The Green Shaman

REAL Green is a realistic localism of low carbon capture with a hybridized by modern tech.  The key motivation is offering people a green prepping lifeboat.  The lifeboat is the understanding we are carbon trapped and path dependent as a society so we the individual are trapped.  It is quite simple and more a mentality that steers a lifestyle.  The key element is humans are locked into a planet in succession and a civilization that is in decline.  It is only by embracing decline individually that one will be supported by the greater world outside our head which ultimately is the planet below our feet.  In other words, the planet will support you if you allow it.


This is the green shaman aspect of REAL Green.  Shamans were individuals that addressed the spiritual aspects of the tribe.  Our evolution was tribal and still is the individual’s basis of a properly scaled human.  The shaman lived on the edge of tribal affairs and were consulted in times of spiritual distress.  Today they are looked upon as quacks of the savages of old but that is a deception of a modern that is replete with the quackery of tech and development.  I would say the shamans of old were connected to the planet hence guided properly by scale no matter how irrational.  Often times the results of a tribal shaman were behaviors that maintained harmony even though they may have been irrational activity from a modern point of view.


The key ingredient was compromise with the planet.  The shaman of old most often made the tribe accept limits to their behavior thereby maintaining the status quo of balance of the human and the local ecosystem thereby preventing or mitigating local overshoot.  This is a bit alien to moderns today.  It is not science based and does not follow the status quo of human manifest destiny of sustainable development in an expanding human world of knowledge powering technology.


The modern shaman is a hybrid of the old and the new.  What the green shaman is tasked with is a new wisdom that is honed in the fire of decline.  Today the modern green shaman is called to expose the wrongs of modern life and seek a balance with planetary forces.  This balance is a scaling.  The result is a wisdom that calls into question development and growth for their own sake which is human hubris.  It does this most effectively by calling into question mobility and excessive efficiency found in tech.  It recognized diminishing returns going non linear with tech and development which means we are approaching more harm than good.  This is not a call to turn our back on tech because we can’t it is instead a call to apply the brakes.


This braking is relative and realistic for the individual.  Society will take much longer to brake because society is like a supertanker that takes a significant distance to turn once underway.  The grass root efforts of the enlightened is the key to this slow turning.  The enlightened are those who are seeing the fallacies of tech and development and calling into question current policy.  The awakened are the green shamans who now know in their essence that human civilization is in a process of failure.  The planet has spoken to them.


A new human type will emerge but this emergence will be a long-term affair.  It also could be extinction.  This is process of emergence or extinction is a planetary acquiescence.  It is not for us to know at this point it is a revelation.


The green shaman calls on the awakened to embrace the journey of constructive change within a general destructive process of succession.  New nodes or micro climes will open up as both human and planetary complexity is broken down.  These are both places and behaviors of constructive change to be discovered and cultivated.  The task of the green shaman is to navigate this journey of human discovery.  This is a dualistic transformation which means the green shaman will be the transition force to the new human type.  He will not be that type but will be the incubator of the new human type which is yet to be designated by the planet.


This insight is from the power of the planet not the green shaman so extreme humility and modesty is due from the awakened.  Any power from the planet drawn for personal use will destroy the green shaman’s powers which are not his own.  The reality of this is a relativity.  This relativity is the turbulence of living in both worlds for the green shaman.  The way one deals with this is extreme acceptance of not only failure and decline of the planet but also the understanding that a green shaman will not be able to dwell in the brightness of this sacred planetary manifestation.  His human faculties to see this come from years of experience that coalesces and then will be degraded in time by the process of aging and the wear and tare of living in a human dualism.


This then is the wisdom of insecurity that the green shaman must embrace.  The insecurity is the green shaman understanding he does not own his awakening but instead it is a flowering like occurs in the high arctic during the short growing season.  The key is to leave seeds in monasteries of enlightenment that can be handed off to those awakened who come afterwards.  The green shaman duties are to teach a few who attain awakening and this in turn continues the enlightenment of the human tribe to slowly steer the ship of civilization to better water.  The green shaman brings deep water shallow like a shoal navigated which is both dangerous but also a place for successful swift movement of turbulent change.


My muse reading:

Modern Civilization and Its People Without Spirit


“The world is at the most dangerous moment in human history,” says Noam Chomsky… This dichotomy about the meaning of social organization is in turn closely related to two radically opposite conceptions of nature. Communality is grounded in a sacred idea of nature as a living entity, as a source of life and a receiver of the dead, like Mother Earth. The modern world demolished that image and through science built an idea of nature as an inanimate mechanical system: a machine to be scrutinized, controlled, dominated, and ultimately exploited.  “Both animistic and mechanistic thinking are metaphorical,” says R. Sheldrake in his famous book The Renaissance of Nature, “… but while mythical and animistic thinking is based on organic metaphors taken from life processes, mechanistic thinking appeals to metaphors drawn from man-made machinery.”… Only beings with conscience will save the species. They are already doing it.”

