Hear the Thunder

I am the type that starts from pessimism to get to optimism.  This is unlike the leadership today that is lying and promising and will leave you with a disappointment.  Reality is your best friend so embrace it despite the pessimism.  It may be brutal at times but it is going to offer you the best path.  Lies, promises, and cheating is going to lead to poor choices.   Malinvestment of resources in short supply in this age of decline is the result.  I will tell you the ugly so you can get to the good.

The ugly is we have food shortages and limited food choices ahead.  There is no question that what has happened in the last 3 years is going to result in food chain issues with localized failures.  You have to understand food is an industrial process now.  Industry has been hit hard by supply chain issues.  Now it is being hit hard by supply chain issues that relates to inflation.  Remember the inverse of supply chains is payment chains.  Inflation ravages payment chains just like shortages destroy supply chains.

Resources are going up in price with less available.  Energy is particularly at risk from lower investment in reliable fossil fuels.  Green energy push is a lie with promises that are distorting the true extent of the difficulties ahead.  Net energy is in decline.  Fossil fuels are depleting.  Renewables are not reliable replacements and everything about their manufacture and assembly include fossil fuels.  Storage strategies for renewables don’t add up.  Green hydrogen is a myth.  The amount of fresh water needed for green hydrogen is huge.  Fresh water is in short supply and it requires large amount of energy to make available.

Primary energy is dominated by fossil fuels with hardly a budge from 10 years ago when the so called renewable revolution was declared.  The green revolution has not materialized although the green propaganda has.  Primary energy is dominated by fossil fuels and will continue to be.  There is no alternative.  This message is deeper than the green’s message of climate change.  This is about net energy decline with fossil fuels.  There may be ample left but not economic enough to continue to grow as we have in the past.  In fact, it is going to be impossible to maintain what we have now.  So prepare for decline and decay of everything.

Technology is in diminishing returns because of decline and decay.  It is also stalling out with breakthroughs.  The physics of technology have pushed limits in all fields.  The digital revolution has in reality just made us more vulnerable.  With each incremental effort to automate and apply algorithm connected by the digital web we are seeing less stability.  Efficiency is a deadly weapon once it tips over into diminishing returns.  This is true for systems but also physical aspects of energy and food. 

We are now more vulnerable than at any time in human history because of progress.  This is magnified by a doubling down by the globalist and technocrats of the World Economic forum that are slowing trying to consolidate their power at the expense of your personal security.  Their intensions are a technocratic urban world with authoritarianism to force failed polices upon you. 

These people are incompetent and reckless.  The last 3 years proves this without a doubt.  In this last 3 years the conspiracy aspect of who the globalist are has been revealed.  They have revealed this and now are using any crisis they can to obtain more power over you.  They are not hiding their intentions although they are claiming they will save civilization and the planet.  Their polices are failures if you dig into the past 2 decades.  They want more of these polices not less.

Depending on where you are at and the financial class you are in will determine just how bad this gets.  I am middleclass in a food rich area.  This does not mean I am going to avoid food choice issues but it is likely food availability will remain good.  I like quality food.  A lot of the food I buy I buy on Amazon mainly because it is not typical of a normal grocery store.  I buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the store.  I buy meats there too.  It is not cost effective for me to butcher my own stock. 

My garden, orchard, and forage are more of a seasonal enjoyment.  I get a short window of on the farm foods this way.  I don’t have time to do everything needed to lower my food dependence.  I have 400 acres to run.  I have firewood to cut.  I have 50 goats and 12 cattle.  I have buildings, roads, and systems to maintain.  I have a house to run.  I have animals and people to feed.  One person with a little help from my wife and kids is not enough to be able to do everything needed.  This is why large families are needed but few are around these days.

Feeding myself in this modern world is not an option.  Indirectly I raise more calories than I consume.  Financially this is not the case I spend more on food related things than the revenue from my farm.  Even my firewood is negative when I consider how low my overall costs would be going all electric.  This is changing as power prices surge but my KWH cost for all electric is cheaper than firewood.  Firewood is not cheap or easy but I do it because it is resilient and sustainable.  I am a green prepper and firewood is both green and prepped.

If you are in the wrong place living the wrong lifestyles you are going to have an ugly awakening.  The poor of the world are especially at risk.  The population of the world is far too great to adequately adapt to what is ahead.  This is actually with available food calories but also at the costs people can afford.  Psychologically this is going to hit hard too as food normality evaporates.  We all like our foods and giving up what we like in the amounts we are comfortable with is going to be disturbing. 

The ugly side of these shortages is a manufactured problem at least in the short term.  It is actually something the bad actors have manufactured through incompetence, recklessness, and the deceit of greed and power.  The environmental movement with their green ideas is contributing to this.  They want to save the planet with more of what is killing it.  It is amazing how uneducated these supposedly educated people are.  Even scientist who have PHDs are clueless of economics and above all common sense of what they are proposing.  This is the problem with specialization.  Combine propaganda of nefarious characters like the globalist and you have a prescriptions for a horrible outcome that did not need to happen.

What modern greens want is to live the good life and green it up.  They want their cake and eat it.  They are even more disturbed trying to insert woke nonsense into the equations as if that is going to make the planet greener.  I am a green so I know how delusional the modern green is.  Woke is worse than the injustice it claims to fix.  It is a lie and a power grab.  Green liberals many who are educated are just smart enough to be dangerous.  They are buying into the lies and promises by the bad actors who are greedy and seek power.

These bad actors are the stakeholder capitalist who are pushing environmental and social governance.  These are the same people pushing the global woke movement which is essentially based upon the CIA inspired color revolution tactics.  The basic methods of the CIA is to lie, cheat, and steal.  This may be fine when directed towards an enemy but now we are the enemy.  They are doing this to gain technocratic power.  Color revolution technics are the same as cultural Marxism.  These people do not care about social justice or the environment.  They care about power.  If they did care, they would lead by example.  They want you to do the leading by example.  They will continue to avoid sacrifices and in fact get richer as you get poorer.

Just as Covid response was a lie and the Ukraine war a globalist instigated war so will the coming food crisis be used as one of those “never let a crisis go to waste”.  These people are indoctrinated and also class sociopaths.  Their club are the very rich and the very powerful both in government and private business.  These elements are converging.  It is no longer evident where the lines between private and public are.  What is clear is this is modern fascism with an out-of-control administrative state coopted by stakeholder capitalism.  The rich run the government now.  Your government is now against you because it is for them.

These people are bad and any policy they put forth will be destructive.  This is why the green policy of the radical left is malign.  It is promising way too much with dishonest science.  Look at Net Zero Europe and the profoundly dangerous energy situation they are in.  Renewables can’t run modern economies.  They can’t with the physics, the economics, and the psychology.  I don’t have time to give you the facts.  The facts are out their if you are skeptical and call out bullshit.  Believe me when I tell you these lies and promises are reckless and dangerous.

I am doing permaculture farming which is supposed to save the planet and provide people a good life.  I have solar and it is supposed to give me clean power with a good green feeling to boot.  This is a lie.  Permaculture does not add up economically.  I do it for different reasons because I can and I love it.  I have solar power with a battery.  I have this because if the grid goes down, I want lights and to keep my food cold.  When you consider the cost it is way over priced but I am a prepper so a small system is vital.

I am a green prepper that hears the thunder of danger ahead.  I know what is coming from 2 decades of daily research.  What is ahead is ugly.  I have invested to be ready for something that is very difficult to prepare for.  My solar that I spent lots of money on is inadequate to even come close to powering what I do.  Even my firewood is inadequate considering I need fossil fuels to process the wood and make it ready to burn at the amount I need.  Still permaculture agriculture, solar, firewood, and good old fashion commons sense of prep has me in a better position than most.

We are barreling towards an ugly situation with energy, food, and water.  Social breakdown is already evident because the bad actors are pushing social change with cultural Marxism.  Cultural Marxism primary goal is to destroy society to build it back better.  They want a struggle sessions to break peoples will.  Most of all cultural Marxist want to destroy the family and create state dependence.  They want you to own nothing and be happy.  The happiness they offer will be forced upon you with fear tactics and lies.

The uni-party and its administrative state are hell bent on taking power so they can force through policy that benefit them.  They are using the promises of green and comforts of state give aways to entice the feeble minded and uneducated.  They are giving stuff away to those they can coopt.  Nothing is free.  This is a recipe for an ugly outcome and one that will lead to a brutal reality check. 

I know how nefarious these people are because I once embraced many of their ideas.  In the 80s I embraced globalism and sustainable development.  I know their lies because long ago I was one of the pioneers of their ideas.  Honest science and an understanding of history has shown me globalist polices are a failure.  We are stuck with these polices but we do not need to double down on them.  We need to move away from them.

We have a perfect storm of converging negative realities at work.  This is on multiple planes of reality.  This is social, economic, and systematic.  It is with physical and abstract.  It is with the planet and its ecosystems.  It is above all about meaning.  This is the reason I preach constantly about spirituality.  This is a time of spirtual poverty.  This is the end of meaning from an earlier social narrative.  An explosion of new meaning is at hand as the lies and promises evaporate with empty plates and cold houses.  Do not trust the government to take care of you.  They are sold out to the elite class who are hell bent on the fourth industrial revolution and its social great reset.

I have elaborated on all this in earlier posts.  There is so much to all this.  The facts needed could fill a book.  I encourage you to read as many books as you can that call into question these lies.  I don’t have time to explain this on this bog.  I have been completely honest with you.  I am not advertising or asking for money.  I am leading by example actually walking the walk.

You can criticize this lack of facts from me but I don’t care.  You should trust me because I am genuine.  I am doing permaculture and green energy because this is what a green prepper does.  I research current events daily.  I study the science of life.  I am most of all talking about the spirtual and attitudes that are the real power in your tool box of survival.  I am telling you to embrace stoic and spartan living now as conditioning for what is coming.

The other option is to enjoy the false sense of security and temporary enjoyments of modern life if you are lucky enough to have them.  Billions don’t have that but I am speaking to relatively affluent westerners.  I am not worthy to speak to the poor nor is that realistic for me.  To the relatively affluent westerners I am telling you there are two doors in front of you.  One is reality of a stoic change and the other is the door for the cavalier who is dancing by the cliff.

I am walking the walk so I am telling you about my experiment.  If you want to live in denial while the world still allows it, go ahead.  Denial and repression are not the substance of meaning but they are an option for some.  Most of the time this is with those incapable of understanding reality.  I am referring to children.  If you want to remain a child that is fine.  I can’t do this because I find meaning and personal honesty the highest of values.  This requires me to embrace reality as it is presented to me even if this means discomfort and anxiety.

I am not sure about the time frame for this ugly.  It has started though so the really bad can’t be far off.  The bad is evident if you call out bullshit that is human nature when it corrupts.  The leadership of the world is now against you because the good has been bred out of the system.  A group of inbred psychopaths are in charge.  Physics and economics are now a negative force to your lifestyles.  Reality is coming home to roost.

Now the good because I preach pessimistic optimism.  I love incongruous juxtapositions.  I love paradoxes.  I find so much meaning in them in this age that is tipping over.  This is what you need to know.  It is a keystone attitude.  In an age tipping over that which is wrong is right.  I am not talking about universals of right and wrong.  I am talking about reality and survival within a societal narrative.  The wrong that is right is about the story.  I am talking about common sense.  Common sense is different in a decline process than in a growth process.  Even though the two are intertwined it is the power of an age that is the defining characteristic.

This is now the age of decline and decline means different meaning.  Meaning is the path to truth.  The truth can only be approached.  Ultimately it takes a proper spirituality that results in wisdom of how close to the truth you should attempt to go.  What I mean by this is the human virtues of sobriety and humility are of the highest importance.  Knowing how much you need to know and how much you need to try to do is a critical disposition.  This is about knowing your limitations.  Knowing your limitations and being honest about finding true meaning is the best policy in this time of decline.

The good in the bad and ugly is the hope that this coming existential crisis is actually better to happen sooner than later.  I say the hope because the outcome is far from certain.  The doctor is ordering some strong medicine that is going to do a lot of harm but it may save you.  Many are not going to be saved and some will die.  Others are going to be disenfranchised.  Their good lives are going to become tough lives.  The club the elites are in will shrink too.  This actually will be the real battle space ahead because this is where the greatest overextension is.  Elites will turn on each other as their world collapses.

If you are reading this and an elite then you should be very worried.  I define an elite as one who is located on the right side of the bell-shaped curve of affluence.  It is far better to already be downsized in affluence on the left of the curve.  The uber elites will be facing the many more numerous lower-level elites.  This will be a classic Middle Ages fight of the nobles vying for power and riches.  The smart ones will be those who go willingly into the serfdom of modest living.  Do it now and beat the rush.

This medicine of a new reality will trickle up.  In the previous growth process era, reality trickled down but in this decline process era shit will actually run uphill because it will have accumulated down bellow already.  As in all previous civilizations that collapsed the elites will eventually get their judgment.  You can avoid this by embracing some basics of common sense.  In a time of decline this avoidance is based on humility and sobriety with all matters.

The good is for those of you who hear the thunder and start your green prepping journey.  I have been preaching this for years now.  Unfortunately, the era of bountiful products and cheap money is over but some of you still have a chance to invest wisely.  All of us can make psychological and spirtual changes to prepare.  This is by far the most important aspect of the good side of the bad and ugly.  It is harsh medicine of reality testing by those who smell the bullshit and act accordingly.  This is about downsizing now and beating the rush.  Downsize with dignity that comes with meaning.

If you read my stuff, you will see I am redundant but I am a moving redundancy adapting to changes.  What I mean by this is I am living this life of green prepping and staying tuned into where reality is going.  So, if I am redundant, it is adapting in response to developments.  I have actually been pretty good at forecasting these developments. 

On the downside for me personally I have been a head of the pack which means I embraced decline early.  I probably would have had much more money now if I would had just invested in easy money living for the last 20 years.  Instead, I invested in green prepping which is a negative return in easy money times but one with physical safety.  All paper investment are now at risk.  Eventually it will not even make good toilet paper.

The good I speak of is embrace change sooner as we enter this decline process.  The bad actors of globalist governance and their radical army of the left are actually rapidly initiating a period of forced adjustment.  These actors are nefarious.   Many I would consider evil.  This evil is as in anti-life not the religious evil of Staten.  Most big corporations are trying to destroy you by commodifying you.  They are blood sucking and parasitic at this point.

I forecast the populist nationalists coming to power who will push for less government and more decentralization.  The administrative state of unelected bureaucrats needs to be deconstructed.  These people are overhead in a time of downsizing.  They are parasitic and will need to be rationalized down to a mimimum.  This includes the administration part of health care and education.  Health care and education are a racket now which is one of the most dangerous aspects of the decline ahead.

We are going to see localism where people have no choice but to take survival into their own hands.  This will mean permaculture and green prepping by default.  All those things I have been preaching and living are answers to downsizing.  Spirtual and phycological adaptation with stoicism, spartan living and ascetic principles will dominate because these things work in an era of decline. 

Remember what I said about incongruous juxtapositions and paradoxes.  These surreal things will be operatable in a time of decline.  You will be initially looking at the world with surreal glasses but over time reality will bubble up and what was once surreal will be reality.  Those people calling you a nutter and laughing at you will eventually be following you.  Just be patient and ignore your detractors. 

The good thing about the spirtual permaculture I preach is you will have patience because that is what sobriety and humility give.  It gives you the strength to be patient and see through the coming brutal time with courage.  Courage is one of those most vital of character traits that allows optimism of meaning in a time of destructive change.     

With World Gripped By Fertilizer Crisis, Biden Admin Clings To “Climate-Inspired Utopian Food-Production Fantasies”

MONDAY, MAY 09, 2022 – 07:30 PM

Authored by Nathan Worcester via The Epoch Times,


Samantha Power: ‘Never let a crisis go to waste.’ Do the World Economic Forum and China agree?

“Fertilizer shortages are real now.”

Uttered by USAID’s Samantha Power in a May 1 ABC interview with former Democratic advisor George Stephanopoulos, the words briefly drowned out the din of the news cycle.

They were not unexpected to some.

Power, who served as U.N. ambassador under Obama, mentioned fertilizer shortages after weeks of hints from the Biden administration.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki repeatedly alluded to challenges obtaining fertilizer in recent press briefings. So did President Joe Biden himself in a joint statement with EU President Ursula von der Leyen.

“We are deeply concerned by how Putin’s war in Ukraine has caused major disruptions to international food and agriculture supply chains, and the threat it poses to global food security. We recognize that many countries around the world have relied on imported food staples and fertilizer inputs from Ukraine and Russia, with Putin’s aggression disrupting that trade,” the leaders stated.

In an April report titled, “The Ukraine Conflict and Other Factors Contributing to High Commodity Prices and Food Insecurity,” the USDA’s Foreign Agriculture Service acknowledged that “for agricultural producers around the world, high fertilizer and fuel prices are a major concern.”

While political rhetoric has often focused on Russia, the rise in fertilizer prices did not begin with its invasion of Ukraine.

An analysis from the Peterson Institute of International Economics shows that fertilizer prices have rapidly climbed since mid-2021, spiking first in late 2021 and again around the time of the invasion.

Industry observers have pointed out that commodity prices are not solely affected by Vladimir Putin.

Max Gagliardi, an Oklahoma City oil and gas industry commentator who cofounded the energy marketing firm Ancova Energy, told The Epoch Times that the war and sanctions have helped drive the upward climb of natural gas prices in Europe.

A worker walks at the Yara ammonia plant in Porsgrunn, Norway, on Aug. 9, 2017. (Lefteris Karagiannopoulos/Reuters)

Natural gas is used in the Haber-Bosch process, which generates the ammonia in nitrogen fertilizers. Those fertilizers feed half the planet.

Gagliardi thinks the picture is more complicated at home, where environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) has become a controversial tool of stakeholder capitalism, often used to force divestment from fossil fuels or other industries disfavored by the left.

“It’s a combination of record demand domestically and from LNG [liquid natural gas] exports combined with less than expected supply, in part due to the starving of capital for the O&G industry due to the ESG/green movement pressures on capital providers, plus pressure from Wall Street to spend less capital and return value to shareholders,” he said.

Language from Power Echoes Green Activists, EU, WEF

In the case of increasing costs for oil, natural gas, and coal, some politicians and green activists have argued that those fast-rising prices mark an opportunity to accelerate a move from hydrocarbons to wind, solar, and electrification.

“Big Oil is price gouging American drivers. These liars do nothing to make the United States energy independent or stabilize gas prices. It’s time we break up with Big Oil and ignite a clean energy revolution,” Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) said on Twitter in March.

“I say we take this opportunity to double down on our renewable energy investments and wean ourselves off of planet-destroying fossil fuels[.] Never let a crisis go to waste,” said former Joe Biden delegate and political commentator Lindy Li in a Twitter post about ExxonMobil’s exit from Russia’s Far East.

Meanwhile, Mandy Gunasekara, an environmental lawyer who served as the Environmental Protection Agency’s chief of staff under President Trump, said in an interview with The Epoch Times, “It’s always been part of their plan to make the price of traditional energy sources go up, so then wind and solar could actually compete with them.”

Describing how fertilizer shortages could actually help advance a particular agenda, Power sounded much like Li.

She even used an identical phrase: “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Intentionally or not, this echoed a line from another high-profile Obama alum, Rahm Emanuel: “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” Emanuel was talking about the 2008-2009 financial meltdown.

“Less fertilizer is coming out of Russia. As a result, we’re working with countries to think about natural solutions, like manure and compost. And this may hasten transitions that would have been in the interest of farmers to make anyway. So, never let a crisis go to waste,” Power told Stephanopoulos.

Power’s language of setting crisis as opportunity parallels similar statements from environmental groups.

Writing to EU President von der Leyen and other EU bureaucrats, a group of European and international environmental organizations urged the union to stay the course on environmental policy.

“The crisis in Ukraine is yet another reminder of how essential it is to implement the Green Deal and its Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies,” the letter states.

The Farm to Fork Strategy confidently asserts that its actions to curb the overuse of chemical fertilizers “will reduce the use of [fertilizers] by at least 20 percent by 2030.”

“Ploughing more farmland, as is currently being put forward, to grow crops for biofuels and intensive animal farming by using even more synthetic pesticides and [fertilizers] would be absurd and dangerously increase ecosystem collapses, the most severe threat to social-ecological stability and food security,” the activists’ letter argues.

“The European Union must tackle the current challenges by accelerating the implementation of its strategies to reduce the use of synthetic pesticides and [fertilizers], to preserve its natural environment and the health of its citizens.”

Numerous publications from the World Economic Forum (WEF), known for its role in orchestrating the global response to COVID-19, have made similar arguments.

2020 white paper from WEF and the consulting firm McKinsey and Company warns of greenhouse gas emissions and potential runoff from fertilizers, advocating for an end to fertilizer subsidies in developing countries and praising China for its efforts to reduce fertilizer use.

2018 WEF white paper, co-authored with the consulting firm Accenture, claims that “a 21st century approach to organic farming” should strive to close the gap in yields between organic and conventional farming.

WEF’s vision of 21st century agriculture comes into greater focus in another 2018 report titled, “Bio-Innovation in the Food System.”

It advocates for the bioengineering of new microbes to fix nitrogen more efficiently in plants.

“This offers the prospect of lowering and more optimally applying nitrogen fertilizer,” WEF’s report states.

WEF has also pushed the use of “biosolids”—in other words sewage sludge—as fertilizer.

Urine, it notes, “makes an excellent agricultural fertilizer.”

Gunasekara, formerly of the EPA, said that fertilizer overuse and runoff presents serious risks, giving rise to toxic algal blooms in the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico.

However, “generally speaking, the farmers are very, very efficient with their fertilizer use. They have a built-in incentive not to waste something that is a high input cost,” she told The Epoch Times, adding that in her experience, industry and communities could work out positive solutions with regulators.

Heavy-handed restrictions, she argued, are not the solution.

The UK Absolute Zero report, produced by academics at top British universities, goes even further than some other reports in its opposition to nitrogen-based fertilizers and conventional agriculture more generally.

This photo shows sheep feeding on lush grass on the property of Australian farmer Kevin Tongue near the rural city of Tamworth in New South Wales, Australia, on May 4, 2020. (Peter Parks/AFP via Getty Images)

It anticipates a phaseout of beef and lamb production, with “fertilizer use greatly reduced,” in order to meet net-zero emissions targets by 2050.

“There are substantial opportunities to reduce energy use by reducing demand for [fertilizers],” the report states.

