Spiritual Permaculture

I enjoy comparative religions, philosophy, and Native American culture.  I am an avid reader of current events.  I am fluent with geography and well versed on cultures.  I combine the best of these in my world view along with science.  I enjoy these things.  I appreciate them.  I am not here to judge or discredit.  Most of these various human mind inventions will stand own their own merit or not.  I am an adventurer of the spirit.  I have made a journey in my youth and now I am on a journey. 

I am oriented to system thought.  A key component of this is the separation of spirt and science.  They require different approaches.  When these disciplines encroach on the other, they pollute.  This is not to say they do not go together it is just they are like left and right arm that can be used together to lift meaning.  I live what I talk so my religion, art, and science appreciation is manifested through the land.  Here scientific knowledge, technology, and efficiency is applied or not.  Sometimes it is less that is better so I focus on a wisdom to filter my scale.  Spiritual permaculture is the combination of the mental of ideas with the land I live on and restore. 

I appreciate those who are thinkers and researchers but I feel they lack a key ingredient and that is the authenticity found in the reality of doing what you research.  I have a very strong appreciation of environmental science naturally because my spiritual permaculture is about living in an ecosystem of 400 acres that is within the greater region of the Ozarks.  Spiritual permaculture is the combination of eco sciences with eco spiritualism.  This does not exclude religion but instead adapts it with the planetary and web of life.  My biggest problem with religion is its separation from the land.  The idea of the other that is divorced from the land and out there instead of right here.  It is permaculture that brings one back to the reality of living on a planet with other life.

REAL Green is about realistic and relative green prepping.  It is significantly behavioral.  This behavior is firmly nested in acceptance of a decline process everything is in now.  The spiritual is excluded from this decline.  In fact, it is the spiritual where growth is now manifested.  This is what crisis does.  It focuses man’s spirit.  The result is a humility for a greater force in life.   This means if you submit to this reality of a succession of life and abrupt change of the planet your spirituality must adapt.  This is an add-on to your existing higher power found in your belief system or your religion.  The reason I say this is you have your nature and you have been nurtured.  You are trapped in a culture and family.  REAL Green is not about being a new religion for you.  It is about an addition to your uniqueness.  It is an ap so to speak so you can open up the appreciation of planetary change and the succession of life.   The complex is moving to the less complex from human forcing and this will impact you deeply so adapt accordingly.  In other wards get out of denial.

REAL Green is about green but green with an attitude.  Green is the correct path currently in a world of human forcing.  What is green is simpler.  What is green is more prepped.  In a world of abrupt change with a web of life in succession being green in localism with low carbon capture has its advantages in regards to security.  You will be more secure relatively by being green.  It is also a pathway to meaning for the “why??” of the pain and suffering ahead. 

The key behavioral component is the wisdom of insecurity.  You are in a humility of acceptance of decline and the destructive change this represents.  The key attributes of this will be abandonment, dysfunction, and the irrational.  These are traits of chaos.  All systems are faced with chaos.  Entropic decay is ever present in all of nature.  The wisdom of insecurity seeks to adapt to this with the inertia of the behavior of acceptance.  This inertia is a strength to face the constant disruption ahead.

This REAL Green spiritual permaculture seeks to find niches of constructive growth within a world of destructive change.  You will have the planet behind you because your orientation will be to its process of destructive change in relation to the complexity of life humans has evolved in.  The Holocene epoch that brought human civilization is now tipped by human forcing into the new epoch of the Anthropocene of human induced destructive change.  This requires new skills and thinking.  The key is an acceptance of decline.  This is similar to the acceptance of aging and the physical and mental decline that is ongoing until we die.  This is about getting out of the denial of death on all levels because destructive change is about a dying.

The spiritual permaculture of green prepping through REAL Green is about a journey into a storm of change with an outfitted lifeboat and a mentality of palliative care.  In crisis there is action and crisis focuses attention.  I often point to the stages of grief as a template for this process.  This is strictly abstract as a compass.  Get out of anger, bargaining, and the depression of failure.  Once in acceptance you will appreciate living to die another day.  You can weather the storm better.  There is no transcendence but there is transformation.  The difference is accepting your limitations that is your own personal trap.  This is mostly about behavior because it is behavior that is the human’s biggest problem.  This is the reason humanity is at an impasse.  Our oversized brain gets us into problems.  It is increasingly our evolutionary defect but it can be the greatest of gifts when the spirt of life is appreciated.  This is in a sense life self-reflecting and humans are the vessel.

As the vessel life self-reflects in, this means in a spiritual sense our human self-consciousness is a temple.  As a temple it deserves respect.  It is through humility from acceptance that self-respect is possible or there is self-loathing and anger to others.  Our ego is where we lose our connection to life in our own wants and ambitions.  It is when we are honest and accepting of both these aspects of our humanity that they work like two arms to do the heavy lifting of meaning.  This is where spiritual permaculture finds its power.  It is allowing life to function through you but with a unique personality.  This orientation has support from the planet.   This is where the web of life will bestow power on you.   That is if you connect.  Too much of the ego or otherness will cause dysfunction.  Dysfunction is natural.  Expect a wave like pattern to your dysfunction.  The dysfunction is part of the process of evolution and devolution.  It is here man mirrors nature in its process.  Humans learn and adapt and the result is failure and success.

Use spiritual permaculture to embrace the power flowing through the planet and its web of life.  This will support you and help manage your destructive ego which is caught in a trap of fantasy and reality.  Our behavior is the problem but also the solution.  It will be both and it is their interaction through humility and acceptance that can then be applied in the physical of our local of people and place.  A proper scale is required so this is why REAL Green calls for localism and low carbon capture but realistically and relatively to your trap. 

Your trap is your limitations of nature and nurture.  These must be this respect for you place in things or you will follow delusional tendencies.  You will want to avoid opening doors but also want to open the correct doors for constructive growth.  Here is where the planet can assist you.  Take your higher power and allow the planet to turbo charge it.  This means if you are a Christian green up your community of Christ.  This fits all other religions because every other religion lives upon this planet and requires energy from the web of life.  What once was in the Holocene is now adapted by the decline of the human forced Anthropocene so adapt your spirituality to this.   Just because the Anthropocene is human forced does not mean unnatural.  That is delusion of our mind.  Applying REAL Green as a compass to enhance your spirituality.

 Be authentic with proper orientation.  In this noisy world of too many opportunities from a delocalized world of on demand satisfaction orientate to the local to find meaning.  Orientate to the low carbon capture of energy.  Energy is taken for granted today when we flick a light switch or buy our food in a grocery store.  Make an effort to feed yourself something from a garden at a minimum.  Stay physically healthy so you can do the heavy lifting of low carbon capture.  Low carbon capture is in the cards for modern man as civilization breaks down.  You will increasingly be faced with adversity with less products and greater discomfort.  This is what is meant by succession of complexity.  Human networks are going to break down which means you will increasingly be on your own.  If you scale properly locally in voluntary simplicity you will be better prepared.  Local is greener.  Greener is more prepped.  First find a place to plant your seeds that is healthy.  Once your spiritual garden is found decline in place.  Downsize in dignity.  This is a personal journey to the local that is unique to you but also common to all because it is planet common to all.


I want to talk to you about one of my biggest sources of guilt.  When I tell you in REAL Green about getting out of guilt this is realistic and relative.  You can never leave the guilt of the condition of dualism and what is ideal and what is reality.  This is the nature of the ego and the other.  REAL Green seeks to moderate this guilt which is destructive when unrestrained.  REAL Green is science based, spiritually oriented, and local.  These characteristics are applied to problem solving through attitudes.  In today’s world of REAL limits in a status quo of a perceived no limits you will navigate a dirty road of waste and sloth.  Human civilization is in serious overshoot.  It is the morale of REAL Green that comes from the spiritual meaning of less that will power you through the mental and physical challenges ahead.

