires you to live locally in a delocalized world but it is more than this.  It is also about degrowthing when the world is growing thing.  It is about embracing failure when the world is embracing a mistaken manifest destiny.  It is about living in a world to leave it.  This dualism will be surreal and cause mental inconsistencies.  The chief way to deal with this is scaling.  If you are properly scaled you have the strength to deal with the side effects of a dual life.


dysfunction is one of the chief variables of systematic decline which is a process and events.  It is a chief variable in the chaos found in decline as complexity is dissolved in succession.  As the decline process proceeded those elements that resist it fail.  Often, they fail in delusions of success.  REAL Green uses this destructive change to find constructive change opportunities.  A dysfunctional local can be made functional by downsizing and localizing.  Theis presents and opportunity to find your niche in destructive change.  Succession is a necessary function in nature.  It is a flux of change and a frequency that modulates.  We are now in the downside of this change and this is the reason REAL green has so much relevance.


efficiency is a two-edge sword.  One the one hand you want to be efficient so you are more sustainable and resilient but too much suffers diminishing returns which cause the effort to go negative.  Society today has a negative return on its efficiency and this is the reason for the decline process.  Human forcing of the planets systems and cycles have caused a decline.  Human drive towards increased efficiency has meant a reduction in the resilience and sustainability of locals in the same of the hyper efficient economics of globalism.  Delocalization is the result.  Yet, a REAL Green must embrace efficiency or else the high volumes involved with low carbon capture make the effort negative.  Space must be properly used.  Energy not wasted.  Time properly utilized.  There is never enough time nor money for a REAL Green effort so proper allocating and budgeting is required.  The wisdom of knowing what efficiency to embrace and what to reject is a key learning process.  On the one hand society is driving you towards greater efficiency but your quest for a stable, resilient, and sustainable local requires you to reject this efficiency.  A local efficiency will be less technical and more about scale.  It will be more about behavior than tech.  Knowledge is a key but also a deceptive trap.


REAL Green is an ecology of localism.  It mirrors the path of the planet, web of life, and human society.  Since these are in decline the local must embrace decline.  The ecology of decline is less complexity but more opportunities for niches.  Microclime of activity should be sought.  Areas where threasholds are breaking down need to be avoided.  Instead exploit the decline and ride the gradient down.


A REAL green is egalitarian mainly because his power is derived from the planet and the web of life.  This does not mean there is not divisions of labor and leadership.  It also means there is a relative and realistic approach to being equal.  The humility of submitting to the planet as your source of power and scaling properly helps mitigate the inevitable tensions of equality and privilege.  This is why humility is so important.  if the REAL Green chooses to use his power for his own personal advancement this low-grade force empowered by the planet is lost.  It is critical to scale properly.  It is critical to adapt properly so the act of personal advancement will ruin these connections.  Yet, it must be acknowledged that realistically and relatively the world is in competitive cooperation.  You will have to compete.  You will have to be a soldier and attack and defend.  You will have to enter into cooperation in situations that are less than desirable.  These tensions can be mitigated by proper behavior and scaling.


enlightenment and education are critical to an awakening.  An awakening is the activity of the enlightened.


to catch in or as if in a trap.  to lure into a compromising statement or act

In Real Green entrapment is understood by acceptance



intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

A REAL Green is special but in a humble way.  You are called by the planet in a special way.  The result is humbly accepting this calling.  You will be enlightened and empowered by the planet and the web of life because you will be following the way.


Failure is an option and in fact the force of change.  The current system is in a great turning from success to failure.  The paradox of this is embracing failure ensures success.


there is a force involved with all this.  It is the energy in nature.  Tap into this very powerful but low level force


force multiplier

In military science, force multiplication or a force multiplier refers to a factor or a combination of factors that gives personnel or weapons the ability to accomplish greater feats than without it. The expected size increase required to have the same effectiveness without that advantage is the multiplication factor.


fourth turning

the fourth turning is the current process of crisis; major events are unfolding and involve everyone and completely change the way people think from before.  This is a frog boil process and replete with subterfuge, delusions, and false narratives against a planet and human system screaming decline, decay, and chaos.  Keep in mind this is self-organizing so beyond human management.  It involves traps and path dependencies.  Awaken and adapt is the name of the game for those who are honest in spirit and with science.


garden, orchard, vines, forage

These are important low carbon capture avenues.  Adapt them with responsible modern knowledge but avoid the extremes of the modern that industrialize them.


Admire genius but keep in mind scale and humility.  The clever will be deceived.  Intelligence has a way of self-deception and represents a trap of human dualism the ego inevitably drifts into.  Spirituality of an other and higher power is essential to break through the self-deception.  This is called grace and is only obtained through humility and acceptance.  This is the only pathway to REAL Power.


an increase or decrease in the magnitude of a property (e.g. temperature, pressure, or concentration) observed in passing from one point or moment to another.

A process is based upon time and a gradient describes a magnitude of spatial movement          so together we can better relate to the multi-dimensional decline process.  I would ad the metaphysical gradient of decline to fully express the human condition.


great turning

today we are in an inflection and phase change.  In fact, right here right now multiple levels are turning into a new domain.  This is why decline is so difficult to understand.  There is still growth with degrowth interacting in an undulating plateau.  The key point though is the turning has likley occurred.  It is usually the case this is seen in the review mirror.  The enlightened REAL Green sees it now because of honesty, humility, and acceptance.

green prepper

a REAL Green engages in green prepping as a way of life.  This means specifically lowering one’s planetary footprint to enhance survivability.  Preppers are often considered nutter but explain why special forces engage in intense prepping for battle.  I would add that when you combine green to prepping you achieve the proper mix of personal and planetary beneficial activity.  You help yourself by helping the planet.  This is one of the few win wins in life and the reason REAL Green can be so powerful.

green washing

fake green techno optimistic narrative most full describes green washing.  The majority of greens are green washing solutions to decline.  Green today is political and corrupt.  Liberalism is now fake green because of woke and techno optimism.  Even degrowthers are fake because they are delusional about the solutions that degrowthing results in.

