The Spirituality of Low Carbon Capture

The spirituality found in low carbon capture is very important to grasp because your personal motivation to find deeper meaning in the ecology of the planet will be tested. The low carbon capture I do in REAL Green revolves around permaculture and conservation. Permaculture, “A system of perennial agriculture emphasizing the use of renewable natural resources and the enrichment of local ecosystems.” Conservation, “Preservation or restoration from loss, damage, or neglect.” Keep in mind REAL Green can be skills based for example a master brewer or carpenter. It can be a care giver or a laborer. It must revolve around localism and the proper scale of a lower footprint. In my REAL Green my intentions are a scaled footprint that primarily comes from permaculture in localism and conservation. REAL Green adds the element of realistic and relative to localism and permaculture. Your people and place are delocalized because of globalism and techno optimism of being modern. You take permaculture and you rationalize it around what you can do within your carbon trap and path dependencies or in other words your determinism. You mean test your scale in this regard.

Not everyone can go local and permaculture. There are few that have the time, resources, and the place to do this. Those who do are vital in regards to a new human that will result from the great turning the planet and civilization are in. A REAL Green has been awakened and goes forth in transformation. In this awakening tech follows spirituality. The spirituality is acceptance of the great turning from growth to decline. This means acceptance of a collpase process. A REAL Green will be the trailblazer of a new way of inhabiting a place and a new people. The spirituality is living in a wisdom that seeks a scaled footprint that is both resilient and sustainable. The REAL is realistic and relative. This collpase process is time based and location based so systematic and geographic. REAL Green wisdom knows proper scale with people and place. This is the key. It starts from behavior and moves to the physical and the lifestyle of how we inhabit our local of people and place.

Low carbon capture is vital to this transformation. Going local in permaculture with a proper footprint scale requires low carbon capture. The basis of an organism is energy conversion to sustain itself. Humans are no different. The problem humans have is the baggage called the brain. We haul around a huge amount of baggage that asks why are we doing this and also the selfish side of the isolation of the human ego. This isolated human ego will destroy everything around it if it finds that to be its advantage. This ego is also capably of great acts of selfless activity in the name of its people and place. The REAL Green awakening goes forth in this selfless activity with the understanding of the baggage of the human ego but also recognizes the empowered ego. If you are going to go local with a properly scaled footprint then you are going to low carbon capture.

Low carbon capture is often not profitable with opportunity cost. Sometimes in fact it is a downcycle. This is the brutal truth to trying to go local and be a permaculturist. You are dealing with dispersed energy and you as a human are greatly out of scale as a modern. How can one find meaning in this distortion of living? The truth is approached through meaning. So, what REAL Green attempts to do is first offer a pathway to meaning in a realistic and relative way that is unique to your people and place. The permaculture of localism is this pathway but this must be grounded in the relative and realistic of your people and place of the status quo. Few around you will be REAL Green orientated and fewer yet will be awakened and transformed on a journey to a REAL Green spirituality. The status quo is brutal for you and your people and place. It is also life giving and vital. This is the Anthropocene so survival is within a human altered planet especially for the delocalized modern. Being green is no longer natural it has to be instituted and formulated.

The opportunity cost, “The cost of an opportunity forgone (and the loss of the benefits that could be received from that opportunity); the most valuable forgone alternative.” Much of a REAL Green low carbon capture is low value high volume. Margins are supper slim. There is not enough time, resources, and labor to achieve perfections. A REAL Green will behold perfection because he is grounded in meaning which has him on a pathway to the truth but he will also see his trap. Then there is the sobriety and the humility of the opportunity cost of living REAL Green and being a successful modern. A successful modern is highly productive in the sense of emergy. “Emergy is the amount of energy that was consumed in direct and indirect transformations to make a product or service.” The modern will want to make a profit and or have an income. Low carbon capture is high volume and low value. Often it is negative and a sink. This happens because of how difficult it is to have a return on ecological investments in a human altered world. As a REAL Green modern you will struggle with the reality of your people and place and your personal needs to be green to bridge this gap.

This gap is for example the time and expense of heating with wood from your private wood lot. This wood lot is you harvesting of dead and dying trees with wildlife and beauty as a concern but the switching of a switch to electric heat and paying the bill from the fruits of your high paying status quo job is your opportunity cost. You may have a garden that takes a lot of effort and resources of time, money, and carbon or just go to the grocery store and get a cornucopia of choices and ease of purchase. Then there is the effort of maintaining land properly in relation to a permaculture localism, wildlife benefit, and beauty. One can throw lots of fossil fuels at this effort. Hire people and sit back and give orders from a beach house in Florida. They can make it look like a golf course which is pleasing to a human’s eye but horrible for the planet how green is all that? There is renewable energy and its cost and return. My system is not paying for itself but it does offer resilience and sustainability in regards to green prepping. If a Texas size storm happens my pipes won’t freeze and my food will not rot. These examples are just a few of the trade-offs from the human baggage of the ego and the reality of a planet with limits.