Use science, spirituality, and your local of people and place to determine how to build a permaculture of place.  Local goes as deep as the ego so be true to self.  Your ego is unique so respect this when you buildout a permaculture place.  Build means purchasing so you will be consuming which is consumerism.  Take consumerism as green as you can in localism.  It is wisdom found in REAL Green that can manage and adapt something as destructive and dangerous as consumerism to the web of life you have reverence for. 

I approach consumerism with the spiritual permaculture of REAL Green.  I am in acceptance and humility of decline.  I am green prepping which means practicing localism, low carbon capture, and individual conservation strategies to enhance my survivability but also restore my local in a green way.  Green is more prepped so I am combining in a symbiotic way a green lifestyle with a prep lifestyle.  This means being well stocked with the right stuff but also living a life of less.  It is this conflicting condition that a REAL Green wisdom seeks to mitigate.  Together green and prepped mean more resilience and sustainability in relation to the reality of people and place.  Yet, too much prep is not green and too much green may leave you not survivable.  This is a balance only you can determine.  REAL Green is deeply local so know they self.

Consumerism is killing the planet just like its sister the car culture.  In fact, they are really symbiotic.  You don’t have consumerism without a car culture and vice versa.  When you engage in consumerism and the car culture you are destroying the planet so choose wisely.  Consumerism is delocalization.  The barter and gift economy in localism is an ideal alternative so add them were you can.  Yet, in REAL Green you must live the dualism of using the delocalizing status quo to leave it.  Survival means being successful in the status quo.  Spiritual success in regards to green and prepping means leaving the status quo.  The art of the dualism of REAL Green is using the status quo to leave it.  You are in a sense a parasite of the status quo to enhance and restore your local.  A REAL Green will buy as needed and budget what is needed to enhance his permaculture homestead, and spiritual monestary.  This will be governed by acceptance and humility of decline and collpase.  This civilization will produce these things regardless of what you do.  This civilization is ending as they always do so this planet destroying culture will end on its own accord. 

Many greens are delusional and living the life of a build back better in a green new deal so there will be copious green goods to choose from.  Renewables are case in point.  A simple solar and or wind power system is highly recommended.  In REAL Green these are actually not green in a TRUE Green sense.  Buy things that enhance your local.  Keep a lean ship so be careful not to have too many things or you are just corrupting space.  What I mean by this is lowering the value of your place.  A place with junk and needless items will just handicap you in your mission to green prep.  Too many things are an impediment to being prepped.   Too many things inevitably happen so an attitude of triage is needed as much as building up.  The triage is rooting out of your permaculture place things that are dragging down your prep and are dirty.  Get rid of things that are dirty and destroying your green spiritual commitment.  TRUE Green seeks to decouple from carbon intensive activity through dematerialization.  You will experience a tension in the in-between world of REAL Green with being green and being prepped.  TRUE Green which is a more extreme green of leaving materialism altogether.

Wisdom will have to guide you and, in this case, it is the wisdom of less.  This is not don’t buy it is buy what is needed in relation to what you can buy.  A well-functioning permaculture homestead will need lots of goods and it will have to sell, trade, or give lots of things to others.  Buy things that have longevity and dual use.  Buy supplies and hardware for maintenance.  Buy things that can be given a second life.  Practice salvage with an eye to old world value.  This means taking old things and putting them back to use.  In fact, practice a hybrid life of old and new.  The old ways were simple, low carbon and local.  Tools are essential.  Have a shop if you can.  Have a few barns if you can.  Barns are warehouses for essentials.  The problems with barns are they generally are not climate and pest controlled.  Many things don’t survive these conditions so be careful when storing things in barns.  The worst thing is sitting things out in the elements.

Your monestary will contain icons and the written word that are the basis of your permaculture spirituality.  A library of books but also a computer with large storage allows you to save your REAL Green wisdom.  There will be art and there will be fun things.  There will be a section for history of your local of people and place but also of you and your journey.  If you are REAL Green then you have a story to tell.  Your monestary is the sanctuary where your REAL Green spiritual permaculture is manifested.  Here all those ideas combine to serve as a compass for those who follow.  Keep in mind since so few are REAL Green many of our monastic items will end up being an interesting estate sale when you die.  Yet, it is possible that a few things will influence and guide someone.  Maybe something you have done with your life’s work will be useful to those who come afterwards.  Some of you will have all the right stuff and be the birther of the new human coming with the collpase of this civilization.

The key to REAL Green consumerism is attitude of what is relative and realistic to your local of people and place.  Your spiritual orientation governed by your higher power plus your nature and nurture will guide you.  This is the best it gets in REAL Green with consumerism.  This is attitude driven consumerism that understands the dirty and destructive nature of modern consumerism.  You are honest about the killing machine of globalized consumerism so you will limit it as much as you can.  If you practice this blood letting you will do it with respect and reverence.  When Native Americans took the life of an animal, they gave thanks to the Great Spirit.  REAL Green is something similar.  Give thanks and appreciate the value of what you buy and have humility for the destructiveness.  There is nothing worse than extreme guilt from partaking in consumerism which results in disgust for what you just bought.  The reason being the waste is magnified by your psychological downcycling.  Consumer dissonance is such a waste but all will experience some of this because it is very hard to optimize green purchases in todays cluttered world.  So many pleasures are peddled.  So many unneeded items are required.  Your local of people and place will be littered with junk.  Just get used to it and accept it.  Wade through the cesspool of modern life.

Below are some thoughts on the type of consumerism you will encounter.  Use my REAL Green as a guide for yours.  Remember REAL Green is about unique locals of people and place.  It is also about unique spiritual and psychological locals of your ego and soul.  This means my REAL Green is not your REAL Green but there is a common thread to this and that is green prepping in localism.  It is about spiritual permaculture of your higher power.  This is about an age of decline on all level physical and metaphysical and how you navigate this on your personal REAL Green journey.


Have a deep pantry and frozen foods.  Have backup, if possible, like a generator and or solar to keep freezers running.  Be sure to rotate items because of shelf life.  I buy many items that are higher value.  I make attempts to avoid the processed foods with high sugar and high fat.  The net effect is an averaging out of what is healthy and what is not healthy.  Food should be local and should be the basics whenever possible but this is hard to do because of delocalization and modern preferences.  There are so many comfort foods that are just in effect food drugs that reduce health.  So much food is waste in the green sense. 

Walking through a modern grocery store for me is a surreal experience when you look at the world as I do.  There are so many needless products.  The energy intensive nature of our stores is mind blowing.  The fact that we have all this and at such a low price should be a clear indicator of just how far humans have gone into overshoot both spiritually and physically.  I buy lots of food that is not local.  I buy lots of food from Amazon because I cannot even get them at the local grocery.  I also buy locally.  A component of my diet is yogurt and butter.  My kids drink milk.  I buy this from a local Mennonite dairy.  We have a garden we eat out of and my wife goes to the farmer’s market.  So, in my REAL Green there is some local balance but not enough and this is a source of guilt for me.

We have very little food waste.  Our food left overs either go to the dogs or the chickens.  In the old times people had a few pigs.  I would have them too but I have enough to do with what I have.  My wife knows I have issues with food waste so she makes and effort to avoid it.  She is Italian (real Italian) so she tends to make sure there is too much food than not enough.  She like presentation and taste.  So, I have to balance this with my obsession with food conservation. 

