Try REAL Green for the Planet

For those who can there is the REAL Green opportunity.  It requires going renewable and permaculture locally.  It embraces conservation and demand management.  It does not try to completely exit the status quo but instead use the status quo to leave it.  Most of us are stuck in the status quo that gives us survival.  Very few can go offline and truly green.  Some may be able to by withdrawing to the woods but even this does not enhance the local and what about your significant others that are still status quo?  REAL Green is more for people who have the funds to set up a farmstead or who can convert what they have to REAL Green.  Instead of going off to the decadent life beachside in South Florida retire on a farm and practice permaculture farming revolving around prep efforts for when or if SHTF.  Lower your footprint but in relative sacrifice based upon your significant others and what is happening in your local. 

It is obvious nobody is going to make a dent in climate change.  The greenest thing you can do is get out of the automobile culture as much as possible.  This is a central theme of REAL Green with lowering your footprint.  Don’t drive, fly, or train in discretionary leisure.  If you have to travel to do something to support you REAL Green effort then combine trips.  Wait to travel until you can make a full day of it doing multiple required tasks.  We are all aware most can’t remain totally local as in within walking distance.  This is especially true in the developed western countries.  The local part of REAL Green is the most effective green effort. 

The other part of REAL Green is gathering and harvesting solar energy.  The important point here is understanding most are not going to make a living doing this.  Small scale permaculture does not pay.  Solar systems are not cost effective in the status quo.  What REAL Green says is if you can decouple from industrial agriculture by producing in a garden, orchard, vines DO IT.  If you have pasture raise animals.  I promote a polyculture of pasture so I reduce the need to mow and use chemicals.  Goats eat brush and weeds as well as grass.  Cows like grass.  This leaves plenty of other things in the fields for wildlife if you keep stocking rates low.  Do permaculture as organic as you can.  Contribute to the local and focus on the seasonality of life by canning and freezing what you produce. 

Gather solar energy by embrace intermittency through your solar system.  I use a hybrid system where my home is also attached to the grid but I practice demand management.  I gather as much solar energy as I can.  I space heat and heat water with wood in the winter.  I heat water in the summer with solar water heating tubes.  The wood I harvest is sustainable whereby I harvest dead or dying trees.  I also practice forest management by culling trees as needed to improve the forest.  Wood is not cheap.  It requires a lot of labor and the equipment is expensive.  Electric heat is by far cheaper but cheaper is not the point of REAL Green.  Cheaper is a status quo effort. 

The other efforts REAL Green engages in is efficiency and conservation.  My home that I refurbished was done with efficiency in mind.  I maximized insulation and the windows are the best thermal windows I could get.  I can heat with multiple systems.  Excess solar energy in the winter is even utilized with small ceramic low watt heaters.  My wood boiler does both forced air and water heat to radiators.  My solar system can run the small pumps in the wood boiler.  I also have a fireplace wood stove insert I use when it is really cold.  With conservation I make sure as little food is wasted as possible.  Dogs and chickens eat what we don’t.  I have 300 acres I manage in natural grasses and woody draws.  I promote wildlife in these areas.  I have 15 bee hives on my place.  I let others use the farm to raise bees.  I buy their honey.  If SHTF I will have honey.

What I am doing is not making a dent in climate change and I still have a dirty footprint but it is less dirty and it is focused on making my local more sustainable and resilient.  If 50% of those who could did this it would make an important impact locally.  Globally we are screwed but locally you can make a difference.  Move somewhere where you can make a local impact and the rest falls in place.  Many locals can go significantly REAL Green and it is the compounding of efforts that make a difference. 

An excellent point of REAL Green is prep.  Your REAL Green effort is a natural prep activity.  You also combine the basics of prep like long shelf life food, guns and ammo, and water strategies.  You collect tools of all kinds that have post collapse relevance.  You have some gold and cash stashed.  You also have plans and attitudes you live daily.  You know your neighbors and your family knows how to regroup if they are away from the homestead. 