A properly scaled human within a balanced planetary system in a supportive web of life ecosystem is a REAL effort. A REAL Green will have to utilize low carbon capture to get closer to this meaning but he will also have to maintain his viability in the status quo of profit and income of the Anthropocene. The Key to REAL Green is the physical follows the spiritual. Action follows behavior. This also means the recognition of the planet and the web of life’s disposition. This disposition is now a decline process. The planet has been tipped from the relative balance of the Holocene to the abrupt instability of Anthropocene. The web of life is in a 6th great extinction. To square this requires significant morality and faith base if you want to be both REAL Green and status quo successful.

This discussion may seem wordy but it is critical to see just how thin margins are of meaning with low carbon capture and what is demanded of modern life. Even more significant is there are so few who will choose this path of meaning and even those who chose it many will fail and go back to the status quo. Even a REAL Green master will see a brief window when experience, resources, and time combine to grow something beautiful and meaningful but then this too shall end. The REAL Green master will get old and lose his mental and physical faculties and his REAL Green monestary will turn to dust in an estate sale and the entropy of physical degradation. So, it is this thin veneer of meaning that can be gathered, harvested, and produced by a REAL Green master that possesses the seeds of meaning. This meaning is special meaning of planetary acquiescence. What this means is the web of life and the planet will support you in this difficult journey. The meaning you gather will not be yours but will be yours to apply to your local of people and place. Good luck and may the planet touch you!


Imagination is the problem.  Today’s activist imagine a solution.  There are solutions just not the kind they are imagining.  There are no solutions to a tipped planet and a civilization in decline.  Extinction events feed upon themselves.  Civilizations unravel in a self-organizing way. So instead of imagination lets talk about acceptance.  The cold hard reality of a great turning on all level.  The only beneficial level can be the spiritual asset of meaning that is found in acceptance.  Meaning comes from honesty and acceptance not imagination.  Human imagination is what got us to this point.  Now we are carbon trapped in path dependencies and we are not going to imagine our way out of this.


Imagining Degrowth is not a solution either at the top.  It is a solution if you embrace acceptance and go local.  Degrowth by small groups and individuals is called for.  Higher up you go in human organization the less ability there is for any constructive change in degrowth.  This is just the reality of humans and their condition of being unbalance at higher population and complexity levels.  You can’t negotiate this issue.  It is an inherent condition of planetary physics.  Our greatest minds are trapped in their minds concerning this.  They have all kinds of wonderful ways of being in denial.  Study after study is produced with this same fatal flaw.  This is why all human civilizations fail and our global one will too.  The planet and the web of life manage species in this way and we globals are no different.


Where imagination come in then is once there is acceptance.   An acceptance awakened individual and or small groups can imagine solutions at the local level.  Here the awakening becomes both degrowth and growth.  The degrowth is declining in place into localism.  It is embracing intermitency, seasonality, and low carbon capture.  It is about low tech or no tech mixed and fused with those great products and knowledge from the modern.  It is a hybridization that allows constructive growth within the niches formed from destructive change.  Imagination follows when an awakened individual taps into the truth and finds spiritual meaning from decline.  This spiritual meaning then finds roots in proper living.  In the case of the modern man this is a retreat in force at the local level utilizing all those wonderful force multipliers of the modern world.  It is not what you see today with the resilience movements at the top.  It is not preaching false hope to the masses.  It is not you can have your cake of affluence and eat it.  It is utilizing affluence as it dissipates and thereby creating a niche or refuge from the coming storm of destructive change


The only way this can be done properly is at the grassroots level and even more restrictive is only a few have the right stuff.  This is why those who do possess the right stuff are so important.  They are the seeds of regrowth.   If humans don’t go extinct then they will be the new humans.  The global is wrapped up in a great systematic unwinding forced on it by three forces.  The planet is tipped into abrupt change with climate.  Vital systems like the hydrologic, nutrient, and carbon cycles are now breaching stable states.  This is planetary phase change.  The web of life is in a succession with extinction, ecosystem decline and localized failure.  Human civilization is now turning from growth to decline with the systematic chaos of abandonment, dysfunction, and the irrational.  The place this can be mitigated and adapted to is the small scale.  An analogy is the little mammal and the dinosaur.


Resilience and sustainability is really only at the grassroots level of individual and small group.  This is not to say these larger scale movements are not great for us all just don’t expect solutions here.  These seeds of change need these top-level movements for knowledge and good products.  The awakened individual and small group should realize the futility of the various movements that seek a global impact for the trap they are in.  Focus your energy at what is right in front of you locally.  Here is where you will achieve something.  These higher-level efforts are doomed to failure because of the nature of the Tower of Babel of competitive cooperation of globalism.