I give thanks for the food I have.  It is amazing to me I can have the choices I have.  I am also always aware of how these choice might end because remember I am a doomer.  I live decline.  Food choice will be one of the first casualties of a decline shock when it comes and I feel it will come.  Practice fasting and eating simple as preparations for the future of less.  I think about what I will eat when the shock comes.  I wonder how my body will react mainly because I eat a lot of super foods that will not be available.  I fast twice a week where I do not eat anything for 36 hours.  This is training for when food is scarce but it also is a way of limiting food and allowing my body time to clean itself of the poisons we inevitably put in our system.


If you are green prepping then water is very high on your list.  You will need purification devices.  You will need storage tanks.  You will need gathering devices.  A cistern is very wise thing depending on your situation.  Water strategies in a permaculture place are for plants, animals, and humans.  This is an expansive topic which I do not have time to go into detail.  Water should be at the very top of importance.


Clothing is a big consumable and a place where REAL Green is important.  I buy technical clothing.  I have many boots, shoes, and flip flops.  I have lots of work shirts and pants.  I buy quality and choose to have less.  I am not concerned about looks as much as application.  I spend most of my day outside so it is critical to dress properly to maintain my work effort.  I have the minimum of dress up clothing mainly for funerals.  I was one of the first when I was in corporate life to go work casual.  I am a bit like Johnny Cash and the man in black instead I am the man in green.  When I do go out and need to clean up, I wear simple things that reflect REAL Green.  In the summer a simple quality tee-shirt and shorts for example.  I never follow consumer fads

If my clothes are not dirty, they do not get washed.  If some of my work cloths get damaged, I have my wife sew them up.  Many work shirts have stains on them even after washing but I still wear them.  In REAL Green decline is the number one variable of change.  In this spirit is my belief that one day my cloths choices will be greatly minimized.  If I have multiple clothing items and foot wear.   This will supplies into a future of less so I do not get rid of cloths that are still functioning.  I often buy on-line because I do not like driving to a brick-and-mortar store.  If I do get rid of cloths, I take them to a place to help the poor.


Tools are something I never have enough of.  I am alone in a way on 400 acres and it is very hard to find help both professional and labor.  This means I have to do what I can.  One thing I do with the complicated systems related to plumbing, electricity, and mechanical is diagnostics.  I dig into the problem and determine what is wrong.  I then schedule people.  You may not get a professional for weeks so it is very tricky to schedule because sometimes they all come the same day and then you are rushed and make mistakes.  Tools allow me to do this diagnostic.  It is often the case I can fix the problem and save lots of money that pays for the tools.  I also collect tools for barter economy that may develop from the decline process.

Supplies and hardware are very important because if you are well stocked then you won’t need to go to town.  Being well stocked is tricky because sometimes you will buy things that won’t be used so this can be a waste of money and dirty from a green point of view.  Keep things organized so you can find them.  Cycle out things that are not used because they become clutter.  For prepping you will need to stock up on all those things to get you through a crisis.  Your crisis inventory should be divided up by short term and longer term items.  Shorter term would be wear-items and maintenance items.  Longer term are those things that may not be around one day that will be needed.


Guns and ammo are good to stock up on for security but also hunting.  This is not something many greens want to buy but if you are a green prepper in certain locations you will need them.


Things for storage and organization are very important because if you are invested in homestead and monestary then you will have lots of things.  This is the reality of green prepping.  You are going to be confronted by storing and organizing all the things I described.  If you are like me as an individual this is daunting because of all the other things I do.  Storage and organizing is of the highest importance because the value and maintenance of these items requires accessibility when needed.  Accessibility is readiness in a crisis.  Improperly stored and maintained items yields spoilage, breakdowns, and degrading of quality.  The result is a waste of things.  This is not green and a waste of carbon.  This ends up being just another of the struggles of being REAL Green because of the trade-offs of values and value.


Machines and devices that will have use in a post declined world are important because remember REAL Green is about decline and failure of civilization.  It is about a planet in abrupt change.  It is about the web of life in decline.  All these things point to adversity and struggles.  The proper machines and devices will help mitigate these difficulties.  One has to be careful what things are retained because of the nature of storage and maintenance.  In REAL Green you will be limited with time, money, and help so choose wisely.  Sometimes it is smarter to have less even if you have time, money, and the help.  The amount of work needed maintaining and the education to operate these things must be balanced with all the other things you will have to do in your permaculture place.  I buy many things that are antiques.  I find enduring value in many of these things.  This includes new things that are the modern production of old things used in earlier times.  I also find value in things that are solid and robust and do not need much maintenance.  Those things pre plastic and electroin always had good longevity.  These would be pre-70s.  I try to avoid complex things like electronic and motors but these things are easy to invest in because of the status quo.


Your monestary of ideas, history, and sources of wisdom is a very important part of the permaculture of spirituality.  When I am dead, I want to leave things to the young who come after me.  I realize my stuff may end of just an interesting estate sale but hopefully some wisdom will stick.  This is about wisdom and meaning.  These are paramount because the struggle with the affluence of things and comforts is only going to get worse.


Medical stuff is important.  This includes skills and literature.  Medical stuff suffers the same storage, maintenance, and training the above items.  In fact, it is really hard to keep up will all these things and training.  The issue is when needed they could be life saving so you must have something.


It is important in REAL Green to avoid unneeded hygiene items.  I have a beard so I don’t need to shave wasting water and energy intensive hot water.  I shower when needed.  Luckily, I don’t smell readily like some, no fault to them.  I work on the farm so I am typically dirty and sweaty but this does not mean a daily shower and cloths do not need to be washed daily.  I go as long as I can before a shower.   

I clean cloths as little as possible.  Washing cloths is a huge waste of energy and water plus it wears cloths out quicker.  I wish my wife would line dry items but she doesn’t.  I have this set up for her.  This is an example of realistic and relative of REAL Green.  I can’t force these things on my wife.  Another prep item along with line during set up is a manual wash tub.  If a crisis comes we can wash like the old times. 

Avoid buying cosmetics and personal hygiene product.  Many of them are unneeded and very dirty in regards to green.  Focus on the important things like teeth.  Make sure you have sunscreen.  These things matter where being pretty not so much in regards to survival.  I realize the young have a different opinion because they are finding mates but once you get over this time in your life focus on the basics in a green way.


(see this blog’s pages for pics of my solar)

In my last post I spoke to you about TRUE Green.  This is a person who has dematerialized, and reduced or eliminated travel and modern networking.  This person has gone local into permaculture.  The permaculture is both physical and spiritual.  One is never TRUE Green just closer to this ecological truth.  I contrast that to FAKE Green which most greens are.  A FAKE Green is a person who embraces so called green technology and feels righteously green.  The primary problem with FAKE Greens is affluence.  Affluence always gets in the way.  The one exception is spiritual affluence.  There are no limits to this in a figurative sense.  REAL Green is a FAKE Green in acceptance and humility.  The acceptance is of the carbon trap and the path dependencies of his nature and nurture.  It is of his limitations of his local of people and place.  A REAL Green aspires to and holds in high regards the TRUE Green. 

I mention this when I explain my energy and power systems because they are not TRUE Green.  Solar is dirty.  Stop believing the FAKE Greens when they tell you stories about Net Zero 2030 or whatever fantasy date they hype.  Yet, for REAL Green a modest solar system is highly recommended.  It is a system greener than the alternative of all grid.  My system is local because it is stand alone.  It contributes to my resilience and sustainability in a crisis so it is green prepped.  Remember REAL Green is about reconciliation of these inconsistencies and inconvenient positions.

My solar is not anything special in a techno sense.  What is different is I choose to be less technical and more manual.  I keep it small and it is also hybrid.  I use solar and grid power.  My solar power is for green prepping.  The grid is for those energy needs that are beyond my solar’s capability.  It is also there because multiple times a year the sun does not produce enough energy to run what is needed.  If I were going to be off the grid, I would need to double my solar system.  This would also require propane for cooking although I could use wood.  The problem you will run into when REAL Green is your local of people and place.  My wife would not want to cook on a woodstove.  She likes electricity.  I have both propane and electricity but the propane is a backup for cooking and fires my grill.  I also have charcoal cookers.  The point here is my solar is targeted.  It is realistic for my trap of people and place.

