The Cult of Reason

The only honesty I can relate to is doom.  I visit an eclectic variety of sites.  I can’t find anything even remotely on track with reality through the whole process of discovery and conclusion except doom.  I do find within many articles some realization of the inconsistencies of the mainstream narratives.  This is on all sides.  Reality has this power over all persuasions.  There are many articles that will acknowledge the problems and even the problems with proposed solutions.  Yet, this is usually followed by prescriptions for solutions that are further inconsistencies.  Terminal is terminal.  A predicament is a predicament.  How much more to the point can one get?

This can only be likened to a collective terminal illness diagnosis.  Our global civilization is in the initial stage to find a cure that patients inevitably engage in.  There are so many collective illnesses that it bogles the mind.  What is more insidious is these many problems are converging and negatively reinforcing like a hurricane of consequences.  There is really nothing out there that is positive to have optimism in if you are honest.  The browns are set on pushing fossil fuels that are in net energy decline and the greens renewables and electric transport.  Both are a failure.

Fossil fuels have peaked in net energy.  Sure, there are plenty of them still around but the economics of finding and utilizing them are in rapid decline.  You can’t make uneconomic reserves into resources that produce results.  This is especially true with the economic engine in decline.   There are energy reasons for economic decline but also economic reasons.  Fossil fuels are really the only future for the non-future but they have no future.   The economy is a Ponzi scheme of growth on a finite planet so it can’t keep substitution going.  Finite means there is an end.

At a certain point technology won’t be affordable to keep them going.  Economics will fail and there will not be the wherewithal to produce expensive energy and run an economy.  This is a process but one with an inevitable end.  This is so simple but to those bargaining with this “failure is not an option” farce mentality, this simple wisdom is unattainable.

The Greens are the most delusional of our options.  I personally believe in green applications for prepping but as a paradigm of energy transition it is a complete failure.  The left is bat-shit crazy.  I won’t even bring up “woke” and ESG.  These policy forces are a criminal elite hijacking similar to color revolution technics of the CIA and CCP.  I am focusing on energy because it is non-denominational.  Energy is the basis of the food chain. 

Green is a huge detour and will destroy civilization even quicker.  Just witness what is going on in Europe.  Yet again, Europe will be the epicenter of a crushing decline.  This is mainly brought on by the globalist and their leftwing foot soldiers.  This point I make is coming from someone who grew up left of center with a conservative family.  Green hate is especially strong for people like me considered a traitor.

I am not going to go into the mechanics of failure.  I have multiple posts on conclusions and a road maps to the data.  There is just too much to discuss.  I am not a writer I am just an old guy dispensing wisdom.  I walk my talk as best I can.  I am a generalist and this is what is needed to understand the macro predicament of everything.  Specialization is the problem when it comes to wisdom.  I read the specialist but not as a specialist.  I make a round trip through all the data.  Really it takes a systematic approach as a generalist to see there is no hope for anything but decline and failure.

Then there is the majority of the population that is oblivious.  I do not say this in judgment.  I say this as someone who knows many of these people.  Many are not capable of critical thought because of age and or education.  Many are struggling just to survive.  I am talking about the rich too because increasingly even the rich will struggle to maintain their precarious lives.  I am most upset with the leadership these days who are exploiting the most vulnerable.  Tactics are being used to harness the masses for nefarious ends.  A civilizational civil war is now a reality.

Eventually, just like the individual, the terminal illness wins.  What is different with the collective is palliative efforts could make the coming decline less severe and more predictable.  I firmly believe you have to choose the least bad now at the level of politics.  This is the populist nationalist.  At least they are realizing the administrative state is now weaponized for the benefit of the elite.  Civilizations always end this way because power corrupts. 

The left is hell bent on their ends by any means.  This is Marxism and Marxism always fails.  It fails because power never usurps the truth except for a short time.  We are now in that period of that “short time”.  Things have speeded up so dramatically I suspect months are left for these criminals.  Eventually they will go the course of the Jacobin’s cult of reason and Reign of Terror.  In a complex global society this damage wrought will be incalculable.

Unfortunately, this damage will be done and the populist nationalist really don’t have the solutions either.  I do believe they offer a less bad approach.  Decentralization is critical now.  Globalism must be reversed with some management.  The globalist technocrats and their weaponized administrative state must be eliminated from leadership.  This means the elites must be stopped.  It is only the populist nationalist that can do this.

This does not leave a solution though.  This just leaves a better bad or less bad.  This blog is dedicated to green prepping of those individuals who can.  I don’t have anything to offer to those who don’t have what it takes.  I am too honest to tell you stories.  I will tell those who have the wherewithal that very few of you will succeed very long.  This mentality I speak of is more like the movie “Platoon” near the end when the commander calls in a strike on his own position because he is being overrun.  The logic behind this is at least his people are more or less dug-in.