This is planetary determinism.  It is systematic and cannot be negotiated.  That said many good ideas are hatched at the highest levels just not real solutions.   Those lower down can utilize great stuff from above.  At the bottom individuals and groups can use the status quo to leave it.  At the top they are trapped in the status quo.  The status quo cannot be adapted because the planet and the web of life are on a gradient of destructive change.


Resilience lacks radicality. Let’s cultivate our imagination seriously

REAL Green Shamanism

REAL Green spirituality incorporates green shamanism.  It is important to understand the difference between the standard shamanism discussed these days and a green shaman.  REAL Green tries to filter out the nutter ideas and instead goes for the deeper historic human meaning.  Tapping into your local of people and place results in proper scale.   This allow a REAL Green wisdom.  This wisdom leads to a planetary spiritual response.  This is not a speaking in tongues or a mad rant claiming special powers of miracles.  It is the simple and basics of finding the scale that allows a local connection to people and place.  This is a low-level metaphysical energy.  It is felt and understood from humility and acceptance.  It then goes forth doing good deeds for one’s local of people and place.  There is not the excitement and dopamine most are looking for.  Instead it is connectivity and a familiarity with the essence of life which can cure the self-isolation of the ego.  The most immediate spiritual meaning is the earth below your feet and the people around you, in the here and now.


One does not have to practice the formalities of shamanism.  There is a practice one can study.  I studied Shamanism in the 2004-2006 at  I do not discourage this but for most this will not be the point of REAL Green shamanism.  REAL Green is consistent that you need not reinvent your current spirituality you hold dear to your heart.  A green shaman is connecting locally to people and place in REAL Green.  The way of the shaman is a spiritual persuasion that was historically the spiritual leadership of the tribe.  Green shamanism is instead an add-on tapping into the practice of shamanism to enhance one’s existing spirituality.  REAL Green has specific lifestyle rules and a compilation of instructions focused on localism and the behavior of the acceptance of decline.  This focus is on the art of green prepping through homesteading and permaculture.  This yields spiritual assets that strengthen ones existing higher power not supplements it.  Green shamanism is something all religions and spiritual persuasions can utilize.  This is important because for most their existing spiritual home is sacred.  REAL Green does not attempt to interfere with this but instead build on it.


In REAL Green, green shamanism means actions and routines that bring you closer to the planet.  These are most fully realized in homesteading and permaculture.  REAL Green calls for a monestary of knowledge and things preparing for the decline of the planet and human globalism.   This is a great turning into a new human epoch of decline.   These constructs enhance resilience and sustainability of the REAL Green local.  REAL Green can also be applied to crafts, skill sets, and artistry.  I focus on homesteading and permaculture because that is my life formation.  My REAL Green local needs a small community to thrive.  REAL Green demands require one to be good at many things and specialized in a few.   The REAL Green needs relationships in the local that provide specialization. A local community is a mirror of the REAL Green in the respect to skills and specialization.  As a green shaman you can summons a local by bringing localization efforts to life.


The unfortunate situation for the REAL Green these days is there are very few small communities for a REAL Green to connect to.  It is often easier to connect digitally with people of like mind but this is a delocalization.  The digital delocalizes and distorts the true nature of your local as well as enhances it.  The Anthropocene is a human epoch of delocalization that REAL Green seeks adaptation to.   Restrict both the auto and the digital tools.  You should use these delocalizing tendencies to leave them whenever possible.  This is part of the triage and hybridization of REAL Green.   The abilities of modern transport and digital connectivity is so great but it is only through proper wisdom and balance that the delocalization of these powerful tools can be minimized.  Green Shamanism seeks planetary strength to assist with the adaptation.


Green shamanism is the metaphysical and spiritual side of going REAL Green.  When one practices REAL Green, the mechanics opens one up to spiritual results.  You can connect to the planet.  You do this locally with people and place.  You do this with restoration in mind.  All around you the beauty of the Holocene is being degraded by human forcing, your homestead of permaculture seeks to restore habitat.  The REAL Green does what he can in decline in acceptance.  Green shamanism comes in with the connectivity of this process.  It yields a power by tapping into the planetary way to deal with the many uncomfortable tasks required of low carbon capture and the confinement of localism.