I have all my circuits that can be run by solar tied into transfer switches.  This is standard electrical equipment used by people with generators.  This allows a switching from solar to grid.  I can use both the grid and solar at the same time.  The alternative is grid only, solar only, or grid tied system.  My hybrid system allows me to take care of some of my energy needs and still have all the capability of the grid.  I have $25,000 tied up in this system so I must make a return to pay down that investment.  I got some tax benefits from this but this was really insignificant.  I work my system to pay for itself and I have the system for green prepping.  I also have a very capable generator/welder that can connect to my grid service by a throw switch.  If power goes down, I can flip the throw switch and disconnect grid power.  This must be done becuase any system has to be separated from the grid or dangerous interactions can occur.  I can then charge my battery up with the generator if the solar conditions do not allow an adequate charge.

The results of this system on my electric bill are not as great as one would expect spending $25,000.  On a good solar day I can produce 10KWH to 16KWH.  My usage is as high as 100KWH when solar is not being used and I am using electric for heat.  Space heating is a very high draw item.  When I have my wood boiler going, I am using far less power.  My wood boiler still uses power but a small amount.  It has two pumps and a fan.  This uses 2 amp when running with fan and pumps.  This cuts my usage in half.  My solar system can easily power this system even when solar is low.  This makes for great green prepping.  If I had a failure of the grid and solar then I still have a wood stove in the house that does not need electric.


Solar is not Green!  Solar is not cheap!  Solar is not economic!  Wow, that sounds bad but REAL Green this and see how this changes.  Solar is not green but it is greener than a new muscle car.  It is greener than a swimming pool.  I could go on and on.  Energy is central to your existence.  In today’s flip a switch living that is cheap you might not care about any of the above.  I am a green prepper.  The basics of this is what is more secure is greener.  This does not mean safe nor does it mean TRUE Green.  It means safer and greener.  This is REAL Green in a nutshell.

Solar is not cheap or economic.  I spent a lot of money.  Part of my increased costs was due to I did a custom system.  I am located in a nonrenewable orientated region.  My installation choices were minimal.  The equipment is technical and complicated so not cheap.  You may hear FAKE Greens cheerlead how panel prices are declining and so forth but panels are not the only part of the system.  If you just grid tie then you have an inexpensive way to have solar.  This is mainly panels and an inverter tied to the grid.  If the grid goes down you have no power.  My system cost me around $25,000.  It has taken lots of my time in research and procurement.  I would not recommend this to people if they are only looking for a bang for the buck.  Grid tied systems are better.  If you go off grid due to location then yes it has value.  In my case it does not pencil out with only cost and economics factors considered.

Currently my utility KWH cost is $.084827.  Keep in mind there is a cost for your service itself which is $1.24 per day.  My solar system at its best produces 16KWH a day.  DO THE MATH!! That means at 8 cents times 16.  That means I am gathering $1.28 a day of solar irradiation on my best day.  Then do my service cost per day.  I give my system an average 15-year life then my service cost is $4.50.  So, you see, I am making on my best days $1.28 but my system costs $4.50.  The numbers do not add up.

Where my system shines are with green prepping strategies.  It allows me to have lights and power for refrigeration in a grid down situation both essential.  I can also run my A/C with this system so if there was grid down in a brutal heat wave, I could have cool air at least in part of my house or shop.  I have a mini split system that works well with solar.  This system can cool one room or many.  It can heat or cool.  It is an inverter technology so it does not require a large compressor that is beyond smaller solar capabilities like mine.  I can easily run my wood boiler in winter for heat.  I am considering a water heater that works similar to my mini split system that is very efficient and insulated so I can also heat water with my solar.  My solar will not run a standard water heater.  Too much draw.  Currently my wood boiler heats my water but only in the winter.  Lights are critical.  I easily have lighting.  This system will shine if we have a jump in electric costs.  It shines with grid down.  It shines in a relative way in regards to green.  Solar is not TRUE Green but it has many green prepping applications.

Cost Summary

inverter, charger, panels, pole mount, accessories$10,061.98
Lithium phosphate battery$7,630.00
concrete, wire, conduit$1,082.00
transfer switches$604.00

TRUE Green

I am working on a post that will highlight my solar system and how it fits into REAL Green prepping and low carbon capture.  First, I want to cover something that is above REAL Green spiritually.  REAL Green is the realistic and relative application of green prepping strategies to your local of people and place.  It is a strategy that uses delocalization to re-localize.  It is for those of you trapped in affluence and delocalization. 

I want to discuss TRUE Green.  This is the highest form of green.  It represents the best modern man can do.  There are those who are in the poorer parts of the world that are natives and or subsistence farmers.  They don’t fit into TRUE Green because they are naturally green but many likely would embrace modern affluence if they could.  They are a different conversation.  Many of the same attributes apply to both groups except behavior and circumstance.  True Green is a modern who has lived in the delocalized status quo but chooses to leave it dramatically.  TRUE Green has choice and this is important.  The importance of choice in their case is living the two worlds and opting out of the other.  This is not to say natives and subsistence farmers can’t do the same but generally natives and subsistence farmers opt into the affluence of the status quo.  When this is not the case it is when they have been educated to the difference which means they have been civilized by the status quo but reject this.   The conversation complicates if you mix these groups.

A TRUE Green is awakened and then goes forth in action that is a transformation.  The awakening is the realization of delocalization in regards to what is truly green.  Delocalization is motivated by affluence of materialism and opportunity. Materialism is easy to understand. Opportunity is less understood and revolves around traveling and networking.  A TRUE Green sees the incongruities of delocalization found in materialism, travel, and networking.  They see the imbalances of the human spirt in relation to their local from thes status quo inclinations.  Without balance the human spirit is extremely destructive.  Many modern techno greens are extremely destructive and, in my opinion, little better than a brown.  In fact, they live a lie.  They may be honest with the science of earth issues but dishonest on the solutions.  Many a fake green is a wealthy hipocite. They are a cake and have it people. 

A TRUE Green is a highly spiritual person because a TRUE Green embraces poverty of things for a richness of spirit.  These people will dematerialize from consumerism and decouple from the networking of opportunities.  These opportunities allow power and power allows control.  For a TRUE Green power is nature not man’s.  This decoupling means leaving the digital and shunning modern transport.  This is a vigorous system both for the mental and the physical.  Mentally this type of green will have to navigate the gauntlet of opportunities and networking. These offer so many pleasures both mental and physical.  They will want to leave urban areas because so little is green in the urban.  Urban greens are generally fake green. TRUE Greens will withdraw to rural areas or wild areas to live autonomous lives individually or in small groups.  Their spirt will support them in the poverty of things.  Here the use of poverty is different than the status quo.  Poverty here is lack of material comforts not essentials.  Nature will provide the necessary comforts and things for a TRUE Green and if not, they will perish as is meant to be.

This is a life of naturalism dictated by that which is not status quo of affluence and material capability.  It can be compared to a monk but without the religion.  This is not to say a TRUE Green should not be religious.  Religion is a very local attribute of a person that needs to be compartmentalized when discussing this orientation.  This is not the subject of TRUE Green.  The subject is embracing the planet and web of life.  True Greens cannot escape civilization and its clutches but they can minimize the distortions and the destructive imbalances.