REAL Green is not a solution to climate change and if SHTF your REAL Green doomstead may not last but a few months.  This is not the point of REAL Green.  The point is relative effort in a world in destructive change.  REAL Green is about negotiating this decline and yielding to the greater powers.  Most modern dangers will be found when you leave your local.  You can increase your security by just going local.  Stay under the radar screen of the status quo.  Collapse in place with dignity.  The dignity comes with meaning you will find by doing less status quo.  This does not mean you don’t utilize the status quo.  You invest whatever you can in the finer aspects of the status quo that have long term relevance.  Buy quality tools and machines that have a future post collapse.  Start a library with real books that can be utilized if the internet ever goes unstable. 

This may be a doomer lifestyle but you are not living like a doomer.  You are living 2 generations ago in a hybridization of the modern.  You utilize the modern as needed to leave it.  You do this by triaging out what does not fit the wisdom of REAL Green.  REAL Green is not a cult or religion it is meant to be added on to your current higher power as a plug-in to the planet with its systems and its web of life.  REAL Green is humble and does not attempt to profit off others.  Its attempt is to enrich the local.  If you are blessed with REAL Green attributes you do not feel superior instead you feel compelled to help others.  REAL Green is other orientated.

“Doing Your Part To Stop Climate Change Now Requires Planting 30,000 New Trees, Getting 40,000 Cars Off The Road, Reviving 20 Square Miles Of Coral Reef. By yourself.”

Try REAL Green

Global Finance Path Dependency

The negative interest rate phenomenon is part of the path dependency and trap discussion I had yesterday in regards to REAL Green.  It is at the very top of what drives global economics of life.  It is not like the carbon trap we are in but of course they are both related.  The net energy decline of the carbon trap along with climate destabilization, environmental decline, adverse demographics changes, and social decay are fundamental forces now of late stage Capitalism decline.  It represents an end game of globalism but it is unclear what kind of end and when it will collapse the status quo.  It represents stagnation which is an economic decline force.  Lower economic activity combined with higher prices IOW the worst of deflation and inflation.  It also represents more income inequality and concentration of wealth which means destruction of the middle economic layer of productivity and consumption. 

Negative rates and stagnation will push socialistic tendencies of money creation for government stimulus if hyperinflation does not get us.  This will not be normal socialism because the pie is shrinking.  It will be further corrupt wealth redistribution.  Real Socialism only works when times are improving and all parties can be lifted.  This will lift a few who are connected and the privileged who are close to the money creation.  Both late stage capitalism and socialism in the decline phase lead to authoritarianism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy. It is likely we will see the worst of both in this end game phase.  Is that not what we are seeing now?  Both will find coercive and corrupt tools to force their change.  

We are path dependent now with global finance which will end globalism.   We will go this way because there is no choice.  The conditions that got us to and through the 08 crisis now define where we can go.  We will never go back to the previous time of economic fundamentals with increasing freedom.  To trash the situation more, we have authoritarianism combining with high tech.  We have corruption of the rule of law, cold civil wars in leadership, military buildups, MSM corruption, and economic nationalism in trade.  None of that is good.  Technological advancements is stalling with diminishing returns.  There is one area of good and that is the recognition that the whole narrative of better is flawed and wrong but even this partial good is wrong because the solutions that science and academia are pushing are delusional.  They want to think we are not path dependent and the carbon trap can be broken out of.  This is of course the lie of FAKE Green liberalism of a clean future of affluence and social justice.  We then have the delusionals who think space is the next frontier. 