Our species developed not as the techno modern but as semi-nomadic hunter gathers.  In this way a green shaman attempts to reconnect to this earlier reality but realistically and relatively.  You have to have a car to survive.  Most people need electronics to interact with people.  Where green shamanism comes into this is the wisdom of reducing these powerful forces.  It is like the bartender that recommends to a patron not to drink that next drink.  These forces and lifestyle are powerful in their ability to delocalize.  It is almost always the case that reducing their use increases spiritual benefits.  The physical can be advanced as well mainly because too often we fail to enjoy the simplicity of staying local.  The physical of the local requires constant effort.   The basis of REAL green is low carbon capture.  Low carbon capture is high volume and low profit in the techno modern world’s value system.  This means a constant degradation by delocalizing behavior of the digital and auto.  It is understandable some locals are so poor it is better to migrate from them.  Some of you are trapped in poor locals so you leave for relaxation.  This is discussed as one of the formative principals of REAL Green.  First find a good local.  Green shamanism can help with this.


Green shamanism rediscovers the power that is lost when one delocalizes.  It reconnects the REAL Green to his people and place yielding a powerful spiritual asset.  It is this spiritual side of REAL Green that is green shamanism.  A shaman was traditionally on the fringe of the tribe so he could be in touch with the great spirit.  In a sense the modern green shaman stays out of the status quo as much as he can so he can maintain the wisdom of REAL Green localism.

REAL Green Vocabulary

I have completed my REAL Green working vocabulary.  See it in the page section.  This is intended as a reference on the REAL Green language I routinely use.  Since REAL Green is not status quo it has an adapted word use.  I wanted to provide a reference for future posts if there are words and ideas that one does not understand.  This turned out to be very enjoyable for me and has brought together much of what I have discussed for the last two years as my REAL Green lifestyle coalesced.


The next page I will be working on is an in depth look at my green prepping in a section on my homestead, monestary, and permaculture farm.

The False Hope of Techno Optismism

I have been following this CO2 thing since college in 85.  I studied finance but my electives were science and philosophy.  Back then the C02 problem was considered futuristic. Over the past 20 years my opinion has been shaped by economics and science.  Too often science and economics is divorced on both sides from each other.  When you bring the two together honestly it is much easier to reality test both systems.


When I look at the problem both with science and economics the solutions proposed these days don’t add up.  I read somewhere that all human activity would have to end except agriculture for meaningful reductions in carbon but that may even be unrealistic mainly because now we are seeing natural carbon increases from feedbacks from 200 years of human forcing.  These feedbacks will likely make any human C02 effort mute.  If you consider what needs to be done with carbon emissions related to human activity and apply an economic analysis then you see there won’t be an economy as we know it with what is needed to make an impact.  Forget all this fancy technology without an economy because the emission reduction effort is mainly techno not behavioral.  Behavior does not sell!


The solutions science is proposing like a net-zero-30 are not plausible if you use honest science and realistic economics.  The build out of all these new appliances for solar and wind capture is huge.  The support networks needed are as large.  The resources needed that will be mined and transported have a massive emissions footprint.  The ugliness of it all is rarely acknowledged.  The cost of all this does not add up especially considering lower EROI of a holistic renewable system considering long and short-term storage and the resulting backup needed.  These other costs are almost never advertised when solar and wind costs are talked about as lowest.  They may be lowest cost additions these days but not with a full picture.  Fossil fuels real contribution to solar and wind is rarely acknowledged.


Then there is the whole plausibility of a renewable world replicating a renewable world without fossil fuels.  This does not add up in my mind.  So once this massive buildout is completed then all these appliances will need a new round of building and retiring all that waste stream.  We have not even considered the rest of the world has not even started their renewable revolution.  So, the current so-called revolution is only half baked.  Net-zero-30 is a rich world slogan not a whole world slogan.  Considerable emissions are still coming post rich world net-zero-30 (if that happens).  It is true the rich emit so much more but look at how big the poor population is and their impact on the natural systems that influence carbon like trees and water resources.  These are part of the carbon system too.


The economics of all this is dubious.  I have invested in my own life a considerable amount in low emission technology with low return.  I have even made an attempt to alter behavior dramatically because I feel behavior is the key variable.  Behavior is not even on the radar screen because you can’t sell it.  Technology you can sell.  I am considering an EV in a year or two and these don’t add up to me.  I consider them an advantage in many ways but not a cost benefit one as-is.   I like the higher efficiency of electric but then the battery cost is the issue.  Emissions are not much lower until the grid is greener.  I have seen some articles where battery cost are coming down but not dramatically to ensure a seamless transition that is a revolution.  A revolution is what is needed but instead I see a comedy/tragedy.  I do permaculture farming which is needed to lower emissions too.  This does not add up with what is needed to lower emissions and keep a modern economy going on the food energy side.