It also envisions cuts to energy in the food sector of 60 percent before 2050.

That imagined energy austerity, with its many unforeseeable consequences for human life, apparently will not last forever.

The report claims that after 2050, energy for fertilizer and other aspects of food production will “[increase] with zero-emissions electricity.”

“A food crisis/famine advances the long-term goal of more centralized control of energy, food, transportation, etc., as advanced by the Davos crowd of the WEF. Governments must expand their powers to ‘handle’ crises, and that is what progressives love more than anything,” Marc Morano, proprietor of the website Climate Depot, told The Epoch Times.

Sri Lanka’s Organic Experiment a Stark Warning

Though Power’s remarks were consistent with talking points from Democrats, WEF, the EU, and similar factions, they came at a particularly inconvenient moment for advocates of organic fertilizer—Sri Lanka’s recent experiment with abandoning chemical fertilizer has plunged the island nation into chaos that shows no signs of letting up.

According to a 2021 report from the USDA Foreign Agriculture service,  Sri Lankan agricultural economists warned that a rapid shift from chemical to organic fertilizers “will result in significant drops in crop yields.”

The country has since had to compensate one million of its farmers to the tune of $200 million, as reported by Al Jazeera.

With food shortages now a reality, anti-government protests prompted Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to declare a state of emergency on May 6—the second in two months.

“[Sri Lanka is] now literally on the verge of famine, because they’ve had massive crop failures,” Gunasekara said.

A farmer prepares a paddy field for sowing in Biyagama on the outskirts of Colombo on October 21, 2020. (Ishara S. Kodikara/AFP via Getty Images)

“This administration wants to use this as an opportunity to push their Green New Deal-style farming tactics, which we’ve seen implemented elsewhere, that cause significant problems beyond what we’re currently facing from our farmers’ perspective and what consumers are going to be facing,” she added.

“Manure cannot compete with modern chemical agriculture for high yield farming that the world depends on,” Morano of Climate Depot said.

Rufus Chaney, a retired USDA scientist known for his research on sewage sludge-based fertilizers, echoed Morano’s skepticism about making up for missing chemical fertilizers with organic alternatives.

“There are not enough useful (and not already being used) organic fertilizers to change the balance of any chemical fertilizer shortages,” Rufus told The Epoch Times via email.

“Nearly all organic fertilizers are built on livestock manure and can only be shipped short distances before it becomes cost-prohibitive,” he added.

These realities underscore another apparent contradiction in green policy—even as climate activists push for cuts to chemical fertilizer use and greater reliance on organic alternatives, they are working assiduously to cull the livestock populations that provide manure for those fertilizers.

In Northern Ireland, for example, a newly passed climate Act will require the region to lose a million sheep and cattle.

The EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy even states that work on fertilizers will be focused “in hotspot areas of intensive livestock farming and of recycling of organic waste into renewable fertilizers.”

“For years we were warned that ‘climate change’ would cause food shortages, but now it appears that climate policy will be one of the biggest factors in causing food shortages,” Morano told The Epoch Times.

Bails of hay sit in a paddock containing a failed wheat crop on farmer Trevor Knapman’s property in Gunnedah, NSW, Australia, on Oct. 4, 2019. (David Gray/Getty Images)

He cited research suggesting that a move to organic farming in the United Kingdom could actually raise carbon dioxide emissions, as the decrease in domestic yields can be expected to boost carbon-intensive imports.

“What the Biden admin is doing is seizing on ‘crises’ to advance their agenda. Greta [Thunberg] famously said, ‘I want you to panic.’ Because when you panic, you don’t think rationally and calmly, and you make poor choices. The only way they can sell these climate-inspired utopian energy and food production fantasies is during times of COVID crisis or wartime crisis,” he added.

China’s Role Scrutinized

Still, others see the focus on Russia as a distraction from China’s maneuvering on the world stage.

In 2021, China limited exports of both phosphate and urea fertilizers. The country has also stepped up its fertilizer imports.

China’s export restrictions came after it rapidly emerged as “the most important and most influential country in the fertilizer business,” according to an outlook document from the Gulf Chemicals & Petrochemicals Association.

The Peterson Institute’s analysis shows that as global fertilizer prices shot upward in 2021 and 2022, China’s fertilizer prices mostly leveled off.

Although the USDA’s April report did note the impact of China’s fertilizer export restrictions and heavy fertilizer imports, its executive summary drew greater attention to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

That summary did not mention China by name among the “countries imposing export bans and restrictions.”

Stanford University’s Gordon Chang, a China expert, warned on Twitter on May 6 that China has been “buying chemical companies whose products are needed for fertilizer and, more generally, food production,” citing comments from onshoring advocate Jonathan Bass.

The Epoch Times has reached out to Chang and Bass for additional details.

China has also been buying up American farmland as well as ports around the world, including ports in the now-food insecure Sri Lanka.

Physicist Michael Sekora, a former project director in the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), told The Epoch Times that worldwide fertilizer shortages could reflect China’s long-range technology strategy.

A key element of that strategy, he argued, is undercutting the United States whenever and wherever possible.

“Our ability to produce food is very much under attack right now. Some people say, ‘Oh, it’s just a coincidence.’ It’s China,” Sekora said.

“China has been very strategic in making sure they shore up what they have and restricting access throughout the rest of the world,” Gunasekara said.

“When you have people come in that are very anti-development and anti-growth, China can put its finger on the global market, making it that much harder, and then try to use that as an example to exert more authority and have access to greater power.”

Pain Felt Around the World

“It’s been hectic,” said South African tobacco farmer Herman J. Roos.

Roos told The Epoch Times that fertilizer prices near him have jumped since the invasion of Ukraine, on the heels of steep increases over the previous year.

He was able to buy all the fertilizer he needs for this year before the latest price shock. Yet, he expects shortages of urea, monoammonium phosphate (MAP), and other fertilizers to strain a population of farmers already under significant stress.

Copper theft, lack of government support, and the ever-present threat of physical violence are all pushing Roos and producers like him to the brink.

Yet, for all the challenges in South Africa, Roos anticipates the fallout will be worse elsewhere in the continent.

“The economy will be hit harder in countries like Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe—countries where your agricultural system is more focused on subsistence farming,” Roos added.

They and other sub-Saharan African countries are heavily dependent on South Africa for their food supply.

Roos prays food riots won’t come to South Africa. The country is still recovering from a wave of riots in summer 2021, prompted by the arrest of former South African President Jacob Zuma.

He does predict that some farmers in the country will go bankrupt.

Let the master gardeners foot the bill and do all the work, then show up to get in on the harvest. (StockMediaSeller/Shutterstock)

Back in the United States, Connecticut landscaper Adam Geriak does not yet face such stark choices.

He told The Epoch Times that fertilizer prices near him are up, in line with estimates a Connecticut garden store provided to The Epoch Times.

“I do primary garden work and use organic fertilizers, which primarily come from poultry manure,” Geriak said, adding that the price of poultry manure fertilizer may have risen too.

He does not think fertilizer price increases will have much of an effect on him. Yet, other facets of the current economic picture are worrisome to him as tries to manage his small business most effectively.

I’m having a hard time planning for the future because of the uncertainty, and I think other owners are feeling this too. In the previous two years, clients seemed to have open coffers. They wanted more projects done and there seemed to be a lot of money going around. Clients seem to be a bit tighter now, asking how they can save money on certain projects and such,” Geriak said.

“Being on the verge of a recession, and retirement accounts down may be leading to these issues,” he added.

The USDA report on Sri Lanka’s organic experiment states that the country’s government made impossible promises to different parties.

It informed farmers it would handle the cost of moving away from chemical fertilizers while telling consumers that rice on their shelves would not become pricier, all while attempting to realize environmental and public health benefits through a breakneck transition to organic fertilizers.

“If you put too much emphasis on environmental issues, and you ignore the very real impact that can have to people’s daily lives, it can have dire consequences,” Gunasekara told The Epoch Times.

“Unfortunately, we’re seeing it in the most dire of circumstances, which is a suppressed food supply. I think that situation is only going to get worse because of the rise in prices for fertilizers and diesel and everything else that’s going to make it harder for farmers in the U.S. to produce, then also globally.”

Josh, a farmer in Texas who raises small livestock, also believes things will get worse before they get better. He did not want to share his last name.

“I personally think that we haven’t even begun to feel the effects of inflation in our grocery store bills, because last year, the costs to produce were 1/3 to 1/2 the cost farmers and ranchers are having to pay this year. That cost has to be absorbed by the buyer to make it feasible for them to even continue,” he said in a message to The Epoch Times.

“My family is preparing now and stocking up our freezers and pantry because we are really concerned how bad it can get this next year.”

He estimates that fertilizer prices near him have increased 200 or even 300 percent, “dependent on what program you are running.”

The rise in diesel prices has hurt him the most. “Farm equipment runs on diesel,” he pointed out.

According to AAA’s gas price website, diesel in Texas is running at an average of $5.231, up from $2.820 a year ago.

“I can’t imagine how anyone would profit or sustain raising crops or cattle with all these price increases that effect your overhead,” Josh said, saying he has heard about other ranchers and farmers culling their herds to avoid losses.

“Food shortages are a great way to collapse the current system and install a Great Reset,” Morano, of Climate Depot, told The Epoch Times.

The Journey

I could introduce myself as a spirtual advisor.  I would rather call myself a shaman.  I say this because my message is of a return to an earlier time when our humanity was less delocalized and transhuman.  A time when the machine did not rule our lives.  We have become so mechanized our only response is more mechanization. 

Modern greens want to save the environment that technology is killing with more technology.  They fly to the hotspots and analyze the problem with technology.  They are missing the whole point.  This is about the spirtual not science.  Yes, science is vital and can’t be discarded but the issue is spirtual.  We are not going to fix anything by making more problems.  This is why I call myself a shaman.  Yet, my prescriptions is not a return because there is no return. 

It is rather about a spiritualism of an earlier time and a journey back to something that is really the here and now.  This should not be about then and now.  This should be about life as it is.  We need to get back to that proper balance.  I also want to talk to you as a shaman because shamans never had more than a tribal following meaning they were local and they dealt with family.  This is about a spiritualism that is based on nature and the local.

I understand we are delocalized and global.  We hardly have family anymore.  We communicate with mom and dad by text.  Our food comes from 1000 miles away.  Our power from vast grids.  Our goods by trucks and deliveries to our addresses.  The point is a shift is needed away from that towards the spirtual that can be found in the scale of a shaman

There is something about us that is drawn to the science and the technology that makes us more powerful and comfortable.  This must be something in life itself because we are no more and no less than an expression of life.  We try to reflect that we are exceptional and have a God that is our reflection.  Our reflection of God should be of life not a reflection of ourselves.  As a shaman I say embrace life more and exceptionalism less.

What we have done and what we are doing can only be an expression of life so at the higher levels of abstraction when we leave the judgement that our dualism inevitably leads us to, this place is just life being life.  As a shaman I am telling you be in awe and wonderment of this place where the sacred is.  Leave it be for anything else and look to that which is around you and under your feet.  Science does not stop and this is why we are where we are at now.

I am just saying be natural and for humans to be natural it is about family, tribe and a place to live.  That place to live needs to be local and dematerialized.  This is about a spirtual journey to health of you the individual and your family.  It is about your tribe that is your local community.  You are a citizen of a nation and a global person this is true.  You won’t be able to discard that.  What I am asking you to do is to work on your local persona as you yield to the requirements of being a citizen in a global world.

This greater reality is your environment just as earlier man navigated around brutal ice sheets and inhospitable deserts of earlier times.  We have created a world in decline and this is the world your spiritualism will deal with.  Science got us here so seek to limit your inevitable response with science and technology.  The healing of your soul is with the spirtual.  True comfort and power comes from meaning.

This coming time of decline and collpase will be a time of a spirtual journey.  Most people are not ready for this because life has become so delocalized and transhuman.  Your instinct will be jump in the car and drive someplace.  You may go on amazon and order a book.  Or you will read an odd blog like mine.  This is not it.   Go out and let a storm rain on you.  Feel the cold wind of winter.  This is how you start your journey.  These natural forces will give you humility and it is from here you will find it.

Many have spirituality but it has been corrupted by science.  Many have a spirituality from their religion or personal self-reflection that does not rise to the level necessary for what is ahead.  This view is a reflection on what the age of reason has done to our humanity.  Reason is suffering diminishing return.  Here diminishing returns means the more we come to know the more lost we have become.  Reason itself has been elevated to a sacred status thereby violating a fundamental separation of science from spirituality.

Many people do not even really understand spirituality.  It is not the same as religion although religion is meant to cultivate spirituality.  Many don’t even know why science and spirituality should be separate.  Today spirituality is not trusted and science is.  Yet, it is science that is leading mankind and the earths life system to the brink of collpase.  This destruction is being doubled down upon by believing more science and technology is needed to fix what has been done to ourselves and the planet.

We often hear about the separation of church and state.  We all understand this important fundamental state function.  When these are not separated there is gross interference in both church and state.  Yet, this fundamental separation has failed to address the new impingement of science on spirituality.  Science is now the religion of man’s arrogance.  Many are deeply religious this is true but these people do not realize how corrupted their religions have become because of science.  Science has delocalized religion.  It has destroyed spirtual narratives.  It has turned people transhuman with machines and thereby is distancing them from true spirituality.  The machine is anti-life hence anti-spirtual.

This takeover of civilization is now complete.  The takeover is with transhumanism of science and technology.  There are still strong religious beliefs but this is not enough.  Religion is now also coopted by transhumanism.  This is a stealth encroachment that can’t be resisted because this transhuman progress is unstoppable.  The fundamental nature of transhumanism is affluence.  We have limited ability to resist increased comforts and growth.  Transhumanism allows basic needs to be satisfied but then progresses to the deadly sins of pride, greed, gluttony, and sloth.

Religion is not prepared to deal with this transhumanism of science and knowledge made physical by technology and development.  Yet, religion is replete with examples of these dangers.  Many religions warn of the dangers of affluence.  Is it any wonder in this age of affluence there is so much spirtual poverty?  We have traded meaning for comforts and this has been done with a slow boil.  Now modern man lives in the age of anxiety naked and alone without the real comfort of meaning.

Atheism is not defined as a religion but the reality of most people’s atheism is it is a religion.  It is a religion of science and knowledge and it is a religion that is anti-religion.  It is the elevating of the secular to a spirtual status.   The common basis of atheism these days is a secularization of life with science and technology as the guide to proper living.  Reason and knowledge dictate proper wisdom to define what is right and wrong.  Many atheists see reason as the prime mover in the Universe.

Atheism is a luxury of affluence and affluence is a product of transhumanism of the machine and its accumulation of knowledge.  Atheism is something many in science and academia carry as a badge of scientific honesty.  Yet, it is actually dishonesty.  The dishonesty involves the very basics of the separation of the spirtual from science.  Accumulated knowledge is now baggage that prevents knowing.

The respect for the spirtual is increasingly being discussed by those who study system thought.  There are those who are finding life has a basic spirtual essence that is beyond science.  Many in this field are reviewing history and man’s earlier fundamental reflections on life.  They are calling into question science’s dominant narrative as a dangerous force.

Transhumanism and its religious expression in scientism is now a hidden force behind all aspects of the modern world.  Science is now polarizing as a political force.  Science has now been elevated to the guarantor of proper wisdom guarded by political mechanism of control.  This has made modern life actually anti-life.  Money and resources are now being poured into artificial intelligence and automation.  There is talk of techno-human as a new life form.  Progress is worshipped and considered unstoppable.  Singularity of man and the machine allowing an immortality of consciousness is the next frontier. 

This is blasphemous.  The definition of this being a religious crime is a poor definition that misses the point.  In its pure spirtual form blasphemy is an insult on life itself.  It is anti-life.  It is the mechanization of life for individual advancement at the expense of the whole.  This is what science has become by being elevated to a spirtual godhead.  Most of us understand how religion usurped science in earlier times with bad results.  Few today realize the pendulum has moved to the other extreme with science.

Defense and security apparatuses are driving this blasphemy as the next revolution in human dominance.  A major nation that falls behind on this is considered at risk.  This competition is weaponizing all aspects of life with a technical encroachment.  You can’t just do a little of it.  This is all or nothing because this is how technological dominance operates. 

We are now seeing a mechanization of life by machines.  Knowledge and technology are combining to automate life itself to preform human activity that is increasingly complex with complicated structures of networks and equipment.  The result is dehumanization.  Really it is worse.  It is anti-life activity destroying ecosystems that support life.

Those who are reviewing this transhumanism are now seeing that this is actually disrupting the complexity of life.  This realization has really only happened in the last few decades.   So much has been lost.  Life is so much more complex than machines.  There is an organizational aspect of life that is self-organizing and symbiotic honed by billions of years of evolution. 

If there is competition the competition occurs in the ecosystems common benefit instead of individual benefit.  With humans we are now seeing the evil of the individual usurping the commons for their own benefit thereby destroying the complexity that is the nutrient stream of life.

We are probing the very DNA of life and we are trying to geoengineer planetary systems.  Our waste streams are not nutrient streams so now we have dead zones and forever chemicals.  Eutrophication is destroying natural processes.  We are mining fossil carbon and virgin minerals to such an extent that this period of life on the planet is now being called the Anthropocene.  This is the age of transhumanism and the machine is our idol.

These problems are deeper than the physical manifestations in pollution and destructive development.  This is going to the very core of humanism which represents man’s meaning.  Meaning because of scientism is now increasingly relative.  This relativity has set man adrift and being adrift he is destructive.  We know too much so now we don’t know what to believe.  Many of us are anxious and alone in the confines of the separated ego this power has allowed. 

Spiritualism is looked down upon by science because it is not needed in the scientific process.  In fact, it is considered an irrational hinderance to scientific progress.  Superstition and traditional spirtual people are considered uneducated.  The beautiful oral culture and robust simple science of indigenous peoples is rejected as primitive and brutish.  Yet, dead zones and superfund sites are just considered problems.  Who is more superstitious I ask?

This scientific progress is unstoppable because man has grown to be a global civilization in competitive cooperative political arrangements.  The competitive is driving us to outcompete our neighbors by being more productive and more advanced.  Transhumanism is the driving force of competition.  Those who are actually more advanced with a wisdom that is a balance of science and spirtual are at a disadvantage because this resulting wisdom calls into question this transhuman development. 

Sobriety and humility are not intrinsic elements of raw competition.  I would argue they ultimately prove more powerful but in the process of development the unstoppable force of transhumanism outcompetes humility and sobriety in the short term.  Humility and sobriety are a fundamental element of spirituality.  These vital elements of wisdom are not necessary for the scientific method.  In scientism they are in fact spurned.  Politically scientism relegates these fundamentals to superstition.  This is why when I tell you I am a shaman you find it nutter and alien.

Is it any wonder that people today are so mean and cruel?  Science does not have empathy or compassion.  It is not meant to but when science is elevated to a religion in scientism the results are truly barbaric.  Yes, primitive peoples were also mean and cruel but not with their people.  They may have been vicious with other tribes but internally they were naturally compassionate and inclusive.

What you the individual needs to do is understand this process at proper scale.  So much about our human issues are a result of improper scale creating imbalances.  It is not for us to understand the why of this or pass judgment on this except at the level of the local of people and place.  Here is where man scales properly.   Proper reflection is only possible in the local.  When man finds proper scale, he finds a proper balance of science and spirituality. 

This is why this age more than any other is a spirtual journey.  The spirtual has been so diminished and corrupted that a burst of spiritualism is about to occur.  There is so much latent demand for it at the individual level because our lives have been delocalized by the machine. 

Our very survival is precarious if the machines stop.  If I lose the use of my cellphone and laptop my affairs are in disorder.  Yes, I who am preaching as a shaman about the need for spiritualism.  I am myself trapped in the transhumanism of the machine.  I am overly dependent on science and knowledge too. 

I am a green shaman.  My function is simple.  It is about the individual in the tribe.  I am speaking out about this spirtual problem of the individual.  I have no wisdom for civilization.  I have studied comparative religions, spirituality in its many forms, theology, and philosophy.  Yet, shamanism is different.  It starts with connectivity instead of knowledge. 

Knowledge is eventually an impediment to connectivity.  Science is a distraction to a proper disposition to connect.  In this age of science, a respect for spirituality is a requirement for salvation.  Salvation is nothing more than meaning.  The truth is where meaning leads and this is the place where the sacred is.  The sacred is something to connect to not to know.  If we want to know about it then use spirituality for the wisdom to know when to stop trying to know about it.

A true shaman lets the planet speak through him.  This low-level power that is the greatest power on this planet is to be used for the benefit of life and the planet.  It cannot be used for the individual.  This is why science and knowledge corrupt spirituality and they must be properly placed.  Science takes this power and converts it to its use.  We are by nature scientific and technical because of our brain and hands.  We are by nature spirtual because of our brains and self-reflection.  Salvation is the balance of the two.

I am speaking out because life is asking this of me.  Do you think I feel special because of this?  No, I feel stupid sometimes because I am not that smart and not a writer.  Yet, as a shaman I am instructed to speak so this is what I am doing. 

I am telling you this is the time to find spiritualism because science has taken over life.  I am pointing to a wisdom found at the local level of your significant other and your place.  These are immediate and visceral where core human values are found.  Find spirtual strength to find survival in this age of decline and collpase.  The decline is the vicious mechanization of life destroying our underlying resilience and sustainability.  The collpase is the localized effects of decline where ecosystems are failing but also human systems are failing.  Our families and communities are being destroyed.

This is an unstoppable force at the top.  This is the decline process beyond human intervention.  What I am recommending is you scale properly to find a spiritualism that properly balances your life to address the excessive transhumanism occurring in your life.  You are trapped in a transhuman world but this trap is not a spirtual trap.  Spiritualism is beyond this transhuman force. 

Spiritualism concerns the approach and respect to that which is sacred.  This sacred is an ascending ladder of abstraction which at a certain point can’t be embraced with the tools of science.  At a certain point it can only be approached in awe and reverence.  This is why you must go local in spiritualism for true meaning.  Otherwise, what occurs is the excesses of science.  Science is used to find meaning and the resulting force is civilization.  When you research spiritualism, you lose the sacred.  Once lost you find it.

What is needed by you the individual is a proper wisdom of placing science and the spirtual in balance.  This comes from proper scale.  This scale is local and I would argue is a permaculture function.  Man has to get closer to life itself and away for our expressions of transhumanism which is most realized in the urban.  Cities are where our balance is lost.  Cities are where humans do not have proper scale.  The unfortunate reality is cities now dominate life and it is here where the technocrats are actually doubling down on transhumanism and the worship of science with scientism.