We are in an end game and the critical element for you the individual is where you are at and what you do.  There will be destructive forces that will upend life for many in the near term and all of us longer term.  Now is the time to prepare and clean out the deadwood of the unnecessary.  You will need to be lean and mean for what is coming or go delusional sheeple.  That choice should be a no brainer but the reality is people are generally paralyzed with path dependence and traps at their local level.  It is hard to know even where to begin to prepare and also how to.  The first step should be behavioral with acceptance of failure of the social narrative but also the failure of the solution narrative of FAKE Greens liberals and the capitalist.  REAL Green starts from failure and gets to work.  Leverage what is left of the status quo to position yourself while you dance along the cliff of collapse in the status quo.  The behavior of acceptance of failure will guide you from the seductive lies.  Acceptance with a rebirth will require you go through the other 4 steps  of the Kübler-Ross model  Start now and beat the rush. ��THGt

“We Finally Understand How Destructive Negative Interest Rates Actually Are”     zero hedge

“We are slowly starting to understand how destructive negative interest rates actually are. Central banks control short-term interest rates in an economy by setting the rate banks receive on their deposits, that is, on the reserves they hold at the central bank. A new development is the control central banks now exert over long-term rates through their asset purchase, or “QE” programs…Negative interest rates foster the phenomenon of zombie corporations in two ways. First, credit is extremely cheap and in some cases you are even paid to take it (if banks acquiesce to the negative interest rates set by the central bank). Second, because negative interest rates weaken banks by destroying operating margins, they will try to avoid capital losses by extending credit to ailing or even insolvent borrowers.  Moreover, negative interest rates kill the incentives to invest in productivity-enhancing technologies by supporting industry leaders, which usually pay lower premiums for loans. As very low or negative rates naturally favour dominant firms, competition is strangled, leading to a fall in overall investment. As a result, productivity growth starts to stall leading to stagnation in the overall economy. This crucial but perverse mechanism has yet to be broadly understood.  The backward economic logic of negative interest rates also corrupts the role of time-preference… it is likely to be much more damaging in the economic interactions of everyday life. This is because negative interest rates fly in the face of both economic logic and our innate human sense of rightness. If we must pay to deposit money and to lend, but receive money if we borrow, our economic thinking corrupts. If such perversion continues long enough, it is likely to have far-reaching social and economic ramifications, which we can only guess at the moment.” yes��TR` t

REAL Greenism

What we have today is FAKE Greenism.  FAKE Green believe growth and increasingly complicated tech will decarbonize the economy “AND GET THIS” make us wealthier.  This is a fairytale narrative that is needed because there will be no support for a REAL Greenism of degrowth and less affluence.  Even more, REAL Greenism say degrowth and less affluence will not save us.  Our fate is sealed and consequences are to be paid for.  REAL Green does not say tech is not part of our solution tool box.  What REAL Green says is let’s start from the beginning and acknowledge an unavoidable collapse process.  So, the starting point is behavior not tech.  The wise application of tech behavior tested is what should drive tech not profit and efficiency.  Collapse is coming and nature is showing us why and how.  We have time to live.  The sky is not falling tonight for most of us.  During this time we can adapt and mitigate the coming trial by fire. 

REAL Green goes further and says this honesty and proactivity cannot be adapted to at the top because of systematic drag of entrenched behavior.  If we go the REAL Green route of acknowledging a collapse process and embrace degrowth and lower affluence it is not clear if our globalistic system that is based on hyper growth can manage this forced degrowth.  This includes green and wise degrowth.  This house of cards may just collapse without explanation.  This is the real danger with honesty and degrowth.  Further dangers are human nature.  How do you harness fear and anxiety of a people who have been conditioned to growth and improving living conditions and most recently, lied to that everything will be fixed?  Human nature can ruin this whole project too without any rationality. 

This is where REAL Green goes local and individual.  REAL Green individual follows the bigger picture but only to adapt his life and his local to a coming collapse process.  He leverages the status quo of growth to degrowth with dignity.  The degrowth with dignity is an orderly process with meaning.  REAL Green acknowledges a collapse process and acknowledges civilization is hopelessly trapped and unable to change its trajectory.  There will be no 100% renewable world with social justice.  There will be no space travel and asteroid mining.  There will be increasingly failed states and regions trying to adapt to failure.  Pain, suffering and death will increasingly be common place instead of happy faces we constantly see on TV.