REAL Green Bifurcations

I see the biggest obstacle to adaptation to the forces of decline both human and planetary is our techno optimistic obsession.  Confront any modern green and what they tell you is tech solutions.  We need more EV’s and renewables.  We need energy storage and smart grids.  These are mostly affluent educated people living prosperity.  They are loath to consider degrowth with  less modern efficiency and performance.  I am not even considering the poor who are just concerned with surviving or the rich browns who don’t care as long as they maintain their affluence.  This then become an issue of behavior on all sides.  It is the most important obstacle to human advancement.  If humans are going to advance it will not be with tech although tech can be a part of it.  If humans are going to advance it is going to be with less affluence but more spiritual wealth.  There is no other way on a finite planet at limits of growth with ecosystem decline.  Meaning is spiritual wealth.  The truth is meaning.


It is my opinion that the world both human and planetary is tipped into a decline process of succession.  This is a force that is beyond human intervention.  In other words, green tech strategies are not going to save us and in fact current strategies will just hasten decline albeit less than brown strategies of growth.  So, for a TRUE Green to realize transformation there must first be acceptance of this decline and that tech is front and center the problem not the solution.  Again, this is not to say tech is not part of the many mitigation and adaptation solutions.  It naturally is because humans are a tech-based species.


Behaviors and attitudes through adapted education and lifestyles are the only means of a successful outcome of decline.  Keep in mind success is less pain and suffering because the consequences are unavoidable.  Humans are trapped in this outcome.  The problem with this necessary behavioral adaptation is global regime of competitive cooperation of nationalism and tribalism.  World governance that is a hair trigger away from global instability from competitive forces barely maintains itself except for people desire for affluence that keeps them cooperating.  So, we have an overriding force of cooperation with an underlying current of competition at all levels.  This means any reform to this human decline can only be tech and economic within the urges of nationalism. It must be growth related because degrowth policies which are absolutely essential are a surrendering of competitive postion.


I have been proposing a solution that is basically a socio-economic bifurcation but it will have to be on a regional or national level.  It will only sell if it can be made to appear as strength not weakness.  This means its true value will be diminished from the global ideal.  This bifurcation is taking large amounts of the population out of the hyper modern and into voluntary simplicity.  This would be done with guaranteed but frugal conditions of security of education, health, and living arrangements.  The difference here is not just a living wage but a different life.  A living wage just mothballs people.  These people would become the buffer to the modern.  They would be engaged in permaculture in its many forms with land and water stewardship but also small community assets.  In effect these people would live with intermitency, seasonality, within the cycles of pre modern low carbon capture.  They would be anchored in localism requiring low mobility strategies.  Their freedoms would be localized and private property more minimal with more public commons.


Renewables would be part of this with micro grids but with the ability to export power because they can immediately adapt to intermitency because of lifestyle.  They would be a source of food and water sustainability and this too would allow exports to the hyper modern.  These people would then become and organic buffer and energy storage asset.  The hyper modern would play their part by providing the production of needed consumables and emergency services of security.  The key point is the hyper modern would be degrowth in a purification or distillation process where knowledge and production are streamlines but more potent with smaller population groups.  The balance comes from the voluntary simplicity of the permaculture class.  The devil is in the detail but the point being simplicity and complexity will have to coexist instead of the current trend of sustainable development of all.


I am not kidding myself.  The current forces of growth will not even allow this type of bifurcation so it will be up to individuals and small groups to go into simplicity voluntarily in a dualism of green prepping. A REAL Green still lives in the status quo of the tech and growth obsession but uses it to leave it.  IOW, decline and adapt in place in the voluntary simplicity of localism as the whole system comes crashing down over time.

REAL Green Range

My desire is to be as green as I can be and with as many comforts as I can gain within a balance.  I try to do this with proper scale which is locally with my people and place.  I embrace efficiency but balanced with resilience and sustainability.  This means both modern and the entertaining the old ways of low carbon capture.  The modern ways enhance and turbo charge the old ways.  This then becomes a hybridization instead of a purification of a modern world.  It is both behavior and action.  It is physical and spiritual.  It is status quo but also a new way.  The result is meaning.  Meaning is a spiritual wealth that will offset the lower efficiency of low carbon capture found in the old ways.


Your trap is not so much a trap as a range.  Species have ranges they must live in based upon their species characteristics.  A species will live in his range according to what the planet acquiesces.  Find your range for proper living within the planetary reality of the destructive change of succession.  Looking at it from the perspective of a trap is a way to realize limitations.  Even if you are profoundly green you can only be so green based upon your trap.  I would like to be so much greener than I am but accept that my trap only allows so much deviation from my local of people and place.  Define your trap through exploration.  Know your range and scale accordingly.  For the modern human it is almost always a downsizing.  This is because of what has occurred with modernization that has gone global and delocalized all locals.  In a macro sense humans have explored our planetary range and we are now at limits.  The human species will continue to go further than it should mainly because this is out nature.


The awakened individual on the other hand can adapt locally within this great trap of being human.  Scaling down to a place that is walkable and can be supported locally is ideal.  Since all locals are delocalized by modern globalism no place scales without delocalization.  Use the status quo to leave it as much as you can within your trap.  By knowing your trap, you can find a good scale that will offer you a niche for constructive change within the greater destructive forces of planetary succession.  Extinction and ecosystem failure are everywhere.  One of the most important actions of the modern green then is navigating extinction and ecosystem destruction.  Find a good local if yours is compromised.  All locals are compromised but some are worse than others.  This includes people too.  In fact, one of the greatest impediments to constructive change is being with the wrong group of people.  Try to adapt them of leave them.