If you can leave the city and go local in permaculture.  Get your hands dirty and grow things.  Try to embrace low carbon capture which is the basics of gathering and harvesting biomass energy.  This biomass energy is the nearest we can get to the sun itself which drives all life on earth.  The proper networks are the waterways not the digital web.  Try to make your waste streams nutrient streams where you can. 

Basically, reflect on and embrace how nature operates.  This is the seedbed of real spiritualism.  This is where modern religions fail.  They have distanced themselves from the basics of life in spirtual contemplation that is now corrupted by modern life.  This is true of all religions because modern life demands this of them.  Religions have no choice if they want to remain viable, they must be subjugated to science.

This may sound too simple becuase it is.  Simplicity is the key.  This is why it is so hard to find a true spiritualism.  It is harder for modern man to find simplicity than to subjugate himself in the destructive complexity of transhumanism.  Humility and sobriety are some of the most difficult of values.  This means distancing yourself from affluence to find proper wisdom.  A mentality of less is required to find humility and acceptance. 

A proper wisdom is the ultimate goal of this new spiritualism I am speaking of.  This wisdom is of what knowledge and technology to have and keep and what to reject.  This wisdom can only be found locally.  It is not a mass movement because at this point the macro of human life is beyond adaptation.  It is wired to self-destruct. 

The local is where this is found.  It is found in the body of Christ so to speak in small communities in natural places.  If it is found in the urban areas it is so degraded it is difficult to cultivate.  Nature is required because life invigorates spirituality with the power of the sacred.  A river has it.  The oceans tides reflect it.

You the individual with your tribe and its community can do this in a type of spirtual isolation where as best you can you call into question transhumanism and the worship of science in scientism.  Return to those aspects of life that are fundamentals.  Reject progress for progress’s sake.  Embrace a return to voluntary simplicity.  This is not the same as living in poverty.  Poverty is forced on people materially.   Poverty is not about lack of proper wisdom.  Spirtual poverty is a lack of wisdom and many if not most affluent people are in spiritual poverty.

Keep in mind I am speaking to a few and you know who you are.  I am not speaking to everyone.  I am not worthy to speak to everyone.  I am speaking to those like me who are affluent.  I am not worthy to speak to the many different ways of life in this big world.  There are 6BIL people struggling because of poverty and colonialization of transhuman affluence.  They need different shamans but the message is the same.

I am speaking to those who are like me in a western affluence.  I am trying to speak with scale and balance in my local of people and place.  Unfortunately, my tribe is the few of you that listen to me on this digital web.  I say unfortunately because this digital web is what is killing us. 

In my actual local of people and place I try to emulate what I am saying about in this blog by example.  In my local, people do not understand what I am talking about but they do find pleasing the results of my life.  They enjoy my homestead and find interesting my monestary but they don’t understand it. 

My REAL Green adaptation is the planet speaking through me as an imperfect vehicle of the proper balance of the spirtual and science.  It is my attempt to balance an unbalanced world.  I do not have answers that can be used like 12 steps.  My answers are rather asking you to understand the imbalances in your life that are inevitable and relatively and realistically adapt.  My experience is this can only be done with dirty hands and a humble heart.

I have high respect for science.  In fact, since I have become so spirtual I respect science even more.  I am in no way anti-science.  What I want to do is place science properly in my local of people and place.  I want to advocate permaculture localism as the best example of how to deal with the decline process of civilization in its final self-destructive phase.   This phase is taking the planet’s complexity down with it.  Science is now necessary and vital for your survival but it will not provide you with the meaning to deal with the brutality of the decline process this science is resulting in. 

This spiritualism that is ready to explode from mankind is really an old one.  It is the basics of life that guided our ancestors.  It is a connectivity that comes from the ground and felt when the cold wind blows.  It is the life force we struggle with and against.  Life has figured out how to deal with entropy so emulate life like man once did.  What mans has now done is become a force of entropy instead of properly adapting to entropy as life has done for billions of years.

The key point of your spirtual journey is a voluntary simplicity that embraces the resulting proper scale.   This results in balance and balance is harmony.  Go local with proper science and the spirtual.  Hone a wisdom that rejects what is not beneficial to your local and promote what is.  This is about above all rejection of unrestricted transhumanism.  It is about rejection of the fake spiritualism of scientism with its secular atheistic beliefs.  Yes, reject atheism which is a luxury of the affluence of transhumanism.

As your shaman I am telling you what the planet is telling me.  I am doing this as an imperfect vehicle of this message as one who is also trapped in transhumanism and struggles with the relativity of meaning from scientism’s secularization of life.  I am telling you to relatively and realistically embrace spiritualism and reject the excesses of science.  This means calling into question the digital and car culture.  When you do this, you will to the best of your abilities accept your trap and adapt accordingly. 

Drive less and get off your digital devices more.  Make an effort to eat properly and eat with respect for life.  Wasting food is a horrible affront to life especially when factory farming is considered.   Often, we feel bad about food waste because it is expensive.  This is the problem.  Life has a price on its head.  The inhumanity we subject life to is the embodiment of the mechanization of life.  This mechanization is the expression of scientism.  Reject this as best you can and the result is a simple but powerful meaning.

Most of all relearn how to treat your local of people and place properly.  Rebuild communities that are in effect nonexistent in many places.  I don’t have much of a local living here on the farm.  I have made multiple attempts to get people to embrace localism.  Everyone is concerned with more affluence and comforts.  Localism is too much work with little return. 

What I say is just a curiosity for most of you.  My intentions are to find a few of you who will build up what will be needed for localism for when that day comes that cities are forced to depopulate.  The local will be all that is available for people to rebuild their lives.  This time is nearing quicker than most realize.  It may not be in your life but I have a sense it will be your kid’s reality.

I am calling on a few of you to become a permaculture farmer in search of other permaculture farms orbiting a permaculture community.  The permaculture community contains the people who create the necessary things that a permaculture farm needs.  Specialization should not be more than this. Specialization should remain tribal and tribal no more than a few hundred.

I am calling on you to build up a monestary of spirtual things to guide this effort.  I am also calling on you to selectively choose the best science and knowledge to enhance this effort with quality things and best practices.  I am calling on you to have reverence for the sacred.  Approach the sacred with special reverence knowing when to stop.  The journey to the spirtual is an ascending level of abstractions humans can get lost in so seek spirtual scale.

There is a certain point where you can only reflect on the spirtual with awe and wonderment.  What you can do though is incorporate the spirtual into your local of people and place to practically and with good common sense live a life dedicated to sobriety and respect for life.  It is life that is our example so it is the natural world where you should get your spirtual strength. 

Once these steps are taken your higher power will be healed.  We all have a higher power from our nature and nurture.  Most of us do not have a healthy one.  It is those who are humble and meek who’s higher power is healthier.  Without permaculture you can’t have a well balance spirtual life.  Your religion will be corrupted by science.  As your shaman I am telling you to embrace nature in permaculture.  It is as simple as that.


war is the continuation of politics with other means.  Carl von Clausewitz

A bad peace is even worse than war.  Tacitus

“Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!”  ― William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

I almost did not post this because I am uncomfortable talking politics and ideology.  It may come back to haunt me too if the authoritarians succeed in a credit scored world.  This is the type of writing they would censor if they could.  It is also a bit of a word salad.  I am not a good writer and this topic requires so much discussion of detail.  Yet, I feel in the past I spoke about the abstract of the decline process.  I am now seeing decline and potentially collpase in plain sight.  I recommend you hear the thunder of the coming storm.

This discussion is not meant to demonize a side.  In my opinion both sides have blood on their hands.  I also don’t want to choose sides with the globalist or the populist in respect that one side will save us.  No political persuasion today has the correct answers of life boats and hospices for the decline of civilization. 

This Ukraine war is a globalist war.   The globalist are perusing an agenda of a one world government at least in the west.  The covid lockdowns and now this Ukraine war are part of this tyrannical objective.  If you understand the economics of globalism then you see how messed up globalism is now because of the actions of the globalist.  This group is reckless and incompetent as is the case in a late-stage civilization when the elite become corrupted and delusional.

The globalist and the populist both will fail because both sides have growth-based solutions.  The globalist policy will lead to a faster and harder fall because they are seeking Marxist centralization with their great reset policies of more technocracy.  Their technocracy is grounded in scientism which is the worship of science and reason.  In a time of decline centralization, complexity, and more technology is the wrong approach.  What is needed is decentralization and more simplicity.  The populist are nationalist and nationalism is more decentralized and less complex.  Globalism is the most complexity man has ever achieved and it is what is destroying man and the planet. 

The populist tend to embrace religion which has a spirtual backing.  The coming age of man after the decline process proceeds to a new civilizational reality will be a more spirtual world.  The spirtual will have to assume a much greater role to give the meaning needed to power through the perpetual crisis we are entering. 

This crisis of civilization is many sided with ecological issues but also energy, food, and water.  Pollution and depletion will converge with these issues to drive an unstoppable force.  Most people see the various problems in isolation but what they don’t see is the convergence.  It is the convergence of all of the above that will magnify the crisis into a new reality for man.  Man has no choice but to seek to do thing differently to survive.  You the individual should start now.  The world in a decade will not be the same.

This process is critical to understand if you want to truly understand the globalist war in the Ukraine.  This is the final effort to complete the new world order of the great reset with the 4th industrial revolution.  This is a delusional effort to save what can’t be saved.  Technocracy is based on control, power, and progress.  It seeks efficiency and conformity.  It does not care about the planet or the people.  It cares about the system and this system is evil.  I am not speaking in religious terms with evil.  I am speaking in terms of anti-life.  The machine is anti-life when taken to this extreme.  Technocracy is a mechanization of life.

The globalist’s goal is to subjugate Russia.  Russia is a impediment to the globalist because they have such a large resource base.  Their population and economy are small in comparison to the US and Europe but their influence and military power makes them an impediment to globalist goal of a one world order.  Russia is the last holdout to their conquest of the western world. 

This discussion is to express that this war is the prelude to the decline process that eventually will be the collpase of civilization as we know it.  Something different is ahead and likely soon.  When I say collapse, this is being applied very broadly.  It may mean a stair step down to something less complex but it could also be worse.  I am not putting a time frame on this either but within a generation I see a world that is unrecognizable.  This is non-negotiable because this force has the momentum of a planet and its life system n declining complexity from human forcing.  The human inertia of knowledge, technology, energy intensity acting against this decline will not overcome this force.

The pain and suffering of the Ukrainian people is a crime and a tragedy.  They are the cannon fodder of the elites on all sides.  Putin is a villain but I would say less than the globalist.  It is globalist that have pushed him into a corner for 2 decades now trying to advance NATO right up to his borders.  Russia knows their intent and they have rejuvenated the Russian military because of this existential threat.  The Russian Military is now highly capable and dangerous to mess with.  This is what the globalist are doing.  Nuclear war is possible of course and this would be total collapse. 

The Globalist have blood on their hands in this dirty war.  Ukraine is being used as a tool to weaken Russia.  They are not interested in diplomacy or else the Minsk agreement would have succeeded.  This has been their plan for years now although I don’t think they thought it would go hot this soon.  This is a hybrid war with information and economics.  This will also weaken globalism which they are now underestimating.  Globalism is what keeps them in power and paradoxically they are destroying globalism to advance it.

This globalist bloodletting will get thicker once the global economy declines with food shortages affecting millions.  This destructive change did not have to happen this soon and this dramatic.  The globalist agenda is fully evident now.  This agenda is no longer a conspiracy topic.  This great reset is proudly being proclaimed by the Davos club.  The great reset as a mainstream policy is a reality now.  This includes the US, Anglosphere and the EU.  Their foot soldiers are science, academia, and the environmental movement.  The US Democratic party and the Republican establishment are part of this.  The populist nationalist in all these countries are the opposition to this one world wester version of the Chinese communist state capitalism.

The hold outs in the US are the red states of American.  They may have saved the world from tyranny.   They have prevented a quick take over by the globalist.  There are some eastern European countries standing in the breach like Hungary.  The populist movement is strong in Europe but the consolidation of power in the EU has suppressed there efforts.  The more federalist structure in the US has allowed the red states to resist this Marxist power grab.  It appears likely because of the incompetence and the recklessness of these globalist elites they have failed.  Unfortunately, the damage done by them to civilization will bring on a harder decline than might have been the case.

This is an agenda they have pushed because build back better needs to destroy the old order.  The renewable energy part of this agenda is a scientific lie.  It is not physically possible to power a technocratic civilization with renewables.  Their science is now a lie because technocracy has elevated science and reason to God like status.  Ultimately, they want to fuse man and machine into a new world order of authoritarian control.  This will usher in the 4th industrial revolution of algorithms, automation, and artificial intelligence.  This is pinnacle of the arrogance of humanism distancing humans from the source of life on this planet.

The 4tth industrial revolution is a lie too mainly because of the physics of energy and the diminishing returns to technology.  These two decline forces are combining to cause widespread economic decline.  Debt, unfunded liabilities, and wealth inequality are combining to create a stagflation environment of rising prices but also declining economic activity.  The globalist in their effort to gain total control are destroying the supply chains of globalism.  They are creating a terminal food and energy crisis because once these systems have been damaged, they will not recover.  They are destroying the rule of law and proper economic price discovery because this is what Marxism does.  The USSR failed for a reason and that was misapplication of resources and the destruction of the basics of human rights.

This war is dollar related with billions in military sales and policies related to the consolidating of western power.  The fake pandemic is another tool of consolidated control.  This made millions for big pharma and offered a powerful coercive tool for the elites and the unelected administrative state.  These two policy goals of the globalist are meant to cement authoritarian control measures.  This is the period where the elites take risks to achieve the ends of power consolidation in a new world order.   This reckless effort is without care and empathy for the people.  The people are statistics that allow cold blooded calculations.  Clean shaven people are practicing butchery.

Putin is like a neighbor with a pit bull, leave it alone.  Let the dog have its space and it won’t bite.  Putin stated on multiple occasions a red line to the existential security of Russia.  The globalist have now pushed their confrontation with Russia right up to its borders so what do you expect Russia to do?  The globalist want a protected war of attrition to bleed Russia.  The Russian economy is the size of Italy and their population under half the US.  The Ukrainian people will be the sacrificial lamb.  The rest of the world will suffer too from food and energy shortages.

The Russian people are a proud people.  They are highly educated and productive.  They have been mistreated for decades both from within with their oligarchs but also by the western attacks on their sovereignty.  Putin stands in the way of the new world order of the globalist.  He is in a sense an ally of the populist against the tyranny of the globalist.  He may be a mafia Don but at this point the globalist have met their match.  Putin gave the noose to the globalist to hang themselves.  Unfortunately, we the common man will suffer too.

The globalist have put Europe in a very bad situation with food and energy.  Europe was already inching towards a crisis with their incredibly incompetent NetZero embrace.  NetZero is a lie and will fail.  I am all for renewables but only as an extender for the coming decline brought on by the net energy decline of fossil fuels.  This war will disrupt the key global bread basket that is Ukraine.  It will upset trade in fossil fuels and fertilizer from Russia who is one of the largest supplies of these key commodities.  It will put the 3rd world in great difficulties because there will now be food shortages by 2023 and they will be unlike anything seen in the last 60 years.  Mass migration to Europe will be the result.

The US involvement in Ukraine for the last decade has been criminal starting with the color revolution instigated by the deep state.   The corruption of the Clintons, Bidens, and many other politicians on both sides of the aisle is fully evident.  The military industrial complex is now making billions from this Russian conflict.  The same politicians pounding the war drums and pushing military aid to prolong this war are raking in millions from the lobbyist.  This corruption is what happens in a late-stage civilization. 

The general public is slow boiled with this especially if you drink the Kool-Aid of the western main stream media who are a propaganda arm of the globalists.  This is a crime against humanity but the globalist could care less because this is a plan to remake the world.  The collateral damage of dead Ukrainians is good politics when spinned properly.  Nothing focuses ordinary citizens like videos of death and destruction.  The misinformation is thick these days because of this hidden agenda.  If you call into question this death and destruction you are labeled a Putin sympathizer.

There is a much deeper risk and that is nuclear war and the hybrid war of cyber-attacks.  People know how bad nuclear war would be but less about how things could grind to a halt with a cyber attack on critical infrastructure.  This is all possible but there is a new crisis building which has been building for years and this is the breakdown of globalism.  Globalism brings you food, energy, and goods.  When it breaks down our lives are going to become much more precarious.  This breakdown will be hastened by the disruptions of this war.  In fact, it is now baked into the cake.

The globalist have been hell bent on regime change in Russia since the USSR dissolved.  Most people don’t know or care about the history of this.  This has been a 2-decade long process of lies and hostile actions.  The truth is in the news of the last 20 years if you dig into it.  Most people don’t so they believe the lies of the globalist that this war is all Putin’s doing.  My words are no longer conspiracy just as my words on the globalist intentions in my previous post indicate they are seeking anti-life policies.  These actions are for an authoritarian system to protect their power and wealth.  They do not care about the planet or the people.  Affluence of the elites can only be maintained at this point with total control.

Their continuous reckless behavior has led the world to the brink of destruction.  This is economic and social.  The great financial crisis of 2009 was their doing.  They allowed rampant financialization to cause a bubble.  They reinflated that bubble once it popped in 2009.   The central banks efforts have enriched the wealthiest of the corporate world and the political establishment giving them a taste of total control.  Now we have a new bubble ready to pop.  This bubble is the last of this civilization.  The globalist sealed the fate of globalism and now a different new world is in the offing.  This is not the world the globalist sought.

Modern monetary policy of the globalist and the left is little more than a wealth transfer gimmick but one that will destroy everyone’s wealth.  Malinvestment of the radical left though their Covid policies and stimuluses have left us with out-of-control inflation.  This is at a time when net energy is in decline and technology is going nonlinear into a self-destructive doom phase where the more that is applied the more problems that result.  The momentum of decline was there regardless but we now have the situation of the rapid onset of this into a tipping point.  If you thought the last two years were bad with covid just wait until 2023.  This will be when the convergence creates a crisis that just a few years would have been unimaginable.

The law of unintended consequences of these purposeful actions of the globalist will have outcomes that create more problems than they solve.  The new world order will be one of less energy and resources than might have been available for life boats.  Financialization was a blow out of malinvestment that could have been used as lifeboats but now policies of war and control will hasten this process of abandonment, dysfunction, and irrational sociopolitical policy.  This will leave the individual angry and helpless.  When you are cold and hungry it is difficult to fight.

Financialization has been a malinvestment yielding a waste stream of misapplied resources going on 30 years now.  Ghost cities in China are a great example but something similar is happening in the west too.  Financialization was the main driving force of globalism.  This is the ill-gotten concentration of money and power without borders.  Financialization is a colonization strategy where peoples are homogenized and exploited for the benefit of global wealth class.  The result is humans everywhere dependent on an unsustainable system.  Humans dumbed-down to the basics of survival.  Humans relegated to serfs dependent on the state and unable to defend themselves.

I do not like to talk politics but this needs to be made clear to understand where the trajectory of civilization is going.  This is global.  No countries can escape this macro force.  This means you the individual too.  I mainly talk to you the individual and strategies for you to adapt and mitigate this.  I do not believe these self-organizing phenomena can be mitigated at the top.  The risk of this is so dispersed throughout the system of human civilization that collapse is a done deal.  Civilization is in its late stage and now in terminal decline.  This has been hastened by the globalist with Covid lockdowns and now the Ukraine war.

I am a degrowther but I am also a realist that sees the honest science of collapse.  The degree and duration of degrowth is the key.  Degree is obvious with the severity of the impact.  Severe pain and suffering is measured in degree.  Duration is important in how long the worst of the degree phase of collpase can be sustained.   Very high levels of degree with a longer duration could cause a breakdown that is cascading with unpredictable outcomes.  Decline was coming anyway but one that could have had less degree and duration.

Degrowth is now the paradigm of this new age.   An epoch is tipping over with the natural world from the stable to the unstable.  A human era of growth is tipping over to decline.  The duration of this process is a critical characteristic of this new human era.  How strong will this destructive change be with duration?  When will there be a floor of stability?  I am now more pessimistic than ever before in my life for what humans face.

This is a slow boil for the individual.  This age of optimism makes people think all that is needed is proper policy to maintain affluence.  Cognitive dissonance is creating a neurotic state we call the age of anxiety.  The globalist are seductively playing on this anxiety by offering their polices of unlimited clean energy and a saftynets of the state as a carrot.  The delusional radical left are drinking in green technocracy and the Marxism of fake social justice policy.  They are in the rapture of the ushering in of a new utopian techno green age.  The radical left is the most reckless and the biggest technocracy supporters.  Science and academia have been radicalized over the past 20 years.  They are now the villains.  Science is now political policy.

The globalist have harness the leftist as their foot soldier.  The result is radical policy at a time when sobriety is needed.  If you are dying of disease then a radical cure will often times just makes the situation worse.  This is now the case with the technocracy being employed by the globalist and their radical foot soldiers on the left.  Keep in mind the populist are little better in regards to saving the unsavable but being more conservative they will likely do less harm with the critical factors of degree and duration.

I am bringing up degrowth in regards to war in this post because the unintended consequences of a policy of confrontation by the globalist with Russia will be a destructive process that will hasten decline.  This hot war is a prelude to the building of the cold war with China.  This Chinese cold war could go hot at any time over Taiwan.  This actually represent a much worse situation and the domino that will quickly unravel globalism with catastrophic results.   A war with China will be hugely disruptive of supply chains where Russia and Ukraine are a disruptor of the vital resources of energy and food.  Combine the two and we are talking grave dangers.

In the 80’s I was a globalist and a supporter of sustainable development but now I am a localist and degrowther.  I am siding with the populist because they embrace the family unit and decentralization.  The change in me occurred because I have come to see the arrogance of humanism of the modern human as the most destructive life force in the history of the planet.  This destruction has come quicker than anything in earlier times.  Yet, a rapid unravelling of globalism could doom civilization.  A slower more sober decline of a terminally illness is called for.  This will allow lifeboats and the palliative care of a hospice.

We are all in a globalized world now locked in an economic embrace of delocalization through transhumanism.  This combination is the transhumanism of machine mobility and digital culture combined with the delocalization of what you need to feed and shelter you.  This delocalization is direct and indirect.  There is no hiding from the direct effects this delocalization has caused because if the trucks stop you will go cold and hungry. 

