The theory of parallel needs priming with these reads:

Mixing metaphysical with the physical trends of lower affluence.

System thought primer:

The climate hysteria of renewable fantasies of the left.

Net energy decline which is both geologic and economic:

I call my theory of saving the world parallel.  This is a theory of what if anything could be done to lessen the difficulties of adjusting to the end of globalism.  If you feel globalism will power through its problems with substitution and knowledge than this discussion is a waste of time.  If you feel uneasy about what is going on this discussion is worth a read. 

This global system has generated enormous wealth.  This civilization is now locked into the effects of this wealth production such that a transition to an alternative will be painful.  A look at how this winding down of an unsustainable system could be addressed is worthwhile. 

There are no plans I can find to deal with decline by declining.  We are stumbling into a system breakdown that has no example in history.  Civilizational collapse is well understood with historical accounts but no previous examples compare in size and extent.  The interconnectedness and the complete coverage of the entire planet is unique.

Months are now equivalent to years in this process.  Resources and production of goods and services should not be wasted at this late stage of globalism.  It should be a critical effort to invest the remaining resources and production in an alternative system. 

This theory of parallel is useful to understand why the global system can’t change.  The reason I call it a theory is this system can’t imagine its end, so when I discuss how to end it less painfully the prescriptions are merely theorizing.  Yet, this theorizing offers actionable advice to the grassroots where change is possible. 

The condition of civilization now is a reflection of complex ecosystem at their climax.  Nature offers a blueprint for such conditions.  Our civilization views itself as exceptional because of knowledge and tech yet, our system is just a subset of the greater ecosystem that governs all life including ours.  Unless we reflect on nature and not our exceptionalism we are barreling into a collapse.

Parallel theory would be the construction of a global lifeboat while globalism is still full of vigor.  Evidence of globalism’s decline is apparent everywhere with physical infrastructure.  The decline is evident with the abstract with systems and networks.  A subterfuge is created with the amount of wealth still produced.  Technology is deceptive too with numerous advances but with less and less real breakthrough technologies.

What is apparent is the wrong wealth is being produced.  Production is focused on a life globalism has created that is clearly going to end because of limits to growth.  A trend to more tech and efficiency is likewise a dangerous path dependency.  With each new advance older and more stable technology gives way to new tech that is more potent and efficient but less stable. 

A technological diminishing return is apparent now.   In many cases more problems are created than solved.  We are close to the point where problems outweigh solutions.  This is the nature of technology and efficiency.  There are tradeoffs with sustainability and technological advances.  Efficiency and performance without reflection of limits and benefits is a dangerous trend.  The results are truly revolutionary in that creative destruction of technology can damage the fabric of civilization like a hidden cancer. 

The theory of parallel is a crisis plan to address the coming end to globalism.  This plan seeks to use globalism to leave it.  If undertaken it means the end of globalism.  We can’t transition to more resilience and sustainability without growth.  Cities must depopulation into the rural areas.  The current 80/20 population mix of urban to rural means there is not enough infrastructure for this.  Globalism is the only way to build up the lifeboats of permaculture with farms and small towns.

The current trend of global administrative states and controlling interests is smart urbanism.  This is the great reset of the World Economic Forum.  There are over 2000 billionaires that are the controlling interests influencing a self-organizing system nobody has real control over.   Their plans center on controlled urban populations. 

The result is centralization with increased efficiency but the tradeoff is greater instability not less.  It is centralization and efficiency that are becoming unaffordable.  Efficiency is creating brittle resilience.  Centralization is creating cities that can’t survive shocks.  Modern cities are a mirror of systematic overextension.  This is overshoot and nature treats overshoot the same regardless of species.

This futurist program of the great reset is resulting in the transhumanism of tech that prefers automation.  The dehumanization of people is resulting from digital interfaces.  This great reset and 4th industrial revolution is a technocratic development since the 1970s that has become reality because of technological advances and a global civilization. 

This was once conspiracy but currently the global controlling interests are now in the open with their plans.  The UN is part of this with its sustainable development agenda.   Once sustainable areas of the world are now locked into this program and are increasingly unsustainable.  Urban areas are increasingly mega urban expanses covering entire regions.  Support structures for such large urban expanses are increasingly unstable and yet these controlling interests are doubling down on further concentration with more technology not less.