REAL Green gets with the picture by triage and hybridization.  Remove items and lifestyles that will impede your survival.  Embrace the old ways with new knowledge.   Use the best tech that is tested for REAL Green localization to find a better way.  Be skeptical of complicated high tech.  If tech scales to the local and has robust durability then it is likely a good fit for REAL Green.  What we see now is aggressive tech with constantly tweaking efficiency without reality testing and cost accounting.  The old ways of harvesting solar energy locally with animals can be adapted to include renewables gathering solar energy.  All of this embracing intermittency, seasonality, and increasingly climate instability.  Demand management and adapted behavior will drive a new kind of efficiency that really is what humans used to do.  Animal power has a place in all this.  Growing our own food and dwelling in a local instead of a culture of travel is the REAL Green way out of the rat race. 

To achieve this, REAL Green says embrace these changes relatively based upon who you are, where you live and the degree of understanding of your significant others.  Do not alienate your family, friends, and community but challenge them and reach out to them.  Bend the rules and step on some feet but don’t burn the house down.  Remember REAL Green acknowledges a collapse process.  REAL Green engages in prep but not the mentality that prep will save you.  REAL Green prep is about getting lean and mean.  It is about being able to sprint and do long distance but it also acknowledges you can’t out run collapse.  REAL Green is seeking to yield to greater forces and attempts to slide under the radar screen as a motive.  It is ready to apply maximum force because REAL Green understands survival will be tested and death will be close at some point.  Start the process of engaging in activities that expose you to pain and suffering but at the same time enjoy life.  That may sound like an incongruous juxtaposition but it is really just more of a paradox.  Embracing pain and suffering will allow you to enjoy life.   Add REAL Green on to your existing higher power program.  All REAL Green is trying to do is localize and prepare for a paradigm shift.  It is an add-on not a system.  REAL Green is not trying to start a new religion.  REAL Green is about meaning and harnessing the truth. ����������������>a+T

REAL Green and Limitarianism

I would caution anyone who thinks we can solve the worlds problems on the backs of the rich.  First there is not enough rich to matter.  They may be energy hogs but there are so few rich in relation to the rest of the economy that their extra energy use is not that great.  Their wealth is significantly digital and therefor ephemeral.  In a collapse situation much of their wealth would vanish.  Much of their toys would not operate.  We also have to consider the economic impact of rich in the overall economy.  If you want to have more equitable economics with less of a footprint you must be very careful how you impact the economy.  A drastic change could actually make the economy overall less affluent.  It is true many rich are part of the parasitic class of FIRE and sports and celebs.  Yet, many rich are very successful and have taken risks and should be rewarded. 

As the modern economy concentrates knowledge there is going to be divergence.  This is another macro area that should be addressed.  We have regions that have wealth concentrating and this becomes unfair at a certain point.  Limitarianism is a new branch of thinking on redistribution.  This subject is important going forward both from a social standpoint both within an economy and globally.  It also should be addressed at the individual level.  Individually we should have an upper limit of wealth accumulation.  The problem with this will be loopholes and corruption but this is always the case.  No way to get around the ingenuity of human nature.  The wealthy can hire an army of consultants so this should be limited.  The very wealthy especially those who gain wealth in the financial side of the economy need to be limited.  Sports and the entertainment industry likewise need to be limited.  These are industries that do not contribute to sustainability or resilience after a point.

 On the regional level there needs to be limits but this is harder to control.  A wealthy region is generally a productive region.  The problem becomes once this region entrenches its wealth and privilege.  Redistribution and limits are needed but harder to assess.  This is currently being done at the federal level but increasingly it is falling short because of the nature of the modern economy.  Money concentrates and with-it power and privilege so we are seeing entrenchment as affluence stalls.  At the international level redistribution is even becoming harder especially as limits are reached to affluence.  Affluence is under pressure everywhere.  In a time of a shrinking economic pie less redistribution will be possible.  Poor nations are getting poorer for many reasons’ redistribution will not solve.  Overpopulation is overshoot making policies difficult to implement unless the underlying problem is addressed. 