A TRUE Green will likely be a young person who chooses this path before they become incorporated into the status quo.  Once your local of people and place solidifies it becomes very difficult to leave.  This is where my REAL Green come in.  REAL Green is what an honest green does once the status quo has compromised you.  A TRUE Green is pre-compromised and idealized or laundered of the compromise by age or circumstance.  An ideal time to go TRUE Green is when one is young.  When the young reach a maturity of mind and body but are not yet compromised by mental and physical attachments of the status quo.  This is not to say those who are older cannot go TRUE Green.  Any age can make this conversion.  Often older retirees can do it once their family has moved on to their lives and their status quo careers have wound down.  Sometimes middle aged individuals go through a cleansing of the clutches of the status quo and they can find this calling.

This is a transformation that means voluntary simplicity.  It means a life of stoicism and spartan living that yields a richness of spiritual wellbeing.  Keep in mind this means turning your back on modern healthcare and security.  There is an existential insecurity to this but this insecurity becomes a source of wisdom of which I call the wisdom of insecurity.  The people in the status quo who embrace modern health care and security really are not that heathy and secure.  In fact, the status quo is a very dangerous place it is just the risks and dangers have been normalized.  A TRUE Green has a pureness of spirit but not like you might think.  This pureness is existential not ethical although a proper and decent ethical spirit is the result.  It is a low footprint lifestyle that seeks to harmonize with nature.  It seeks to do as little harm as is possible to their local.

I was once TRUE Green.  I went through a spiritual awakening that transformed me twice.  Once when I was young and idealized and once when middle aged and disillusioned.  Unfortunately, the two times this occurred I was tugged back to the status quo.  Once when I was younger in the course of my spiritual journey in philosophy, theology, and comparative religions I was brough back to the status quo by career and love.  I was very close to embracing this way of life but I did not have the right setting to make the leap.  Another time I had an awakening that came when I was disillusioned by the status quo of career and lifestyle.  This was a process that took me to a wonderful farm but I still had to commute to my job and live the lifestyle of the career I was in.  I was active in reading and living an alternative ecological lifestyle that was at odds with my so-called normal life.  I was embedded in a beautiful natural place after work and on the weekends. I was touched by nature one night and left my normal life.  Unfortunately, I was forced back to the status quo by family in a traumatic experience.

I was not meant to be TRUE Green and this is why I am REAL Green.  This blog has covered REAL Green thoroughly so there is no need to go into it but to say it is what you do when your trap of affluence with people and place prevent you from being TRUE Green.  There are those of you who are techno green who may want to go REAL Green for the honesty of it.  That is another discussion.  The TRUE Green is something I respect highly.  I have been there for short periods.  I may go there again.  It is something I recommend to the young and the old.  To those of you who are in between you may want to try REAL Green.  TRUE Green is a very demanding journey not so much with the journey once taken but the choice to take the journey.


On the pages section of this blog I am posting GOATS.  This is an in-depth look at my permaculture grazing system.   I am sharing the numbers from my operation.  This is my personal accounting.  The accountant handles the numbers different for tax purposes.  There are various ways to treat income, expenses, and investments.  Needless to say, I had a lot of depreciation.  This benefited me as good tax write-off.  Another very important point is I do not include my labor so when you consider the amount of time I invested in this operation over these 6 years there is a considerable labor cost not realized.  When this is considered, one should be very careful about engaging in this type of activities.  I am semi-retired living off investments and some activity in farm management.  I am just now in 2021 going to start seeing a positive return on an investment started in 2015.  Sales are going up and investments in the system leveling off.  I am now selling mostly animals born on the farm.

Some notes to consider when reviewing my grazing operation I posted on he pages part of this blog.  The title is goats but really it is goats, cows, dogs, and people.  Keep in mind before I built this grazing system the farm already had some fence.  There were already two barns, a cabin, and an RV.  There were existing wells and electric service.  There is 300 acres of family land.  I have 80 on the border of the family farm.  This alone adds up to $1MIL.  In a nut shell this is my affluence trap and my opportunity.  REAL Green says relative and realistic so do not get tied up in the good or bad of this.  When you go local you become unique and yourself.  Get out of guilt or anger of the status quo of value and concentrate on the journey into decline.  The family farm we have had in the family since 1948.  I have a spiritual connection in the land of those who came before me.  I dwell in their history.

This family farm participated in a special native grass program 20 years ago that cost around $150,000.  These costs were around 50/50 with the government although lots of other cost were involved the gov did not cover.  There was a CRP program to expand the riparian areas along the drainages.  These have become outstanding cover for wildlife.  This family farm is a wonderful example of a rewilding.  I took 60 acres of this farm for the grazing system and there is 40 acres dedicated to raising hay.  This hay field also gives an added dimension to the mosaics of habitat so even though it is n a sense industrial AG it was inserted into a mosaic of habitat to enhance the benefits for wildlife and humans.  I have 80 acres personally.  I have a shop I just built and 50 year old brick house I did a total renovation too.  I gave it a second life.  I feel second life to homes are machinery is a conservation effort because you are recycling.  I did this in a green manner with maximum insulation.  There is a lot of money in these almost 400 acres!  This is why I often say REAL Green is the calling of few just like in the middle ages monasteries and castles were few but profoundly important.

This is my trap of affluence.  There is a lot here to manage and take care of.  You can see if I want to be green then a REAL Green approach is needed.  True green means going extremely small and decoupled from transport, consumerism, and the welfare system.  Going brown in industrial ag would mean I would expand the animal business approach and remove the rewilded part of the farm for profit operation.  I chose the REAL Green approach that is a polyculture approach.  You have to approach this type of operation with a business mentality but adapted by permaculture.  This permaculture goes deeper with a spiritual permaculture of meaning.  So this is a physical and spiritual permaculture adapted to the status quo.  This then is a journey of green prepping that seeks to use the status quo to leave it.  This is the nature of affluence so stop getting angry or feeling guilty about the green problems this presents.  Man is a destructive species so the best most people can do is channel this destructive behavior to good ends.  Again some of you can go TRUE Green but most can’t.  

REAL Green is green prepping and a journey.  This journey is my journey but also the locals journey  It has been a passion of mine that developed over time so an intellectual and a skill journey.  I love being a shepherd.  I love having a permaculture homestead.  Finally the monestary is my spiritual permaculture and mental homestead.  I love managing an animal operation.  It is hard and tedious work that over time is very satisfying.  If I had to have an outside job and do it there would have to be big changes.  The other alternative that many families do that love farming is have one spouse work off the farm.  In my case I am living off investments.  I managed to incorporate REAL Green into my trap of affluence.  Yes, affluence is a trap for me.  I wish I could have been totally TRUE Green from the start but this is what I have so I am REAL Green.

This grazing operation is greener because I make an effort to shape it realistically and relatively in regards to my limits of localism.  My people, place, and life situation shape how green I can take it.  Another important point is I could triple the amount of cattle I have and quadruple the numbers of goats.  This is always and option.  I could do even more for-profit activity if I expanded the operation over the entire family farm.  I don’t do this because rewilding is an essential part of REAL Green.  It is here the spiritual permaculture kicks in somewhat like the religious tithe of the middle ages.  In this cse it is giving back to the ecosystem that is above your human local of people and place.  I could expand in a crisis if this is what is needed for my local.  This is the prep part of green prepping. 

Currently what I am doing is the best holistic option.   My grazing operation is another piece in the mosaic of habitat.  It is 60 acres of the 300.  I have low stocking rates, polyculture pasture, and multispecies on a fifth of the land with the rest rewilded.  Even my 40 acres of hay fields becomes a mosaic when place within a rewilded natural setting.  This is a keystone of my permaculture localism.  This operation is the specialty that gives my homestead and monestary definition.  There are other components to my green prepping but the grazing system is the central focus.  I also have a sustainable wood lot and heat with wood.  I have a garden, orchard, and grapes.  I have chickens.  I also have techno low carbon capture with a simple but robust solar system with battery and inverter.  I utilize conservation principals with food, insulation efficiency, and reduce driving.  Consumerism is focused on warehousing things of value for the coming decline into a likely future collpase.  These are the secondary efforts with the grazing system my specialty.