green, true, real, fake

True Green is pure green without disturbance and with waste streams that are nutrient streams.  It is the typical of indigenous human in a natural environment.  Real green is a green prepper attempting through physical and mental means to lower one’s footprint mainly through localism.  Fake green is the standard modern green who seeks increasing affluence with green washing.   The true nature of destructive affluence comes from the lie of green affluence.  These are EV lovers, scientist and academia who claim techno solutions and politicians who profess green only for votes but do not live green.  At least browns ae honest about their position.  The fake green lives a lie.  Yet, much good will come from the fake green in needed change except for enlightenment.  So in this sense fake green is spiritually dirty and it is the spirit where true affluence can be found.  So this means humans can never be truly free and affluent until the lies end.


a REAL Green will have to deal with guilt because of the tensions from being realistic and relative in his application of a green lifestyle and the degree to which he can localize.  The best way to deal with guilt is humility and acceptance to recognize hypocrisy that comes with the pride of the ego.

higher power

REAL Green does not seek to replace your higher power.  Not all higher powers out there are relative to REAL Green but many of them can easily incorporate a REAL Green lifestyle into their belief system.  Meaning is a key asset of REAL Green especially spiritual meaning.  You will need to find spiritual windfalls to make up for the losses that decline will deliver daily and continuously.


In most case REAL Green is realized in a homestead but keep in mind REAL Green is behavioral so an urbanite can go REAL Green.  A skilled craftsman can also be REAL Green.  The reason a homestead is so important to REAL Green is it is the place where low carbon capture can be realized most fully in the historic human condition.  Humans were first hunter gathers then came agriculture and finally civilization.  Our DNA is basically a low carbon capture animal meaning foraging and farming.  Only later came the human citizen of large organizations that increasingly became destructive because they were out of scale to the human dimension.  REAL Green is realistic about this.  A carpenter can lower his foot print and prep just like a farmer in relative realistic sense.  REAL Green is deeply local so everyone has his homestead even if you are in a small condo 12 floors up.



history is critical to REAL Green because you have to research and understand how your local of people and place functioned pre-modern from the fossil fuel era.  An excellent history period to become knowledgeable on is 1830-1910.  This is a very good indication of the envelope of adaptation a REAL Green can manage.   Keep in mind REAL Green synthesizes the best of the new and old in a process of hybridization and salvage.  Know your limitations and you can build a microclime of success in the trap of the Anthropocene.  .


a hospice is a place one goes to die.  It is a place of acceptance.  REAL Green uses the term hospice in a behavioral way.  Modern life is dying and a REAL Green is in acceptance of this.  This means palliative care is called for namely reduce pain and suffering.



Keep in mind delocalization when I speak of hunting.  I don’t hunt but I am an accomplished hunter when I was young so I know how to do it.  I now enable and support wildlife and habitat.  I feel a Karma because of this with nature.  Yet, if times got hard, I will harvest wildlife for food.  I will also kill animals that are being destructive.  I am not a sport hunter is my point and I find sport hunting a lower human value but I do not object to it becuase these days animals must be harvested becuase humans have eliminated the higher-level predators.


a properly scaled ego

Humility is a vital element of REAL Green and its contingent skill of green shamanism.  Green shamanism is connecting and utilizing the power of the planet to advance ones local of people and place.  When you connect to the planet’s force of change you are enabled by its power of truth.  In this case the truth is not rational and intelligent it is a truth of what is and what does.  This truth is the underlying geological and physical manifestation of planet earth through its systems and cycles and this includes the web of life.  The web of life is just an extension and growth from this reality.  Intelligence is then a further growth of this reality so we are the earth reflecting on itself even though we think and feel like an isolated ego.


hybridization is a critical component of the REAL Green lifestyle.   Hybridization flows from the dualism of REAL Green.  A REAL Green will seek to combine the old ways with the new but also the status quo and green prepping.  The old ways of low carbon capture that were resilient and sustainable can be combined with the modern best practices and things.  Keep in mind this is a relative action becuase in many cases the old ways are no longer applicable or in other words extinct.  So much has changed.  The land has been raped and pillaged but so has our couture.  The REAL Green lifestyle of gathering and producing energy in all its forms means going back to the roots of traditional human life.  A REAL Green will enhance the old ways of low carbon capture that were localized and robustly simple compared to today’s hyper technical and delocalized.  Yet, the amount of knowledge, skills, and the amazing modern products can and should be incorporated into this effort where the hybridization demonstrate the vital element of resilience and sustainability.  This is where REAL Green wisdom comes in.  You must know what things and knowledge to keep and what to dispose of.   You will be practicing a triage of what is realistic considering your limitations of your local of people and place.  Generally you will choose less over more respecting scale.

Incongruous juxtaposition

Incongruous just means incompatible, or disturbing.  Juxtaposition means next to each other.  So, two words, for example, in incongruous juxtaposition would be:  cruel kindness

Keep in mind your REAL Green world of dualism, paradoxes, and the surreal will be full of incongruous juxtapositions.  This is how you will know you are on the right path.



An animal that characteristically lives commensally in the nest, burrow, or dwelling place of an animal of another species.

A REAL green will have to find a place in the status quo to nest.  Relocalize the delocalized by using it to leave it.


The state or quality of being indifferent.  The state of being indifferent, as between persons or things; absence of prepossession or bias; impartiality.  The state of being indifferent or apathetic; the absence of definite preference or choice; want of differentiation or variation of feeling; absence of special interest; apathy; insensibility.

Indifference is important to REAL Green mainly because of the illusions and delusions of activism in the delocalized world.  Thinking you can follow a movement and make a difference in many cases is a detour and waste of time.  Instead focus on your local and build something.  The indifferent REAL Green can engage in this but more as a theoretical or academic level like reading the news but not protesting.  The REAL Green will do this strictly to gain more of an edge in his local of people and place.  Know about the bigger world but act locally.  So, he will be looking for knowledge and practices he can scale to his local.  The nature of the delocalized global is an individual in most cases can do little.  He may think he is doing something but most often he is not.  The real powers are the corporate individuals.   Organizations of multiple people incentivized and programed by globalizing corporate governance rituals.

industrial agriculture

Industrial agriculture is here to stay as long as the modern status quo continues or for that matter any kind of moderate step down of that world.  A REAL Green will use it to leave it just as he uses consumerism and growth in the standard status quo.  Survival is dictated by the Anthropocene reality of human economics of globalism.  Globalism delocalizes but it also presents many opportunities to enhance and expand a local.  The key is to pick and choose.  In the case of industrial agriculture and permaculture many good processes can be utilized to make your permaculture more profitable and capable.  The problem is where does permaculture become industrial ag?  This will be a constant tension with the REAL Green attempt at scale and smaller footprint in localism and industrial Ags market approach.