If you reach the point of a REAL Green master you will have found a good local of people and place.  You will then start building your monestary of best things and knowledge.  You will embrace the best practices and adapted them individually and locally.  You will go low carbon capture and adapt this through a hybridization of the best of the old with the knowledge of the modern.  Localism will determine you stay within a safe range and not risk weakening your resilience.  Mobility is required of the modern human but restricting mobility tends to be one of the most important action of a TRUE Green.  This lower mobility will reduce prosperity in a physical sense but the meaning that comes from increased resilience and sustainability is a wealth that makes up for the physical loss.


REAL Green Disabilities

I suffer from dyslexia both spatial and dysgraphia.  This means I have challenges both receiving and disseminating the human word.  I did not know about this until much later in my life when I grew out of it somewhat.  The reason I mention this is when you read my posts keep in mind the struggle, I go through to get a reality that is in my mind out into words.  Yet, also keep in mind this disability is only a disability in regards to writing and reading.  It is an advantage to seeing life outside of the dualism and the 2 dimensionalities of the written word.  I feel and understand things others can’t.  On the other hand, I struggle to understand and describe things that to others comes freely.  This has not stopped me from trying to enrich you my reader with my experience.  I do this in the name of the planet and my higher power.  They are speaking through me.  I am just an earthly vessel of the way


So, when you read my comments try to read what I tell you in the regard to a disability but also a extrasensory vission.  Instead of judging what I say with grammatical righteousness try to see it like poetry instead of gospel.  Even the things I do in REAL Green are poetic.  The dull and boring mechanics of permaculture and low carbon capture takes on a different meaning when combine as a REAL Green monestary.  It is the high volume and low value of your REAL Green activities that add up to an amazing monastic reality of planetary reverence and resilience.   Sustainability of prepping for dangerous times combining with planetary healing.  Localism and scale are key to this.  Staying individual you can create your own language and songs much like the song bird who comes and visits your house with beautiful melodies.


I speak to you not as your leader, mentor, or teacher.  I speak to you as my friend and companion on this REAL Green journey of discovery.  I am learning everyday from others.  I take that learning and act upon it in relation to my local of people and place and give it back to others.  I do this because this is what the planet told me to do.  No, I was not spoken to.  There was not some dream that I woke from and knew anything.  Keep in mind I am not commenting on that good or bad just that was not my revelation.  My revelation was an awakening and enlightenment that came with the honesty of acceptance over multiple years.  It was an evolution of a difficult life that was a journey of learning.


I am getting older.  I am in my late 50’s feeling the impact of declining physical and mental capacities.  Again, this is where acceptance and humility come in.  I am degrading with old age and not fighting it.  I do make an effort to stay fit and eat well but I do not try to stay young, one day I wills top writing about REAL Green because I will not have the ideas in my head.  I will instead have my monestary of ideas and things around me for those who come to understand and take way their enlightenment.  Maybe I will just make a fun estate sale for people who come to celebrate the end of a man’s life in the sale of his things.  I will be carried away in my family’s memories for a time as the eccentric guy who lived differently.  Eventually nothing will be remembered about me.  The planet wills this and I follow her will.  My higher power of meaning pushes me on through the drudgery of daily low value activities that after completion amaze me with a work of beauty.

The REAL Green Master

FYI, my posts here on my blog tend to be musings from comments on other sites.  This means you will get a certain amount of redundancy.  I apologize for this but it does facilitate a steady stream of material for my blog.  I try to post once a week.  Since REAL Green is a journey this redundancy is also a adaptation over time of the REAL Green message.  The below comment was on Resilience dot com :


I am adapting my operation and fortifying my life with green prepping in a REAL Green lifestyle.  I am an expert prepper and have all the basic assets.  I am green with my animal operation and habitat restoration efforts.  I am low carbon focused with conservation and efficiency strategies.  I call it REAL Green because these efforts are relative and realistic.  My operation does not support me although it supports itself.  The wildlife management efforts are drenched in fossil fuels.  I have to still participate in consumerism and modern mobility.


Where REAL Green comes into this is acceptance behavior.  I am accepting humans are trapped and the lies of both the greens and browns are a result of this trap and path dependencies.  Human civilization will fail as we know it but the process might be a slow boil which is a decline process.  I am sure about failure because the planet has tipped into phase change.  That is the key.  Human civilization will not adapt as-is to this tipping IMO.  My life will suffer decline also both the natural one of old age decline but also decreased affluence as overall affluence declines because of planetary phase change.


REAL Green is a journey to meaning in all this.  It is not a religion of meaning.  Keep your higher power of beliefs.  These metaphysical aspects of your life are too personal and abstract to be dealt with by REAL Green but you can REAL Green them by incorporating the planetary situation into your higher power.  What this means is turbo charging spiritual meaning to offset declining physical conditions of lower affluence.  Seek spiritual assets to offset increased poverty of the decline process.  If you are following the planetary trend then the planet will support you.  Fight this trend and you will be resisted.  This concept is simple and evident like spending time in a strong current.  You can flow with it or against it.