The indirect effect is the fact that risk has been disperse into every aspect of your life so you don’t really know where to defend against its dangers.    Even if your local is more sustainable your urban neighbors are not.  All cities over 20,000 are unsustainable in the coming decline.  Move out if you can.  The vast mega cities of the world are a ticking timebomb.

This current war with Russia and likely later with China is a civilizational civil war because man is global now.  Civil war is basically a war of ideologies.  The material gain of civil war is of lower concern than ideological victory.  This means civil war can result in near total destruction where invasions to gain resources only attempts to gain material results.  Destructive actions are avoided or else the prize is destroyed.  If the great powers war on themselves now the destruction will be beyond what is anticipated.  Our modern way of life will be damaged so much it is unclear if it can survive.

The globalist and their authoritarian cousin the Chinese Communist party have seen elite capture for years where the Chinese have infiltrated the globalist with wealth.  They gained power over them by the usual means of corruption.  This has also changed the Chinese system into a state capitalism that is a merger of communism with big corporate partners.  In the west we have globalist that are now in an elite merger with the Chinese system of state authoritarianism.  The leaders of the globalist movement admire the control China has over its people.  They may view each other as competitors even adversaries but their world view has been one of merger.

The populist are fighting this secularized subjugation of an authoritarian one party state.  In the west the globalist have not achieved their goals of complete power yet.  In China we see the result of one-party rule and it is dystopian.  Many Chinese may have been lifted out of poverty but a country that was relatively sustainable with rural subsistence farming is now destroying itself and the greater planet in wester style industrialization.  Much of China is so polluted that food and water need massive energy and resources to even be made safe for human consumption.  China is now exporting this destructive industrialization to the rest of the world with the Belt and Road initiative.

The globalist have shown their cards in this bluff with Russia that turned hot.  I would argue they showed their cards with the populist too and this is why there is a populist movement that is ready to blow the current establishment class out of power in several key areas.  This loss of power is if an election is even allowed in the US this November.  A majority of the US is dominated by red states who will not submit to this tyranny.  The globalist might employ a false flag to cancel the coming midterms. A midterm election loss will be devastating to their position of power.  Martial law might be in the cards for the October and November time frame.

The globalist played their cards too early in my opinion.  The danger of Donald Trump to their power was the reason.  The flexing of this Machiavellian power by the globalist in the US was a stolen election.  We now see the lawfare of the deep state battling its own people.  We see the coopting of the media and cultural entities in the common effort of tyranny.  We see corporate culture going woke.  This has emboldened them to push Russia into a war.  Everything about the globalist is warfare based both internally and externally.  This is why I call them war pigs.

The pandemic was an opportunity for bold policy overreach.  It was an excuse to bypass the rule of law written in the constitution and Bill of Rights.  It has been an opportunity to push politicized science of the pandemic where only ideologically approved science is allowed.  Power has been deceptively gained through social policies of cultural Marxism where they are attempting to homogenized the population under the social system of woke allowing standardized control.  Unrestricted immigration will disrupt social cohesion so they can break the family and gain voters.

The goal is a feudal system of the elites and serfs.  The serfs will be dependent on state handouts.  This is why guaranteed basic income is talked about so much.  They are offering free stuff but people do not realize nothing is free.  You will give up your freedom to get this free stuff.  Their moto already advertised by the Davos club is “you will own nothing and be happy” in the new socialism of woke.  Stake holder capitalism will rent you everything and the state will give you income based on social credit scoring.  If you resist your digitally controlled income is at risk.

Many on the university campuses are mesmerized by all this economic socialism and cultural Marxism.  They don’t even really teach anything on many campuses today except ideology.  The modern university is a nanny state with safetyism and fake inclusion.  Where once Marxism was a class war it is now about divisive ethnicity.   This is a cover for the elites to divide and conquer.  They do not care about racism they care about power.  They are coming after the young who are gullible and naïve.

The club of elites is very small.  Currently the intermediate elites are being warred upon.  This means small businesses and cultural groups especially conservative ones.  Straight white men are the target at this moment which is odd because most of the highest of the globalist elites are old white guys.  If these globalists really believed in what they preach they would lead by example but they don’t.  They don’t on the environment or social justice.  They lie because if you hear lies enough often you believe them. 

The family structure that is so important to survival in a post growth world is being destroyed.  Small family businesses are being destroyed with power consolidated within large woke monopolistic corporations.  This is stakeholder capitalism of big government and the unelected and unaccountable administrative state each in support of the other.  Big corporations are doing the deep states bidding in a revolving door of power and patronage.  This is modern day fascism and their claims of protecting democracy and freedom from fascism are just propaganda.  They are driving a fascist authoritarian administrative state along the lines of the Chinese communist party.

They are seeking this power and domination under the guise of policies to save the climate and social justice when the truth is technocracy is killing the planet through the results of technology.  Social justice of sustainable development is just seeking growth through authoritarianism.  Development is growth and the planet is dying from growth.  Cultures are being destroyed in stealth colonization of global industrialization. 

The censorship proposed by the elites should be an indicator of their true goals.  The participation of the elites in climate meetings with their private jets transporting them there should be an indication of their true intent.  They are not concern for the planet.  Their concern is you are made docile and controllable so they can protect their wealth and power.

They claim the end is social justice and climate action but it is really complete control in a technocracy of an authoritarian state.  The best means to gain unfair power is with a message that is a lie.  Lies require more lies to sustain the original lies.  This global situation is a catch 22 situation of no solutions only bad choices so they continue to lie offering utopian solutions.   The lies, cheating and stealing are legitimized by the globalist because of their technocratic goals of an authoritarianism that will ensure they have the power needed to face the troubles ahead but only in regards to their position.  The people will be sacrificed to attain their ends.

The problem now for all of us is this great reset effort is being done near a tipping point.   The great reset is a diminishing return effort that seeks to prolong power and affluence.  Power and affluence are in decline in a system reaching a phase change.  Net energy decline means the lower amounts of energy delivered to a system needing ever great energy inputs will destroy that system.  This includes food that is produced by industrial processes but also water that is made abundant by industrial processes.  The elites should be downsizing in the face of this macro decline but instead they will attempt to double down on the vary effort that got us to this point.

The global population is an order of magnitude too large without these industrialized needs.  These needs have been satisfied for a century now by fossil carbon and virgin resources.  Overpopulation, depletion and pollution are the result.  The honest science is clear on this.  This is now a period of global decline natural and with man’s civilization.  The elites do not want you to know this because they understand how hard it is to control an angry and scared population.

Civilization is approaching late stage and can’t be pushed into more growth anymore without negative consequences.  Politics is now warfare because without growth there is less cooperation and more competition.  Technology is at or near diminishing returns where self-destructive efforts are the result.  Net energy decline and depletion of economic resources are in the stage where it cost more to get these vital needs then they return to civilization in value.  Social structures are no longer cohesive and this is leading to the loss of confidence.  Civilization is now an unravelling Ponzi scheme.

Inflation and illiquidity are the result of this forcing function of the end of growth.  Financialization does not produce resources it instead consumes them in malinvestment.  People produce things and it is small groups and families that are the bedrock of human survival.  Both of these social structures are under attack because they can’t be easily controlled by authoritarians.  Financialization quickly becomes parasitic and destroys the productive capacity of the people.  It is private benefits at the expense of the general public.  This is why the elites are doubling down with centralized control and political financialization.

I want to touch on the idea of Tacitus that a bad peace is even worse than war.  This does not mean war will not destroy us but keep in mind endless growth on a finite planet is sure to do the same.  Even sober well thought out growth is destructive at this point.  If the globalist and the Chinese communist party manage to cement their centralized control and attempt the 4th industrial revolution of artificial intelligence and the automation of machines the result are certain to destroy civilization quicker. 

This will harm the planet even more because technology is so destructive when it goes non-linear into diminishing returns.  A bottleneck much worse than anything else in human history is possible unless this destructive force is stopped.  Technology without checks and balances leads rapidly to self-destruction.  Technocracy is a religion of technology.  The great reset crowd’s prescriptions to save the people and the planet will do neither.  Technology without a wisdom of life is anti-life.

This is globalist overreach is what Tacitus spoke of as a bad peace.  This is the goal of the authoritarians of the world to incrementally destroy the old order and usher in the new.  Unrestrictive asymmetrical war is their political aim with all who stand in their way.  This warfare is by any means to secure authoritarian control of their technocratic world.  The unintended consequences will be a breakdown of globalism and an eventual end of civilization as we know it. 

The destruction of the globalist is what is needed at this time in human history.  So, if this overstep by the globalist does not destroy civilization and they are defeated then the result could be a step down from globalism to a more decentralized world.   This world will be forced into a necessary degrowth.  Many are going to die and suffer regardless but fewer will suffer if the globalist plans are destroyed.  So what I am mentioning this overreach by the globalist may turn out to be a benefit to less degree and duration of decline.  I spent a lot of time criticizing them but their failure may be a benefit.  This is still dangerous and may end in nuclear war or a cascading economic collpase.

It is unclear if our delocalized and overly dependent transhuman world of machines can survive this breakup of the old order of growth.  Yet, if the globalist are defeated and the systematic step down is less severe with shorter duration then civilization may find room to stabilize in decline.  We may see pockets of a new wisdom of decline emerge throughout the world.  Cooperation may result with people who understand a reality of decline means cooperation is needed.  Pain and suffering will focus people’s attention like no propaganda ever could.

This will be a two-fold break.  One will be the systematic breakdown of the system that underlies civilization which is the competitive cooperation of participants in a globalized economic systeme.  In this process of forced decentralization, a dysfunctional growth system and the irrational policy of cultural Marxism will be rationalized by a concrete reality of decline.  The other break is a more localized world of producing food and water.  Will we be able to maintain shelter and produce the products needed to do this?  This is why I preach green prepping with permaculture localism.  This is the individual’s only hope in the first step down to a more natural world.

Success of this is unclear and unknowable at this point but the knowledge and honest science clearly say degrowth is vital at this point of overshoot.  I would argue in this case war is better than a bad peace.  The Pax globalism of the last 20 years has just been building up of the energy of a phase change of overshoot.  This is now at a level that may not be survivable except by destroying it as soon as possible.  I know this is a mixed message of railing at the elites but also saying their failure could be beneficial to a softer landing.  This is a mixed message because no one can know how this will unfold.  This will be a process full of chaos so now is the time for you to prepare regardless.

I hope this medicine of a collpase of globalism will work.  This will mean an end to your affluence as you know it.  We are already at a 40% discount to real affluence because of the dispersal of risk from financialization.  Your wealth is actually discounted tremendously when reality tested.  Digital wealth is not real wealth in a system that is breaking down like ours is today.  Invest in physical assets if you can.

This bifurcation of the current order is going to be dispersed initially.  Areas will fail that are most exposed.  I constantly mention places and activities that should be avoided.  They will likely be the first to fail.  Common sense of a wisdom that understands living with less but more hard work is a good start.  So, if you are living with too many machines and with too much mobility than you are at risk.  If your region has food and water that comes from afar then you are not in a good place. 

Luck will play a part here too because risk has been dispersed through the entire system and across the planet so even places that have the right stuff are at risk.  Some places that are most exposed might be saved because this decline is so unpredictably.  Yet, keep in mind the best policy is a wisdom that seeks the common sense of less.  This process will be dominated by a paradigm of less modern civilization on a planet forced into the ecological change of succession.   This will be a process of retrogression to less complexity both within civilization and with the ecosystem of life.

This process appears to be self-organizing and natural because life is not linear.   As humans we feel exceptional and above natural selection but suffer the same results all species suffer in overshoot.  Political environmentalist today like to think we can save civilization and the planet but this is just hubris.  The arrogance of humanism is the greatest threat to the planet and our human civilization.  We are doubling down on the vary policies that got us to this point. 

War may be the best situation to beak this mechanization of destruction.  This thinking is like when a position is being overrun and the commander calls in an artillery strike on his postion because this is the last hope.  I am thinking that civilization is too far gone to achieve proper change itself so it must be disrupted by consequences sooner than later.  This warfare of the globalist might have the silver lining of delivering this needed change.  This is a big if and I am just trying to look on the brighter side of a destructive process.

This trajectory of decline is not going to be fixed by any human effort.   It is going to run its course.  Human interference will only make the disruption to our own irrational and dysfunctional policies worse.  The system is already broken.  This is why I preach a wisdom of insecurity that embraces the green prepping of permaculture localism.  This is your only hope to find a place of relative and realistic security.  There are no refuges from this epoch change and end of a civilization but there are places better or worse.

Go local with your people and place.  Leave cities if you can.  At least leave those areas that are too affluent for their local survival.  Downsize with dignity.   This is a pathway to meaning that this is where the truth is.  Beat the rush before it really gets bad which unfortunately is just around the corner.  I started this process 20 years ago but got aggressive with it 10 years ago.  It really takes a decade under most circumstances to do this.  Yet there are many locals that have the right stuff if only they would clear away the dead wood.  The primary ingredient is community.  The family unit is the basics of survival as it has always been.

If you have a strong community that is local and simpler then build upon it NOW!.  This is really about spirituality because the political ideological contamination of science expressed in technocracy is now fully at war with the people.  Spirituality is an acceptance of a higher power above our ego.  It is about a higher power above man’s civilization too.  Technocracy is a religion of anti-life so reject it if you want any hope of salvation.  Spirituality is what can break the machination of human arrogance.

These globalist can’t be stopped completely but they will destroy themselves.  They have taken control of the primary levers of power.  Those who will fight them in the civil war of globalism with be part of the destruction of the system because remember this is a clash of ideology.  The planet has been forced for hundreds of years and now is reacting so this is a combination of the forces of decline.  This is phase change.  It actually is worse than phase change it is a chemical reaction with a new result.

The alternative is to enjoy your affluence if you already have it and live in denial.  You can also live understanding the reality of what is coming but enjoying what you have now.  This is tough to do because humans live their lives in the future.  We have a hard time enjoying the moment.  I am not sure what is best for you. 

I am of the type that believes in following where the truth takes me.  The truth is telling me to get closer to nature by realistically and relatively embracing the natural way of things.  I am distancing myself as best I can from the arrogance of humanism in transhumanism of the machine and the delocalization of globalism.  The tyranny of the machine and the lies of centralized power to me are anti-life and should be distanced from.  Other than that duck down in your foxhole for the incoming of pain, suffering, and death.

“War Pigs”  Black Sabbath

Generals gathered in their masses

Just like witches at black masses

Evil minds that plot destruction

Sorcerer of death’s construction

In the fields, the bodies burning

As the war machine keeps turning

Death and hatred to mankind

Poisoning their brainwashed minds

Oh lord, yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away

They only started the war

Why should they go out to fight?

They leave that role to the poor, yeah

Time will tell on their power minds

Making war just for fun

Treating people just like pawns in chess

Wait till their judgement day comes, yeah!

Now in darkness, world stops turning

Ashes where their bodies burning

No more war pigs have the power

Hand of God has struck the hour

Day of judgement, God is calling

On their knees, the war pigs crawling

Begging mercy for their sins

Satan laughing, spreads his wings

Oh lord, yeah!

Children of Darkness

In this age of safetyism with the cancel culture of woke, I am here to shake you up with a wisdom of insecurity.  We are now in the last stages of a civilization in unreality where reality is forced by ideology.  This is a human reality not a reality reflected by nature.  While it is a bold step claiming to know reality, I can say what is not reality and this is the modern reality of human exceptionalism.  Technocracy is the peak of this unreality.  The wisdom of insecurity asks you instead to embrace insecurity as the basis of action.  This pessimistic existentialism allows humility and acceptance that are required for proper action in an age of decline. 

The luxury of affluence from fossil carbon allowed this ideological reality.  A religion of scientism has emerged.  This is the sister to cultural of woke.  Science is now used ideologically to force reality to a human reality of progress.  Energy is presented as clean and unlimited.  Knowledge is now being elevated to a hybrid of artificial and human intelligence that seeks a singularity of man and machine. 

The priests of scientism claim algorithms and automation will efficiently work through the biological problems of our infinite growth impulse on a finite planet by eliminating the problems of human nature.  Scientism seeks immortality in this singularity.  Our souls will be uploaded to a digital cloud to eliminate the mortality of the earthly body.  Artificial intelligence will perfect proper living.  Biological humans will be drones to maintain this utopia.  You will own nothing and be happy.  In this serfdom the elites will find enduring power and affluence.

Unless you know the group behind these doctrines of ideological destruction you will find it difficult to find an individual salvation of spirit.  This private elite club that is utilizing these forces of scientism and woke are the children of darkness.  They are imposing a world view that conforms to their idea of a utopian world of progressive human advancement through science and the machine. 

Science and secularism taken to the extreme is the result.  Human nature must be controlled in this world because any dissent represents an imperfection.   This fake ideological reality is actually an unreality being imposes upon the natural world.  If men are given the freedom to debate this ideology complete control is unattainable.  This ideological reality can’t be debated it must be implemented by a technocratic elite to maintain purity. 

The cultural Marxism of woke is a tool of control.  The basis of Woke is not a social justice for race but a rebranded tool of class warfare. Carl von Clausewitz defined war as the continuation of politics with other means.  This is why woke has been weaponized with extremist.  Lawfare against opponents and the cultural targeting of the family are now an open reality.  The rule of law is being disregarded.  Economics policy is attempting to centralize through Modern Monetary Theory of deficit spending.  This is how Marxist gain control they destroy a system from within.

Imperfection is innate in human nature because of the dualism of self-consciousness.  This imperfection is better called turbulence because this is an abstraction that needs a metaphysical explanation.  Human nature has always resisted scientific definition.  Man’s tendency to science and the spiritual within a planetary system cycles with periods of more of less of each.  When these dualistic poles assume the role of the other turbulence is the result.  This turbulence can be referred to as extremism.  Man is an animal but also capable of reflection of the divine because of self-consciousness. 

We are a technical animal because of our large brain and hands to manipulate.  This condition creates a destructive tendency when proper wisdom is not present.  This is both with science and its technology but also the spirtual with ideological sacraments.  Today we are in an age of science so the destructive results are from science where in previous ages it was spirtual ideologies destroyed civilization through the irrational of extremism.  Now a scientific ideology is claiming spirtual status in scientism with cancel culture enforcing this ideology.

This ideology of scientism is attempting to rid itself of human imperfection through technocracy.  Spiritualism must be relegated to the irrational because to give it equal footing would mean acknowledging the imperfection of science when standing alone.  Science without wisdom is self-destruction.  Wisdom requires the spirtual.  Pure science has no boundaries.  It seeks to know unhindered by reflections of morality.  This is a denial of death because death is the ultimate boundary.  Science unbounded seeks immortality.

A required balance is needed to both these aspects to our dualistic nature.  The wisdom of insecurity scaled properly balances the two.  This is done through acceptance of death and the humility to the sacred.  Here science is properly placed by a wisdom that knows when to stop scientific progress based upon a robust spirtual dimension.  This spirtual dimension is the basis of the wisdom of insecurity.  Acceptance of the limits of death is a humility that properly grounds science in boundaries.

The deviations from this scale and balance dictates man’s ebbing and flowing of civilization.  Before civilization this was in a steady state by natural living.  When we reached the stable Holocene, agriculture began the gradual stepping stone of growth of civilization.  Civilization is specialization and centralization instead of a traditional family, tribal, and confederation arrangement.  Decentralization with living culture allowed dramatic adaptation to environmental changes.  Stability allowed affluence that allowed the growth of specialization.  The growth of science and knowledge resulted.

Today we are in the age of technology.  This is the age of death because the machine knows no limits.  Technology seeks power and efficiency as the only good.  Is it any wonder in this age of extremism that the chief behavioral tendency of leadership is psychopathy of greed?  Humans embrace this because affluence is intoxicating.  The quest for power even overtakes affluence.  Power is the ultimate blasphemy of the spirt.  This is the existential cliff of hubris.  We are now here.

In the wisdom of insecurity, I speak of salvation.  This is not immortality but instead naturalness.  Naturalness is the embrace of the sacred guiding natural science.  Humans are scientific animals so natural science is the key to our salvation.  This natural science is found in our older pre-civilization culture.  This points to what in coming after the end of modern civilization.

The sacred is mirrored by truth which is our natural rationalization of the sacred.  Truth is the meaning humans find in their struggle with dualism.  Humility is a keystone requirement to approach the sacred.  It is this proper approach to the sacred that offers insight into the truth.  This is why the wisdom of insecurity is vital. 

Proper truth is only attained by humility.  There is no humility today as a basis of political action.  This is because this is the age of scientism.   Ideological extremism supplements humility.   This is the basis of woke and the cancel culture.  If you submit to woke culture then an elaborate religious code is embraced.  This mirrors cultural Marxism with class struggles and it has always been a tiny elite driving these political forces.  It only takes targeted application of this extremism of a minority to achieve results.

This is about elite control paraded as safetyism.  You will be safe if you trust them, is their offering.  This is why lies are the basis of their platform.  The ends justify the means and the ends is power plain and simple.  Lying, Cheating, stealing are the ultimate tools of power but these are self-destructive because eventually they are self-destructive.  This is why all revolutions destroy themselves from within.  This is nature’s way of balance and humans are no different.  These people may have other motives as individuals but their system of technocracy is a self-organizing impulse to complete power.

Biological life mirrors the sacred light.  Anti-life of the machine mirrors darkness.  The further from naturalness the more mechanized you become.  Complete mechanization is anti-life.  Humans are technological by nature of mental patterns and hands that form but humans are also spirtual by nature because of our reflection of the divine.   

Self-consciousness presents us with an existential dualism of science and spirit.  In today’s age, science is now spirtual.  When you see this clearly then you see that a destructive reaction is inevitable.  This is a rapid approach to the cliff of disregarding the laws of nature that science seeks to usurp when in complete turbulence from a balance of the two.  Wisdom that is the balance of the two is not present today.  It was once spiritualism that lacked wisdom now it is science.  The difference with this age of science is the destructive reach of the machine.  The planet is now covered by machines.

This is the age of machines and the worship of knowledge.  Artificial intelligence and automation are now icons of this age.  Science is engaged in self-worship.  Academia are the priests of this religion in walled campuses of elitism.  The covenant is knowledge.  Technology is the sacrament.  We sacrifice our humanity to this new religion by dehumanization of the machine and slavery.  Nature is sacrificed too as a commodity to exploit. 