This is where some REAL Green might be of use.  REAL Green is local based and decline based.  A macro REAL Green look at the systematics of the global economy calls for a holistic approach to Limitarianism and planetary health.  Let’s Place an upper limit on wealth but lets also move more people local with less affluence.  These people moved to the less affluence of localism must be protected from the competitive condition of the wealthy and privileged individuals, regions, and nations.  This needs to be incorporated with intermittency of renewables.  Take people to localism.  Give them security of medical and income.  Provide them with energy but require them to live with intermittency.  Have them focus on low carbon solar energy harvesting and gathering.  Gardening and more animal husbandry is needed.  More animal power which is plenty fine for a localized life. 

While I call this less affluence in reality that is only in relation to a modern definition.  The reality is spiritually and materially affluence can be relatively greater if we consider health and wellbeing.  Consumerism and leisure can be adapted locally and with less of a footprint to offer more spiritual satisfaction.  On the other end of the equation is the relatively richer individuals, regions, and nations.  If we are going to maintain a modern way of life and attempt to avoid a cascading collapse then we will need a modern knowledge and producer class.  There are aspects of production that are only efficient at the global level.  Higher Knowledge can only be maintained with affluence and concentration of wealth and energy.  The key is determining what and where.  So, going forward REAL Green says we need a two-tier society.  One that goes into a localism of less but with ample material and spiritual satisfaction protected from the competitive destructive nature of market-based capitalism.  We then need a highly educated and productive class who produce those items that can only be produced at this level.  These products and people are essential for maintaining modernity. 

REAL Green acknowledges this is likely beyond our human capacity especially since market-based capitalism with its individualistic liberal democracy is not up to the task of controlling people.  Yet, it is still important we offer this theoretical solution as a benchmark for current policies.  Let’s be clear on what will work and what won’t.  Unfortunately, we have control that is becoming more nefarious and Orwellian.  This combined localism/globalism requires sacrifice at both ends but what we see now is nobody wants to sacrifice.  REAL Green then says go local anyway and harness this global engine to improve your local.  The fact that our current arrangement can’t change means it is now the case more than ever to find a strong local and invest in it.  Leverage the power of globalism for your local.  Use it to leave it.

 “For the Sake of Life on Earth, We Must Put a Limit on Wealth”     resiliance

“A series of research papers shows that income is by far the most important determinant of environmental impact. It doesn’t matter how green you think you are; if you have surplus money, you spend it. The only form of consumption that’s clearly and positively correlated with good environmental intentions is diet: people who see themselves as green tend to eat less meat and more organic vegetables. But attitudes have little bearing on the amount of transport fuel, home energy and other materials you consume. Money conquers all…There’s a name for this approach, coined by the Belgian philosopher Ingrid Robeyns: limitarianism. Robeyns argues that there should be an upper limit to the amount of income and wealth a person can amass. Just as we recognize a poverty line, below which no one should fall, we should recognize a riches line, above which no one should rise. This call for a levelling down is perhaps the most blasphemous idea in contemporary discourse.  But her arguments are sound. Surplus money allows some people to exercise inordinate power over others: in the workplace; in politics; and above all in the capture, use and destruction of the planet’s natural wealth. If everyone is to flourish, we cannot afford the rich. Nor can we afford our own aspirations, which the culture of wealth maximization encourages.  The grim truth is that the rich are able to live as they do only because others are poor: there is neither the physical nor ecological space for everyone to pursue private luxury. Instead we should strive for private sufficiency, public luxury. Life on Earth depends on moderation.”