Hay and Death

I am still working on my Goat post.  It is going to cover the mechanics of raising goats along with 5 years of the numbers.   Yeap, goats can be a business.  I am adapting my goat operation to green prepping by incorporating goats into a permaculture of localism.  This is further adapted by the dualism of REAL Green which is a relative and realistic with adaptation of permaculture localism to the delocalizing ways of globalism.  In other words I am trying to be green with an activity that is marginally profitable.  REAL Green is how I adapt to my carbon trap and trap of nature and nurture with the path dependencies of my local of people and place. 

Goats are my specialty but only make up part of my permaculture homestead.  REAL Green is about a specialization but also about being a jack of all trades.  This is a journey of learning resulting in a deeper spiritual meaning of life.  This spiritual asset of meaning I believe is what is needed to offset the great turning of decline that is ahead.  All of us have a tougher life ahead with comforts and things so finding increased meaning is critical to quality of life.  This will be a period of a planetary forcing that will result in humans being forced with negative feedbacks.  This homestead is my physical connection.  The spiritual component is my monestary.  My monestary is the gathering place for ideas and things that represent my spiritual permaculture.  Yes, proper human spirituality mirrors permaculture.

My Goat post has been delayed by hay and death.  I have put up 500 bales since I last talked to you.  These are small square bales perfect for the goats when they kid in the coldest part of winter.  They are also environmentally greener and more prepped.  I made them with small horsepower equipment.  They are put up in my goat barn where the does kid.  The hay is stored right above where the goats will stay in the cold of winter.  I can feed them by hand daily instead of moving large round bales by machine which is typical of a profit motivated operation.  This hay was made and put up with my wife and kids making it a family affair.  Family is the keystone of localism.  I still have round bales made but it is important to me to make square bales for the goats in a REAL Green way.  These goats are central to my green prepping effort.  I raise registered breeding stock.  I don’t eat my goats and try to find homes for all of them but if SHTF I can survive on my goat herd.

The mixing of square bales and custom cut round bales utilizing large equipment dovetails with my realistic and relative of the dualism of REAL Green.  Putting up square bale hay reminds me of the fire wood I make.  Wood heat is marginal considering labor and my time.  Most operations are going to round bales because of the difficulty of handling square bales and cost of labor.  The cost of cutting hay yourself with the equipment and finding the time and the labor does not pencil out.  Today it is almost just a hobby if you are a small operation.  Yet, when you REAL Green hay making there is value with green prepping.

REAL Greening hay is about a return to a better method in regards to sustainability and resilience.  Yet, notice I mix both hay making ways in my operation by being relative and realistic.  This is the dualism of REAL Green.  You adapt away from the status quo as best you can with REAL Green but don’t expect to decouple from the powerful economics of the status quo.  When I make hay, I am on a small 30HP tractor right there with the grass instead of up high in an airconditioned cab of a 100HP tractor.  This goat hay activity is low carbon capture in localism which is a basis of REAL Green.  It is my hope eventually I can get an electric tractor charged by solar pannels to make this hay even greener.  Ideally the TRUE Green of human and animal labor should be used to make this hay but this is beyond my capability.  REAL Green is the best I can do.

Finally, I have been delayed with my writing because my dad passed away yesterday.  I have to give him my thanks for keeping the family farm together.  This farm is now my life’s focus and passion.  I have an 80 acre farm on the southern border and the family farm is 300 acres on the north.  The family farm is now in its 73rd year with 4 other families.  Dad also assisted me with the building of my Amish monitor barn that is serving as my shop.  I would have got this barn built without dad’s help but not with all the added features that make this barn a REAL Green masterpiece.  I miss him dearly now.

My dad had prostate cancer and it spread aggressively.  He was given 12 months 3 years ago so he beat the odds and had good quality of life just until a few months ago.  His cancer diagnosis was heart breaking but also serendipitous for me.  I was recommended to get checked out and found I too had the cancer.  I was able to have the cancer removed and it appears I am now cancer free.  When I talk about the realistic and relative of REAL Green keep in mind that the dirty status quo medical system saved my life and prolonged my dad’s.  This is the double edge sword of technology.  It is killing us but also giving life. 

My wife and I have been coming in every weekend to be with dad and assist my mom.  This makes it hard to do what I need to do on the farm.  There is never enough time or money.  Again, I want to relate this to REAL Green because leaving the farm and driving 2 hrs to see my dad is delocalizing and carbon intensive but in REAL Green it is about adapting to your trap of people and place.  I try to be as green as possible but within my situation of people and place.  My dad died at home with his family by his side.  It was a moving experience.

Why Goats…continued

I am not a writer.  I am living permaculture localism relatively and realistically.  This means a lifestyle that mirrors my meaning.  I am a green prepper who has reached acceptance of a decline process leading to collpase somewhere down the road.  This means I am on a journey to this destination.  This blog is a reflection of that.  I do not advertise nor ask for money.  I am giving of myself for the benefit of the planet and you the reader.  My blog is not well written or sophisticated.  It will not generate much traffic.  My target is a few of you with the right stuff to make a difference.  It is just me living a way of life I feel is vital for people and the planet and writing about it. 

I am very pressed for time.  Right now, I need to get out and feed animals then I have a full day of work ahead.  I am getting older and every month this gets harder to do as I weaken with age.  So, I hope my writing about my life gives you something of value or a pause to reflect.  It keeps my mind fit and helps me deal with the constant hardships of farming and surviving the status quo of growth.  There are days I get tired and things break and I question all the work I do.  I see society enjoying their free time and all those toys of pleasure and ask myself Why!!  Yet, meaning allows me to get through these tough times.

I am currently working on a presentation on goats that is taking longer.  I alluded to this two posts ago with “Why Goats”.  I am now 5 years into my rotational grazing system so I have lots to cover.  I want to cover behavior of why but also the mechanics.  Since we live in the status quo of growth and profit I want to give you the economics of my operation too.  I do what I do with less profit because I am pursuing low carbon capture strategies of green prepping.  Naturally there has to also be a profit motive or else you will not succeed in the tough world we live in. 

I want to talk goats and rotational grazing but in such a way that what I am doing can be applied to other permaculture but also the mentality of green prepping that anyone can embrace.  This is about meaning one finds with embracing the deceptions of civilization, the declining web of life, and the changing planet.  This is about the turning over of a human epoch into decline and collpase and how you the individual in a local of people and place can adapt and prosper.  The main element of prosperity I speak of is with spiritual meaning but also materially when you find a niche within the decline process to restore and enrich.  I hope to be finished with this post in a week or two.  In the meantime, the weather is breaking Sunday and I start cutting hay for the goats.  I have 400 square bales to make and put up.

Green Mysticism

There are no limits to what can be forecasted, predicted, and projected. Goal seeking is alive and well with the techno optimist. “Failure is not an option” optimism you know got us to the moon and won WWII. “We have to do it because” thinking is loved by people in denial and prone to fantasy. Academia and science are now so corrupted with this stuff it is no wonder normal people are becoming skeptical of anything being told to them by the establishment. It is bad enough that mainstream media and our leadership are at an historic low for trust now science is failing too.

This is how civilizations fail. It has always been this way. It is the elites who cannot handle the truth once limits set in. The normal guy has to handle the truth because he is on the receiving end of it. When you can’t afford to live like you did a few months ago you handle the truth. A wake-up call is coming for the elites many of whom are so-called greens. I call them fake greens because tech is their delusion. It is all about techno-optimism which is the merging of hope with progress. Techno greens are now worshiping science dominated by so called cutting edged “fantasy” science no different than a fundamentalist worship the words of a book literally.