They seek to save civilization and the planet by more of the same that is destroying the two.  If a proper spirtual tradition were present this collapsing world would be abandoned just as Chaco Canyon was deserted.  Except this world is locked into the embrace of the machine where survival is machine based.  The machine has now taken over but natural limits will destroy the machine.  Physical limits of science and energy limits of a finite planet will end this rapidly with cascading results.  We are near these bifurcations.

Science is now politicized.  It is an ideology of conforming reality to the human mind.  It is in complete corruption of life values found in biological life.  Humanism is at maximum arrogance where the fox is in charge of the hen house.  The fox is academia and the hen house is humanism balanced within a natural world. 

Academia claims it can save civilization and the planet through engineering.  They assure us this can be done and affluence will be maintained.  The wisdom of insecurity says it is only acceptance of consequences and the embrace of the humility of consequences that are the road to salvation.  Scientism rejects humility out right as weakness yet it is the meek who will inherit the earth.

The technocratic elite promise us a utopia if we submit to their world of technological control.  We will own nothing and be happy.  Energy will be clean and endless.  We will eat manufactured food that is lab grown.  Populations are not an issue we are told.  In fact, more people mean more economic activity according to their doctrine.  Migration is not an issue because boundaries are not needed.  We are in fact just another commodity to be bought and sold by these elites.  This is why the family and even genders are being homogenized.

The luxury of this is from the affluence of fossil carbon.  Without this energy this illness of the progressive mind would never have occurred.  Fossil carbon allowed scale to be lost and in doing so separated human nature from nature’s nature.  This is what delocalization and transhumanism do when taken to extreme.  Once agricultural realities limited this illness of humanism.  Local environments were exhausted by small civilizations and then they vanished.  The destruction was limited.  Today the destruction is global and complete.

Civilization is likely an evolutionary dead end at least at the level it is today.   When this fossil energy is gone then we will be back to the limits of a finite planet based on biomass which is dispersed like sunlight.  In fact, it is the net energy of fossil energy to maintain technological man that will end this progress.  When technology can’t be supported by a depleted fossil energy with energy value and quantity it will end rapidly.  Efficiency has dispersed this risk across the globe making all life at risk from forever chemicals and cascading ecological failues. 

Renewables and smart cities are a hoax.  Renewables can’t be replicated without fossil energy.  The energy return on energy invested is too low to produce power and replicate itself.  The ideology of scientism says this lie of physics is possible as it must.  If the priest of scientism were to admit this truth, then what would sustain civilization?  All other energy sources are acknowledge as failing. 

A miraculous technology is always on offer.  Fusion was once all the rage and before that fission.  Today it is renewables with their elegant natural elements of wind and sun that are so appealing.  It is so easy to present wind and sun as natural.  Natural is clean and endless.  These appear sustainable because of the naturalness of their sources.

The reality is a dirty destructive life stream from beginning to end.  The recycling of these technologies are minimal and they only have 20-30 year life spans.  Industrial products, processes and transport make these just as dirty and unsustainable s fossil carbon.  They are just an extension of fossil carbon painted green.

These fake green technologies will go to support smart cities of ever greater population densities.  Dense human settlements are extractive and produce unsustainable waste streams.  This can’t be made green but this is what is being presented by the technocrats.  The win-win of saving civilization which is basically affluence and saving the planet is proclaimed from the pulpit of the likes of twitter and mainstream media.

This is a metastization of a lie against nature.  The host is life itself.  This is cancerous paradoxically because of the interplay of light and dark forces.  They are one so this is autoimmune response to life excesses by life.  There is no separation only polarization so at a high level of abstraction this is the way of life.  What I am referring to is this human drama really is life’s drama.  We should not be ignorant or arrogant of this.  This is why humility is central to the wisdom of insecurity.  This determinism drives free will of the system.

These forces of light and darkness that develop in the dualism of self-consciousness become separate in men’s hearts.  Keep in mind there may be a higher level of abstract unity to this human process but as the vehicles of this duality humans are the expression of turbulence of duality.   

This is why good and evil dwell in men’s hearts and not in other species.  This means in nature good and evil exist because of our dualism.  This may be just a sliver of the meaning of the whole but keep in mind the power of this separateness.  It has destroyed a planet’s complexity.   This reality is of the sacred and unapproachable.  This means we will never know why man is beset with tendencies of good and evil but nonetheless we live the result.

I am pro-life and seek living knowledge in an age of the dead.  I submit to the sacred in the mystic way.  If I speak of it this is the planet urging me to.  I have no material gain.  This is just wonderment so it does not matter if few will read this.  It is basically a word salad with little scientific basis.  This is how shamans speak so if you do not understand the shamanic way then any mysteries explained here through me by the planet will be lost.

Long ago I quit taking this seriously at the level of the pursuit of meaning.  Spiritually I wonder to myself what has been said through me.  Am I nutter?  I am an imperfect vehicle of the truth but I do speak the truth because I have no personal gain.  The power is not for my benefit.  I speak of the power of life and against anti-life but knowing they are one and the same.

Life depends on the darkness to keep order.  This is almost like sharks as the top predator in the reef. Man looks on sharks as villains but instead they keep the ecosystem resilient by maintaining diversity.  How this relates to humans and our dualism is we are the sharks of the reef.  We are the villians but paradoxically this villainy is a requirement of life. 

I am not sure but possibly if there were complete good then good would destroy itself in the sloth of contentment.  Perhaps evil is needed to keep good active otherwise saturation would end any good efforts.  Without this separation there is no animation.  There would never have been a big bang.  Man is an expression of this reflection of when singularity split.  Technology is now seeking singularity as a result.

I am a shaman who looks to how life operates to try to understand man’s spirtual condition.  I try to keep this scaled and balanced.  If I speak about these matters of the whole of creation it is only in wonderment.  It is going to be of little use for you in your local of people and place except as a tool for finding acceptance and humility.  I hope it helps you scale properly in humility.  Knowing where knowledge is wonderment and proper wisdom is an art form.  Art is beauty so at some point knowledge must be just appreciated as beauty and not utility.  When it becomes utility it is lost.

Find proper scale by getting as close to the life process as you can realistically and relatively.  Seek permaculture localism and you will find a freedom from the deadly serious passions of darkness.  This is because living knowledge is life giving.  Anything else in this revelation I just gave you is just for the enjoyment and wonderment of awakened self-consciousness.  So, ignore my metaphysical musing unless you have been awakened.  In that case enjoy these musing with me around my metaphorical camp fire.

What I speak to you now about is relevant for reflection because we are in a spirtual civil war that will have material consequences.  It is destroying human nature with the arrogance of anti-life forces.  Keep in mind the ancients never faced this.  At no time in human history has life faced such a threat.  The ancients saw the dangers of dark knowledge but now we are here.  This means right here right now is a time of significance like no other.

This is critical to your local security.  You can’t change this force locked in self-organizing determinism.  It represents a black hole that even light can’t escape except by grace.  It is necessary and will happen because affluence and power corrupt absolutely.  It will destroy itself in civil war. 

It is this destruction that will renew life.  The time frame is unclear because this is an ascending level of abstraction which is beyond the dimension of time.  Just as in a sense you are already dead because life is just so short when there is isness.

These people are at war with life itself.  This is technocracy, scientism, and the woke movement.  This ideology is the ends justify the means of cultural Marxism with secularism and atheism.  Atheism is the religion of secularization.  Secularization is the peak of the arrogance of humanism when we project our human form on life itself.  This is blasphemy which is anti-life.

I am warning you because I have been told to.  I have not been spoken to.  I am being urged by revelation of seeing how life operates and how anti-life operates and responding accordingly as shamans do.  This is seeing the light of life and also reflecting on darkness. 

You can do as you please in this great civil war but meaning is with the light and non-meaning with darkness.  Here non-meaning is the vicious circle of self-consciousness when corruption is complete.  This topic could fill a book but I do not have time.  I am just a simple goat farmer.  This is just a glimpse of a deeper story.

Here we see where technology leads us when it is worshiped:

“Intelligence and rationalism are not in themselves revolutionary. But technical thinking is foreign to all social traditions: the machine has no tradition. One of Karl Marx’s seminal sociological discoveries is that technology is the true revolutionary principle, beside which all revolutions based on natural law are antiquated forms of recreation. A society built exclusively on progressive technology would thus be nothing but revolutionary; but it would soon destroy itself and its technology.”

– Carl Schmitt

Here C.S. Lewis describes the “Children of Darkness” who are the forces of anti-life:

I live in the Managerial Age, in a world of “Admin”.  The greatest evil is not now done in those sordid “dens of crime” that Dickens love to paint.  It is not done even in concentration camps and labour camps.  In those we see its final results.  But it is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried, and minuted) in clean, carpeted, warmed, and well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voice.

 “The Screwtape Letters”  C. S. Lewis

Here is our culture of victimization of woke:

“Picture Hell as a state where everyone is perpetually concerned about his own dignity and advancement, where everyone has a grievance, and where everyone lives the deadly serious passion of envy, self-importance, and resentment”.

“The Screwtape Letters”  C. S. Lewis

The globalist ruling body are the elites of the new world order.  They are the “Children of Darkness”.  These globalists have undergone elite merger with the communist party.  The globalist are now push an western elitist version of state capitalism of the CCP.  The Chinese have emperor worship with the so-called mandate from heaven.  The west has the cultural Marxist idea of equity which is reverse racism.  This is little more than a class war to attain power for a tiny minority.  Once a robust underclass is established the elites will have total control.  I am speaking to a western audience.  Here are the western villains:

“While You Were Distracted By Will Smith, The International Elitists Met At The World Government Summit”

“Guests included Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and Kristalina Georgieva of the International Monetary Fund…From March 28th to the 30th, corporate media journalists, heads of state, and CEOs of some of the most profitable companies in the world met for discussions on shaping the direction of the next decade and beyond. Anyone with a functioning brain should ignore the tabloids and instead pay attention to this little known gathering of globalist Technocrats…Schwab gave a talk entitled, Our World Today… Why Government Must Act Now?…  “Thank you, to his excellency for enabling this initiative to define a longer-term narrative to make the world more resilient more inclusive and more sustainable,” Schwab stated during his address.  The use of the term narrative is important because in January 2021, Klaus and the World Economic Forum announced the next phase of The Great Reset, The Great Narrative.”

“During Schwab’s short talk he also mentioned his pet project “the 4th Industrial Revolution“, which is essentially the digital panopticon of the future, where digital surveillance is omnipresent and humanity uses digital technology to alter our lives. Often associated with terms like the Internet of Things, the Internet of Bodies, the Internet of Humans, and the Internet of Senses, this world will be powered by 5G and 6G technology. Of course, for Schwab and other globalists, the 4IR also lends itself towards more central planning and top-down control. The goal is a track and trace society where all transactions are logged, every person has a digital ID that can be tracked, and social malcontents are locked out of society via social credit scores…Immediately following Schwab was a panel which made no attempt to hide the goals of the globalists. The panel, Are We Ready for A New World Order?”  

“In fact, the Atlantic Council had a fairly large presence at the World Government Summit…For those who are unfamiliar with the Atlantic Council, I first reported in May 2018 that Facebook had partnered with the thinktank connected to NATO…“The Atlantic Council of the United States was established in 1961 to bolster support for international relations. Although not officially connected to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Atlantic Council has spent decades promoting causes and issues which are beneficial to NATO member states. In addition, The Atlantic Council is a member of the Atlantic Treaty Organization, an umbrella organization which “acts as a network facilitator in the Euro-Atlantic and beyond.” The ATO works similarly to the Atlantic Council, bringing together political leaders, academics, military officials, journalists and diplomats to promote values that are favorable to the NATO member states. Officially, ATO is independent of NATO, but the line between the two is razor thin.  Essentially, the Atlantic Council is a think tank which can offer companies or nation states access to military officials, politicians, journalists, diplomats, etc. to help them develop a plan to implement their strategy or vision. These strategies often involve getting NATO governments or industry insiders to make decisions they might not have made without a visit from the Atlantic Council team. This allows individuals or nations to push forth their ideas under the cover of hiring what appears to be a public relations agency but is actually selling access to high-profile individuals with power to affect public policy. Indeed, everyone from George H.W. Bush to Bill Clinton to the family of international agent of disorder Zbigniew Brzezinski have spoken at or attended council events.”

“Dissecting the World Government Summit: Ukraine, SDGs, ESG, Blockchain, and AI.  While many of the names in attendance might be unfamiliar to a western audience, the speakers are men and women who absolutely play a vital role in international geopolitics.”

“Post-Crisis Ukraine: New Energy for a New Europe”

“Getting Off Russian Gas: Practical Steps for Europe”

“United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which form the core of the Agenda 2030, itself part of The Great Reset agenda”

“Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria (ESG) promoted by the UN in a panel entitled, Where does ESG Go From Here?…ESG investing is also sometimes referred to as sustainable investing, responsible investing, or socially responsible investing (SRI). The practice has become an increasingly popular way to promote the SDGs”

“Is the World Ready for A Future Beyond Oil?”

“Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are a major piece of the Technocratic vision for 2030, so naturally there were several discussions on the use of blockchain, AI, and even 6G (the eventual successor to 5G technology).  There was a discussion on blockchain technology in a panel entitled, The Future of Blockchain…A Perspective from Industry Pioneer…I have recently reported on Hoskinson’s statements regarding using blockchain to implement ESG and SDG programs and the danger they pose to privacy and liberty”

“Central Bank Digital Currencies entitled, CBDCs and Stablecoins: Can They Co-Exist?. The CBDCs schemes being rolled out in nations around the world are a crucial component of The Great Reset

“One panel focuses on a concept called Human Meta-Cities, which sound like a rebranding or updating of the so-called Smart Cities. The panel description states,  “in a world of change and rapid technological development, we shed light on a new vision for planning future cities centered around human needs and aspirations. This new framework will help governments refine their role in planning the new world taking advantage of the digital transformation opportunities that are taking place.”

“another panel which makes clear the Technocratic dream was entitled, The Invisible Government: Eliminating Bureaucracy Through Technology. The description of the panel states:  “Technology is creating new possibilities as it simplifies processes, enables instant feedback, and ultimately improves customer experience. In the public sector, digitalization and artificial intelligence are creating a new model of governance – “invisible” governments that are more agile, responsive, human-centric, and data-driven. In this session, global policymakers and experts will share their bold vision and experience in utilizing technology to eliminate bureaucracy and innovate government services for the future.”

“What goes unsaid in the panel description is that making the government “invisible” will actually lead to a world of no accountability for government and politicians. In reality, the Technocrats imagine a world where the tyrannical technological systems are invisible and the average person has zero recourse for preventing exclusion or punishment based on their social credit score.  This is the world these technocrats — many of whom are unelected — envision. The only way this vision will not come to pass is if the people of the world throw their televisions away, ignore the celebrity drama, and start exiting from these slavery systems.”

Alan Watts sheds light on how you break this vicious circle human nature is locked in.  This is of course a simple parable as all good prescriptions are.  I recommend you realize you are being mechanized as tools of the anti-life “Children of Darkness”.  This is the worship of scientism through an elite priesthood of technocracy.  Yield to them because their power is a force of darkness.  

“Someone or something beyond conscious control must overthrow the Devil at the right moment, for, being an archangel he can read thoughts and is always aware of the intention that precedes the act. He can be defeated only by an act without prior intent. “let not your left hand know what your right hand doeth.” Now in Christian terminology this “someone or something beyond conscious control” is called the grace of God, and grace is held to be the only means of overcoming the machinations of the Devil, that is, of the vicious circle into which self-consciousness can lead us. God as the giver of grace has therefore the same function as the guru, or spiritual guide, in Hinduism, and thus “the means of grace”….upaya. But it does not seem to have occurred to most Christians that the means of grace might include trickery—that in his cure of souls the Lord might use placebos, jokes, shocks, deceptions, and all kinds of indirect and surprising methods of outwitting men’s wonderfully defended egocentricity”

Allan Watts 1964

The children of darkness will destroy themselves in self-destruction because technology without proper wisdom knows no bounds.  It is in fact a Jacobin reign of terror.  Edmund Burke argued that “we are at war with an armed doctrine.” “That war was not merely upon a people; it was upon reality itself”.

By yielding you step around them letting them pass.   Duck in cover as anyone does who is being attacked by superior forces.  This is how you adapt locally.  My message is one of permaculture localism.  It is not a message of a counterrevolution. 

Do not fear, fear.  Do not constantly look over your shoulder.  Through naturalness you will walk into the valley of death because the forces of life will protect you.  It is in permaculture localism where you find this.  Technocracy is an urban religion.   Leave the city if you can.  Find small settlements closer to a permaculture localism.  Ideally this is a permaculture town orbited by permaculture farms.


Do you trust anything anymore?  Do you have confidence?  I read somewhere “Loss of faith is one of mankind’s greatest non-linear phenomena.”  This is the age of loss of faith and the age of deception because those who have the greatest confidence are those most deceived.  The meek will inherit the earth because of real faith.  This is only through the humility and acceptance of loss.  When power and affluence become the central narrative of an age then complete corruption is the resulting condition of that age.  This is now total in a global world.

This failing narrative has not yet failed.  In fact, its greatest effect is near and the result will be its rapid unravelling.  This will be the self-destruction of hubris.  You are here now in this great showdown.  This is a phase change like water changing state but also a chemical reaction.  It is like a phase change in regards to the latent heat of the deception of truth.  Faith is being shed as the phase progresses.  This is a period of turbulence.  The laminar flow characterized by smoothness of steady average growth is now unsteadying and mixing.  13,000 years of growth is breaking down rapidly both within man and without.

Loss of faith in human nature is loss of confidence.  Loss of confidence is loss of liquidity.  Here liquidity denotes meaning.  It is only meaning that lubricates positive action.  Meaning is being lost in a turbulent flow but with a latent lag.  A phase change is near but unfortunately there are no smooth equations for turbulence only secondary ones.  I would argue this phase change will actually be a reaction where the substance of faith, confidence, and meaning is altered.  When you step into this stream of change a new age will great you.

This alteration and dilution can be managed by proper wisdom.  I like to use this definition of wisdom by George Mobus: “Knowledge of Systemness is the hardest won knowledge there is. It includes not just ordinary knowledge, but wisdom as well – the knowledge of what ordinary knowledge to gain and how to use it.”  Truth can’t be change but how we gain and use truth can.

This point is a multi-level passage.  This is a period where millennium is equivalent to a few years.  Over many thousands of years of human civilization building was within the habitable and relatively stable Holocene.   There was always phase change but it was more laminar than turbulent.  Until we embraced fossil carbon on a massive scale man never took the step across life’s boundary to anti-life.  We have opened the box and let anti-life forces out. 

Today’s global reality of technological progress, delocalization and transhumanism are anti-life.  This is the curse of excessive affluence of having the opportunity to progress.  This affluence includes the metaphysical of artificial intelligence and the physical of automation.  The goal is to supplement humans for ever greater efficiency.  This is the only true revolutionary human tradition because there are no limits.  Technology has no social tradition only progress.  Material progress means a human phase out for efficiency.    Civilization is now in this vacuum.

The metaphysical substance that characterizes humanism and matters of the divine are in a turbulent change.  This phase change and reaction will occur soon changing this abstract of human meaning from anti-life back to living knowledge.  It appears this is the period right here right now.  The latent shedding of meaning will start building now.  The reaction of the metaphysical substance of humanism will be a transmutation.  Our metaphysical form is changing so rapidly this can now only be a transmutation.  No longer is this a neat and orderly transformation.  This transmutation is back in time to our true nature.  Hence a worm hole.

I am not claiming to know this transmutation but I am seeing signs as a shaman.  A good spirtual advisor will warn his friends of danger and be joyful in serendipity.  I am warning you and recommending you seek wisdom.  The first act of wisdom is the wisdom of insecurity.  Ordinary knowledge follows but more importantly what ordinary knowledge to keep.  This means decisions and consequences which is where real life happens.

This is the time to embrace a wisdom of insecurity which is an optimism found in pessimism.  It is about life boats and hospices.  It is about the optimistic orientating to the truth.  This will guide your life boat.  Courage is the result.  This is your hospice.  When you embrace the wisdom of insecurity you hand over your being to the divine in humility and acceptance.  I do not claim to know the divine but I will say it is in the neighborhood of the truth which is a reflection of the sacred.  While we can never know the truth, we can approach it.  The approach must be with humility or the result is where we are today as a civilization, without proper scale and balance.  Today there is no humility of humanism and the results are catastrophic to all life.

It is in this zone you will find your true nature.  That nature is a naturalness only found locally and connected to the land in permaculture.  You will not find this in cities or universities.  These are the temples of anti-life.  Naturalness is characterized by simple complexity that can only be found in the circularity of nature.  Waste streams are nutrient streams in this system which means for you a place where you connect properly and from that proper connection constructive life results.  You get there by being yourself.  Finding yourself means first losing yourself.

We are now in the human period of a clash of light and dark.  Light and dark are one in the same but at poles because of our duality.  They at times lose definition and attempt to merge turbulently.  This mixing is a dilution of meaning.   In this period faith is lost and the result is a loss of confidence.  This is now occurring rapidly in nonlinearity.

This is the false dawn of time when that which seems most right is wrong.  This will flip soon and a new human type will result.  This is not what you think.  There is no timing for this in the macro but in the micro, it is already occurring just as ice forms on boundaries of a cooling body.  Yes, seek guidance from water.  This is a planet of water and this dictates proper living.  Streams are the real connection not the internet.

Find ordinary knowledge through voluntary simplicity.  Through the humility of the wisdom of insecurity embrace the proper wisdom of what ordinary knowledge to use and what to dispense with.  This will be a time where excess baggage will prevent you from passing through the wormhole of transmutation.  This is not about a refuge and it is not about immortality.  What this is about is connecting to the sacred in a proper place.  This is the kingdom.  It is that place where balance is.  The truth is in this place.  If you get near this place then use this power to promote it.  You can’t use it for yourself or it is lost.

This is not a rapture nor an unending hell.  This is just nature enjoying nature.  It is here you can overcome but only through the embrace of naturalness.  As such you are part of this process of play which is the mystic way of knowing and losing.  Without this play all becomes static.  It is here you are laminar among the turbulence.  It is here in the eddy of destructive change you can find niches of constructive growth.  This is the nature of civilized man’s final unfolding.  Faith is lost on a destabilizing planet but you with your people and place can be the seeds of meaning.

For you the individual this is being within a spirtual war that is a civil war.   Prisoners will not be taken because of the deadly serious passions of arrogance.  For civilization this is an end game of civil war of progress both internally but also on a finite planet degrading from a stable period.  Stability was conducive to civilization and now the lack of will end it as we know it. 