REAL Green Journey to Less

Technocratic optimism is much like bible thumping in that it is seeking immortality.  True spirituality is a letting go into a higher power that is much greater.  Instead of a human centric formula true spirituality is above and beyond humans.  We are but part and expression of this whole.  We can only approach what that is because the part can never know the whole.  Instead modern humans want to be the part and the whole and know it all.  Science is corrupted by this lack of wisdom as is spirituality.  This corruption means we actually need to be less intelligent but wiser. 

Wisdom is knowing what intelligence to embrace and what not to embrace.  A specialized scientist is not much use except in a world of specialized science.  Scientific specialization is a luxury not a force of nature.  True sapience starts with the sustainability that produces a survival resilience of community and place.  This does not mean a whole scale rejection of our accumulated knowledge.   Nor does this mean the society of the technocratic or numerous religions including the pseudo religion of modern consumerism needs to be rejected.  It should be understood that this is the natural evolution of a species like ours when it reaches the point of imbalance or overshoot. 

This is the new ecosystem you must inhabit.  This new ecosystem is not scaled properly in relation to the planet so as with any imbalanced force in nature balance will force a restoration maybe not in human timescales but planetary ones.  Nothing defining can be done about this condition at the level of the human collective.  There are far too many belief systems and communities vying for a place at the table.  It is better to embrace this new ecosystem at the individual level and more importantly at the level of small community where adaptability can be attempted.  For most of human history until the recent time where we embrace agriculture and the empire impulse man has been tribal and in small communities.  Individually we can embrace this human background and still live amount the giants so to speak.  The giants are the forces of delocalization that has globalized this earth and changed the planets beyond its balance. 

It is not just the case that humans are out of balance and scale but also now this condition of a dominant species has destabilized the planet in regards to habitability for the web of life.  Planetary systems, ecosystems, and even geology are now adapted in an Anthropocene.  In this greater condition an individual and local can decline in place while still embracing this force of life.  If you think you can decouple from this greater force you will see yourself consumed by competitive forces.  Survival is precarious anytime but particularly if one is delusional of what can and can’t be.  You adapt to what you have even if it does not seem right.  Many of us feel a deep sadness for what humans have done.  We struggle to find meaning in all this imbalance.

The meaning comes from embracing decline that is evident in honest science.  This embrace includes giving into the power of those greater forces.  You will have to give to Caesar what is his.  Paradoxically this requires an embrace of less intelligence along with physical consumption.  Chose the intelligence you pursue wisely.  Limits apply to intelligence as they do to  our physical habitation.   Do this in a relative way that acknowledges a new human ecosystem of imbalance and decay.  The relativity means balancing growth and decline.  You will be building up into decline.  We have been killing ourselves slowly through the destruction of the habitability of the planet.  Eventually thresholds will be crossed and are being crossed.  The planet has its own timeline above and beyond the web of life.  This is at a different time scale but we are still part of it.  An asteroid might hit in 10 years destroying habitability this means ultimately there is human acquiesce to the planet.  Something we pretend we can transcend by the technocratic.

Wisdom of the moment in your local seems the best place to find meaning.  It has been what humans have done most of their history.  We have already lost our innocence of harmony but this does not mean we can’t make the journey back to what was once truly human taking with us the best of our modern experiences.  We have learned many things through science that can assist us in this journey.  Re-localize with meaning while inhabiting this globalized world.  It essentially comes down to behavior.  You are not going to tech your way out of this condition.  Limits and diminishing returns are now an dominant force preventing traditional growth.  Embrace less with more wisdom not the randomness of more intelligence with less wisdom.