I am saying this not in anger or bargaining because it is my opinion this is the natural progression of civilizations. To get angry is just a step up from the elites in denial. To try to reason with these people in the act of bargaining is just two steps up. Once you get really depressed with all this then you are ready for an optimism in pessimism of acceptance. To some of you the stages of grief is simplistic and worn out but give me a better analysis of the situation. Maybe the complexity of civilization and the complications of the ego are a simple observation so don’t complicate it.

What is the awakened green to do in this situation? That is an individual decision. For many of you here you are affluent, educated, and basically happy. I can’t tell you to embrace decline and turn your back on affluence. Life is short. In my opinion life is so short we are already dead so enjoy it to its fullest. Take it day by day. Yet, that does not work for me. Meaning is more important than affluence. I want to clarify that. My basic needs are covered. I humbly acknowledge empathy and compassion for those struggling to survive who do not have a place to lay their head. I will say this I have been in these places although not because of lack of affluence. I have experienced the darkness.

If you are to the point in your life where meaning is more important than affluence then you may be open to an optimism in pessimism type awakening. I am reaching out to those who have their basic affluence covered. Those of you like me who have something may be appealed to. I do not stand here appealing to the young who are idealistic. I am not here appealing to the poor who are wanting of food and shelter. My words will mean little to them. I am here for those who have lived a full life and now have something except you lack meaning. Meaning is a spiritual asset that this group of people can embrace to offset the decline in comforts and things. In addition, and in parallel, this is your human mortality playing out. In a way they are linked. Civilization is in its late stage also.

The awakening I speak of is an acceptance of a turning or tipping over into decline of everything except meaning. There is a sacred quality of meaning above the arrogance of humanism. A REAL Green is awakened to this in the humility of acceptance of a decline of everything and this is the starting point of the journey that is a transformation. This journey is local, permaculture based, and orientated to the planet. It does not replace your higher power but instead is a compass for your current higher power. This transformation is where the ego meets isness.

This is not new and is commonly called mysticism. In this case because humans are in the Anthropocene it is green mysticism. At this inflection of meaning the individual goes forth. It becomes a seeking out of places for meaning to be realized. Ecology tells us that in the succession of ecosystem there are opportunities. Niches are freed up where species can find constructive growth. Microclimes of living are out there where there is meaning. If you become a master of this you will take this awakening even further. You will construct a monestary of meaning that will be an incubator for a new human type that will hopefully navigate the bottleneck just ahead.

Why Goats?

I want to tell you why I am doing goats. This is not because I expect you to do goats but instead to reflect on their green utility. Green utility is what a green prepper should seek out. Green utility is something that has a higher value in regards to safety and security and at the same time is a footprint lowering activity. This is where spiritual meets livelihood. A proper balance of the two is essential to a productive happy individual. I am not saying you should embrace a green spirituality but I will say in this time of broad-based decline adding a green spirituality tone to your existing higher power is advisable. Science offers meaning in your knowledge-based world but it is spirituality that offers wisdom. This wisdom is what knowledge to use and what to reject. It is about decisions and opening or not opening doors in your life. Spirituality is what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning but after you already have your basic needs satisfied. Green utility and green prepping are a source of meaning in this time of destructive change.

Green utility is found in low carbon capture but also the support of low carbon capture by those of you with service skills. Low carbon capture needs a community to work properly especially since the EROI and the ROI is so low. The return on investment in the world of profit and loss is so narrow that it is negative in the highly energetic nature of the modern world. This means because of the basic cost of being a modern low carbon capture does not offer surpluses. In the world of nature and satisfaction of our energy needs of food, water, and shelter, low carbon capture is very low. This is why localism is absolutely essential and why a local community of skilled patrons is required. I am telling you this because not all of you can be permaculture farmers but all of you can support localism and permaculture.

Green prepping is for those of you who care about the planet and its life and those of you who don’t. Many people feel a deep connection to the planet but many don’t. Some are deeply religious and the religion is indifferent to the planet and its life. Instead of arguing for or against this postion I will just say security is everyone’s motivation. Green utility found from low carbon capture in localism is more secure. It is not going to pay for your vacation or kids’ college but it will give your kids more safety. Green prepping is for those without a farm too because it is about skill sets and motivation. Honest science says the planet is in abrupt change. This does not have to be predicated on humans or not. It is clear changes have happened rapidly and this puts at risk a global delocalized world. The web of life is clearly in decline and this species loss and ecosystem decline and localized failure is another danger for all humans. Civilization is clearly in decline socially, economically, and in regards to progress. It can be argued now progress is actually going negative with utility. This means diminishing returns of technological advancements which is the basis of delocalizing globalism is now a net negative with human utility. Green prepping offers a net positive to this new reality.

Low carbon capture in localism surrounded by permaculture is a utility promoting activity to offset the decline of everything. What this means is declining in place because you have tuned into the planet’s flow and cycle. This tuning in means you will have to realistically and relatively adapt to a human system that is incapable of embracing decline but instead is forced into decline at great cost. What you can do by embracing decline is lower the costs to you personally and find meaning as the side benefit. Not everyone can embrace low carbon capture in localism or farm with permaculture but if you can you should. If you can’t you can still embrace the mentality of planetary decline. This mentality is manifested in better wisdom. Wisdom is the basis of proper action.

Those of you who can will find a special value in embracing the planets way. You will withdraw to places less complex and complicated although this will be relative and realistic. This is the Anthropocene which is a world of human progress. No place on earth is not touched by this so your green utility will have to acknowledge this. Simplicity with a circular view of things is always better. Decoupling and dematerializing is always better. Less is always better than more except where green spirituality is concerned. This green spirituality is based upon two things one which is the wisdom of insecurity and the other is meaning found in emulating a planetary decline. The wisdom of insecurity is making decisions based upon a world in decline. More risk and less comforts is the obvious result of broad-based decline. This is the acceptance part of wisdom. Bargaining and anger are just a response to wanting more when there is no more. Embracing this process in an other orientated way is the act of the ego letting go in acceptance of higher powers unfolding. The ego then goes forth on this higher power’s behalf.

A life that slows down in localism and low carbon capture is also a fulfilling physical experience. You will find some time to smell the roses of those little things that are missed in the hectic world of energetic delocalizing globalism. The pursuit of profit and advancement destroys simple comforts and pleasures. You will find these and more. You will clear out that mental sense that appreciates the simple pleasures. This does not mean you will find much time to be lazy because your day will be clocked full of chores. If you must juggle a status quo world of work and permaculture it is that much tougher. Yet, even those who are doing the rat race and trying to do green prepping permaculture your will find satisfaction. Those who pursue their energetic leisure and consumerism and the emptiness that always seems to follow the sugar high of after the purchase will instead find an organic satisfaction. The buyer’s remorse and the never enough is not part of a proper green prepping.

That was a lot of explaining to introduce why I do goats but this is a key point of goats or not. Really it is a key point of doing anything green and prepped or not. It centers on behavior and that behavior requires acceptance and humility. Doing less and being less is a humbling experience. Accepting a world that is declining is a pessimistic human undertaking. We have been natured and nurtured to be optimistic. It is in our DNA and now you are going to say no to this. Well, it is more involved because what you are going to do is be an optimistic pessimist. You will find joy in decline and feel part of something greater. The succession of life from more complexity to less is a natural process. This still opens up niches of growth even though the overall process is degrowth. Your attitude is right and this will naturally funnel your energies to proper living resulting in better growth experiences within a degrowthing world. I am doing goats because they fit the green utility of my green prepping experience. In my next comment I will go into detail of how goats offer this to me. You can then take this and apply it to your local of people and place and how your green utility can be found.