Try to infect others with good lifestyle instead of pushing it on them.  Only certain people can be influenced and many people want to influence.  Deflect those who want to influence you with compromised behavior and infect others subtlety and unconsciously by example.  There will be those to be trained but they are few.  REAL Green in its higher stages is a personality set of a sage.  Generally, it takes someone who has gained experience and knowledge of a life in the status quo who then can semi-retire into REAL Green as a knight, monk, and or Shaman.  Those at lower levels depending on their calling can still adapt their local through infection by being better scaled and planet orientated.  Remember planet orientate includes being other oriented and respecting the web of life.  It respects higher complexity planetary systems and seeks to enhance them not degrade them.  It is inevitable that humans degrade their surroundings because we are the highest-level predator so we are a disruptor species yet, humans can also magnify good systems locally.  It is when we have gone global in overshoot that the grave damage is being done.



uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.

The REAL Green way embraces the wisdom of insecurity.  Acceptance of the condition of the ego and its separateness and duality is a root of anxiety and fear.  REAL green says embrace fear and insecurity and then go forth on your journey of green prepping.  It is by leaving the false narrative of safetyism and refuge mentality that one finds the courage and also the heroism to bravely go forth.  While we know no one is above fear it is coming to grips with the fear of fear that is the key.  Fear is healthy and should be a motivator not an inhibitor.



Not endowed with reason. Affected by loss of usual or normal mental clarity; incoherent, as from shock.

Irrational is a key concept of the systematic decline process.  Irrational is part of the three parts of the chaos process of decline which are economic abandonment, dysfunctional networks and irrational behaviors.  It represents the environment a REAL Green local will face with the decline of globalism.



Humans are invasive.  There will be those in your life that are invasive.  The status quo is invasive and destructive but also gives life.  If you have a permaculture farm you will have invasive species of all kinds to deal with.  Adapt to them and foster good ones in a polyculture instead of using a monoculture strategy that are almost always industrial.  The key to an invasive to the REAL Green is wisdom to utilize what benefits and triage out those that are destructive.



REAL Green adaptation is a green prepping journey into localism and proper scale with the planet.  This is a journey with lifeboats and hospices.  The lifeboats are the skills and things that prep one for decline.  The hospice is the behavior of palliative care which is proper orientation and the wisdom to choose knowledge properly.  The destination is not the goal it is a journey of hope within an environment of decline and decay.


Karma means action, work, or deed. The term also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect, often descriptively called the principle of karma, wherein intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual

REAL Green believes in karma of proper orientation to the planet.  This is a power a REAL Green enables through him.


something that gives an explanation or identification or provides a solution.  an aid to interpretation or identification.  a map legend.  the set of instructions governing the encipherment and decipherment of messages.  to finish off (an arch) by inserting a keystone.  to bring into harmony or conformity: make appropriate: ATTUNE.  to be essential to: play the most important part in.

the key to REAL Green is acceptance


the wedge-shaped piece at the crown of an arch that locks the other pieces in place.  something on which associated things depend for support.  keystone species: a species of plant or animal that produces a major impact (as by predation) on its ecosystem and is considered essential to maintaining optimum ecosystem function or structure

Keystone for a REAL Green is localism and acceptance.  All else follows from these two keystones.


The Jedi Order are depicted as an ascetic, monastic, academic, meritocratic, and quasi-militaristic organization whose origin dates back approximately 25,000 years

I like to compare the REAL Green knight to the jedi knight but in a very watered-down way.  Hollywood has a way of sensationalizing things.  A REAL Green knight seeks the force of the planets succession to enhance and strengthen his local of people and place.


freedom provided by the cessation of activities.  in one’s leisure time : at one’s convenience.

Proper leisure is critical to REAL Green.  So much delocalization occurs today because of poor leisure practices.  A focus by REAL Green to localize leisure is critical.



Localism is a keystone of REAL Green.  It allows proper scale.  It begins with behavior which is the ultimate localization of the soul.    This is people and place so human and the earth.  This shift in behavior from global to local allows a wisdom of green prepping.  Green to restore a little place on a earth in ecological succession.  The prep is the fortifying of ones local of people and place.  Delocalization becomes the battlefront.  The proper approach to this is triage, hybridization, and inquilining.  The inquilining is a parasitic activity of using the status quo to leave it.  In other words you use consumerism and dirty behavior to green prep.  You have no choice this is the delocalizing Anthropocene.  You need to participate to build up a local but also to survive.  You can’t transcend the Anthropocene because it is reality.  Instead you harness and leverage it to build up walls around a good functioning local.  Extinction is a possibility.  The reason for this is humans do not scale at the level we are at.  Our numbers and consumption are too high.  Localism does not solve this problem but it offers an avenue of adapting and mitigating this condition of overshoot that is both spatial and temporal.  The spatial is the occupation of the planet and the temporal is time is running out becuase consequences are at hand.  A strong and secure local can better deal with the inevitable consequences.



constituting a more limited number or amount.  of lower rank, degree, or importance.  to a lesser extent or degree.  to a progressively smaller size or extent.  a smaller portion or quantity.  diminished by : MINUS

Less is essential to REAL Green adaptation because less is more.  Less things and smaller places when done wisely and with dignity means more spiritual meaning and value.  The key idea here is less is more.


A REAL Green monestary will have a library.  This library should have books paper and digital.  It will include pictures, art, things, and symbols.  It is a place of collecting best practices and things and the explanation of them into a place of intellectual reflection.  The library is the seed bank for future generations.


life boat

A lifeboat is the mental, physical, and spiritual vessel of the REAL Green knight, shaman, and monk.  Keep in mind a REAL Green can be all 3 in 1.  The lifeboat is the homestead and monestary floating on the sea of change.  The knight is the captain of the ship.