REAL Green & Travel

Well, as usual with these articles (see below) it is all about technology.  There is not much on behavior except maybe a carbon voucher of sorts.  Vouchers are just like Band-Aids that come off in the water of reality.  They work a little but the real healing process comes from being careful with the wound.  The tech ideas are nothing new.  It is more like many of these examples mentioned will likely become a niche player.  There is nothing affordable on the horizon to replace mass travel.  All options suffer the same problems as all other tech that try to replace fossil fuels and that is net energy, on demand power, and storage issues.  Nothing new with all this tech and with all the usual FAKE Green ideas of how we will keep the status quo going.  Same FAKE Green wild forecasts of the situation in 2050.  Same shit and no reality testing of actual situation of the boundary to human activity.  We are in the neighborhood of peak everything but are in continued denial of this reality.  You know limits are around 2050 or 2100 not in a few years for technophiles.

What about behavior?  Just say no.  My wife is in Italy now seeing her mom.  I stayed home.  She is a little disappointed in me because I didn’t go.  I hate travel anymore.  I don’ like leaving the farm because so much I do needs daily attention.  You can’t find good help and it is expensive to have someone watch the place.  Jet lag sucks and going somewhere interferes with my routine that I feel makes me stronger and Greener.  That is the selfish side of why I have said no to travel.  It is easier for me than others and I acknowledge this.  My REAL Green side says no because I am pursing localization in a relative way.  I have family pressures that force me to travel or I would rarely fly.  So I say no when I can to a point then I give in.  To be fair to the young I have seen the world so the young should be given a chance at education travel but this should be structured to be Greener.  Too many young just do joyrides today instead of being educated. A trip to China to learn a skill is something.  I trip to backpack around not so much.  One way to travel is VR with google earth.  I tried that the other day on the kids VR and it was amazing.  Yea like the kids need all these electronics but that is another topic.

Instead of a vacation every year go every 3rd year.  If you are one of these FAKE Green academics or scientific activists then see the writing on the wall that all those trips to FAKE Green meetings are a waste of time.  You are talking about the same things over and over with the same results.  Sometimes that is called insanity.  We know what works and what doesn’t already.  What works best is lower consumption.  These FAKE Greens think it is ok to do all this travel but it isn’t.  They could do the every 3rd year travel effort to address lower consumption.  To be fair these FAKE Greens are better than the rich elite who travel as a way of life on private jets.  My family has one and they know my opinion of it.  The solution to this issue is stop trying to make the status quo work by new ways and just adapt the status quo.  There are many that represent vital travel people.  There are many that have skills that translate into more efficiency and travel leverages this.  Some travel actually makes life more sustainable and resilient.  These people need to be recognized as high value skilled people that should fly.

There is the systematic side of adapting travel.  We could realize a lot of savings to our sustainability and resilience ledger but the consequences are unemployment and lower economic activity caused by reducing the travel and leisure industry.  Going into an era of decline we have to be very careful about the pace of economic abandonment of degrowth both forced by circumstances and also managed behavior.  Our system is a high performance and complicated machine in a complex human ecosystem.  Bright ideas often don’t result in real life benefits. 

Degrowth is coming by forces of nature and hopefully our own realization that tech alone cannot make us sustainable.  Degrowth also is taking us into a new paradigm that man has not been to in recent history.  This means changes are ahead that we won’t understand fully by our status quo thinking.  It is obvious the 300% to 700% forecast in the article is bogus.  I see a meaningful decline coming soon how steep that may be is not well know because a lot depends on how decline affects globalism systematically.  How poor will we become once decline affects all aspects of life?  Population will continue to grow even if people start dying more because of that growth.  That is the nature of population and demographics.  Economics is a little different because of human nature.  What we need to do is address the human behavior side of the equation going forward.  Instead FAKE Greens will tell us all about electric flight and Zeppelins.  Ye Ha sounds like fun on paper.  The reality is it is mostly pain and sacrifice ahead.

“How will we travel the world in 2050?”

Hybrid Solar and Grid for home

I have 12 x 300watt panels tied to a 48Volt 220 system batteries and inverter.  I cannot sell excess power back to the grid.  Yesterday I gathered 11KW of power.  I did this because the house was cooled with my Daiken inverter zone climate control system.  I have 4 wall units in different areas.  This is basically a very efficient A/C unit and my home is very well insulated.  I can also use an air handler to transfer cold air off the concrete floor from my bottom split level floor that is 5 foot in the ground.  This utilizes the cool ground to cool the upstairs. 

