The Maya Wisdom of Collapse

I urge you to read this pivotal work by my good friend JJ at  This writing will be to some abstract and esoteric because it deals with the Mayan calendars and the process of decline the world appears to be in.  Below I highlight a point JJ mentioned on how the Maya embraced decline.  The cyclic shows life rhyming.   The Maya tapped into this insight.  This can help place you in our current process of decline.  All civilizations collpase.  The Maya show how to do it properly.

“Spiritual guide, Carlos Barrios, mentions in his book, The Book of Destiny [33], that the Classic Maya Empire was to an extent allowed to disintegrate consciously by consensus according to what the energies demanded of the people.  The reason was that the Mayas built their cities on intangible energy centers (spiritual energy points) and when the energy shifted they would relocate to new energy centers to create settlements there. Kenneth Johnson stated something similar in one of his books;  The Mayan world did not end when the cities of the Classic Period began to decline. It simply shifted gears; the locus of energy moved from the ancient capitals to new ones – Kenneth Johnston (The Mayan Prophecies: The Renewal of the World 2012 to 2072) [34].  These factors might shed some important light on the mystery of the ‘collapse’ of the Classic Maya because their empire declined over a long period of time [35]. The Mayas would likely have known that the cyclic reordering of their civilization was upon them, and they could, therefore, have oriented themselves accordingly.”

Life shows indications of being cyclic to those who appreciate the metaphysical.  The Maya studied this closely and developed an elaborate calendar system with corresponding mythology to describe these forces of life.  Science is preoccupied with reductionism which is only two dimensional.  The Mayan calendar system adds the third dimension of the metaphysical.  It is only with the combination of science and metaphysics that life can be understood properly.

I call this mix alchemy.  Alchemy is a living transmutation when the proper balance of the physical and metaphysical is achieved.  This is never fixed and always in flux so periods will be of growth and light but also decline and darkness.  This is the wisdom of ages.  You the individual can tap into this most elementary wisdom to guide your life through this time of decline.

In today’s world science is dominant.  Today the spirtual is at its lowest point and we are in the age of darkness.  Science has usurped the sacred.  It is now worshiped as a god.  If you can see this through the eyes of the Maya then you will understand why our world is now set to decline and disintegrate.  Our global empire of transhumanism is locked into this decline but you the individual can decline by consensus as Maya wisdom foretold.

The metaphysical is about connectivity so you the individual must boost your metaphysical appreciation.  Connectivity is what is lacking today.  The dualistic reality of humans who are self-conscious is both physical and metaphysical.  The Maya truly had a sense of the proper balance of these human conditions.  In this time of decline it would do man good to reflect on what the Maya understood.  This would give meaning to why civilizations and especially empires are meant to fail. 

The wisdom of the Maya saw that the cyclic demands decline as it allows growth.  This is the nature of things.  What you have in the wisdom of the Maya is two key points for current reflection, one is consensus of community and the other is respect for what the sacred demands.  This is wisdom in its most elegant form.  Embrace this personally and life will support you.  You will be on the right path.

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