So, if some of you techno optimist get disgusted with me that is my honest response to all this explorations I am doing.  Keep in mind I have a past business background and a lifelong scientific passion combine in the pursuit of a way of life I live which is green prepping.  I have come to the conclusion human civilization is in an end game process both with socio-economic issue and scientific realities of decline of a habitable and growth based human world.  The really cruel reality is we are in a box unable to go forwards or backwards with the comfortable modern way of life some of us live.  Only 1 billion of us really live well.  For the others it is a struggle already.  Yes, population reductions are a must but then you are also impacting growth.


This is why I am a doomer but an optimist one.  Many of us can embrace more resilience and sustainability to adapt better to this decline but pain is ahead regardless.  Techno optimism is a joke really but it does offer hope even if it is likely false hope.


P.S.  My REAL Green working vocabulary is progressing quickly.  I hope to have it posted next week!

The Delocalized Soul

Sometimes I feel the desire to leave the interconnectedness of this great web.  I am speaking of the digital web.  Just as our homes have been delocalized so has our souls. The car culture has taken us from our homes and the digital from our soul.


I am now witnessing a nation being ripped apart.  I have a side and I have a betrayal.  But really this is the natural progression of human nature when it is out of scale.  Though I tell myself that really it is my battle within because all those fine ideas are put to the test and many fail.  These dysfunctions and irrational tendencies come from our separation from our home and soul.  This schism is taking us further away from our people and place.


There is no answer to this if we cannot scale properly and the world will not let us scale properly.  Scale is against the narrative of affluence because it means accepting defeat and, in this world, defeat is for losers.  It is what it is and that is poison.  Lying, cheating, and stealing with each side progressively polarizing.  Those who try to take a middle road are accused.  Those who don’t care and want to hide are fodder for the warriors.  There is no hiding from this conflict.


In REAL Green there is the behavior and lifestyle of the green prepper.  A REAL Green prepares for just such crisis.  It is a way of life and in some ways second nature but this has to be the hardest of crisis.  This is because this crisis is the battle of our collective soul.  It is a battle for who will tell the narrative.  In a civil war the winner takes all.  No mercy is granted because the other is guilty of betrayal.  His family has betrayed him and nothing cuts like that.  In the end all is lost before rebirth.  Scorched earth allows flowers to grow.


I am not going to tell you as a REAL Green you can transcend this.  You can’t hide from it.  All you can do is mentally and physically lay low as needed and fight when you must.  Yes, this is about doing battle and this battle is also within.  The battle to be compassionate and understanding when there is so much pain and anger.  You can transform this battle by scaling locally in home and soul.  This is why I would say downsize with dignity to lessen the indignations that will come.  Civil wars are net loses not even zero-sum gains.  You will find strength by simplicity in places close by.  This of course will not save you but it will bring meaning.


The meaning is acceptance that you do not even have your home or your soul in this trap.  You embrace your insecurity.  You feel it.  You look into its abyss and from there you find yourself….maybe.  Yet, it is those who face this struggle both within and without honestly who thread the needle of success.  This success is deceptive because there is no prize as in a diploma of achievement.  It is more the journey itself that offer life and a chance to be authentic.  Authentic is being human and to be human you must find a proper place.  If you do not then you are adrift.  To be adrift is to be destructive.


My advice to myself now in this dark time of great change is to live what I just spoke.  It is to face that which is in me that is my own destructiveness.  If I can come to terms with that then this demon will become an angel.  An angel is acceptance of the inevitable end of my home and soul.  Once I have taken that step then I go forth on its behalf.  That it is our mother earth and fellow man.  It is not to live as I should but to live as I can because the ultimate trap is within.


P.S I continue to work on my working vocabulary of REAL Green.  It is something I must feel to do so instead of pumping it out quickly I am taking the time needed.  BTW, it has been very enjoyable to explore all those ideas that have coalesced from the wisdom of embracing planetary and human succession.


I am finding my efforts at a new post of a working vocabulary is taking longer than I expected.  One word led to another.  This is turning out to be very enjoyable so as such let me take a little more time to enjoy it.  It is a bit like what good poetry does to me when I see it.  Yea, art has a value in reason.  I leave you with this I am calling We & It.  I responded to a friend’s post on a blog I have been visiting for years:


My position is less “we” then “it”. This is a process and this time around. It is global plus involves the entire planet and web of life. This fact makes it “complete” and non-negotiable. The non-negotiable is in regards to the attitude by exceptional humans that failure is not an option. Failure is an option. We can on the other hand negotiate with collapse and retreat in force. What is being done now by all colors is a denial of decline. Not so much with decline itself but the thinking there is a way out of a trap. A similar situation is the denial of death with the individual which is bargaining. It basically involves a Kubler Roth psychological process. There is nothing complex about this psychology except that this condition is pervasive and dispersed at all levels giving it a complexity and self-organization. Even scientist and academics acknowledge the problems but are delusional on the solutions not a few but many if not most.