Synonyms bound, boundary, cap, ceiling, confines, end, extent, limit, line, termination

Limits are extremely important to REAL Green.  Like Clint said in dirty harry “a man gots to know his limitations”.  The understanding of limitations are ephemeral in the status quo because the social narrative is techno optimist with a feeling of manifest destiny.  The seductions of the dopamine are so strong to grow and succeed that limitations are mostly discounted and dismissed.   Problems will be solved by tech and knowledge is the meme.  It is everywhere and it is a basic form of denial.  It then becomes a key limitation becuase good actionable efforts will be corrupted without an honest acceptance of failure.  For the individual it is likewise a key becuase an individual REAL Green knows behavior is first and then action.  Tech follows behavior for the REAL Green.   Knowing the limitations of one’s local of people and place will guide a REAL Green past the siren song of tech and false knowledge.  Accepting the failure of tech and false knowledge is one of the first steps.

live to die another day

I have always liked this saying maybe because I am a survivor on many levels.  I have had near death experiences and I have crashed and burned.  Having come close to death in many forms I have come to accept and embrace it not as my dominate force of action but with respect.  I respect the fact all I am doing and all that is in my mind can be lost in an instant.  I have been there and felt the loss.  I know loss.  I am also getting older.  My body is breaking.  I had cancer recently.  I have survived but you never know with cancer.  I have had difficult mental challenges in my youth.  I had addictions and personality challenges over my many years.  I have survived but I know more will come until my final end.  The expression “live to die another day” expresses acceptance of death and the going forth in action this transformation can unlock.

lone wolf

I am a lone wolf.  I am an introvert but I do OK with people it is just they interfere with my productive abilities.  Yet, I know people are your greatest asset.  Delegation and leadership are a must for small groups.  I am a lone wolf in that I need time alone to do what I do.  I need alone time to recharge my batteries.  People are important to me and I invest in them.  I am not any more selfish becuase of this but it is the approach to people that needs to be managed or else my strength is degraded.

low carbon capture

The harvesting and gathering of energy.  Food is harvested.  Biomass is harvested.  Solar and wind energy is gathered.  Low carbon just means dispersed and not concentrated like fossil fuels are.  This is where carbon neutral and low carbon can be obtained.  It represents a place where local energy is available instead of imported.  Keep in mind the need to keep energy harvesting and gathering local because transport makes these source high carbon.

Once the behavior part of the REAL Green is consolidated then he goes forth in action.  The planet will support this if done properly.  The reason I say this is there is an orientation to the truth that corresponds to a power of purpose.  If the planet is indeed in decline as well as human civilization then there is a truth to this that can be embraced.  Embracing the truth in acceptance and scale results in powerful action locally.  Low carbon capture is that action and the reason I say this is it is the basics of human and nature interaction for most of human history.  Only recently have humans delocalized.

In REAL Green low carbon capture is important becuase it is where resilience and sustainability is found physically.  The key to permaculture farming is low carbon capture hybridization of the old ways with the best things and practices of modern times.  Yes, REAL green is realistic and relative on this subject.  I am not saying go back to pre-modern completely mainly becuase this is now the Anthropocene so there are limitations on how green anyone can be.  Be as green as you can and be as prepared as you can for decline and decay.  Combine these into green prepping that benefits you and the planet.


This is important for REAL Green understanding because this is the result of improper investment and for the REAL Green it comes from bargaining and not acceptance plus it comes from lack of scale.  It comes from fighting the direction of the planet and the web of life.  Delocalization and the delusions of techno optimism fool us into going more techno efficient and complex to deal with our needs for affluence and comfort.  A REAL Green can battle this with an ascetic Spartan lifestyle in stoicism.  The key to this is adapting and mitigating a planetary trend.


natural management is critical to your REAL Green effort.   Your prep homestead, your monestary of knowledge, and your permaculture farm must be managed.  Money and time will be tight so there is no option but to manage this difficulty.  Prioritizing, salvaging, and triaging will dominate your effort mainly because low carbon capture and the resilience and sustainability of green prepping is expensive and time consuming.  You will still have to make a living and pay bills so adding green prepping to this is an added challenge.   In the days of old they had a road map.  This is a new age of delocalization you are trying to localize successfully which means a hybridization of triage and salvage.  These are nonspecific actions and in many cases an art.  Find you talents then manage its growth.


I like this word mainly because much of what you will be doing with your REAL Green will be a menagerie in a zoo of challenges.  REAL Green success is focused on a wide variety of skills along with the low value high volume of low carbon capture means lots of ball to juggle.  There will be a lot on your plate.


Take care of yourself so your body does not have to be delocalized.  Doctors and dentist cost lot of money and time.  You have to drive to them.  Eat good food at least most of the time


I admire the Amish and Mennonites.  Both groups are here in the Missouri Ozarks where I am at.  You will find REAL Green tends to hybridize mainly because this is the synthesis needed for decline.  Mennonites do not have technological restrictions but Amish do.  I like how Mennonites stay simple and humble.  They embrace trade skills and remain rural with farms.  I like how the Amish use a wisdom of simplicity to address technology that impacts their culture adversely.


A microclime is the ecological definition of a niche within a general climate that represents a climate further north or south of it.  It also is an oasis in the desert or an island in the ocean.  In this sense your REAL Green effort can be a pocket of constructive change in the overriding condition of destructive change.


Mind game

REAL Green is a mind game with a mind game of the status quo so stay playful with something very serious. When we delve into serious maters beyond a point, we become destructive and codependent.  Stay light and malleable because the decline process will confront you constantly with destructive change that will cause pain and suffering.



A REAL Green monestary is a microclime of knowledge and things to be collected and saved for the dark ages coming both a tech dystopia and a collapse dystopia.  Much will be lost in both types of decline.  Your REAL Green monestary will be a place to build a refugee from destructive change with a microclime niche of constructive change.  This includes a physical place to put your prep assets but also a abstract place of reason and knowledge.   A place for a wisdom of green prepping action.