The wisdom I give you now is to be honest and follows the truth.  If you can, get out of denial.  I am not going to judge those who can’t are won’t for the thousands of reasons for inaction.  Life will deal with you.  Life is going to deal with me too.  Even though I live a wisdom of insecurity I will still face the gauntlet.  What the wisdom of insecurity does though is gets you out of fearing fear.  You stop being tensed up with fear and start living with it.  The wisdom of insecurity is not even a state it is only a state of mind.  I reflect on it when I am tensing up in fear.  That’s all it is and that is acceptance.

This is why I preach about Hospices along with lifeboats.  If you are dying a terminal illness the best way to die is either oblivious or in acceptance.  Those who know what is going on need acceptance.  Those who are oblivious just don’t understand which is a default acceptance.  The worst is those who live in lies and self-deception.  This is hell on earth.

I am going to end this talk because I have said my peace.  I have given nothing new to enlighten you with.  I am just talking to you like a father talking to his sick child.  I am talking to myself too.  This is cathartic.  If there is one overriding message, I would say find community and especially find family.  This has always been where human strength is.

I am not posting much anymore because I have defined my doom over the last few years.  We are here now in that doom.  This is it.  This is the end time.  I don’t know what is ahead but this is it.  I will say this, the truth offers salvation to this predicament.  Embrace the truth which means a spirituality.  It does not mean rejecting science but instead a balancing of the two.  Good luck my friends, the few of you that read my rants.

7 thoughts on “The Cult of Reason”

  1. I hear you & feel your pain my Dear Brother. Nothing makes sense anymore. Yet I am determined to keep my peace & I hope you withdraw from the endless diatribe of mental clutter. Nature is our church. Sending you healing thoughts. 🙏🏽❤️


    1. My farm is my refuge. If I dabble in the ways of the world it is more as a scout for those who want to do spiritual permaculture. I also enjoy the drama. It does not cause me problems. Some of us must see and fight. Others should concentrate on what they do best.

      You are in a great place to weather the storm and find peace. Don’t weaken.

      PS. I am so glad we had out times on the rivers of Missouri when we were young! We didn’t have many worries back then and we were tough physically. Now we are tough mentally


      1. Yes, am where I need to be. Recently returned to MO, via Chicago, STL, Hermann, Warrensburg. Don’t miss the clutter!


  2. Since I bought my small farm with my wife a couple of months ago it has been a shock to me when heading into the city (2 hours in train) for when I need to go to the office occasionally, seeing a completely different world of people in suites all working in finance or IT or insurance all going about their days as if times are great.

    I felt like a recovering addict, unable to see the meaning in the life I used to know. I appreciate you sharing your experience and thoughts since i am constantly asking myself if I am actually crazy…


    1. Greg,
      you are experiencing the surreal I talk about. You are awakened! I came from a wealthy family I never connected with well. I always felt uncomfortable with establishment and wealth. Wealth is not the problem it is too much wealth and misplaced priorities. It is the narrative of the establishment that is skewed towards the games of the rich and connected. This has never been so true as now as the world buckles under an unsustainable system. All they can do is crank up the volume of the narrative. Talk does not produce and it does not create the truth. The truth is what it is and the awakened see this.

      A word of advice not as your better or more educated but as your peer. I am only saying this from experience. The awakening is powerful and it can lead to extreme action. I can tell you this because my early days of being awakened 20 years ago were with dramatic decisions. In my case I was a decade before my times as I seem to have always been in my life. In your case the macro shift of a decaying system is now is occurring with your awakening. Time is speeding up and there will be a compression. Still, pace yourself and do not react too boldly. The key component is the spirituality you have that incorporates the awakened state. What I mean by this is the frame of mind and the internal compass are key here. You will not fear fear but you will still feel fear. Fear is healthy and natural but must be managed because humans are dualistic meaning we create our own demons and false angels.

      Remember too just because we are awakened does not mean we are safe or able to find a guaranteed refuge from the storm ahead. What it means is because of our awakening we will make better decisions that means less bad. We will invest better and we will make better choices. Today with energy, food, and complexity issues so dramatically unstable, living outside cities is imperative. It is tough and by no means a money maker. It is the only way forward for those who can. Cities will be increasingly dangerous and unsustainable. An important goal should be being scale properly to cities to utilize them but far enough away to avoid them as they deteriorate.

      There is just plain luck too which is needed because risk has been so dispersed no place is safe. Luck is leveraged by being properly prepped. In my experience green prepping is the best. This means permaculture localism. Green prepping is about embracing nature who has always known the best route forward and who has always been the best barometer for change. Nature is screaming change is ahead as those who produce the narrative fiddle while Rome burns.

      Good luck my friend!


  3. Good luck to you, too! We are all in the world, our lives, our loves, and our moments. I wish you the best, and thank you for all your work!


    1. David, from what I remember of your life and place you have good ingredients for proper change. Don’t weaken, life will appear surreal and distorted and this is when you will know you are on the right track. Paradoxes and incongruous juxtapositions will abound. Remember it is the journey that matters. This is where life is lived to its fullest.


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