The idea of parallel would be the opposite of the great reset.  This also would be done with informed consent of the world’s populations not deception.  Education is the keystone to the theory of parallel.  It would be similar to advising the global population an asteroid is coming that would do immense damage.

Globalism is ending and it is vital to recreate an alternative.  Yet, the critical idea of parallel is globalism is needed to create the transition mechanism.  Growth will be needed to degrowth.  The only way to do a direction switch is a parallel system.

This theory of a parallel’s primary objective is to show just how hard it would be to change direction at the top with a shared global effort.  In fact, it shows this direction change is for all practical purposes impossible.  This theory does instead offer the grassroot a plan forward with the efforts of localism.  This mirrors nature with ecosystem succession.  Nature offers niches to species when the complex system breaks down.  You can be one of those locals that adapts but time is short and you will need to grow to degrowth.

The first effort of the theory of parallel would involve the deconstruction of the administrative state and the downsizing of the controlling interest’s wealth.   The small but powerful international class of financial and political elites who effectively rule the global system would have to give up much of their wealth.  This would be returned to the public domain.  The mechanism for this is already in place.  It’s called democracy with free and fair markets.  The rule of law would be reinstated and the moral hazard of the controlling elites ended.

The deconstruction of the administrative state means academia and the scientific community too.  The medical industry with all its bloated overhead is also on the chopping block.  It means reducing the number of lawyers and accountants who are rigging this system.  The lobbyist and think tanks likewise need to be greatly reduced.  This is all overhead that ensures elite power and privilege that is the problem.  It is overhead that is parasitic not productive.

The so-called “FIRE” of financial, Insurance, and Real Estate industries must be greatly reduced.  These industries are speculative and do not provide real productivity at the level they represent in the economy.  They discourage localism by placing a value on centralization and concentrated wealth.  These need to be reduced dramatically because it is places of concentration where power corrupts.  These industries are dominated by a few controlling interests with hedge funds and Wallstreet plutocrats.

Discretionary industries like leisure and entertainment must be greatly reduced.  These industries are highly energy consumptive and offer little productive value.  Hollywood needs to be eliminated as a cancer that promotes destructive fantasy and is now a propaganda arm of the globalist. 

Long distance travel and the hospitality industry would be greatly reduced and instead a localized low energy version created.  People of the 18th and 19th centuries actually had more satisfaction with their leisure than we do today.  Theme parks eliminated where they are oversized and out of proportion.  Consumerism with all the strip malls and mega malls need to be reduced by an order of magnitude.

Specialization needs to be adapted.  There needs to be an education system that allows some specialization but the majority of the education needs to be general and having to do with homesteading with food and energy as the focus.  This education must focus on community with local priorities not delocalization and transhumanism of the car culture and digital web. 

Today universities are turning out graduates at great cost who are increasingly producing ideology not productive skills.  The whole college system is a scam of trillions of dollars that have resulted in tenured professors that barely teach.  New shiny buildings are the focus of the large endowments instead of real education.  Sports are pushed with huge budgets and massive stadiums.  Most of the population needs to learn real skills.

We would then be ready to use what is left of globalism to leave it.  Keep in mind the reduction of this administrative state would be painful with loss of economic activity and jobs.  These sectors have grown so large their downsizing would be economically destructive.  It is important to understand they will be eliminated regardless by the process of decline.  Initiating their demise proactively will ensure these centers of parasitic wealth destruction occur first not last.

Net energy decline and economic decay are both part of the current destructive trend of global decline.  If you greatly reduce fossil fuels and the economics of globalism you are looking at economic activity dropping 50% or more.  That is a catastrophic number and will mean loss of an affluence people are not prepared for.  This can’t be done without moving people to the land and in the activity of raising food.  This is the only option for a less bad ride down the decline curve. 

The global economy is heading for dramatic loss without a place to go.  Without globalism the mega cities that dot the globe will be forced to depopulate by systematic decay.  The point of parallel is the recognition of this and the building of an alternative while resources are still available.  Only globalism can produce what is necessary to make this transition away from globalism.  This is the paradox of degrowth.  Growth is needed to degrowth.