REAL Green reluctantly resist the current as needed because a REAL Green lifestyle is relative and realistic.  An adapted life is only adapted so much.  The REAL Green lives in the Anthropocene trap like everyone else.  REAL Green the trap by discovering your limitations.  Too much change is detrimental so fine tune change to what your local of people and place can adapt to.  Localism is another key variable.  Low carbon is no longer low carbon when it is mobile.  Scale is disrupted when greater lifestyle ranges are lived.


There are some interesting ways to adapt consumerism and tech into the old ways of low carbon capture and localism.  Use triage to get the dead wood out.  Be a hybrid with the best practices of the old ways leveraged with the modern.  Use salvage where possible.  Huge amount of embedded carbon is already spent with many modern items.  Many times, using an existing asset is lower carbon than building out a high efficiency new product.  A REAL green realizes diminishing returns to tech and efficiency is rapidly rising these days because of cost/benefits.  Debt and marketing are obscuring this fact.  Honest science is no longer honest with the solutions because of this.  So, keep it simple but robust.  Generally high performance is lower REAL Green.


Real Green on the basic level of green prepping is for everyone.  Everyone can green and prep up locally.  Where REAL Green becomes more advanced is the lifeboat/hospice journey combined with monastic elements of gathering and organizing elements of best practices and things.  The life boat analogy is evident but the hospice one is the behavioral part.  Decline is death so offer palliative care of spiritual meaning.   If an individual has what it takes by nature, nurture, and luck then he can go forth to become a modern shaman of REAL Green.  This is not meant to be bizarre.  I use the word Shaman because you will be taping into the power of the planet and the gradient of change.  Again, keep in mind this is not a cult or religion.  It is not saying you must have a particular belief or faith but you must be honest with science and systems.  REAL Green is just saying emulate the planet in succession.  Do it locally in realistic and relative change that is shaped by the trap of your local of significant others and the place that is your home.


One size does not fit all.  I am a permaculturist doing animals and a homestead.  You can be an artisan or a craftsman adapting your skills to this new planetary and social tend.  What ties all this together though is adapted behavior of acceptance of decline with localism.  Scale properly and adapt your behavior to reality of decline.


A REAL Green master is for a few.  A REAL Green master is humbled by this.  The humility comes from being subservient to the planet.  Living in its ecosystem instead of above it.  A REAL Green master has the time and money to change and likely has found a satisfactory local to grow his green prepping effort.  He will be blessed with good significant others.  He will have the time and money to do this.  We are talking lots of work.  Low carbon is time consuming with low returns so if you want to remain modern you will need resources often times from abstract sources.  In my case I am living off investments.  My low carbon green prepping operation could not support what I am doing plus the modest way of life I live.


Keep in mind a lot can be done with a little in REAL Green because you are downsizing into localism and managing low carbon.  So even though it is a subsidy it is smaller than trying to keep up with the Jones.  A master REAL Green finds meaning in all this and even if it is all washed away in violent destructive change some of the monestary will be a beacon of change to those who come afterwards seeking the truth.  In the end it is the journey into truth that man finds his true self.

REAL Green Prescriptions

The following are two comments I made on Resilience Dot Com.  Keep in Mind My REAL Green is realistic and relative and for the individual as an add on to his life system.  It is not a religion or a movement but instead a turbo to enhance ones meaning in a time of decline.  You will be faced with forces of decline and REAL Green offers you tools for meaning and action.  The comments below are to those engaged in the movement of degrowth which is going nowhere.  Greens and browns alike are set in a growth process.  The comment expresses ways degrowth can succeed for those who are involved with the movement.  REAL Green is for individuals and small groups but many of its prescriptions can be applied society wide.  The key is behavior and the result is a journey not a destination.  A REAL Green becomes a green prepper that downsizes and adapts to decline by using the status to leave it.  This is a mental Judo of activity of using and opposing force to your advantage with the planet supporting you.  The planet supports you because you are following its pathway instead of resisting it.  The two comments bellow includes two reads from resilience on degrowth issues:



First, there needs to be acceptance of proper human scale, physical limitations, and acknowledgment of failure.  This can be leveraged by spiritual wealth of meaning.  Keep in mind a smaller less equipped force can over take an opposing larger and better equipped force because of morale.  The basis of morale is meaning.  Understanding scale, limitations, and the bargaining aspect to get to acknowledgment works both ways.  Small farms, small communities and old-world craftsmen are vitally needed to mitigate and enhance the journey down the gradient of decline.  Yet, the modern status quo cannot be change radically so degrowthers and permaculturist should face acceptance too.  The human reality is carbon trapped and path dependent.  This human nature is non-negotiable in our current world stop fighting it.


A better approach is to somehow convince modern energetic forces that drive politics and economic forces that the small farm, small community, and simple craftsmen could be a vital and enriching buffer for the status quo on the materializing gradient of decline.  This then is a call for a bifurcating of techno greens movement today of pushing renewables and EV’s which is a growth dependent and subject to limits enforced by decline.   Instead a concordant push for a human buffer for the techno tendencies of the modern status quo can help mitigate the brick wall techno development is facing.  Instead of only the tech buildout of collection and storage devices linked in complex networks these techno greens should also push localism of food, skills, and living arrangements as a human and natural buffer much like is being pushed for with energy storage.