The Power Within Dualism

This whole issue of our flawed social narrative I speak of constantly is really much deeper.  It is the core of the dilemma of human dualism of the ego and other.  It is the denial of mortality and the connection with the other which offers immortality.  It is the fantasy and delusions that we create to bargain with reality.  This comes from the human ability to look back and forward yet struggle to live in the here and now.  It is the constant variable value put on that which happens in the future and that which is right here right now.  It is the discounting and the revisions of what happened in the past and the predictions, forecasts, and projections of a future.  This represents the human dilemma of our dualism.

I bring this up for the few of you who have interest in a green prepping a permaculture homestead.  At a deeper level you will have to live a dualism.  On the one hand you will want to promote yourself with growth and surplus.  Yet, on the other hand you will want to lower your footprint by declining-in-place, choosing conservation, and embracing low carbon capture.  These stances are at odds alone in juxtaposition and in fact they are incongruous.  How do you reconcile growth and decline-in-place which is degrowth?  The way this is done is adapted behavior in a dualism of acceptance.  If you believe in green prepping then you are doing two reinforcing actions.  You are increasing your own security and you are promoting the web of life.  Yet, the conflicts will be everywhere because you will be juggling growth and degrowth.  In the delocalized global world growth is a human engine so you will participate in something that is destructive and not green.  You will be degrowthing by declining in place with permaculture localism that embraces the low EROI and ROI of low carbon capture.  Reconciling these two opposing stances is done first by acceptance of a force of change of decline and failure then by being relative and realistic.

The world of humans, the web of life, and the planetary system is in a great turning.  All of these are turning.  This is a period of great change.  This is a compression of time and change meaning time is speeding up with rapid change.  You the individual is aware of this and adapting to this by going local and declining in place because this is the proper response to this force of change.  You are embracing this reality but you are embracing this reality relatively in relation to you local of people and place.  Your family, community, and society are in general not there.  Too much change is disruptive and counterproductive.  They are still fixated on growth and human manifest destiny.  This is the trap of the arrogance of humanism.  It is also the natural instinct of humans.  Humans seek to exploit with technology and intelligence.  This expands in ascending levels of abstraction to a force of civilization.  We see the culmination of this right here right now with the never before seen growth engine of globalism and likely never to be seen again.  This is a material pinnacle not a spiritual one.  Your local will be corrupted by this and this is your trap.  Discover your trap and know what you can and can’t do within this trap.  This is critical and why I call it a dualism.

You will have to use this growth engine to leave it.  You will understand the dangerous overextension of this powerful delocalization.  There is no leaving it.  The world is now completely covered by its web.  Yet, you also understand this human narrative with physical manifestations is in decline and a process failure.  Knowing the science of ecology, you will then seek out niches of constructive change where the breakdown of this complex system offers microclimes of growth.  This is a special power I speak of with green shamanism.  It is a spirituality of this age of abrupt change.  Do not look at this religiously.  You can incorporate this green shaman power into your higher power worship as needed.  This is your own personal choice how you embrace it.  What I speak of is acceptance embracing the process of change.  By acceptance you stop the bargaining which is the ego protecting itself from reality.  We do this in multiple ways and this ascends into the narrative of our civilization.  We protect ourselves from dangers through fantasy.  Today science is corrupted by this with delusional forecasts, predictions, and projections.  The scientific process is now a process of denial.  The reason for this is humans are now trapped.  Humans over the last 10,000 years have more or less always been growing and expanding.  This is now over and humans at the level of civilization cannot handle this truth but you the individual can.

This was important to explain in regards to your individual trap of dualism because you will have to accept the collective trap and adapt to it.  It is not enough to accept this great turning of decline and decay that is the succession of all but you will have to accept and adapt to the denial of death of civilization which today is the growth engine of globalism.  In fact, these days science has now become a religion seeking immortality in transhumanism.  This transhumanism is combining biology and the digital in artificial intelligence and unrestricted technology.  This is a mechanization of control that is alien to life.  Intelligence and technology are now seen as the higher power to be worshiped.  This new human higher power sees intelligence as the basis in the universe or its singularity.  The Judeo-Christian God has been dethroned for a transhuman one.  Of course, most normal people to not aspire to this but the elites do.  This is why a global oligarchy is seeking human domination in a great reset.  There is a parallel path for this in China with the CCP.  This will fail and the reason for this is everything has tipped or near the tipping.  The planet is tipped but keep in mind this tipping is in regards to habitability.  The planet does not grow or degrowth it just balances.  Its systems follow their nature.  Yet, the web of life and the human ecosystem do grow and decline in events of evolution and decline with regular extinction events.

You as the individual will then if properly orientated to the planet in green shamanism seek out your niche in overall decline and abrupt change.  This does not mean you will find it but you have found the truth.  The truth is where meaning is and this is the highest of human value.  Meaning is a spiritual asset that will make up for the painful decline in resources and comforts ahead for all.  This is a key element in the relative and realistic of your transformation.  Through acceptance of this process of decline and abrupt change and the acceptance of the inability of civilization to change you seek out a niche where you can constructively growth within overall destructive change.  This means you will have to live in both worlds.  To only embrace pure degrowth and decline activity means you will be crushed by the forces of civilization.  If you embrace pure growth alone then the destructive forces of the great turning will crush you.  The alternative is green prepping.  It is using delocalization to localize.  It is growing in degrowth.  Some of the most profound aspects of life are paradoxical and incongruous juxtapositions.  Live these in surrealism.  Your life will be surreal because you will have double vision.  You will live these contradictions to survive.  It is the new force of change.  It is a subtle and low-level power underlying all.  You will draw on this for meaning and strength.

The results are still uncertain.  There are no refuges and no transcendence.  There is only the transformation in meaning and the journey.  This now is about lifeboats and hospices.  The lifeboat is the outfitting of your journey with green prepping.  The hospice is the palliative care to those around you and the land under your feet.  You will be green to restore and reinforce the web of life because the diversity of the web of life is like a strong immune system protecting against entropic decay.  You will be green because it is more prepped for survival.  The result of this must be localism.  It must be low carbon capture.  It revolves around a permaculture homestead with a monestary of ideas and things for this journey.  This monestary is also the tabernacle of sacred writing that will be given to those who will be the new humans that navigate the coming bottleneck.

Much of the world is now urban and mega urban.  There will be no future in this arrangement despite what the new religion of scientism is professing.  Travel to the stars and digital and biological complexity will be destroyed and the result is the organic birth of a new human that is who we once were but altered by the journey through the valley of death.   This is a journey back to where we came from.  Extinction is possible but since your concern is not, the destination you live but the journey.  All of us will die and all we create will eventually be dust.   This new humanity may retain some of the advanced knowledge we have built up.  Likely it will be mostly the wisdom of what not to do in the future.   Much of this vast knowledge will be destroyed by the entropic decay of the process with abandonment, dysfunction, and the irrational of the forces of chaos.  How much of that is really worth keeping anyway?  There is still a system or process behind chaos.  It is in a way the sacred guarding its nature.  There is no activity eventually in mechanization and control.  No activity is death so it is the tipping function that maintains life. 

Those of you who are trapped in the urban jungles of human excess can still constructively change with principals of localism, permaculture, and low carbon capture.  If you can leave the urban and go local but keep in mind the sacrifices are great.  You will generally experience lower comforts and less consumption.  This process is time dependent.  Some of us may not see the coming changes so for some of you why leave your comforts?  That is an individual choice I have no answer for.  I chose to leave because meaning is what I seek.  I am a green shaman who is explaining a way I have been awakened to.  This is an individual choice but keep in mind your choice is within a trap there are no choices for.