The cultivation of a single crop on a farm or in a region or country.  A single, homogeneous culture without diversity or dissension.

Monocultures is a very important concept for REAL Green.  It involves the physical and the psychological.  Physically the REAL Green permaculture farm and homestead is for a polyculture with diversity of preps.  Prepping is about having resilience and diversity within reason.   The reasonableness relates to the expense and can be counterproductive if taken too far.  So, in relation to prepping monocultures represent lifestyle too.  On the psychological side it means seeing the dominant culture which is homogenous and monoculture.  This vision means adapting accordingly in a green prepper way.  You cannot escape monocultures because they are the basis of the Anthropocene but you can adapt locally and with scale



Money for the green prepper should include a properly managed bank account, cash, precious metals, and valuable things that have value and can be bartered.  Cash and precious metals are a real danger because they can be taken easily but really anything you have can be taken.   Just like financial investing don’t have all your eggs in one basket.  With cash the value can be hyperinflated.  Gold is easy to confiscate.  Valuable things, systems, and a way of life is of the best value will be the new money as the decline process accelerates.  These values will be traded with others that have things of value later once paper wealth has degraded or vanished.  I would put the most emphasis on these items of physical or behavioral value in your green prepping portfolio because if SHTF, values will change from monetary to immediate needs like food, water and shelter.


A REAL Green is a monk.   He can also be a shaman and a knight.  Find your REAL Green personality.  These descriptions become possible at the local level with proper scaling.  At the status quo level to talk about monks, shamans, and knights is a joke.   A properly scaled REAL Green sees the tragic comedy of the status quo.  A REAL Green Monk has a monestary and follows a code or as with the Benedictines a rule.  This code is REAL Green and revolves first around acceptance of decline then starts the journey of localization to a lifestyle of green prepping.  The monestary is the place where knowledge and things are warehoused.  This monestary is a lifeboat but also a hospice of palliative care.  So, it is both physical and mental


In a REAL Green permaculture farm multispecies and polycultures are the primary focus.  Monocultures are rejected as too efficient and unnatural.  They delocalize and lower resilience and sustainability.  Keep in mind the parasitic nature of REAL Green of using the status quo to leave it.  The same is true of using monocultures to leave them so a REAL Green permaculture farm surrounded by monoculture farms will interact and benefit from these.   Look around nature and you will not see many monocultures naturally except in times of succession.   Once species in climax communities out compete others destroying the strength of common complexity.  Monocultures are also found at the bottom of this process with an explosion of a species in the degraded ecosystem for example jellyfish in a dead-zone.  We see a predominance of monocultures in the human status quo primarily because efficiency can be maximized.  The problem with maximizing efficiency is eventually diminishing returns then negative returns is the result.



A REAL Green shaman, monk, and knight is a mystic.  The greatness and heroics of REAL Green comes properly at the local of people and place so the tendency to want greatness in the status quo of Hollywood and the media is not it.  This is delocalized greatness.  It is ego driven and a dopamine hit of self-gratification.  At the local level there can be REAL greatness.  An awakening in proper scale is REAL Green.   So “in the first degree the higher power enters into the soul and she turns inward into herself. in the second she ascends above herself and is lifted up to the higher power. in the third the soul, lifted up to the higher power, passes over altogether into Him. in the fourth the soul goes forth on the higher power’s behalf and descends bellow herself.

narrative of affluence

This is the guiding principal of the delocalized status quo.  It is both green and brown and it underlies the global community’s competitive cooperation principal which drives behavior at the top.  This is the only way humans can operate at the top.  The top is out of scale so affluence is out of scale.  There will never be a one world order for very long.  It will self-destruct.  In this line of thought one sees that affluence is the driving principal of all political and social forces.  Affluence is sought in the REAL Green local but mainly in a tradeoff of physical affluence for spiritual meaning.  Meaning has value that can make up for the loss of things and comforts.

native american

I have a large library of Native American books especially on the Osage of the Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.  This library focuses on daily life, history, and anthology of the culture.  It is the spoken history put on paper.  The social structure of the Osage is fascinating becuase it is a culture of tribal survival that shows how humans properly scaled can live in harmony with nature.  I chose the Oage because where I live was their homeland centuries ago.  When I reflect on them I can imagine their life because I am on the same lands.

open source

This is a critical part of my REAL Green Adaptation.  It is open source because it is not mine or yours.  It is the planet’s and she is speaking through us.  The power we gather from her is given back to her.  It is only given and taken properly in open source and open living.  Anything I say about REAL green is yours the reader to take and to use as you see fit.  I am just a window.  This is becuase at the local level of people and place your REAL Green is unique but since it is from the planet there is a commonality.  Learn how to synthesis the two and you will find REAL green success locally.

palliative care

This is a very important pillar of REAL Green and it has to do with lifeboats and hospices which are the way of action of the REAL Green prepping of the local.  The care is both physical and spiritual.  There is a physical effort to reduce the pain from downsizing by doing it with dignity.  The dignity comes from spiritual meaning found in the process of honesty the ultimately involves acceptance.  There is an acceptance that pain, suffering, and death are part of the succession process of a planet being disturbed and the web of life in an extinction event.  The goal is to find a harbor in the storm which is a niche in destructive change that is a constructive change in a REAL Green microclime


A statement that seems to contradict itself but may nonetheless be true.  A person, thing, or situation that exhibits inexplicable or contradictory aspects.  A statement that is self-contradictory or logically untenable, though based on a valid deduction from acceptable premises.

The condition of being surrounded by paradoxes in a REAL Green local is because of the dualism of living in two contradictory worlds.  One of localism and decline and the other of a delocalized world attempting and orientated to growth.  REAL Green meaning will seem contradictory in this dualism.  Incongruous juxtapositions will be all around you.  You will know you are near REAL Green when you start encountering paradoxes


The REAL Green will be parasitic on the status quo by using it to leave it.  The status quo is itself parasitic on the local so this is in no way unfair.  What it is instead is a balancing of localization and delocalization.  It is injecting green prepping into the brown world of human growth


path dependencies

“path dependence” – where we came from and how we got here puts strict limits on what is now possible for us to do.


a fusion of indigenous knowledge with modern science and technology

permaculture is the primary avenue of green prepping and is really about locally adapting wisdom found in the low carbon capture of old with the modern of best knowledge and things.  This is about triage that leads to salvage and the building up of a new order of things locally.


a polyculture is the principal of an ecosystem where species and locals operate synergistically in support of each other in building up of complexity.  When the ecosystem is in the destructive change of decline a polyculture is critical for resilience and sustainability.  It forms a bond resisting chaotic decline or finding order in chaos.  With the advent of climate instability and the breakdown of human civilization a polyculture becomes critical to bonds between and within the local of people and place.  In particular in my homestead I have pasture that is rotationally grazed by a multispecies.  This means diversity in strength.


A Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors. The scheme leads victims to believe that profits are coming from product sales or other means, and they remain unaware that other investors are the source of funds.

Civilization in its late stage as we are in now is a Ponzi.


a natural phenomenon marked by gradual changes that lead toward a particular result.  a continuing natural or biological activity or function.  a series of actions or operations conducing to an end.  treated or made by a special process especially when involving synthesis or artificial modification.

Instead of looking for events and destinations embrace the journey to meaning.  Decline is a process of collpase.  It may proceed quickly or slowly with differing degrees.  The survival of your local will be directly related to the speed and the degree of decline.  If you can find a good local and when you do fortify it with green prepping so you can mitigate and adapt to its decline.



It is important for a REAL green to know his range just as a species instinctively knows where it can survive and thrive and migrates to that place.  A properly constructed local has a local range.  Discovering that range realistically and relatively is a key feature of a REAL Green wisdom


This is a critical part of REAL Green.  Real means most of all realistic.  There are many ideals to being green and caring about the planet but there is a realistic element to its implementation.  This is especially true in localism.  Locally you will be faced with tough choices.  You will on the one hand know what needs to be done but on the other faced with the obstacles of delocalization and inflation.  In this case inflation is not enough time, money, or acceptance from your people.  Inflation is the gap between what you want to do and what you can do.  It also involves behavior for your local of people.  Few will be green preppers and even fewer REAL Green knights.  The realism is few people will believe in what you are doing.  Realism is sobriety for the REAL Green.  It will keep you anchored and focused.  You will not have unlimited resources and big followings.  It is just the opposite becuase you are choosing the road less traveled.


Recycling is an important aspect of REAL Green but in many cases, it is just a fake green motive.  Often it is just fake green downcycling of pretending to be green by recycling things that ends up being more destructive than just leaving it alone.  This is the nature of diminishing returns.  If you want to make a difference in many cases where recycling is downcycling than don’t consume of consume less.  This is true of so much fake green nonsense of the techno green optimist.  Much of the effort at efficiency and green growth of things like the green new deal is bogus green washing of more consumption.  There is no decoupling past a certain point.  Affluence cannot be greened up beyond a point.  Diminishing returns occurs swiftly as humans go into overshoot.  The descaling of globalism means destructive efficiencies.  So, all this talk about a circular economy with recycling as central to it is a feel-good deception


There are no refuges for a REAL Green.  This is critical.  Failure is accepted and embraced as the end game just as our mortal death.  There is no transcendence but there is a transformative of hope that is found in the journey of living in the here and now to live to die another day.


Relative is another key just like realistic.  The REAL Green must green prep in a relative way.  One size does not fit all.  A local of people and place is unique.  It is a micro clime where constructive growth is possible within an environment of destructive decline.  To properly implement your green prepping effort, you have to be aware of relativity.  A rich man will have different challenges to a poor man.  Keep this in mind becuase to properly navigate the dualism of living in and out of the status quo means a relative approach.  Some may only be marginally green because that is the best they can manage.  Their people and place have green prepping limitations.  Some people will not adjust to green prepping so a REAL Green in this case will struggle unless he implements a relative approach.


First, renewables are not renewables.  That which is renewable is something in the cycle of life where a waste stream is an energy source for another.  In the case of green prepping renewables like solar are a vital element.  Having back up power in case of a grid down situation is vital.  Having lights, power for a well, cold frig, and power tools are an example of items that can be maintained.  A grid down situation is rare for many of you but gathering of solar energy is a good low carbon capture for a REAL Green.  The system is there just in case and to cover the cost low carbon capture must be used.  In my case I do a hybrid of on and off grid.  Totally off grid is an excellent choice for those who can but keep in mind this is very expensive for most.  Not many can go bare bones with power especially when one considers people and place limitations.  If you can do it, I recommend it as a vital part of real green but only if you can.  It is still techno and expensive.  Choose a system that is simple and basic to needs meaning lights and food storage.  If you have a well then be able to power your well water too.



REAL Green renewal occurs in disturbance.  On the land we can see this when a brushy area proceeds towards a grove of trees but is disturbed.  The disturbance leads to renewal of the brushy area.  This is the idea of succession the destructive leads to the constructive and vice versa.   Something similar happens in our lifestyles when triage strips the deadwood from our lives and allows productive growth.  In this time of delocalization renewal comes from efforts at localism.

resilience strategies

Resilience strategies are many and varied.  Keep them centered around balance because too much or the wrong kind of investment is waste.  If there is not enough investment then resilience is lacking and a weak point.  The guiding principal is going local and know your local’s limitation.

retreat in force       

I like to look at history to explain a retreat in force.  The Germans on the eastern front retreated in force for several years under the weight of the huge Russian onslaught.  They did this by orderly withdrawal in force.  The result was sustained survival in a constant retreat.  This is then the type of journey a REAL Green will embrace.  If the planet and civilization is in a process of decline and decay then a REAL green must embrace this existential force for strength by a smart retreat.  Wisdom of insecurity is the result.  Wisdom is the most valuable of knowledge and that is to know what knowledge to keep and what to dispense with.  It is about decisions with consequences.


A permaculture farm should find places for rewilding.  These places offer a home for beneficial plants and animals.  This may be needed in hard times for hunting and foraging.  This can be applied to behavior too.  The rewilding is the restoration of human values to a delocalized local.


A routine is essential for a permaculture farm but also a robust homestead in regards to production and security.  A green prepper is always vigilant and always managing his permaculture farm.  A REAL green stays local to accomplish this.