This push would then avoid the current problems the degrowth movement is facing with both green and brown of the negatives of less growth that leads to economic decline.  Any good degrowther knows the planetary system is in flux and human civilization is in decline because of this so the forces of decline are established and shaping human events.  Instead degrowthers and permaculturist alike should be focusing on how their strategies can buffer and store resilience and sustainability to offer human civilization an asset instead of a threat.  IOW degrowthers and permaculturist need to design their approaches around what we can offer growthers instead of fighting growthers.


Growth is a natural self-organizing path tendency of global human civilization mainly because of competitive cooperation of groups and nations.  We have to get along to survive but there will still be human competition because of global tribalism.  This is innate and nonnegotiable because it is a basic of human nature.  Even though degrowth is more competitive in regards to a macro planetary shift over longer time frames it does not compete in the human realm of the current realities of the human instinct of time value of human behavior.  It is squashed by this human economic and political reality.


A permaculturist degrowther should instead accept failure of their desire for a dominating movement of societal change and instead seek to be the niche that shapes decline.  Degrowthers can instead seek to provide the economic benefits of a buffer to the more technical and energetic of the status quo of growth and techno development.  In effect the world will need to proceed in a diverging path with more people moving to the land in permaculture localism living with seasonality and intermittency.  People and lifestyles can buffer the status quo that is path dependent on energetic growth.


To do this the status quo must protect and enhance localism of permaculture degrowth mainly because it is less competitive energetically.  To do this special laws and rules would need to be set up to allow degrowth to offer economic benefits.  A duel world of growth and degrowth can interact in this case as a sane and realistic approach.  This requires degrowthers and permaculturist to accept an inevitable decline process that they cannot prevent IOW they will have to accept failure of their ecco solutions at a macro scale not only pointing out the failures of the status quo.  They will have to instead choose to be lifeboats of human and physical support for the status quo that is immovable in its destiny of attempting infinite growth.


This is the only way a large scale degrowth and permaculture movement can takeoff.  It must be a diverging of lifestyles and economic systems that complement each other instead of competing for the human narrative.  Less people in mega cities but more quality of skills and production.  There needs to be more people back to the land in the localism of resilient simplicity grounded in seasonality and intermittency.  These chosen people of localism can still have simple techno abilities and basic human rights in regards to education, health, and shelter.  These people will just by hybrids of growth and degrowth and this will help out that part of civilization that will be 24/7 energetic.


Many things can only be produced with economies of scale that are vital to human survival.  Many emergency services have to be energetic.  Yet, much of life can be dialed down to a slower pace.  This movement has to be foremost about behavior and acceptance but also about forces of decline and deterministic forces that drive human nature.  Mostly it must be about adapting instead attempting transcendence.


“Resources for a Better Future: Degrowth”



I am a hybrid who advocates acceptance of reality.  This reality is of a carbon trap and path dependencies.  My acceptance is of failure.  Human complexity is now on a gradient of decline under the influence of planetary realities both organic and non-organic systems.  Human complexity is now suffering diminishing returns which are approach nonlinearity.  This means the efforts to combat decline with more complexity of networks and tech is quickly being dissolved into waste.


Yet, this is a process and some parts of the process are longer term than human time value can adapt to.  Even though this macro gradient of decline on all levels is proceeding some of these processes are slow in relation to the short termism of human time value.  The case then becomes for degrowthers the difficulty of finding relevance.   It very difficult to gain traction with needed degrowther policy.  To increase resilience and sustainability downsizing is a must.  Embracing voluntary simplicity should be a human narrative now but the narrative is still more of the same complexity just green.  The problem is green is not green and more is less.  An awakened realistic degrowther knows this.


A hybrid approach for a realistic degrowther would be acceptance of human failure based upon planetary succession.  From this acceptance comes a new approach of enlightened adaptation.  Degrowthers should focus on applying policy indirectly with policy the appeals to growthers both green and brown.  A new degrowther movement should be a narrative of individuals and small groups choosing to embrace degrowth that offers value to growthers.  This does not allow a massive policy shift degrowthers would like to see but it does achieve results.


Traditional degrowthers are still bargaining that human civilization can be reformed and made resilient and sustainable through downsizing and simplicity.  The reality is the growth narrative is too strong a human nature response.  Degrowthers are not going to break this tendency.  In general, the masses are not going to willingly embrace less through downsizing.  Nations and groups will compete and any downsizing is equivalent to surrender.


A new degrowth approach should be realistic and targeted within a basis narrative that  decline and collpase is inevitable.  This includes the honest science that climate is tipped already and cannot be saved.  The planetary web is in an extinction process that is now a planetary succession phase.  Human civilization is doomed because its self-organization is a growth process of greater affluence through complexity that cannot be sustained.  The world’s best and brightest minds who are honest about the science of decline are in denial on the solutions.  This is embedded in the human fabric at all levels.  Solutions are unrealistic with economics and systematics of a green transition.


A new degrowth approach should be a push to enlist human buffers as low carbon storage and buffers to intermitency.  This would be taking individuals and small groups and embedding them in low complexity localism.  These nodes would be adapted to seasonality and intermittency.  They would serve the same function as is being pushed for by green technos today with things like pumped storage or battery technology.  These individuals and groups would be guaranteed security of basic needs and rights and protected like we do with national parks.