It would take a decade to make this transition with complete global focus.  This effort is similar in cost and time to the failed policies of the left who are pushing a delusional NetZero of more of what is destroying the world. 

The Fake social justice of the globalist sustainable development plans is a Marxist lie to coopt populations.  This is a delusional attempt to use inadequate so-called green energy systems to keep operating the current system.  Their social justice warriors want a welfare state to keep people under control so they can force populations to decarbonize.   Yet, the system itself will require more carbon to create the 4th industrial revolution.  The elite have no intention of downsizing their lives.  This is proved by their flying private jets to climate conferences.

The great reset is seeking production that can be automated and people that can be taken out of the productive process thereby increasing efficiencies.  This is the end game of automation.  Technology and efficiency eventually are policies of dehumanization. 

Transhumanism of the 4th industrial revolution is the goal.  These elites and technocrats believe machines will supersede humans at some point.  This is their idea of singularity which is the merger of what is human and machine.  This is a policy of centralization and a mechanical compression of human activity.  This is the blueprint for the global controlling interest being presented as social justice and green.

The polar opposite is required so one can see just how dangerous these globalists are.  You can’t embrace less affluence with a global leadership seeking more.  Instead, existing wealth is needed to downsize into less affluence.  Less affluence is in the cards because of net energy decline and economic decay.  There is a short window to get this done of maybe a decade.

There are two doors ahead.  One door is a delusional attempt to continue what can’t be continued forced into decline.  The other is acceptance of a plan to adapt to something less because the reality of decline is accepted.  Both doors lead to systematic decline.  One door offers a plan based upon the reality of decline and the other is a plan is rejecting decline by doubling down on what created globalism in the first place. 

Both doors once opened will be shut.  There is no going back to what was.  Looking back in the review mirror 2018 appears to be the peak of globalism.  This was the turning point now it is a steady decline down.  Where and when a new stable level is found is unclear.  What is clear is decisions at this point have a critical effect.  This is true at all levels.   The top appears locked into plans that will make decline worse but the bottom is a different story.

The populist movements around the globe actually have a less bad approach.   Their ideas of less regulation and decentralization of power centers along with strong families are the way forward.  They are still delusional with their idea that they can continue the type of affluence of the past which is doomed.  All political systems are locked into this decline process but some are worse than others.  What is the worst is the globalist version.  I recommend if you want to go local then embrace the populists even if you find some of their policies unpalatable.

This theory of a parallel path forward of globalism and localism would have an important underlying compact of the urban and rural.  The back to the landers that will be the pioneers of parallel will be treated with special respect by the urban dwellers.  If there is no compact then those in urban wealth centers will dominate these back to the landers.  If the urbanites realize they will need the back to the landers once globalism dissolves, they will treat them like those who will prepare their way once urban areas are forced to depopulate.  The back to the landers will establish the outpost for the urbanites to emigrate to.

The back to the landers will embrace intermittency and seasonality.  They will embrace localism by disconnecting from the car culture and digital web appropriately.  This means a magnitude of reduction from these influences.  This will facilitate appropriate tech which is no tech and low tech.   These are beefed up with the best of modernism to enhance this appropriate tech.  This is a tech hybridization just as parallel is a hybrid system.

Renewables and batteries can be part of this but with the understanding they will be only used for the transition period of parallel.  The useful life of these systems is short.  They can’t create themselves.  Without fossil fuels and globalism renewable systems will wear out in 10-30 years. 

Renewables will help in the transition to animal, passive energy systems, and biomass.  Simple and manual renewable systems that are decentralized to the town and home level should be the focus not vast solar and wind farms.

Fossil fuels will still be used but made appropriate.  They will serve as back up for when natural disasters hit.  It will be understood these have a shelf life too.  Once globalism is gone so too will adequate fossil fuels.   Fossil fuels these days because of net energy decline are as much economic as geologic.  During the transition of parallel they will be needed but utilized in an appropriate way.  Appropriate here means enhancement not reliance. 

Fossil fuels have to be transitioned away from because of depletion and net energy decline.  Renewables are just fossil fuel extenders.  Renewables can’t power the existing system.   Their current failures in Europe and California spells the end of the last hope for a continuation of globalism.  This is not being admitted to by the elites and the administrative state because there is no alternative.  If you are awakened to this reality then as an individual you will make other arrangements if you value survival.