A REAL Green homestead will always keep the concept of salvage in mind.  Avoid waste and combine resources.  Salvage also involves taking the old and combining the new.  Bringing back community in new ways by salvaging what once brought community together.  This may be a community building or natural place.


This is a keystone value of a REAL Green.  Scale is achieved by going local.  This is because humans find their best fit locally.  This includes both people and place.  Keep your associations to a minimum and stay near home.  The result is better decisions and decisions that can be managed properly.


A green prepper practices a robust security.  If a REAL Green is embracing decline than he knows pain and suffering is ahead.  This means social and individual trauma.  Security of people and place is the result.  I have gates and motion detectors.  I patrol the land as a show of being there.  I have guardian dogs for the goats but also the homestead.  Guns and ammo are part of it.  Most of all it is fearlessness of a REAL Green knight.  This does not mean not having fear but instead means accepting and embracing fear.


This involves the spiritual side of the REAL Green and involves the connection to the planet for guidance and strength.  This is not a wacko thing but instead a reverence and cultivation of ones local with the resulting spiritual wisdom that a traditional shaman always accessed.  Just becuase we are modern does not mean we cannot access that natural power present in people and place.  This means humility too becuase real power is not coveted but instead cultivated and enabled.  Green Shamanism is not for everyone.  It is deeply personal mainly because its practice is considered nutter by the so called normal.  It is to be practiced in private with the inclusion of likeminded.  It is a very powerful force of dispersed energy available from the planet in the restoration of the local.  It is primarily spiritual through green prepping wisdom.


Symbiosis     A close, prolonged association between two or more different organisms of different species that may, but does not necessarily, benefit each member.  A relationship of mutual benefit or dependence.  Union for life of certain organisms, each of which is necessary to the other; an intimate vital consociation, or kind of consortium

Be symbiotic with the status quo and the alternative living of REAL Green.  This means using the status quo to leave it in a parasitic and inquiline way.


This is a keystone behavior.  Always gravitate towards the simple.  The reason for this is we live in an age of complexity.  This complexity is excessive and now in diminishing returns.  In many cases we are actually negative value through increased complexity.  A default to what is simple should be your first instinct.  This is generally counterintuitive to the techno optimism of the status quo of more affluence from less input.  This is modern efficiency that has the claim of being decoupled from carbon.  The digital is a prime example of the delocalization of the soul.  Machines and devices delocalize the local of place.  Keep in mind this is the Anthropocene so this condition is unavoidable.  Also keep in mind there are so many great products and knowledge at your fingertips.  So, the focus should be on triage and salvage towards a hybridization.  What this means is first use your wisdom of green prepping to pick and choose what is most beneficial to your local of people and place.  Seek out spiritual meaning first then let the things and knowledge follow.  Live the wisdom of insecurity of acceptance of the decline process.  The result is increased resilience and sustainability with meaning.


solar is the primary way a REAL Green finds low carbon capture.  Solar in the form of grass being consumed by animals.  Solar from garden, orchard, and vines.  Solar from trees to heat with.  Finally, if one has the resources solar panels, battery, and inverter.  This also includes wind but wind tends to be more complicated.  Wind is a solar resource too so comes under the solar category.  In a off grid situation with good solar and wind a hybrid system is ideal.  If you have good micro-hydro opportunities.  This is very advantageous because hydro appliances are often simple mechanical devises.  The way you leverage and turbo charge these solar systems is a green prepping lifestyle of low carbon capture with simple living.  If you try to configure these systems to profit and modern high tech living they lose their essential characteristics of resilience and sustainability as you move up the ladder of complexity.


Rigorously self-disciplined or self-restrained.

Spartan living, living frugal, saving money, eating real food and keeping fit is the optimum green prepping lifestyle.  A minimalist lifestyle will save you money, it’ll save you stress and it’ll allow you to be free in more ways than one.  Keep it realistic and relative to your local of people and place.  You significant others may not be up to it so sneak it into your lifestyle and influence others.  Make a point to do some of it with them.  Remember in your local of people and place you live symbiotically with people still orientated to the status quo of more affluence with less effort.  Many will not understand what you are doing but they wil,l respect the results because you will live superior overall to others because you will be robust in resilience and sustainability.  It may not appeal to them personally because most are weak to discomfort but they will admire you for your strength and determination.



An essential pillar of REAL Green.  Meaning has value and this value is essential in a time of physical decline.  Spiritual wealth becomes the fabric of the local of people and place.  This resource is drawn upon in times of strife.  Since it is metaphysical it is not something that can be defined by the rigors of science and the ways of the status quo so do not try to rationalize everything especially considering the narrative of techno optimism that has infected all people.  Most all religions and spiritualities have been corrupted by techno optimism so triage this out as much as you can.  In green prepping you will leverage and turbo charge spirituality.  This will happen because you will enlist the support of the planet and you will move your life closer to proper scale.  The result is the opening up of spiritual gains from proper living.  REAL Green is an open source add on to your existing higher power.  It is not a religion nor a spirituality itself.  In fact, it is only effective when one has a well-developed existing higher power.  It is a vehicle for your higher power worship.  As such bring your own spirituality and harness green prepping to it.  The way you do this is relative and realistic.  All religions have their dogma and ritual.  Incorporate green prepping into these with care.  The result will be contagious to your fellow faithful.  The reason for this is proper scale and the respect of the planet magnifies spiritual capital of your existing higher power.

Status quo

the status quo is the life of globalism and liberal democracy.  Both are now corrupt and parasitic.  They nonetheless represent the biome of living for the REAL Green.  It must be respected but also utilized to leave it into a local of people and place.