Paradoxically the individual has access to more power than the whole of civilization.  This power is beyond civilization but available to the individual, family, tribe, and small community.  Hence the meek will inherit the earth.  This is the salvation of proper living.  It relates to proper scale and balance physically that yields metaphysical transmutation.  This transmutation is prolife and hence living knowledge to guide those who accept it to embrace humility in a rapidly changing time.   


Forty Percent 40%

I am going to attempt to abstractly present to you a tool to adapt your life going forward into a world in decline.  This is a rough analysis that should be considered as an attitude not as a hard variable.  The nature of decline and collpase is 80% attitude and only 20% concrete action.  It is proper attitude that is a force multiplier that impacts the 20% so greatly. 

Wise choices now are more important than ever as the margins of survival shrink.  Work on your attitude and the 20% of action that is so important to your feeling of well being will happen more naturally.  If we are in an age of decline then think decline.  You will have to live in a world preaching growth.  Somewhere in this juxtaposition you can find a better path.  There are no refuges but there are manageable solutions to less pain and suffering.

You need to take this 40% number and discount your life for what appears to be reality represented by society.  This is not the actual reality of the age of decline.  The linked and highlighted article following my discussion is telling of a world oblivious to reality.  This article helps explains this 40% figure that represents the discounted value of perceived reality.   The 40% represents excess claims to affluence from surplus energy. 

Debt, inflation, and unavailability of goods and services are affecting all of our lives.  This 40% figure is a tag for this divergence of value.  This “bid and ask” is between the real economy of physical realities of energy, goods, and services and the abstract economy of financialization.  Money is not things and as money becomes further divorced from things decline goes nonlinear because of systematic interconnectedness.  Growth is slow and predictably builds upon itself.  Collapse is rapid and unpredictable. 

The corruption of the finalized economy with its moral hazard of disregard for basic accounting principles is allowing continued divergence by allowing elites to maintain their wealth levels.  This distortion of free and fair markets for proper price discovery now points to a late-stage capitalism of decline that is global and all inclusive.  Without proper price discovery the efficiency of resource utilization is not possible.  This means malinvestment and the marked-to-market of a proxy value that does not reflect actual productive value. 

The priveldge of having access by a few to the concentration and centralization of this proxy wealth is leading to extreme wealth inequality.  This has created a parasitic class.  This class represents the elites who command the administrative and law-making bodies.  This combination is a revolving door of patronage and employment.  This arrangement means the checks and balances that prevent the looting of the public domain by private interests has all but been eliminated.  Corruption is now the new work ethic.  This is how you succeed and this has created a new business skill of psychopathy of greed is a social good.

This class is now taking this proxy value which is a wealth abstraction even further by embracing the technocracy of authoritarian control and efficiency efforts to homogenize and herd the general public into a conformity that can be controlled to ensure elite wealth and power preservation.  They will tell you this is for your benefit and the planet.  They care for only one thing and that is power.  This power brings them wealth and this wealth will be on your backs as a tax on everything you have including your dignity.

This technocratic new world order will be financialization on steroids by valuing you the individual digitally.  The Great Reset which is no longer a secret, wants you to own nothing and be happy.  This corporatist and statist arrangement will own the assets and control its disbursement based upon your credit value from social and productive utility to their economic model.  You will be evaluated by algorithms that will watch everything you do within their model.  You will be regulated to serf status based upon conformity.

The insidious realty of this situation is it represent the slide into decline that civilizations eventually fall into when limits are bumped up to then exceeded.  There is no solution for this other than degrowth, dematerialization, and a decoupling from a false affluence.  This means an abrupt return to the hard limits of living within your means we thought modernism delivered us from.  Our technology and innovation we thought were so powerful will actually be our undoing.

This means the parasitic class and their new economic, social, and political arrangement will end and this ending will be spectacular.  The current danger comes from disregarding the warning signs that are now flashing red.  Each incremental step in this direction is logarithmic.  This is because destructive change is going nonlinear.

This latest transition phase now called the fourth industrial revolution will take us even further away from the stability of a real economy that provides the basics with a degree of resilience and sustainability.  This new economic paradigm that will by initiated will take the delocalization and the reliance on technology even further from what civilization is capable of maintaining.

This 40% figure needs to be a benchmark for you to ascertain where you fit into this deviation from what is real.  The more wealth you have the closer you are to this 40% figure.  The place you have in the financialized global economy is especially important.  This includes geography because the more financialized the local economy the greater the concentration of people and resources brought in from afar.  Concentration and specialization are a key component of overreach.

How much of your prosperity is based upon a connection to this abstract wealth and what is your location to it?  How much of your wellbeing is from a safety net and or financial investments?  Most safety nets are unfunded liabilities.  Most financial investments are grossly overvalued.  Geographic locations that house these abstractions are not sustainable.  If you have an administrative job in government then you are part of the administrative state that will be rationalized by decline.

So, this 40% can be adjusted by how close or how far you are from this intrinsic overvalue.  This means our food, shelter, and energy is vitally important now.  How far does it travel to get to you?  The inconvenient truth is the time for adjustment to this reality is closing shut.  The ability for many to pick up and move to a better location is almost over.  This is further compounded by what specialization has done to the ability of people to localize themselves in a natural sustainability with the skills needed. 

Being able to practice the home economics of maintaining shelter is huge but these days discounted.  The reality of a local community that has enough specialized abilities located within its geography along with people with generalize basic skills has been forced out by efficiency.  In modern economies 2% of the population grow things and this is primarily an industrial practice.  A century ago, 40% were on the land and many people practiced basic food production and preservation.  Food was more seasonal and structure were smaller and easier to heat and cool.

You can ignore this and live day by day or you can embrace decline and live day by day.  Get out of future think in either case.  The first way is psychologically easier and it is called denial.  The other is embracing reality with humility and acceptance that leads to a sobriety of action.  There are activities and things you can triage out of your lives.  There are goals and dreams that need to be ended because of the reality of this 40% discount.  The truth is your response will be a combination of the two based upon what is forced upon you.

Remember the forces of degrowth are abandonment, dysfunction, and irrational.  Abandonment is difficult to avoid because this is a physical reality of loss.  Dysfunction can be managed if you aware of it.  This is an abstract systematic reality that you can distance yourself from.  You can’t leave it but you can avoid making it worse.  The irrational you can fully avoid.  Embrace the truth that this world is no longer growing but the narrative is growth based. 

This means your affluence is either in actual decline or you are continuing an overextension that will make you life even more dangerously exposed to decline.  The elites will take the brunt of this sudden breakdown.  Those who are now being disenfranchised will be better able to adapt that is to a point.  There is a point where a life does not function without the basics. 

This is why the interplay of denial and acceptance is so important to you the individual now in this new age of decline.  All of us have a limit of how much truth we can handle when this truth is adverse.  You need to find a functional balance.   The overwhelming anxiety of a bad future prevents a living and enjoying of the here and now.  There is much to rejoice in now don’t waste this. 

There is only so much change you can do but there is some change that is critically important.  The sobriety and acceptance of this new paradigm of an age of decline is a prerequisite filter to making plans.  Be very careful what you invest in with your time, money, and most of all expectations.  Entertain a stoic, spartan, an ascetic flavoring to your life that is locked into limits to change and limits to growth.

This 40% can be managed 10% either way by adapting accordingly.  Those who end up in the 30% range will have a margin of adaptability that may save them.  Most of us can give up 30% but 50% is too much.  This is a time where societies 40% overextension into overshoot can be moved 10% either way by you the individual.   Embracing the reality of how affluent modern life really is will give you a tremendous edge.  Forgo anything that claims returns that do not fit into this negative 40% reality.

“Surplus Energy Economics”


“#225. Gravitational pull”

“There are, essentially, two ways in which we can seek to explain the working of the economy.  One of these is the conventional or orthodox school of thought, which presents economics as a process determined by the behavior of money, and acknowledges no limits to the potential for growth.  For the best part of nine years, this site has endeavored to encourage, explore, model and quantify the alternative interpretation, which states that prosperity is a product of the use of energy, and that there are very real resource and environmental limits to economic expansion.”

“The “laws” of economics are not, in fact, analogous to the laws of science. Rather, they are observations about the behavior of money.  The central conclusion of this orthodoxy is that there need be no limits to economic growth, because the driver of expansion is under our control as the creators and managers of money.  Monetary causation enables us to use pricing, incentives and demand to circumvent all material limitations.  A more recent refinement of this theme combines technical innovation with monetary management to assure us that all material limits can be circumvented, through technology and monetary management, such that ‘growth in perpetuity’ is perfectly feasible, and can be used as a reliable forward presumption.”

“The alternative thesis reasons from entirely different predicates. Instead of assuming that future energy requirements are a function of assumed economic expansion, our understanding is that prosperity is a function of the availability of energy value.  The energy approach to economics starts with recognition that the economy is an energy system, because nothing that has any economic utility at all can be provided without the use of energy…‘the principle of ECoE’.  This recognizes that, whenever energy is accessed for our use, some of this energy is always consumed in the access process.”

“In Surplus Energy Economics (SEE), this ‘consumed in access’ component is known as the Energy Cost of Energy (ECoE), and is expressed as a percentage.  Importantly, energy cannot be used twice. This means that the proportion of total energy supply absorbed as ECoE cannot also be used for any other economic purpose.  This in turn means that material economic prosperity is a function of the availability of surplus (ex-ECoE) energy.  We know that ECoEs are shaped by geographic reach, economies of scale and the process of depletion. With the potential of reach and scale now exhausted, depletion has become the factor driving the ECoEs of oil, gas and coal…Critically, though, it is self-evident that the potential of technology is circumscribed by the limitations of physics, which in this case means the material characteristics of energy resources.”

“This understanding is critical, because it takes the potential of renewables out of the realm of wishful thinking, and requires us to accept two limitations to the potential economic value of renewables.  First, we know that the resources required for the creation and maintenance of renewables capacity are products of the legacy energy provided by oil, gas and coal. This means that the trajectory of the ECoEs of renewables is linked to that of fossil fuels.  Second, we also know that renewables have their own constraints, most obviously the Shockley-Queisser limit to the theoretical maximum efficiency of solar power generation, and the Betz’ law equivalent for wind power.”

“We further recognize that ECoEs affect both the delivery costs and the affordability of energy. This means that ECoE trends determine, not just the qualitative nature of available energy, but the quantitative issue of supply.  The last of our three principles – otherwise known as “the trilogy of the blindingly obvious” – is that money has no intrinsic worth, but commands value only as a ‘claim’ on the goods and services made available by the material economy of energy.  On this basis, we arrive at the transformative conception that there are two economies. One of these is the proxy or financial economy of money, credit and assets. The other is the material or real economy of goods, services, labor and energy.”

“On this basis, the creation of money in its various forms can outgrow the underlying economy, but this process simply creates what are known in SEEDS terminology as “excess claims”.  Much of our recent economic and financial experience can be explained as the creation of ever more abundant excess claims which, by definition, cannot be honored ‘for value’ by a smaller underlying or ‘real’ economy…prosperity per person has plateaued, and has now turned downwards…the real cost of essentials has continued to rise, in large part because so many necessities are energy-intensive…Finally, where these overview indicators are concerned, an enormous gap has emerged between the financial and the real economies, such that the economy of goods, services and energy is now about 40% smaller than its financial proxy of money, credit and assets.”

“You will appreciate that, because prices are the interface between the real and the financial economies, inflation is a natural consequence of this divergence or, rather, of the pressures that operate towards the restoration of equilibrium between the two economies…the systemic understatement of inflation by conventions which, amongst other quirks, exclude asset price rises from a definition of inflation which concentrates on – and, even then, understates – changes in consumer prices…It warns us that a major correction looms between the ‘two economies’, a correction that must involve financial ‘value destruction’ as a consequence of the elimination of ‘excess claims’.”

“We are now at liberty to recognize that each rise in the price of fossil fuels, whilst it increases the cost of using conventional cars and commercial vehicles, also raises the price of all of those materials (including steel, concrete, copper, lithium and cobalt) that are required for energy transition.  We can place the undoubted environmental downsides of this transition into a broader context. We can take cognizance of the fact that the ECoEs of renewables are linked to those of fossil fuels through renewables’ reliance on resources which can only be made available by the legacy energy provided by oil, gas and coal.”

“If you’re in government, it tells you that future resources are going to be far less than you might hitherto have assumed, and that the provision of essentials is set to become the critical battleground between competing priorities.  If you’re in business, it tells you that we cannot rely on growth, least of all in discretionary sectors, and that the scope for capital investment is poised to decrease rather than to expand.  It anticipates the wholesale failure of business models based on false predicates, and suggests that the taxonomy of de-growth – with its emphasis on product and process simplification, on delayering, and on managing utilization and critical mass risks – is the appropriate template for decisions.”

Le Soldat Du Chene

“I see and admire your manner of living, your good warm houses, your extensive fields of corn, your gardens, your cows, own workhouses, wagons and a thousand machines that I know not the use of.

I see that you are able to clothe yourselves even from weeds and grass. In short, you even do almost what you choose. You whites possess the power of subduing almost every animal to your use. You are surrounded by slaves. Everything about you is in chains, and you are slaves yourselves.

I fear if I should exchange my pursuits for yours, I too should become a slave. Talk to my sons, perhaps they may be persuaded to adopt your fashions … but as for myself I was born free, was raised free and wish to die free”

Le Soldat Du Chene 1820

I know we are in a different time than Big Soldier of the Osage.  I read his words and I get what he said.  We are in chains and we are slaves to our elaborate constructions.  There was still a frontier in 1820 in Missouri.  I read both natural and American history to go back to that time.  I look out over the land and try to feel that time when this was frontier. 

Sometimes I imagine the spot I am on time traveling back and wondering what this looked like.  Would a tree be growing where I am standing?  Something in me yearns to be free.  The frontier represents that freedom to me.  Yet, real freedom is when the mind is less divided.  Real freedom is in the here and now.

I live where I do and do what I do to be freer but I am still a slave.  I have chains all around me.  I am not who I would like to be.  As I get older, I am even less able to resist these chains.  I am weakening with age.  I am glad I have embraced the idea of more simplicity if much of this is just in my imagination.  I hold simplicity in high regard.  When I see simple people, I find comfort. 

There is an old couple up the road that are simple and poor.  They live in a trailer and have junk all around.  They drink too much.  Their lives are on the edge.  For some reason I find comfort with these people.  I come from a wealthy family and I don’t find comfort in that world.  Yet, it was that world that allowed me to live more simplicity.

I have embraced naturalness albeit in chains.  I am like a zoo animal in this modern world.  I am just a hobby farm.  My writings are a curiosity few read.  People are drawn to my doom because it is not mainstream.  I have tried to explain how embracing doom can lead to optimism.  The optimism is living to die another day if that can be said to be optimism.

I feel we are right now in a great turning.  We are tipping over.  The abyss is below.  Yet, life goes on and the lights turn on.  I am not sure how I will feel if and when the lights don’t turn on.  It is one thing to talk about it and another to live it.  This is much like talking about dying. 

My dad died in June and now there are so many things I want to ask him but he is gone.  Old photos of family that no longer have a name now that he is gone.  Loss is a strange feeling.  Just like that it is gone.

My writings are getting redundant.  I have said most of what needed to be said.  I may write more or not.  I have said that I am not a writer and my real message is what I am doing on the land.  I have much to do yet because I feel my life is not simple enough.  I wish I could be more natural.  I hope what I have said and the things I have collected assist somebody someday to embrace simplicity.


It is a metaphysical paradox that real human strength comes from simplicity, humility, and less power.  In the physical world human power is complexity, force multiplication, and prosperity.  This points to the divided mind of modern man who is excessively physical with science and tech.  Through our technology and knowledge accumulation we can specialize and force multiple.  Arrogance develops from the divided mind.  Arrogance separates and the first casualty is human balance with his ecosystem.  Today affluence is worshiped as a human end instead of symbiotic existence.  The result is disharmony.  The accumulation of disharmony has resulted in a holistic decline that will reshape mankind.

Our biggest danger now is too much humanism.  It is too much affluence that wrecks our ecosystems where the real complexity is.  The arrogance from a separation from the divided mind is driving a rapid succession of natural complexity.  Human complexity is now suffering.  Systematically this means a threshold break is ahead.  This is seen clearly by honest science.  When proper spirituality is also applied in a balanced mind the true condition is seen.  This is then recognized as the cyclic turning of an age.

Judo is translated from Japanese as the “gentle way”.  This judo I speak about is a green judo.  This uses the excesses of this unbalanced world to find individual and local balance.  The most important skill in this green judo is spirituality that has been regulated to a secondary status by this age of science, technology, and knowledge accumulation.  Knowledge is now concentrated.  Tech is now extremely powerful.  Science is seeking the deepest secrets of the universe.  Yet, never has man been so lost with so much noise.  Is it any wonder that a civilization of neurosis is the result?

My writings are focused on you the individual but the individual and civilization can’t be separated cleanly.  A further focus is on the divided mind of the individual but also the imbalance of civilization with the spirtual and science.  The I and the other of the individual and civilization must be healed.  It is my opinion only the individual can be healed now.  Civilization is determined to end in a cyclic turning. 

This deterministic cyclic nature of civilization must be embraced in a mental judo of sorts for the individual to be healed.  This Judo I speak of is not the unbalancing of an opponent to achieve control but instead the harnessing of your opponent’s imbalance to produce your balance.  Green judo is the harnessing of civilization’s self-destruction to find constructive growth.

The green part is the understanding what is green is more prepped.  What is green is more spirtual.  Go green in permaculture both spiritual and physical.  This is a basic naturalism of a balanced man.  My spirtual naturalism is a green shaman.  Yours may be a variety of permaculture skills.  This is about a green specialization nested in general green skills of survival.  Embrace the way of the planet and it will support you with a power greater than any other because this is your mother. 

I am not telling you to reject your current religion or spirituality only to adapt it.  Modern spiritualities, religions, and higher power worship have all been corrupted by the human arrogance of science, tech, and concentrated knowledge.  Adapt your current particular persuasion with a green humility to your mother, the planet.  What this means is permaculture.  Cities are cesspools of arrogance.  Leave cities is your first prescription.  Most can’t so my writings are only for a few.  I do not claim to have answers for those trapped in urban places other than be aware of this trap and orientate as best you can against its worst results.

This green is not the modern leftist liberal version either.  This is probably the most infected with human arrogance although there are many very important basics of the modern green that should not be thrown out with the bath water.  The modern leftist liberal green is woke.  This is the infection of the power principal of cultural Marxist.  Their priests are the affluent academics seeking to protect and advance their power and priveldge.  

Woke is a lie to hijack power.  Cultural Marxism is immoral because it seeks the ends of power by any means.  What has resulted is scientism.  The is politicization of science.  It is a tool of coercion and cancel and now many of our brightest minds are completely infected with this.  They want you to believe techno things like panels and turbines are green.  EVs and hydro power plants are green.  Now environmentalism is warped by ideology.

In the case of the modern Great Reset crowd this green is wrapped up in their fascist lying, cheating, and stealing to breakdown the old order and build back a new one.  This new order will be a technocratic and administrate neo-feudalism.  Stakeholder elites of the political, corporate and administrative world will be the leadership not those elected by the populous.  This hijacking is within a world in net energy decline and planetary abrupt change of its stable systems.  This means their policies of a 4th industrial revolution of automation, artificial intelligence, and centralized administration are doomed to failure.  Green is a tool for these elites not a way of life.  The last climate conference illustrated this with all the private jets that delivered the elites to this high energy function.

These elites are positioning themselves to manage decline at your expense.  They consider themselves your better because they have lied their way into priveldge.  The reality is they are an inbred wealthy elite breeding human arrogance into a system where sociopaths attain leadership.  This is about money and power not people and planet.  They will grab deck chairs with their power and priveldge.  You will be relegated to serfdom.  This also means sheepleness. 

Understanding how power always corrupts is a basic of proper wisdom.   This late stage of civilization is dysfunctional and irrational by its nature.  Understanding this will prepare you for one mistake after another in a world already a mess from a destructive industrialization.  This is a bleak future.  You can’t stop them but life will.  This is where spirituality comes in.  Your spirituality will identify with the planet as the sole power.  Again, your individual higher power is yours alone.  I am asking you only to adapt it with a green spirituality.  If that destroys your spirituality keep in mind you have to lose it to find it so this is actually a requirement of awakened spirituality.

The green I talk about is permaculture localism that uses this judo mentality to adapt to this cyclic period of a tipping over.  This tipping over is into a multilevel physical and metaphysical decline.  This is planetary with nowhere to hide.  If you embrace ecology, you will know the process does offer niches of growth.  Your judo will use civilization’s decline to find your small place of growth much like the little mammals outcompeted the dinosaurs.  The cyclic nature of this means civilization is determined to follow decline.  This is especially true now that human forcing has resulted in a planet in decline. 

Net energy from fossil sources is in steady and increasingly rapid decline.  This means technology will follow.  Substitution, decoupling, and efficiency are close to a nonlinear convergence into diminishing returns.  This point is when solution strategies become the problem.  The latest rage which is AI is completely dependent on high potency primary energy which can’t be maintained at the levels needed to grow this technology.  This is the ultimate hubris that is anti-life.  This is environmental evil.

The systematic nature of globalism is in decline meaning the value chains that generate the economies of scale and capital and labor specialization will decline.  Without a growing globalism the Great Reset crowd’s 4th industrial revolution becomes the opposite.  Their revolution becomes instead the tipping over and decline of modernism.  Civilization has embraced a fossil carbon and path dependency of technological progress.  This is now the worship of technology with the singularity transhumanism.  The technocratic elites know forces of decline are everywhere and this is why they have turned to state capitalism. 

State capitalism control along the lines of the Chinese CCP is being turned to protect their interests.  This is about authoritarian control with centralization into urbanism.  It is here where humans can be controlled the best by the elites.  They will do this by increasingly turning to machines instead of human nature.  They don’t trust human nature.  They trust machines because machines can be programmed. Human programming is never assured.  They do not respect nature either.  This means they do not trust nature but claim to be green with their phony ESG polices.

This is critical for you to understand because machines and systems through control networks seek to cage you into urban areas where you will become their serfs.  You will own nothing and be forced to be happy.  This is not a spiritualism of proper human growth yielding a closer relationship with the natural world so their green prescriptions and social justice hype is the opposite.  This is slavery and natural destruction.