I did all this manually.  Each one of my home breakers is connected to a transfer switch so depending on needs and the weather I can switch different circuits to solar or grid to get maximum gathering.  If the clouds move in I come back to the house to switch some usage off.  The high draw items like oven, water heater, and cloths dryer are grid tied.  Of course I can line dry in the summer.  The electric water heater is a backup unit to my wood boiler.   If power goes out I have propane gas backup to cook with or charcoal grill.  The point I am making here is demand management can be done very inexpensively by somebody that is at home during the day.  It takes active engagement with energy usage (demand management).  I realize many people must leave their home during the day to work but those who don’t can do this manual demand management inexpensively. 

I also believe in a hybrid system of grid and solar supplied power.  This allows a homeowner to tie up less money in a home system because of the flexibility.  Grid power is cheaper than the cost of my solar system depreciated out over time.  I have done the numbers.  It is possible that one day grid power might get expensive if this happens I might have cheaper power from my solar system.  I also have a wood boiler with the added adaptation of solar water heating in the summer so I don’t need to heat water with wood.  This system is tied to an electric water heater.  The water coming into the water heater is preheated by the boiler system.  In the winter when I am heating the house the system can be switched to be all wood boiler heated water.  I have all LED lighting.  I ask my wife to use high draw on hot water when the sun is good in the summer.  In the winter I don’t care because the wood boiler heating the home always has a fire.  The wood boiler can be shut off in the winter and the home heated with electric tied to the grid if I go away for a day or two.  I can also run my inverter with solar on heat mode in winter.  I can use selected electric heat units with low draw in the winter if I get an exceptional sunny clear winter day.

During the day I maximize my gathering of solar energy.  I go all grid power at night.  I have my batteries at maximum charge for longevity but also in case of power failure.  We don’t use much power at night anyway.  The ingredients for success in this demand management system is manual switching of a hybrid grid and solar system.  It starts with a very well insulated home and good power usage behavior.  This kind of system adapts the best of solar and the grid for lower cost.  I also hope that eventually the grid is greener so when I use the grid I am actually also utilizing some green sources.  The solar system with batteries is a must from a prepper in my opinion as an added benefit.

“Companies explore how to make your home smart and 100% renewable-powered”     renewable energy world

“After he moved into a new home in 2013, he installed 23 photo-voltaic panels on the roof capable of generating 5.3 kilowatts of power, about enough for his family of four. Lightsource BP added a battery to store the electricity the panels generate, an inverter which can be programmed to dispatch the stored electrons when needed, and a diverter to send surplus power to heat the water in his tank.  Hill controls this kit, which he estimates cost about $13,000, with an app that gives real time information. So he could be camel-riding in Mongolia and the technology will still know the best time to generate power in his England home and charge the battery. At night, when the solar panels are effectively useless, the battery can juice-up his electric car. “The main aim is to use everything we generate within the home,” Hill, wearing a dark green shirt with a windmill on it, said over a cup of tea in his kitchen. “So anything that goes from the PV to the grid is a wasted opportunity that we can save money on.”

“For anyone with less interest in tinkering with their day-to-day power use, Lightsource BP is offering to take control. The company specializes in efficiently generating Hill’s own electricity so he doesn’t produce any surplus which can only be sold to the grid at discounted prices. And ensures he doesn’t end up buying more expensive fossil fuel-generated power.  When the customer moves around the house, the artificial intelligence box learns patterns, like when a person works from home, or is on vacation, with the purpose of closely matching electricity generation with in-house consumption. It can do things like predict the next day’s weather, detect individual appliances, collect data on how often and at what times they are used, and help produce a greater share of the power at home.”