My position is negotiation can take place at the local level of people and place. The individual and small groups can come to acceptance and affect constructive change in overall destructive change of an ascending level of a systematic succession. I call it ascending but the process is descending because it is a process within all the pyramids of life losing complexity with the web of life and being disturbed with the planet. So, this is abstract and physical with the spatial and time. In the abstract is human behavior that is clearly descending in wisdom and the rational. Irrational is one of the decline conditions along with dysfunction and abandonment. The physical vison of decline is obvious, just look around. The individual will not transcend this process but instead embrace it and be transformed. By embracing the process, the individual finds strength and meaning not a refuge but a calling. This means coming to acceptance as a terminally ill person does and going forth in action.

The psychology of this is even deeper for those serious about this adaptations. It becomes a life of living with dualism, finding paradoxes, and seeing the surreal for the awakened. This inevitable condition comes from living two lives. One life in the status quo of growth and “failure is not an option”. The other life is deep adaptation of the spiritual with an acceptance of a decline process. I call it a process because it is both physical and abstract and occurring over time. Events are part of this but it is more the unfolding of history in destructive change. The individual who are awakened then become a conduit of this powerful force. They can make wise choices and profit. This profit is not in worldly growth but spiritual meaning that offsets loss. This has to be with humility or else this strength and meaning will be disrupted. With pride comes delusions of the ego and this then leads to a falling back into the status quo just like the sheeples of techno optimism.

So, this is really not something that can be fixed but it can be adapted from being worse. It is unclear if human exceptionalism and delusional postion of manifest destiny will be much worse than acceptance. Both will lead to an end game of decline. Luck might play out and who knows the process might be short for a bounce back to a growth period. Life is a flux. I doubt this is the case at least in a happy ending. It would require a huge change in technical ability and human behavior. But dumb luck of fate can unfold in a serendipitous way. Don’t bank on it but instead accept it in pessimist optimism which is another nice incongruous juxtaposition feature of the surreal of decline. A hero who finds meaning has optimism even in death. I am only being objective here in regards to how the unfolding of life is beyond human understanding. An alien could pop up and offer humans the sacred secrets. It is more likely nature will play out as it always has and this will be just like past history just a global and technical rhyme.

It is only by scaling properly that good human wisdom is obtainable. This means local and in humility. The humility is acceptance of even the best of intentions and preparations are not a refuge. The wisdom is this is a journey on a sinking ship and as such certain behavior is advantageous and others destructive hence the niches of constructive change found in the ecology of succession. The little mammals that survive the die-off of the dinosaurs is a good example. They turned out to not be the biggest and badest but the most adaptable. In a human case it is the humble and accepting that find a niche of adaptability to properly decline constructively and with spiritual meaning.


Light Posting

I am working on a new post that is a working vocabulary of REAL Green.  This may take a week or so.  Normally I post once a week so don’t forget about me just becuase I have not posted anything new.   Happy New Year.  Unfortunately 2021 will likely not be an improvement on 2020 so I recommend studying my green prep ideas through a REAL Green adaptation lifestyle.

The Way of the REAL Green Knight

I am speaking now to the REAL Green Knights.  There are very few of you out there but you can have an oversized influence on your local.  Do not fool yourself with greatness.  Your greatness is another greatness.  It comes with scaling to a local of people and place.  It comes with connecting at scale to the will of the planet.  Humans today get lost in their head.  They watch a movie or read a book of exceptional conditions.  Heroics found in Hollywood is almost always for a dopamine hit of worldly greatness with the masses.  Humans are programed for this fantasy of self-exceptionalism.  A REAL Green knight must understand your power is very low level and dispersed.  Your exceptionalism is local and it is in tune with decline which means a low-level planetary permeation.  It is lost when you delocalize and or seek personal empowerment above your local.


Once you move away from your power source you dissipate it and it actually can go negative as a parasitic condition which in the case of behavior is delusions and dysfunctions of self-destructive behavior.   Yet, a knight must participate in and utilize the status quo of things to leave it.  So, this condition of true power and exceptionalism involves a modest view of oneself as a means of achieving power instead of the status quo of greatness.   The tensions but also the successes are in the methods of negotiating the madness of the out of scale status quo.


This paradoxical arrangement is a key component to the power of the REAL Green knight.  Power is attained by the lowest of activities.  This includes behavior and the spatial of a small place for power to be realized.   It is not enough to be humble it is also essential to be local.  This then is one of the chief tensions of the REAL Green Knight participating in a world where greatness is big instead of small.  This paradox of REAL Green is the dualism of a double life of modesty and greatness.  In many ways you must be a normal everyday guy making a living in a world you are also leaving.  This then points to the power of humility and its key component in the behavior of the REAL Green Knight.