Technocratic green and social justice is anti-life machine driven human factory farming.  This is similar to what we do with animals in factory farms but instead of meat they are harvesting power and money.  They are stripping you of human dignity to enhance their power and wealth.  This extreme of technological reach is the epitome of human arrogance.  It is improper human scale.   This human arrogance is a power the elites always embrace when their position is threatened.  Before technology it was slavery and serfdom.  It was religious repression.  It was the building of self-worship at the expense of environmental constraints.  Now it is techno and modern with hyper power.  This means the tempo is much more rapid.

Their green initiatives and social justice prescriptions of CRT are the opposite of what they claim.  Gullible greens embrace this because the globalists are telling them what they want to hear.  They claim their policies of technocratic and centralized administration will save the planet with ESG and woke.  The modern green liberals are embracing this ideology with abandonment.  This politically correct policies are incorrect.  Green is instead brown. 

Civilization has become evil.  This is not evil in the Christian sense just similar.  Christian evil is personified this evil I speak of is anti-life.  This is anti-life mechanization of transhumanism and delocalization.  This is the worship of science.  This science worship is not of objective science but of the political science of power.  This is the end game of our civilization.  Civilizations always find an end game because they are cyclic.  You must see this to use your judo.  

Net energy decline along with tech growth hitting the late stage of diminishing returns when it goes nonlinear is now our pathway.  This is path dependency with a carbon trap of progress.  Civilization has tipped over into a negative feedback loop of destructive change.  This is resulting in the classic turbulence of abandonment, dysfunction, and the irrational.  Abandonment is the physical of this decline.  Dysfunction and irrational are the metaphysical.  Our civilization is at or near this pinnacle point depending on what level the focus is of.  This means growth is actually destructive.  Meaning is noise.

This is multilevel with many forces.  It is also ascending levels of abstraction which points to the metaphysical.  The deeper systematic nature of our human system is now tipping over into decline.  Trying to control or manage this as the technocratic administrative statist are attempting will hasten its decline by applying the same strategies that got us to this point but with a throttling.  All civilization grow then decline so when in decline we should be embracing decline principals.  Historically elites never relinquish power except for a few truly enlightened ones.  This rising and falling is inevitable so embrace it and find an individual niche.

This is a reflection of the planet’s turning over of an epoch of stability that allowed civilization to grow and prosper in an average long term growth period within a dynamic cyclic process.  We have tipped over along with the planet.  The life system is in decline with localized failures.  Climate is in abrupt change with foreseen and unforeseen results.  The hydrologic, nutrient, and carbon systems have been forced by human activity.  Negative feedbacks from individual systems are converging into one.  This is undeniable with honest science.  Man can’t decouple from this nor dematerialize out of this process and remain affluent.  This force of decline is the real power that must be addressed and embraced by you the individual.

If you understand this then you will want practical strategies to negotiate this turning.  These practical strategies are important but more important is the spiritualism.  Spiritualism is full of so many taboos today because of our worship of science.  This makes proper spiritualism particularly difficult.  Spiritualism is the primary skill in this turning because acceptance and humility are the necessary dispositions of the spirtual.  Science does not care about acceptance and humility.  The abstracts of courage that comes from the spirtual does not have a scientific quality. 

To accept and then find humility in this great turning gives you the wisdom to embrace practical physical qualities.  It is spirtual wisdom that is key and this wisdom is only attained by proper orientation to the way of a planet in decline.  Most religions are corrupted by human arrogance of affluence.  So, understand that your religion needs to be adapted.  Your spirituality must be adapted with principals of decline to prosper.  Prosperous spiritualism is meaning.  Your challenge is to find a way to harness destructive affluence you are trapped in.  This corruption of affluence is on all levels. 

Atheism is the worst of religions because it is anti-spiritualism and disregards the metaphysical as a human fantasy.  Atheist consider spiritualism superstitious.  Atheism may be defined as disbelief in God and religion.   In practice it is the worship of science.  Its higher power is intelligence with technology and concentrated knowledge.  This is pure arrogance of humanism.  The projection of intelligent design upon the universe is worshipped.  Atheist worship science and humanism as their higher power.  This has produced extreme secularism and the specializations of humanism which has so distanced us from each other and nature.  Atheism is dead but not for the reason you would suspect. 

They say there are no atheist in foxholes.  I would say atheism is a luxury of affluence and their world is now in decline.  It will be increasingly difficult for these atheists to find a higher power in humanism with declining affluence.  Their understanding of universal intelligent design based upon human intelligence requires expensive education.  Decline will alter education because of the need for survival.  Atheism is the elevating of the human ego to a Godhead which is the ultimate blasphemy.  This is not blasphemy in a Christian sense but instead against life itself with anti-life doctrines of technology with transhumanism and delocalization.

Green judo is the harnessing of civilization’s tipping over.  Its techniques are based on ecology of ecosystems.  Ecosystems go through succession.  There is a building or a shedding of complexity.  This allows periods of change for organisms and species.  This is the basis of evolution which includes devolution. 

In our particular period it is a tipping over into a succession of destructive change.  This is our doing because human forcing as destroyed natural complexity.  Humans are now doubling down on this destructive forcing even when they try to reduce it.  This is where you apply your spirtual moves to use this imbalance to balance.  The key way to do this is first to recognize this process.  If you embrace human manifest destiny of technological progress then you are anti-life.  If you see this progress has tipped over into a regression then you are instead embracing the force of life during this great turning.  This requires new thinking.  This judo is how you embrace this period to find an eddy of constructive growth.

The key point of green judo is for the individual to be drawn towards constructive growth within an environment of overall destructive change.  Traditional growth is now destructive change and is instead anti-growth.   This is what will need to be harnessed.  This is the raw material you have to work with.  You will have to be brown to get green but the key here is the journey to green.  True green is permaculture localism.  As the process progresses, we humans will likely evolve back closer to semi-nomadic hunters, gatherers, and light agricultural farmers on a destabilized planet.  This may be generations hence but the process is beginning now.  You can embrace this process now.

Green judo recognizes the supremacy of modernism.  This is our ecosystem just as pre-neolithic man navigated the difficult period of the ice age.  His life was dictated by ice.  Yours is dictated by destructive carbon harvesting.  Our ecosystem is of the human forcing that has resulted in the new epoch of Anthropocene.  This is a peak prosperity for the human race at the expense of planetary systems. 

When I say expense keep in mind succession is a necessary process.  There are no liabilities with this.  This is nature’s way.  It is how this planet works so the arrogance of humanism that reflects on the good or bad of succession is misplaced.  Arrogance is from a divided mind that finds good or bad in things.   If this is an attribute of nature it is because we are fully part of nature.  Nature just follows its nature.  Only nature can overcome nature.  This means our nature is natural even when it embraces anti-life activity.

Green judo is a spirtual and a physical adaption of the awaken individual.  The spiritual is based on the metaphysics of the sacred.  The cyclic nature of the planet and beyond is sacred.  I am not speaking of the solar system or universe mainly because I feel this should be beyond the scale of humans.  Scale is a spirtual humility.  Proper wisdom seeks proper human scale both for physical and spirtual needs.  Spirtual wisdom must be appropriate to our life form but today it is not.  Our physical nature with tech and science has encroached on proper spirituality.  This can be seen with our knowledge accumulation and tech advances.  These techno aspects have infected religion and spirituality.  Higher powers are now affluence based instead of acceptance based.  This basis is arrogance instead of humility.   The rich and powerful rule instead of the meek.

The spirtual basis of green judo is the acceptance and humility to the sacred.  This sacred when properly scaled is to the planet.  The planet is what gives us life yet we treat it with disrespect.  If your spirituality is separated from this it is because it has been hijacked by the civilizing of meaning.  Most modern spiritualities have scale issues.  Religions seek to poses the sacred for human power. 

The dominant religion today is scientism which treats the planet as its raw material for techno growth.   This is so out of balance it now seeks to spread off the planet in manifest destiny of human progress.  It is this anti-life with the mechanization of transhumanism and delocalization that is the self-destruction of hubris.  Accept this final destructive phase of human forcing of a period of wonderful natural complexity.  This phase was is a goldilocks condition which allow life to flourish.   This allowed human civilization but now human civilization is destroying it.

Acceptance is the attainment of master in green judo.  This is acceptance of an overall degrowth.  This is physical with succession.  A cyclic turning on ascending levels of abstraction is the metaphysical.  This skill is a different one from science although to attain this skill there must be honesty with science.  The skill’s foundation is the embracing of the turning caused from human forcing.  The physical element is the skill of adapting and mitigating the turning of a late-stage civilization.  The sacred is turning into a period of increasing meaning from a time when meaning was shed for increased knowledge.  Knowledge degraded meaning because it took man from his proper scale.

This spirtual nature of green judo goes hand and hand with its physical skills.  Our divided minds want and try to separate them which is the nature of our dualistic being.  Self-consciousness separates the me from the other.  A mind less divided will more naturally link the two.  Green judo seeks to lower the tension of the divided mind. 

Fear is killing us today.  This is not a healthy fear it is a fear of the deeply isolated ego that does not scale to its life-giving mother.  Proper fear is what animals have to survive.  Instead of fearing fear and always looking over your shoulder, green judo promotes the wisdom of insecurity.  It is here a more natural response is taken.  Mortality must be lived or it becomes a demon.  Live mortality and this allows freedom that promotes survival.  It is our nature to survive so be natural with your survival.  This fearing fear is unnatural and the product of a divided mind.  Scientism is the culprit.

When our physical and spirtual nature is properly balance with scale a proper innate wisdom is bubbles up.  Proper wisdom is knowing the appropriate knowledge and tech to keep and what to reject.  There are no set criteria here because of succession.  You the individual are now in a time of rapid destructive change of an epoch tipping over and a civilization in late stage.  Your criteria in this case will be skewed towards the unhealthy and killing aspects of late-stage civilization. 

This is your ecosystem so with green judo you harness this destructive change to find constructive growth that is closer to permaculture community.  All species do this adapting if they can manage it.  They find microclimes of safety.  They migrate to places that offer better adaptability related to their unique species attributes.  Do this as a human in your ecosystem of late-stage civilization.

How you do this physically is to find appropriate tech and knowledge that is properly scaled.  Green is the proper way.  Permaculture localism is the most advanced form of green judo.  Ideally small permaculture farms orbit permaculture towns.  The farms will have specialization but also general skills of home economics and low carbon capture that provides energy and nutrition.  This is bonded together with spirtual permaculture which is reverence for the planet. 

This is the modern frontier much like the earlier settlers encountered in the new world.  This is the cyclic return of a new frontier but instead of taming the wilderness you are taming civilization.  They settled a wild frontier but now this is reversing.  You will be settling a modern frontier making it wilder.  This is a key point to green judo and this is the reversing of the arrogance of humanism.  This is an abstract for most of us because of the difficulty of most of the worlds urban population to localize out of delocalized and transhuman urban settings.

This physical aspect to green judo means first using triage to remove the deadwood of meaningless modernism.  This then seeks the salvage of the old ways with the new in a hybridization.  Remember your ecosystem is modern globalism that has covered the earth.  There is no hiding from this except for a few chosen ones.  These chosen ones will likely be the seed stock for a new human type following the fall.  You the ordinary individual in your unique local can be this new human type but more likely you can be the incubator for it. 

This means you will seek to construct a permaculture homestead with a monestary of knowledge and tech for this new human type to carry on with.  Remember this is cyclic and a process so many generations hence this will have been adapted to.  Repeated evolution and devolution to a new postmodern type is ahead.  But in the here and now of the great tipping it is about the wisdom of what tech to keep and what to dispense with for your survival.  A judo master takes this a step further assembling the life boat for those who come after.

Many of you will not have what it takes to do this but all of us can get closer to the sacred.  Meaning is the deepest need of a properly functioning human.  Many humans are in an immature state.  Many are not fully human in this sense but this fully human is deceptive because what is truly human is the village, tribe, and family. 

It is here where humans at different stages and enlightenment find meaning in community.  This is the body of Christ so to speak and where the kingdom of heaven is.  This is an abstraction that points to our species survival.  It is our most basic nature.  Modern life is destroying this community.  Technocrats seek to destroy this so you can be more easily controlled.  Family, gender, and spirituality are the first casualty of Marxism.

This means those who are less than fully human become fully human in community, tribe, and family.  This is a key point for the green judo master.  It means if you have what it takes then your leadership will be as a servant for the community, tribe, and family.  Further you will be a servant to your ecosystem doing positive change instead of exploitive change.  This deeply important aspect to green judo is acceptance and humility with other orientation.  This allows the embrace of the sacred which is only manifested in the planetary process and within human community.  This heals the divided mind.

Life is spinning out of control for humans because of our transhumanism and delocalization through the worship of tech and knowledge in scientism.  Our religions are infected with this.  Our spirituality is being degraded with delocalization and transhuman mechanization.  This occurs because scientism is now the dominant spirituality which is really anti-spirtual.  The academics and scientist of scientism can’t trust spirituality.  Their worship seeks instead a repression of spirituality. 

Spirituality is considered superstitious because science has no need for it.  Science breaks down to know.  Frogs are dissected and atrial into elements.  The result has been forever compounds and the disruption of the building blocks of life.  Spirituality is the embracing of the other. 

If I mention I practice a form of shamanism your immediate intellectual impulse is I am a nutter and a kook.  This imbalance in the divided mind must be normalized or else the results with be very destructive.  Scientism is anti-life so this undercurrent is destroying the community that is manifested in family and tribe.  Marxist and social justice warriors are the brownshirts of the power impulse of scientism with fascist and statist activity.

This imbalance is used to find balance by yielding to greater forces.  What this means is embrace this distortion of human behavior with acceptance and humility.  It is an inevitable process so get out of denial and bargaining by yielding.  This will allow you to scale properly.  Scale allows balance and from balance comes meaning.  Balance allows you to take what you have where you are and make it marginally better.

You are trapped in this unbalanced world.  This trap is the determinism that acquiesces your free will.  Your ecosystem will dictate your growth and or degrowth.  Know your trap and you will find the means to practice constructive growth.  Constructive growth is survival.  This is both spirtual and physical.

Green judo allows you to live to die another day with less of the tensions that are destructive.  Instead, you find strength and skills to adapt and mitigate.  Here mortality must be embraced and recognized but not as an inhibiting force of fearing fear.  It is merely an acknowledged destination for all.  The journey is the key.  It is this journey that balances the pessimism of mortality.  The journey is where you can constructively grow to die another day.  It is the optimistic pessimism that gives you the courage to life.  This gives you meaning to press on with a life that is at times brutal and brief and at other times monotonous and boring.  If you normalize the balance of spirit with science you open up life for positive growth.

When your spirtual and your science equalize you have found proper scale in an ever-changing world.  This means you will be adapting and changing just as life does.  This means you are just being natural.  You can do nothing else.  It is in your mind where this process gets duplicit.  This duplicity can be healed in an awakening to succession.  The mystic way is the ultimate achievement of the judo master because it means walking into the valley of darkness because this is the way to light.

Civilization’s web is of copper and steel.  It crisscrosses the globe.  This is an unnatural radiation of anti-life forces.  Instead of this as your beacon reach out and benefit from the real web of life which is the streams and rivers that reach out to the ocean that gives life the basics.  Water is a simple substance that erodes down and transports our greatest constructions.  This is a proper destructive force.  Life on this planet of water is where we scale with water as our inspiration. 

Life is given life by an agent of erosion.  The erosion shapes us and the deposition is where we find places to grow and prosper.  You may not be able to leave the steal and copper web but you can transform it.  Seek to adapt your life away from this unnatural result of man’s uninhibited growth and instead build up a homestead and monestary for a future generation who will once again live with water, soil, and sun.

Transcendence and Transformation

Man is driven to know the secrets.  These secrets are of the metaphysics of the divine and the power of being connected to the truth.  This drive is also true with our physical world with the desire to have unlimited energy that is cheap and clean.  This is our world of science.  Our world of science has drifted into the metaphysical with the quest for immortality.  This is best described as the singularity of transhumanism where the merger of man and machine will be able to take your soul and place its self-consciousness in a machine setting allowing the immortality of your intelligence. 

This intelligence of yours is considered your ego and or soul.  This singularity is an extreme of science but to a lesser extent we have delocalized our human nature with the transhumanism of our tech.  This is an unbalanced condition very similar to when religion hijacked science and followed anti-science dogma.  Science was rejected because it did not conform to the narrative.  Today science is rejecting narratives that do not support its transhuman narrative.  Science is rejecting the metaphysical when it does not conform making the mechanization of life through tech and knowledge accumulation particularly dangerous. 

The soul is the interconnectedness of the physical and metaphysical.  It is alive in this interplay.  Even if you are dead there is something more that can only be described as the sacred.  The sacred is untouchable so death is a mystery.  Science rejects this because there is no science for it.  Today religion usurps this with immortality dogmas.  Further religion has been hijacked by science because science is the basis of being modern.  Science is in a quest for immortality.  This immortality quest is the singularity of transhumanism.   This is the mechanization of arrogance.  Instead of a singularity with the sacred there is the anti-life singularity with machines. 

This discussion is about the turbulence of destructive change resulting from man’s imbalances on both his speres of dualism.  Both the metaphysical and the physical are in a turbulent change where meaning is lost.  Connectivity is lost.  Science has been let out of the Jeannie bottle and can’t be contained.  It is killing us but is also necessary to save us.  This incongruous juxtaposition is now the operative force of civilization’s self-destruction.  To the degree you can scale yourself properly within this destructive period of human nature this scaling will assist your adaptation and mitigation strategies.

There is the question of determinism and free will with all this.  Are we really free to make choices or is it only a sophisticated program that is determined by our place in it all?  I would say we are determined and this is why we have free will.  Free will is determined by the cyclic nature of life.  It is the cyclic nature of life that results in a determinism.  Without a universe of free will there would be no determinism because there would be no movement.  All would be crushed into the ridged compression of singularity at the moment before the big bang.  If there is only free will there never would have been a big bang.  There would have been no need.  It is only by being lost we find and only finding we get lost.  The secret of life is simple and natural because of complexity and complicated structures.

That may have been just a word salad but it is a stab at the interplay of aspects of dualism that are present in our lives that if balanced will allow a more natural and harmonious reaction to a very dangerous time ahead.  Science is not going to save us.  Our spirituality is lost too.  If we can properly nest the two closer to where they belong in our little world then a natural response results.  The planet will support you by the power of connection.  Action will result that has optimism in a world of pessimism.

This post is deeper than many of you would care to deal with.  This is not because you can’t understand the significance but because it deals with darkness and seriousness in a scary time when uplifting is needed.  You may find it difficult to read because I am discussing topics that are not mainstream.  These topics are esoteric.  Yet, the key to these specialized esoteric topics is simplicity.  This incongruous juxtaposition points to a reality most can’t attain because it is too simple.  This is why the meek will inherit the earth.

The point I want to get across to you is the pain and suffering ahead is here.  If you want to be at the top of your game adapting to this new reality it is important to understand the interplay of physics and metaphysics.  If you try to adapt to this new reality with only one side of this equation you will be hindered.  The reason being is what is ahead is a spirtual fight with physical realities of decline.  You will need science to navigate this dangerous world ahead but science is the problem.  Science needs to be reexamined at the individual level.  At the top it has mechanized itself into a final destructive phase so you must embrace this awareness.

I ask you to visit this linked site to understand the decline in energy affluence in a time of peak affluence.  This site observes an intersection of dysfunctional and irrational narratives of plenty with the harsh reality of declining physical affluence.  This will be a very harsh awakening for many that have let themselves believe the lies and the incompetence of the leadership of the world.  They led us down the primrose path and you will be forced quickly to adapt.  They led us with incompetence and recklessness in the arrogance of affluence.  They themselves are ignorant of these realities but consider themselves elite.  They think this is a management issue when instead it is an existential issue of living a lie and paying the consequences.  The elite always bring civilization down with arrogance.  Ours is by far the worst and will fail the quickest.


This site next site has been very significant to my REAL Green.  I did not realize I was connecting with an ancient understanding of the cyclic nature of life.  This is a metaphysical reality.  The understanding of this reality can’t be approach like the physical reality of science with physics.  This is about connectivity and connectivity can’t use science and the linear of knowledge.  This is non-linear and beyond understanding and this is why it is called sacred.  It is also called the truth.  Science has to be part of this but as a vehicular way to approach. 

This is an age-old dichotomy and the product is civilization and the reason civilizations always fail.  Before we lost our innocence in the arrogance of civilization this dichotomy was healthy it allowed great survival strategies for our species.  Tools and fire are two great examples.  Civilization has brought division to life with the arrogance of specialization.  It is incumbent on you the individual to heal this rift to face a dark world ahead.  Go to this site to better understand the metaphysical of cyclic realities.


4×4 is transformation and transcendence which is now required for your survival.  I am just a simple man raising goats and cattle on hardscrabble land.  I am getting old and feeble.  My mind is slipping.  I forget things and when I get up in the morning I hurt.  I rejoice in getting up and try to power through the pain.  It is this basic activity of living that gives me optimism to the pessimism.   When I connect the pain dissipates enough and I power through.  I consider optimistic pessimism the paradox of life.  If you want to find real optimism you must embrace pessimism.  Life is an incongruous juxtaposition for humans because of the polarity of our dualism.

I am calling this post 4×4 because you require front and rear drive to navigate the off road of this new life.  A new life that is actually the old one.  Super highways represent our fantasy world.  Our 2 wheel performance sports cars of fantasy are not going to work in the off road of life.  Actually, having the 4 legs of a horse is the true 4×4 to embrace because this is the marriage of man with nature.  The Comanches of the southern plains are a fine example.  You will have to be all-terrain in this world tipping over. 

To understand this fully you have to dig into human nature itself.  You have to entertain the secrets of life with humility and acceptance.  This will give you the wisdom of insecurity to live to die another day which is the most profound incongruous juxtaposition.  Death is the ultimate reality of life.  Like the moment of birth, undeniable.  You must find joy in this journey of pain and suffering.  At some point you need to quit asking why and just live naturally.  This naturalness is something unnatural these days and the reason for so much neurosis.

You are an energy system because that is fundamentally what life is.  Humans don’t think of ourselves this way.  We think of ourselves as exceptional and a reflection of a divine.  Atheist may not believe in a God but most believe in intelligence as something that orders the universe.  Math and physics are the higher power for them.  People of faith believe in a divine power ordering our lives which is a reflection of what is human with self-consciousness.  This is problematic for humans as animals on a finite planet of systems.  It is this desire for exceptionalism from nature that instead leaves us naked.  Any man of faith must lose his faith to find it.  Atheism is just a luxury of affluence.