These nodes of degrowth would embrace permaculture of raising food and producing goods in a hybrid of the old ways of low carbon capture enhanced by the latest technologies and best practices.  This high-tech and knowledge part of the strategy would be limited to robust and simple applications.  In other words, simple systems with longevity and efficiency but low performance.  These nodes would be grounded in localism and be turbo charged with a spiritual return to the individuals of meaning.  These nodes would be embracing poverty of things but would be rewarded with a spiritual return of meaning.


The result would be pockets of resilience and sustainability the energetic growthers both green and brown can draw on to supplement their energetic growth activity symbiotically.  Embraced intermittency would mean localized degrowth nodes could export power as needed to energetic areas.  Seasonality would mean adapting food and shelter to lower energy needs leaving more to the growthers.  This would be an outlet for redundant people in classes being disenfranchised by an unequal growth process.  This is a form of rebound because degrowth is supporting growth.  Keep in mind this is selling degrowth to growthers and thereby implanting nodes of resilience and sustainability that can be built upon as the decline process accelerates.  The status quo will be used to leave it by degrowthers who know longer term growth will end and their polices flourish.


“The Green New Old Deal: a New Industrial Policy When We Need a de-Industrial Policy”

The Green New Old Deal: a New Industrial Policy When We Need a de-Industrial Policy

A Journey Not A Destination

I visit various Ecco sites and post comments.  Here is one such posting on Resilience Dot Com:


“I wholeheartedly agree with the benefit of green prepping. I do worry about the limited scope for that kind response, however. In developed countries the vast majority of people are almost completely isolated from land that can support them using green (or any other) methods. In modern and developed countries it is mostly people with great privilege who are able to afford land that can produce food, water and shelter and which enables them to adapt to economic contraction by becoming more and more self-sufficient.”


I agree but mention to those who can to do it.  Part of my green prepping platform is acceptance and humility.  I accept the system is degrading first and then accept my own exposure to it.  There is no transcendence only a limited transformation.  I accept society will not have the options to reconfigure in any kind of mass movement.  Society is trapped and that trap means many people are trapped.  There are just few options for many.  I am humbled by this and refrain from pointing fingers as if I am better than others.  I am blessed and these blessing are focused on a small scale of my local.  I am making a small difference on a small scale.  This is the proper orientation because in my opinion the human condition is one of scaling.  Some maybe can make a bigger impact but for the most part large scale changes will be swallowed up in the decline process.  The reason for this is the nature of the carbon trap and path dependencies our human system is in.  Keep in mind I am using the dirty status quo to green up my little place and small group of people.  I am not TRUE Green but instead REAL Green which is realistic and relative.  In the big picture I am just a small micro clime.


“Degrowth will be a disaster for the vast majority of people because they will not have the resources to adapt. Life will get harder and harder. Paid work will disappear. Food supplies will first lose their variety and then their abundance. Rationing schemes will spread the privation around, but they won’t prevent it. Eventually there will not be enough calories to go around and people will start losing weight. Hunger might prompt a mass migration from urban areas to rural areas, especially by the young and fit, who will be a valuable labor supply for struggling food producers. Cities will become centers of privation and death for those that don’t have the strength or the skills needed in the country.”


I agree so this is why I say to those who can to relocate both people and place.  Scale properly and try to go under the radar screen.  For those who can’t adapt then embrace with acceptance the coming storm.  Mental adaption goes a long way.  Enjoy life now and limit anxiety for the future.  There are material things everyone can do like short term preps.  Everyone can green up some.  Do daily acts of kindness to nature.  There is no sugar-coating decline and degrowth.  I am also realistic about my green prepping.  The wrong kind of decline will swallow up all my efforts.  This is why I call it a journey not a destination.

A New Permaculture

We are definitely in the Anthropocene which means permaculture must adapt.  It must be a hybrid to survive.  It must also reach back to the past and leverage the modern as another hybrid approach.  It must embrace salvage which is taking what has been destroyed and adapted by modern industrial behavior and then adapted with creative change that represents a niche being exploited constructively.  A permaculturist must use the status quo to leave it and in doing so realize the relativity of green.


I wish I could be TRUE Green but few can be all Green.  Maybe a young person or motivated family can retreat to the margins of life off the grid and embedded in natural harmony.  For most even if they desire this and have the skills are not allowed to by the limitations of their people and place.  Society dictates who can and who can’t.  The result is a lifeboat for most on a turbulent sea of destructive behavior.  Save what you can and accept the destruction of the rest.  Outfit your life with permaculture if you can.  If you can’t support it with good intentions like buying their products that are often higher priced and more difficult to reach.  Keep in mind permaculture is more than agricultural it is about a diversity of best in the class products and skills related to planetary caring.


Seek to lower your footprint by declining in place in localism as much as your particular Anthropocene trap allows.  You will have to pay taxes and earn a wage and in doing so you inevitably are corrupted by industrial life.  Accept this and use it to leave it.  Also accept the planet and human civilization is in decline.  Do palliative care in the hospice of destructive change.  What this means is accept decline and death in its many forms and what results is action.  The action is found by being drawn to productive niches that offer constructive change amid an overall condition of destructive change of life in succession.