Stoicism is a type of eudaimonic virtue ethics, asserting that the practice of virtue is both necessary and sufficient to achieve happiness

In the case of REAL Green your ethics will reflect the local of people and place.  The land must be respected as well as the people’s values.  This means a REAL green does not have any specific ethics but the ethics REAL Green embraces is planet oriented and people oriented.  In other words take you existing ethics and charge them with green prepping.  Stoicism is an excellent orientation to charging ones surrounding because it is focused and migrates to proper scale.  It is the dedication to the local where virtue is found.  This is the path to happiness but remember the REAL Green journey is acceptance of failure and decline so this happiness is often times meaning in the presence of pain and suffering

strategic withdrawal

Because of delocalization a REAL Green is almost always withdrawing to achieve proper scale.  It will be a constant battle to resist delocalization.  A realistic approach is needed because one can only decouple so much.  A job and responsibilities are not optional in many cases.  They are required by law and there are consequences for ignoring them.  A REAL Green will relatively withdraw in a realistic way that is optimum for his people and place.


Natural succession, also known as ecological succession, is the process by which biological communities replace each other in a relatively predictable sequence, based on environmental changes that occur within the habitat.  Gradually, a climax, or final community, is established and could remain in perpetuity until another disturbance, such as fire, agriculture or glaciation, returns the habitat to a relatively barren state.

For a REAL Green succession is multifaceted.  The REAL Green realizes that both the planet and human civilization are in succession to lower complexity.  REAL green embraces this succession to find a niche freed up by the abandonment found in decline.  Constructive change can be found within destructive change so a REAL Green finds the way to navigate this condition to his advantage or neutralizes the damaging effects with proper adaptation and mitigation.  This is almost always by finding more spirituality of meaning in the less of things.


The REAL green will know he is on the right track if the surreal greets him.  This is because the REAL green will live a life of dualism of living in the status quo to leave it.  This means paradoxes, traps, and incongruous juxtapositions.  Meaning is found within these riddles.


Systemness is the state, quality, or condition of a complex system, that is, of a set of interconnected elements that behave as, or appear to be, a whole, exhibiting behavior distinct from the behavior of the parts.

A proper way to understand and deal with the condition of decline of the planet and human civilization is a detached study through systemness.  The reason for this it is less likely to include blame and more likely to allow acceptance.



a straight line or plane that touches a curve or curved surface at a point, but if extended does not cross it at that point.

The REAL Green way touches the status quo but avoids crossing over into it.  This is Realistically and relatively the reality is you will cross in and out of the status quo.  For many they will only touch REAL Green and not cross over into it.  In fact most remain in the status quo.  Mentally one should try to meet but not intersect the curve of reality of the status quo.  What this means is a dualistic life of participating in but not being a part of a false narrative.



Taoism denotes the principle that is the source, pattern and substance of everything that exists.

Much of the surreal of life is understood from a Taoist point of view.  The idea of acceptance is a basic of Taoism which is a primary behavior of the REAL Green.  The Tao is also inherently naturalistic as is the REAL Green.


techno optimism

This is the primary drive of the modern Fake Green and browns.  It is almost universally defaulted to.  Techno efficiency and with complex solutions almost always take precedence over simplicity and moderation.  This force is now corrupted and in diminishing returns.  This means it is destructive and the wrong path.  Tech should follow behavior instead of forcing behavior as it does.  A REAL Green will always keep this in mind becuase the temptations to go techno optimist are great but a REAL green knows this is a siren song of a local of home and soul that is delocalized with loss of meaning.  The journey is what is important so trying to get to the destination as quick as possible bypasses that which matters.  Techno optimism almost always delocalizes in this day and age.


A threshold is defined here as a point between alternate regimes in ecological or social-ecological systems. When a threshold along a controlling variable in a system is passed, the nature and extent of feedbacks change, such that there is a change in the direction in which the system moves.

This is another systematic condition a REAL green will want to study because it represents the limitations of people and place.  Civilization and the planet are at or near threasholds leading to tipping points of decline and decay.  Destructive change is now abrupt on all levels.  This condition in the local of people and place should be well understood.


Time is an essential variable of the REAL Green.  Much must be done to build up a homestead and permaculture farm.  A monestary is a lifelong process of collecting knowledge and things to magnify a REAL Green lifestyle.  Time is of the essence and it is often time that must be respected whenever you consider REAL Green projects.  Time is short and speeding up because of the abrupt change humans are now forcing.  My own experience is a decade long effort of homestead and monestary.  Leading up to my awakening was a lifelong process.


A REAL Green will invest heavily in tools.  These tools will generally be simpler as opposed to complex.  Collecting antique tools is advisable.  Tools represent assets to barter also.  Tools will be needed by the REAL green to be handy at many skills and specialize in a few.  A REAL Green is a jack of all trades but also a specialist in something.  Tools are essential to a homestead and monestary.



Surpassing others; preeminent or supreme. 2. Lying beyond the ordinary range of perception:

The transcendence of the REAL Green must come spiritually because there are no refuges from decline.  So, transcendence comes from acceptance which is the starting point of the REAL green journey of spirituality.  The spiritual transcendence will allow a physical transformation.  Keep this in mind because often is the case they become mixed up in our minds.  The ego is a powerful deception.


a complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that that thing or person is improved

Even though a REAL Green cannot transcend decline physically he can transform his local of people and place beneficially.



the modern existential condition is a trap.  It is a brick box of the inability to go forward or backwards.  The REAL Green will make his last stand in his local.  His local is his box where no further reduction can occur.  Within his trap his microclime of meaning can be found.  A key element of REAL Green is coming to find the right trap and know it fully.  This can be done in a local as opposed to a global where the individual is swallowed up in a void.


A process for sorting injured people into groups based on their need for or likely benefit from immediate medical treatment. Triage is used in hospital emergency rooms, on battlefields, and at disaster sites when limited medical resources must be allocated.  A system used to allocate a scarce commodity, such as food, only to those capable of deriving the greatest benefit from it.  A process in which things are ranked in terms of importance or priority.

Triage is a keystone behavior of the REAL Green because the status quo creates so much clutter physically and abstractly.  Triage allows prioritization of limited resources.  Space is a premium so proper steps are taken to maintain valuable space.  Time and resources are limited so a prioritization is required


A great turning is occurring of growth to decline on all levels.


Wisdom, the knowledge of systemness is the hardest won knowledge there is. It includes not just ordinary knowledge, but wisdom as well – the knowledge of what ordinary knowledge to gain and how to use it. This will be more valuable to some future population than computers or solar collectors because from this knowledge all other technical aspects can be regenerated.