This dualism is a danger and a key.  The danger is getting lost in it.  The key is you must feed off a dysfunctional system to leave it.  The key to a success is wisdom of insecurity.  You live failure and the death of things to find a place of rebirth and life.  There is no refuge and no transcendence but there is transformation in strength and meaning.  You will be living and for many suffering in the daily slog of life of the status quo.  Some of you may even be living a good life but even the good life is presented with the anxiety of loss.  The rich have the furthest to fall.  The rich have a great anxiety of loss.  The Green Knight’s strength and meaning comes from embracing the planets way and emulating its processes which is currently the decline of complexity in succession.


This is done in my case locally in voluntary simplicity.  It is done with a Asceticism, Stoicism and the Spartan but in the relativeness and modesty of the Tao.  You then become a Green Shaman in the form of the Native American shaman.  So, keep in mind there is a way and it has been traveled already.  Do not replace your higher power of meaning necessarily.  This is more about relative and realistic and it is in the local with enlightened modesty that true meaning is found.  REAL Green is uniquely individual and local but enhanced by the planetary reality of green shamanism.   It is adapted by embracing the planet’s way locally.  Keep in mind this must be relative and realistic to your local of people and place to be successful or all you are doing is disrupting.  Disruption is needed but a disruption that creates a green prepped local in keeping with the planet’s way.


This is some of my influence for your reference not necessarily for your emulation.   The reason I say this is locals of people and place are unique and undefinable in regards to the conditions that define civilization.  The reason they are undefinable is the singularity found at these levels.  Keep this in mind if you find the need to find a new higher power.  REAL Green is not meant to be your higher power it is meant to be an add on or a devotion.  The reason this is important is REAL Green is a method to attain meaning not meaning itself.  You will know your meaning if you are truly REAL Green.


Ascetism is the practice of the denial of physical or psychological desires in order to attain a spiritual result.  If you embrace failure and decline then you will see the importance of ascetism because you will be physically deprived but seek the tradeoff of a spiritual of planetary meaning.


Stoicism in the practicing the ethics and virtues of a green shaman life or being a conservationist and an “other-oriented” person in local community.  This means using your power for the planet and local community not your own benefit.


I call this Spartanism even though there is no word for it.  It is the practicing of fitness and austerity and trueness of thought.  It also means being egalitarian because your power is from the planet not for your own use hence humility and voluntary simplicity in rigorous activity.


Taoism comes in by embracing harmony and balance with simplicity, patience, and compassion.  This means going with the planetary flow and remembering the key personal attributes of compassion, moderation and humility.


This then can be adapted further with the Native American ways of connectivity to nature.  The condition of shamanism which is the tribal spiritual leader.  You must seek to be the spiritual leader because here is where an offsetting of declining physical wellbeing can be found.  If you are unable to find meaning in decline you will not be able to stay focused on its true meaning.


Now the dark side of the REAL Green Way and that is the guilt that come with the inevitable hypocrisy of adapting and mitigating ideals and reality.  There are many ideals behind REAL Green but there is also the reality of their implementation in a dualistic world.  This goes to the heart of what it means to be human.  The reason REAL Green can be so successful is the hypocrisy of ideals and reality can be best negotiated at the local level in the humility of modest living.  Keeping scale right and accepting your local of people and place for what it is and not what it should be is the key.  So REAL Green can apply to rich and poor alike.  The urban or rural likewise.  The educated and the less educated.  The key variable in adapting the hypocrisy of living less than true green is scaling mind and body to small scale in modesty.

REAL Green Knight

Green prepping is for everyone.  Green prepping is central to REAL Green but mainly as a physical expression.  Green prepping is about a lower ecological footprint that increases resilience and sustainability.   This involves localization strategies combined with low carbon capture.  So, this means obtaining food and energy locally with low carbon capture.  It means lowering mobility.  This lower mobility means both people and place.  It is not enough to remain local physically.  Reducing connections and networks is important too.  The physical localization is obvious.  The less time you spend away from your local the better.  The human component of localization means spending less time in social media and more time with your neighbors or off the net and in the field.  This also means groups and friendships.  I am not asking you to sever friendships but instead avoid having too many especially when this delocalizes.  Focus on those in your immediate surroundings.  Family should avoid moving away from each other.


Low carbon capture is important too.  If you are in a temperate climate like I am and have a wood lot then heat with wood.  I have good soil for gardening.  I produce some of my food.  I gather solar energy through grass in the fields with animals.  I have combined these traditional capture methods with some modern approaches.  I also have solar power.  This gives me off the grid options.  If the grid goes down, I can keep lights and my food preserved.  My system is not complexed and I do not try to cover all my power needs.  I still use the grid.  It is cheap and reliable but I avoid being overly dependent on the grid by having solar power.  Being totally off the grid is problematic too so my approach is hybridization.  In fact, hybridization is central to REAL Green on so many levels.