I am living this in my REAL Green.  There are others who do more and have more Green credentials but that is not the point.  This is individual and focused on the inner core of a personal local of people and place.  Do not get caught up in comparisons of who is greener or not.  Be individually green as is allowed by your people and place.  This is all that can be done because anyone who thinks the world can be saved is delusional.  You can’t save the world by proposing vast new growth projects of Green New Deals.  Degrowth movement recommendations are likewise dangerous.  We should understand degrowth means more environmental damage if not handled properly because of the potential for green efforts being abandoned or becoming dysfunctional.  This also means that degrowth policy could become irrational by destroying more than it saves.


In my opinion the planet will lead the way and we should follow.  The way you orientate to the planet cannot be done by the typical modern green today with digital and hyper transport.  It is instead going local in a low footprint close to the beating heart of the planet.  You can only know the planet with a proper lifestyle as close to it as you can manage.  Keep in mind the majority of this is internal with behavior adaption.  That said you will have to be the judge of your local of people and place.  I cannot critique your way but I can mention in general the critical criteria of what works and what does not.  This is a time of a vast global inflection from growth to decline of the human system and the acceleration of planetary decline that has been going on now for a few hundred years because of the human system.  The only way to survive this in a green way is scaling to the proper place, with the right people, and the correct behavior.  That is for you to find out.  Nobody can know your most intimate place but you.

Why is Acceptance Critical to REAL Green?

The key to being REAL Green is behavior.  From behavior comes activity but also spiritual strength.  Acceptance comes into the equation in the very beginning.  The starting point is finding one’s limitations and understanding the limitations on civilization.  It is this duel reality that is important.  First as an individual one has to understand the limitations of his local of people and place in regards to how far green prepping can be taken.  Green prepping is preparations for a coming shock but also planetary caring.  Resilience and sustainability are a footprint lowing strategy that is both preparatory and green.  The key for the individual is understanding how far he can take this effort.  Even before this one needs to come to the awakening that this is the way.  Acceptance is faced once being honest about the science of the planetary path of succession.   This is a decline of complexity.


The planet is in succession with ecosystems but also the human ecosystem we call civilization.  The individual has to be awakened to this reality to find acceptance.  He must be honest that technology and efficiency suffer diminishing returns eventually so technology will not save us.  We are near this point and this is expressed by the fact most all technologies have draw backs.  This is a “hole digging” reality.  There are limits to efficiency that are more than cost benefit analysis they also represent lifestyle decline.  The modern man is destroying himself in many ways by hyper efficiency.  Globalism is one such effort.  If the individual is awakened to this reality of decline and limits he then sees the carbon trap and path dependencies that limit civilization’s advance of progress.  Progress is now on an undulating plateau of growth and decline.  Decline is winning.


This acceptance of the macro leads to acceptance in the micro for the individual.  The individual will reflect on these macro limits to adjust his local of people and place.  Keep in mind the trap the individual is in is both macro and micro.  The macro is obvious if civilization is in decline so is the individual.  In the micro the situation is different.  The trap is one of dualism.  The individual is trapped in how far he can adapt away from this macro reality of a greater trap.  The individual is locked into the reality of interpersonal relationships where his significant others may not be awakened or care.  The individual must make money and pay for things to survive so he must use the trap to adapt to the trap.  The local is delocalized by globalism.  Often is the case resources we rely on are outsourced globally.  So the individual must deal with his own limitations and those of his greater community he lives in.


If the individual is honest about the science of this then he will take steps to adapt locally by green prepping.  Preparing for shocks that are possible and probably in the future because of decline and delocalization is one adaptation.  The individual will then reflect on the macro of a planet and our human civilization in succession and decline in place.  Meaning is found in this activity of decline that is normally demeaning.   Shrinking in decline is offset by finding spiritual meaning.  Spiritual meaning comes from embracing the way of the planet in green caring.  Acceptance is the key to this transformation that allows vigorous activity.  Keep in mind this is not a transcendence because we are all trapped even the awakened.  This spiritual awakening does not take the place of your existing higher power.  It is an add on to this.  You can be Christian, Buddhist, or atheist and still go REAL Green.  REAL Green is about a realistic approach to risk management and the reasons for it.  Acceptance is the turning point and trigger to activity that is fortified with spiritual meaning.


There is no place in REAL Green for paralysis.  If you probe the truth then you will go forth on its behalf once you have been awakened.  You will face the abstract death of decline and decay with micro growth in localized niches.  Ecosystem decline of planetary succession is a destructive change but one that frees up niches as complexity breaks down.  Micro climes of growth are available to those who are aware of places where constructive change can take place.  To find these niches requires awareness and orientation.  To get to awareness and orientation takes acceptance of this decline process and the understanding of the individual’s local trap of people and place.  You can only do so much.  You are defined by your local.


Know your limitations.  Some can go much further than others.  Some will be called on to be modern shamans of change.  Shamanism is as old as intelligent humans and was primarily an individual the tribe looked to for spiritual guidance.  In modern times you can be a spiritual guide to this process for others to orientate.  You can possess the force of the planet’s way.  This is a subtle power for those who are awakened and it will guide you to proper and successful action.  What this means is when you orientate to the planet it will assist you.  Some can take this much further than others because they have education and resources.