Fundamentally we are dualistic because of self-consciousness.  We have spirtual needs of connecting with the question of why?  The isolated ego seeks answers because this need for why influences our needs that allow us to live.  It is very difficult to live on a finite planet in competition with other life and with a planetary system in constant change.  This is made harder for humans because of why and the harsh reality of being aware of mortality.

This dualism shows up in our science and technology side of gathering and processing energy.  Since the advent of civilization this basic of a life form of gathering and processing energy has found a niche where we can engage in other activities that satisfy our needs to know why.  For the primitive man the why was found in nature.  He lived by weaving meaning with beings and animate forces in his local.  He was scaled and balanced but primitive.  This is why simplicity needs to be embraced.  No longer does human activity revolve only around hunting, gathering, and semi-nomadic agriculture.  We now have knowledge and technology to build things and accumulate knowledge systems.  This has happened in a very short time and humans have not completely adapted.  This lack of adaptation is destroying ourselves and planetary complexity.

This human evolution has now hit the limits of growth but also much less talked about limits to change.  This is a trap that points to collpase.  This collpase is inevitable and I would say necessary.  Just as there is no free will without determinism there is no growth without collpase.  Collpase tends to be rapid with growth tending to be built up over time by building upon building.  The collpase process can be especially harsh if it is ignored becuase it can become a house of cards.  If collpase is embraced it can be less harsh with a pruning of deadwood.  Grapes and fruit trees that are properly pruned give much fruit.

This collpase paradigm with clear environmental patterns should be addressed by society but there is this key element of the trap that is the limit of change.   In our modern case is primarily the trap of carbon that allows us to engage in activities of civilization.  Civilization is path dependent with its learning and activity with carbon.  This can’t be broken except by collpase.  Before fossil fuels there was the carbon of biomass that was also limited.  Civilizations were trapped here too by cutting all the trees down and degrading the soil. 

It is the degree and duration that is the critical element of collpase not the if there will be collpase.  It will happen because this is the way.   A deeper study of the cyclic of metaphysics hints to this.  It is better to embrace this truth than the hope of if it will or won’t happen.  Pretending it won’t happen is just the building of a house of cards.  Embracing the inevitability of collpase allows efforts to manage the degree and duration of degrowth.  Degree and duration together is the primary gauge for life or death in destructive change.  This is true of all life on this every changing finite planet.

Abandonment, dysfunction, and the irrational are human elements of the collpase process otherwise called degrowth.  This is an unwinding of complexity by forces of chaos.  There is a whole scientific area of study of chaos that is very remarkable.  There is order in chaos.  This is turbulence and there is no formula for turbulence but turbulence has its own form of order.  It is anti-order order.  In nature there is just succession.  To the degree there is dysfunctional and irrational in nature is only through human reflection which is from our dualism with the ego and the other.  The planet and life are not dysfunctional and there is no irrational in nature other than in the human mind in an abstraction.  Nature does succession of growth or degrowth depending on the interaction of systems.  If we label this dysfunction and irrational, it is just our dualism and linear thinking.

This points to the need for humans to reflect on collpase as inevitable.   This points to the need to add metaphysics to physics and vice versa.  These days they have been separated because of specialization of civilization.  If we are a reflection of the divine then this reflection reflects succession.  If we reflect succession then we reflect growth and degrowth of complexity with complicated but also simple systems.  This includes eddies fighting change or pushing change.  It involves currents that is change itself that is nonnegotiable.  Contemplation with elaborate fantasies to control this will not change this. 

At some point modern man must find a way to embrace this as a component through their higher power.  This is a planetary pattern for life that is nonnegotiable.  Humans are aware of this to a point.  What limits awareness it is our desire for manifest destiny of the arrogance of humanism.  The reflection of this divine way is clouded because of the loss of innocence with specialization.  Knowledge is specialization.  Instead, we look to other planets as if this will keep our linear seeking specialized destiny alive.  We look to technology fixing things that are constantly breaking down because of the very powerful force of entropy.  We theorize energy sources can be substituted.  Safe and plentiful energy is touted as the future by our delusional greens.  We even think we can work through mortality with singularity of our souls merging in transhumanism with machines.

I do not believe this condition of human nature can be reconciled at the level of civilization.  Civilization is a linear system of knowledge and constructions that dwell in a non-linear world of the succession of change.  This then points to a requirement of you the individual.  This requirement is acceptance of human arrogance.   The living with a civilization that is path dependent and carbon trap.  Trapped in denial by its very definition. 

My reference to arrogance here is not good or bad.  If you judge it good or bad you are just being arrogant.  It is just the inevitable condition of the dualism of self-consciousness.  Life reflects once it attains individual complexity.  This individual complexity can only happen during times of overall complexity.  Civilization would not have developed except with the stable epoch we have been in.  Civilization then destroyed the stability that gave it life.  Embrace this and you get a natural transcendence.

Complexity is deceptive because we can look at what we now think is a peak of complexity but which is actually degraded complexity.  The domination of the planet by one species is less complex than the symbiotic complexity of a diversity.  This can be seen very easily with common sense to those who are honest.  The planet is now less complex overall with a complex human world. 

What good is all this technology and knowledge when it is actually anti-complexity?  If we do not see the reality of what civilization actually does then it is impossible to embrace the true complexity of our species in symbiotic growth with other species.  All of this of course acquiesces to the solar system and likely forces beyond.  Even here we disrespect complexity by imposing a human face to physics as if our intelligence is a mirror of the intelligent design of the universe.  That can’t be known.

You the individual need to see through this human arrogance.  This will transform you but not allow transcendence over it.  There is no transcendence except within.  The transcendence comes from not being able to transcend.  It is that special place where the two intersect that is the spark of life.  The transformation is from outside and the transcendence is within.  They work together and they are always subject to change.  This cyclical marriage of a moving dualism is inevitable on a changing planet when a species becomes self-conscious and then loses that consciousness.  Embrace it and it will support you as the way.  It is the compass to find your direction. 

If you have no compass on a dark night or cloudy day you are lost.  If you are lost your life is haphazard.  If you have a compass, you can follow the direction.  Following the direction will not save you but it allows you the opportunity to live more harmonious.  You have no choice but to find surplus energy or you will die.  This is true of the fox or man.  Having a sense of direction is a necessary support mechanism just as the fox has keen eyes, ears, and sense of smell.  Know your humanity which means knowing your dualism.

So, it is the internal transcendence and external transformation that is critical.  It is not attainable but it is a way to follow.  Attainable here is referred to a having.  You can’t possess this ultimate power but instead embrace it.  This is why a shaman will lose his power if he uses it for personal gain.  You were a child and then became an adult.  You then journey back to the child like stage when becoming old.  Our social structures are no different but unable to accept this.  They just have a different expression with growth and degrowth.

Our civilization is late stage.  Our current civilization is in childlike phase of being old.  It is pretending to be an adult.  Adulthood was when we were premodern.  Our childlike nature has been in operation since then.  Our human forcing has changed the planet to less complexity.  This succession is then what you must set your compass to.   Find transformation with internal transcendence in this common-sense honesty of 4×4.  The transformation in this late-stage civilization is degrowth.  The transcendence is humility and acceptance.  The transformation is a lifeboat on a sea of destructive change that finds niches of constructive growth.  Internally the transcendence is your hospice care of spirtual adaptation.  It is here you embrace acceptance of the planet’s way and find humility in the arrogance of humanism.

Now more than ever at this point in our linear world of history the truly vital element of life is within.  It is not some scientific discovery that will save humanity.  This is because of the extent of delocalization from our vital ecosystem civilization has taken us.  It is because humans have embraced fully the worship of transhumanism of machines that life is being destroyed.  This transhumanism is now anti-life. 

I am tapping words out on an anti-life system.  This little laptop is connected to a vast network of powerlines and power plants that are supported by strip mining and landfills.  If you do not see this then you are lost in delusions.  It does not matter I may be telling you life giving knowledge.  Every tap is a tap of death in the greater scheme.  This is anti-life but if you understand the cyclic nature of life then you stop judging this action because my free will is determined.  Man’s civilization is anti-life now and this will end in a rebirth.

Transcending in this case is not physical it is metaphysical.  It is taking the limits of the physical human condition and embracing its place in the life system.  In this scared place there is no good or bad.  Good or bad is then merge in the isness of it all.  This isness is then naturalness. 

It is this naturalness that is the true transmutation of the alchemist.  It is not the deceptive quest for immortality that is lost once it is searched for.  It is not changing base metals into gold.  This is the trick humans play on themselves in self-consciousness.  The true transmutation is becoming natural.  This means being a child then an adult then a child again.  This is true of civilization which means the inevitability of collpase. 

This is the way.  There is a scared element here that can only be embraced.  Civilization then represents just another expression of life.  This is the cyclic expression of transcendence and transformation in succession.  A succession that is at times growth and other times degrowth.  We are in the degrowth phase now.  Embrace this and it will support you.  Reject it and you will drown in desperation.

Find your compass then you can adapt and mitigate to a civilization that lost its compass.  It lost its compass because that is the way.  Do not judge this or you will not find your compass.  Finding your compass is embracing the way of the planet right under your feet.  It is listening to the language of the birds and watching the geese and monarchs effortlessly find their direction of migration. 

The finding of the compass and the losing of it is the way of succession as much for civilization as the individual.  It is the humility of this that is the key for the individual.  This is why the meek will inherit the earth.  This is where civilization is at a disadvantage because civilization is by definition arrogance.  It is physical growth attempting transcendence which is not possible on a finite planet.

Even talking about this reality is not it.  I am an imperfect vessel.  I am not very smart.  My linear thinking is attempting to explain the nonlinear of life and systems.  This is my own arrogance.  Yet, I am not doing this in a serious way.  I am just sitting around the campfire talking to you under a wonderful starry night.  The air is brisk but not brutal.  We are friends and care about each other.  The fire warms our friendship.  We know the morning will bring hard work and we know one day we will die.  Yet, in the here and now this is a beautiful night we are enjoying together.  It is this community that is the key and it is here there is salvation.  Enjoy and have reverence instead of the deadly serious passions we get caught in to have and hold.


I am now engaged in triage.  In my little world here on the farm I am faced with downsizing.  In the past I was building up with the understanding a drawdown was ahead.  I did not know when but I did know it was inevitable.  In my little world my farm budget has been eliminated.  This occurred at the same time prices for everything have exploded.  I am so glad I invested wisely while I could.  I used this budget to renovate and restore this old worn-out cattle farm.  It is environmentally vibrant now.  I also used it to assist me in the building up of my grazing system.  It allowed me to beef up my prepping portfolio.  These things and actions are all related in my green prepping efforts.

I have succeeded in building up something robust and more secure.  I now will have to apply triage to properly maintain what I have done.  There are parts of the farm I will have to let go to over grow.  There are areas I will focus my resources on.  My goat effort will have to be more minimalistic.  I am also growing the herd because I will have to get more return on them now that my financial support has been reduced.  I am not going to have the money to buy tools, supplies, and hardware like I did.  Now purchases will be focused on maintenance.  The positive is I had mostly built-up good reserves.  I am outfitted now.  I have the right equipment mix to target my farm work.  The grazing system is finished.  There are things I would liked to have done but these were just enhancements and tweaking. 

I am prepped up.  I have a solid prep portfolio.  You will find that you never have enough prep stuff but you can get enough if you stay modest.  Now I will be maintaining readiness albeit in the slow attrition that life imposes on a building up of a fortified homestead and permaculture farm.  Attrician will deplete and wear out things so I will be forced to adapt but this adaptation can be slower.  A slower decline makes adaptation easier. 

I am mentally prepared because I have been living this process in my head.  I feel this is the most important element to this process.  It is mental with attitudes.  It is acceptance of the pessimism of it all and the resulting impulse to action that becomes the optimism.  If you expect the process then when it comes you naturally react.  It is never easy and you will not transcend the pain of downsizing.  There is no sugar coating degrowth and there should not be.  This is the greater problem of modern life.  People across the spectrum have been lied too about what is ahead.  I agree some can’t handle the truth but if leadership can’t handle the truth, then the dangers are great.

My budget got cut so now I am without money to do constructive growth.  The good thing is the work I did was in anticipation of this.  This process did not happen as I anticipated which is something for you to reflect on if you are attempting something similar to my green prepping.  I lost my support from my family to build this farm up.  I had always thought event of the world would force this first.  Instead, my support was ended from within.  The events of the world are deteriorating rapidly too.  This is the reason I am talking triage in this post. 

The world is falling apart and my family support was withdrawn so my prep system is turned on.  Now I will be put to the test.  Globalism is breaking down before our eyes.  Economics is deteriorating with supply chains and stagflation.  Hyperinflation may happen.  Energy is becoming dearer.  Food is going to be an issue soon.  I am going to struggle to put fertilizer on my hay fields this year as my small example of food issues ahead.  My operation has to have hay for the winter months.  Social cohesion is deteriorating.  Just look around how pissed off people are and multiple that with the coming food and energy shortages.

What I will be discussing today is somewhat mental and theoretical but this aspect of what you are going to need to do is necessary because the narrative of globalism is so skewed with denial and deception.  You must be able to lift yourself out of your situation and look in on it intellectually.  You will then be required to get out of your mind and descend back into action.  You will then need to face hardship with educated decisions.  This is the basis of wisdom.  There will be consequences that are for the most part difficult.  I am finding it difficult to downsize my middle-class life I built up at the same time I am getting older.  I am getting older and feeling the strain of all I do.  I am increasingly unable to maintain my physical effort like I used to.  I am closing in on 60 doing the work of a 40-year-old. 

It is wise to understand events in Ukraine are a turning point.  This is the self-destruction of the global system by the globalist.  Their hubris, recklessness, and incompetence has led to their own demise.  They will limp along with power here and their but increasingly their lies and misinformation will turn the general public against them.  Across the board their policies are failing except for the policy of self-destruction.  They want to destroy what was and build back something technocratic and authoritarian.  In the process the globalist destroyed globalism.  The most powerful growth engine ever devised by man will break down into smaller economic systems.  This growth engine has destroyed culture with homogenization and the planet with cheap plastic waste streams.  The globalist wanted their cake and eat it but instead pooped in their nest.

Growth is over and all political systems deny this.  You need to realize this phase in modern history has turned over and will stair step down to a new reality of less.  How much less for you is contingent on how you react now.  It is contingent upon you to see through the various narratives they are trying to feed you.   Adapt accordingly because there is little wiggle room now. 

Keep in mind there are limits to growth but also limits to change.  You are path dependent with a life adapted to globalism.   Your local is delocalized and vulnerable to disruptions of food and fuel.  You are carbon trapped in a world that renewables will not save.   Green new deals are lies.   Green new deals will not survive the demise of globalism.  Fossil fuels are in net energy decline so don’t believe the drill baby drill browns either.  What you need to be outfitted for is the courage to accept the truth of what is happening and take action.  This action is more with attitudes than with things.  Things will now be limited.  Proper attitude is not.  Action is the optimism you can have with this pessimistic reality.

I am speaking to you about triage because what is important now is the clearing out of deadwood.  In a world of less, excess baggage is a detriment.  In a sense you will need to be a refugee from this globalized world.  A refugee can’t carry much with him.  There are no moving trucks into this new age.  It is incumbent on you to first triage out of your life things that will only inhibit proper living in the face of decline.  This includes your beliefs, values, and goals. 

This world of decline is a pole shift so you can’t expect to use growth thinking the same.  Niche growth within a world of destructive growth is instead needed.  This means targeted and focused growth.  The world is still going to think growth and progress.  You can’t just ignore this.  This does not mean a dumpster fire.  Many core values are valid and relevant in a growth world and a degrowth world.  What this means is a degrowth focused evaluation of what your goals are.  Reality testing with degrowth acceptance.   First it means accepting the world has tipped over.  Most hang on to optimism it will all work out.  The deception is imprinted in all of us that some wonderful tech will solve our problems.

Globalism is breaking down into a world of shorter supply chains.  There will be less travel.  Food choices greatly reduced.  Education altered by the reality many academic destinations will not support this new poorer world.  Health care will be limited and the safety net of welfare reduced.  This is back to earlier times we mistakenly though prosperity delivered us from.  What prosperity did instead was dropped us off in a world without a return ticket.  It is very important you realize this and make appropriate changes to how you operate.  Downsize with dignity and do this in places with more of a future.  This is if you can.  Many people are trapped now and will have to shelter in place.  In this tip over into a world of decline options for constructive change are reduced significantly.

A degrowth world calls for triage because a world of less is a world of priorities.  If you can’t prioritize you will find yourself a house of cards vulnerable to the further shocks ahead.  Triage is your first priority by eliminating the destructive ways and things of prosperity.  Prosperity is destructive when it loads you up with the excess baggage of a lifestyle with no future.  This narrative of prosperity is one sold to you by the marketing propaganda of the big corporations of the globalist’s world.  This is also about the narrative of techno optimism.  Science, academia, and their technocratic administrative statist want you to believe they have a plan to save humanity from itself.  They are the problem not the solution.

The technocrats want you to believe there is a great reset and a 4th industrial revolution.  There is but it is in the other direction.  They are the ones who will be reset and turned back.  Their complexity and complicated things are going to be abandoned.  Networks dysfunction will be rapid with abandonment.  The irrationality exposed with hyper centralization and the insanity of doing more of the same when these actions result in repeated failures.

The planet is in abrupt change because of human forcing.  Systems like the hydrologic, nutrient, carbon, and life system are now in flux with instability.  The climate system is clearly unstable.  Notice it is not warming but instead unstable warming and cooling.  Floods and droughts have become more extreme and unpredictable.  The long period of stability that built civilization is now in flux.  Humans have no choice but to acquiesce to this.  Technology will not save us. In fact, technology and its sister knowledge accumulation are the problem now. 

Triage applies with instability too with a wisdom of decline.  This wisdom is of simpler questions and answers.  It is the knowledge of what ordinary knowledge to gain and how to use it.  Triage out complexity and complicated things as your trap allows.  This must be done relative and realistically because traps are traps.  This is about not digging the hole deeper with transhumanism of machine-based living and the delocalization of your individual supply chains.  I am not telling you to not think globally but instead think more locally.  Remember you are trapped.  Globalism delocalized a global civilization now all nation states will suffer.  There is nowhere to hide.  Some are worse than others.  The more complex and complicated the worse the adjustment although proper wisdom can stabilize the process of decay and decline.

Once triage is complete think about salvage.  Salvage means using what is at hand to piece together value.  Salvage means taking good products and knowledge and adapting it to decline with repurposed applications.  Keep in mind this is both physical and abstract.  Systems and networks require this too.  What this means to you the individual is seeing the vulnerabilities and limiting them.  The health care system and education system are prime examples of vital necessities that must be repurposed.  Finance and business are another because civilization has to provide logistics.  You can’t just walk away from these modern constructs but instead see them for what they are and will be.  These vital constructs will not survive as-is delocalization and dematerialization.  This may not be overnight but it will be the trend.  Since growth tends to happen slowly over time and collapse relative swift there is no time to waste.

A key element to salvage in this modern age is hybridization.  This hybridization is combining the best of the old ways with new ones to form a new version of both.  This will be the next stage.  This is a life boat mentality.  This is the real great reset and fourth turning.  It is a turning back but with some important knowledge and things that can leverage and fortify the return to an older way of living.  You will need to resurrect the old ways.  Many have been forgotten but much of this is common sense.  If proper triage is applied common sense is allowed to flourish.  The old ways were honed by common sense over time.

The old ways of home economics, food, and shelter can be combined with great modern tech and know-how.  First the baggage of the modern that is unneeded must be eliminated.  This must be done with decline and dematerialization in mind.  It must also be done with the understanding of the limits of change from the carbon trap and path dependencies of a way of life imprinted on us from a lifetime of living in progressive growth.  Somewhere there will be an intersection where those who apply proper wisdom will obtain a stability of decline.  Those who fail will see rapid decline.

Hybridization takes this new wisdom and applies triage and salvage as a life boat mentality.  This must be done stoically with ascetic values.  For example, carpooling will be back.  Localism will reform with people remaining local for community functions.  This is a world of decline so less is the operative word.  Community will not be in short supply and this will offset the losses where there is still community.  Less is about abandonment, dysfunction, and irrational.  This is macro and micro because this must be in your little world too.  This process is about lifeboats and hospice attitudes.  The life boat part is prepping and the hospice part is acceptance and humility for a world being degrowthed.

The most important part of this adaptation to decline is the wisdom of insecurity.  This wisdom comes from acceptance and humility to a greater power above man’s tech and knowledge.  This wisdom embraces the planets change.  The planet is in abrupt change so this means human civilization will be forced into change.  This forced change will leave you insecure.  Embrace this instead of denying it.  By embracing it you reduce fear.  Fear does not go away but irrational fear will be reduced.  The last thing you want to do is panic which is irrational fear.

Monocultures and global supply chains will be reduced so learn permaculture and home economics.  The dysfunctions of globalism’s decline you will want to avoid despite your trap in globalism.  Distance yourself from delocalization.  Commuting too far is a bad idea.  The irrational of a cultural narrative of techno optimism especially from the globalist with their green new deals is the other important scam to avoid.  Renewables have a vital part to play in a decline but not as advertised by radical greens.  Do the math, renewables are a global commodity and globalism is in decline.  Renewables won’t overcome this decline.  Avoid areas preaching NetZero.  NetZero is on the way but this is less energy and more human and animal power.

This way I am telling you about will not save you from decline but it will give you courage to embrace decline.  Fear is debilitating if it is not healthy fear.  Embrace fear as it is naturally required of all life and limit the fear man is trapped in with his self-consciousness.  All we have constructed will turn to dust but in the here and now life goes on.  Embrace the planet’s way because there is no reality more real than the changing seasons and the process of life below our feet.  This means more localization and less machine transhumanism.

The planet’s life system is governed by change periods of succession.  Without succession life could not be life.  This cycle allows life to adapt to a planet with tectonics and climate.  Embrace succession because if you embrace this it will support you.  It supports you because you are not fighting the current of change but instead flowing with it.  It is this adapting to change both destructive and constructive that will allow you to find a niche of stability.  There are no guarantees to stability but there is only one way to stability and that is the way of the planet.  If the planet is changing embrace this or suffer the consequences.  This is how life has always operated on this changing planet.