The other key item of low carbon capture is efficiency.  Efficiency is a double-edged sword.  Too much efficiency means less resilience and sustainability but so does not enough.  There really is a sweat spot one should aim for.  There are components to efficiency one being the behavior of conservation and the other is the physical approach of things like insulation and thermal orientation.


Conservation of behavior is utilization of resources in a manner that enhances their utility.  Conservation localization is vital to low carbon capture because once low carbon material becomes mobile it loses its embedded energy and can go negative.  Conservation is about using resources properly like not wasting food.  Most importantly it is about the wisdom of choosing what activities and things to include in your life.


The physical aspects of efficiency like insulation and thermal positioning mean lowering your needs for energy and movement.  Locating properly means expending less energy.  A well-insulated house requires less heating and cooling.  A home positioned correctly will lower energy needs.  Buy things that require less energy.  Balance performance with robust durability.  It is often the case that good efficiency strategies will cost more so expect to have less.  Have a smaller house and expect less out of it.  Generally low tech or no tech is preferable to high tech but keep in mind a hybridization is often the best solution.  Many small high-tech additions can make dramatic difference in low carbon capture needs.  Low carbon means high volume low value.  So, you need to utilize lots of stuff to get a small return so this means efficiency.  High tech can leverage and magnify this high-volume low value equation.


The basics of green prepping are numerous and well established.  I have learned them over many years as an outdoorsman and homesteader.  I am a tree hugging green so I have always been personally obsessed with conservation and respect for nature.  In the past decade and a half, I become focused on prepping.  This is being outfitted with basics of survival.  Many times, prepping is enhanced by being green.  This is because being local and seeking a lower footprint is safer.  Yet, keep in mind stocking up on things is another double-edged sword.  Too much and too little happens with prepping like efficiency.  In fact, being hyper efficient means less stocking up and being leaner.  So, when you stock up and store things keep in mind you have limited resources and space so choose wisely.  The more you stock up on also means you need to occupy space which means less space for other activity.  So, this is where wisdom comes in yet again.  Choose your preps wisely or you will have stranded assets and or degraded space.  Degraded space becomes deadwood that REAL Green seeks to triage out so don’t produce more or you suffer a circular trap.


Finally, this is probably the most important part of green prepping and this is where REAL Green comes in and that is your belief system.  Anyone can green prep but only a few can be a REAL Green knight.  It takes a special set of circumstances to produce a knight.  This generally means age and experience.  It means ascending levels of abstraction.  It means attaining a level of understanding that comes with education, experience, and external circumstances.  It is much like a seed that is from a great garden species finding the right location to germinate.  There are processes involved here for success.  The REAL Green knight has combined these and the planet has provided the seed bed for constructive growth.  So, a REAL Green knight must be humble because he may have all the right stuff but the planet has not acquiesced a place of growth.


Humility and acceptance are the key here.  A REAL Green knight must remain humble.  He will be given powers in leadership and opportunity that should not be used for personal gain.  Again, we have the double edge sword we saw above.  This is because the conditions of relativity and the realistic enter the equation as wisdom.  Wisdom faces choices.  A REAL Green knight must take care of his local of people and place so he will have to use his power to protect them.  He will have to also be a warrior so he will have to use his powers to defend and preserve.  Keeping humility in this situation is difficult.


Acceptance come in as the most vital element.  Acceptance of an overall tipping of the planet, web of life, and human civilization into the decline of succession means the REAL Green knight accepts failure and erosion will confront everything he does.  His physical and mental will be challenged with destructive change on all levels so it is only by living a wisdom of insecurity that one can constructively grow in destructive decline.


A REAL Green Knight is a green warrior.  He is humble and accepts the will of the planet.  He adapts to this with his very deepest meaning.  The key here is taking your existing higher power and combining the planet’s plan for you.  All too often people’s higher power distances them from the planet.  REAL green says incorporate nature into your higher power.  A REAL Green knight accepts that the destination is death but it is the journey of enlightenment that is the key.  He will trade physical assets for spiritual meaning.  The spiritual meaning of following the way of the planet will inspire and drive him on and compensate for the inevitable loss.  A REAL Green knight has an oversized importance to a local because the knight will protect and enhance a local.  It is much like having a livestock guardian dog protecting the herd.


A REAL Green knight will ultimately combine all this into his REAL Green monastery where behavior meets place.  Only a few can be a knight but remember a community is diverse so a knight is only a part of a strong local there must also be other components.  The knight organizes and protects but he cannot be the only part.  Now he can be the lone wolf and the monk which is often the case in this existentially isolated modern world but the key is his monestary is open to community.  It is a robust community that is the most REAL Green so a knight will do what he can to prepare the field for the growth of a community.