Be one of these planetary warriors if you can.  If you can’t then help those who can.  Touch your local with this power and see the transformation.  Do this in humility because this power is lost when used for selfish reasons.  Humility should also come for acceptance of decline.  No matter how much of this power you possess you are still at the mercy of your local of people and place.  A community that is not sustainable and resilient will take you down too.  This is why you should get out of a bad place if you can and migrate to a place with a future.  If you can’t then fortify what you have and do this in acceptance of decline, decay and even death.  The truth is the ultimate motivator of the enlighten human.  This is the truth because this is the way of the planet.  Reject the human narrative of manifest destiny and embrace a humanity in harmony with the way of the planet.  Do this relatively to your local of people and place and your spirituality of your higher power.  These are your limits so accept them and then go forth on the planet’s behalf.


Instead of attacking offsetting we need to attack the idea there is a solution to begin with.  Many people that attack offsetting deny there is a carbon trap and path dependencies.  They want to enjoy some of the benefits of capitalism but attack capitalism.  These incongruities are everywhere and they have to do with the underlying narrative of growth but also degrowth.  It is clear growth cannot be greened much but the environmental movement says it can and dramatically.  Growth cannot be greened except around the margins.  Degrowth cannot be green either at least in how many believe.  If you degrowth a system you introduce abandonment, dysfunction, and irrational forces of destructive change.  This is a dirty process and much is lost.  There will also be constructive forces but not enough to offset the destructive change.  In the current world that is carbon trapped and path dependent dramatic degrowth cannot work.  In a world in overshoot with population and consumption degrowth cannot avoid causing widespread pain.


Degrowth is an endgame of decline and collpase.  It is likely the only way forward so if it is chosen then it will need to be strictly managed unless the decision is made to disenfranchise large amounts of people quickly which is very dangerous.  Species survivability is directly related to the degree and duration of a shock.  Systems bifurcate and their productivity craters when destructive change is introduces.  Offsetting is one way within the trap that is “on the margin” constructive change.  It may fail to do what it is meant to do but the reality is offsetting is something.  This decline process is only going to be manage around the margins.  If acceptance is front and center part of this process of decline then real change can be accomplished but the change is still decline, poverty, and pain.  There is no way to avoid these things


Currently growth and degrowth with constructive and destructive change is operating together.  There are many positive and negatives of both processes.  It takes acceptance of decline to properly manage both.  Instead the policy with both growthers, degrowthers, and environmental new dealers is denial of decline and collapse.  Of course, many are in acceptance of decline but they have to hide their true beliefs for reason of policy or affiliation.  If a prominent environmentalist admits to decline and failure then he will have to join a new group.  This polarization is everywhere.  If you are a collapsenik you are regulated to the fringe of the discussion.  You are treated as a nutter in many circles.


Offsetting is one way to get something done that allows constructive growth to mitigate destructive growth.  Degrowthers can use it effectively by using growth to leave growth.  There is a surreal degree of relativity here.  Entropic decay and decline must be mitigated with growth but it requires more.  The more is the behavioral shift of failure ahead.  It is the crew of the sinking ship shifting from damage control to dropping lifeboats and administering palliative care for those who will not find space on the life boats.  The ship’s crew is doing something not nothing so they are using activity to prepare for loss.


For you as an individual you can go local with a proper scale and embrace acceptance of decline.  Embrace what the planet is showing us.  The planet will support you.  This happens by joining the planet’s force.  The top is growth dependent and growth trapped.  The top is not going to change until it is too late.  Nor can it change much without cascading failures.  These will come eventually anyway.


In the meantime, as an individual you can green prep.  Green prepping is embracing resilience and sustainability in relative decline.  Utilize growth to leave it.  Downsize with dignity by embracing the spiritual wealth that comes from the truth.  Meaning is a motivator even faced with the ugly truth.  Declining into localism is where the green comes in.  Relocate with both people and place.  The wrong people are as bad as the wrong place.  If you can’t then make your stand by fortifying so when the bad comes you at least have made your peace with it.  If you can then create your doomstead.  Find a community that can come together in positive change within forces of destructive change.  The planet shows us this can be done.  Succession frees up local niches that allow growth within overall destructive change of a complexed system.  Embrace the way of the planet and it will assist you.





“Sometimes you really need to take a flight. Even though you are all-too aware of the toll that flying exerts on the environment. If only there were a way to make up for that damage, to get along in this economy without doing harm.  This dilemma between environmental and economic necessities is what environmental offsetting attempts to solve. The basic premise behind offsetting is intuitive and appealing: that you can counteract a loss with a gain. Environmental offsetting schemes have been widely adopted by governments and corporations over the last three decades, most commonly in the form of carbon or biodiversity offsets, which seek to counteract carbon emissions and habitat loss, respectively, by investing in environmentally beneficial projects. They operate in many different forms and at different scales, from the little check box that lets you offset the emissions of your flight, to multinational forestry projects funded by mining and oil companies.  Offsetting’s appeal is in its simplicity, allowing us to redress some of the harm done by our activity on the planet without throwing too big a wrench in the economy, but this same simplicity is also its downfall. While offsetting projects can include worthwhile environmental work, the very idea of like-for-like exchange is premised on a logic that falls short in the face of the unique ecosystems and meaningful places that make up the world we live in. This is a world that is much more complicated, dynamic, and alive than what is accounted for by offsetting schemes.”