Parallel focuses on simplicity with volunteerism.  This is the proactive effort to downsize and simplify.  It must be appropriate with low tech or no tech.  It must be about salvage of the old with the new.   Most importantly it is the triage of those aspects of modernism with no future.  It must be grassroots with small community empowerment down to the family level. 

These are the basics.   The wisdom of decline is about a return to the basics with localism.  This theory is so simple it is beyond the reality of most who have been indoctrinated into believing globalism will advance.  This is a massive shift that is also dangerous and this is why the elites are doing everything they can to hide the reality of decline.  Their power is based upon advancing globalism.  The danger is uncontrollable collapse.  There is no guarantee this theory of parallel will work only that it is the better way forward.

In the theory of parallel the top needs to gate keep the security and basic welfare of these rural locals.  This does not mean a welfare state approach it means basic rule of law and free and fair markets kept local and without the digital networks that introduce unneeded complexity.  Most of all the state needs to get out of the way of these locals.  The state will do this because it will realize its end is not far off and it will be these back to the landers that are its lifeboats.

That in a nutshell is parallel and it is for you the individual to make your own arrangements once you understand the best way forward is not possible.  You have a decade to transform your local.  Get started now using globalism to leave it.  Get out of big cities.  If you are part of the administrative state find a new profession or at least do a parallel effort with your administrative state work and a hobby farm.  Small family farms orbiting small communities are the future.  Find one and contribute.

4 thoughts on “Parallel”

  1. Very many excellent points of which I list a few of the first ones on your article; “Civilizational collapse is well understood with historical accounts but no previous examples compare in size and extent. The interconnectedness and the complete coverage of the entire planet is unique.”

    “Our civilization views itself as exceptional because of knowledge and tech yet, our system is just a subset of the greater ecosystem that governs all life including ours. Unless we reflect on nature and not our exceptionalism we are barreling into a collapse.”

    “A trend to more tech and efficiency is likewise a dangerous path dependency. With each new advance older and more stable technology gives way to new tech that is more potent and efficient but less stable.”

    “In many cases more problems are created than solved. We are close to the point where problems outweigh solutions. This is the nature of technology and efficiency.”

    “Centralization is creating cities that can’t survive shocks. Modern cities are a mirror of systematic overextension. This is overshoot and nature treats overshoot the same regardless of species.”

    Reading through this just made me realize once again – and you really bring it through in this report – that the world is just too utterly complex for enyone to manage an orderly decline. If ancient, smaller, much less complext civilzations couldn’t do, what’s the chances of us managing it now? There’s just so much momentum behind the old systems, that it’s impossible to turn around and would take literally decades. Moreover, it’s impossible to know how severe the unravelling will be, which is why individals can only do their best to prepare with what they have, but very many people are oblivious of having to create parallells, but it does seem that there are quite a lot of peope starting to look into these isseus – your writing brings valuble reflections on this.



    1. JJ, I am writing to you indirectly in some ways. I am a farmer and artist of “rewilding”. I am a green prepper. I am not a writer. It is my hope that someone like you take what ideas I have been given through my awakening and get the message out to the few who will be the seeds of the future.

      This civilization will be cleared away soon. We are getting closer to this point. All one needs to do is follow the news and see this engineered self-destruction by the elites. Their actions are proactive, reactive, and omission. The door has been opened and closed, this is it. We are close to the gates of hell. This is when true spirit bubbles forth.

      I hope your sabbatical is going well. You needed a pause to allow new revelations to permeate your psyche. It is now more important than ever in your life to walk that trail to that beautiful mountain top you like to visit. You are in your prime now and ready for what will be told to you. Good luck my friend. Do not weaken!

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      1. Shoal, I have put something together which is to a large extent in reply to some of our e-mail exhanges earlier this year. I said to you then that instead of replying directly I would rather work it into one of my chapters on my site. I have integrated some of what you have said with regards to localization and have blended that with my own thoughts with regards to the duality or centralization vs. decentralization. Also, looking at it from my perception being situated on the periphery of empire and looking at it from afar (from the outside in, as opposed to from the inside out). Also aiming for balanced view between the East-West paradigm, which both sides are too subjectively involved in to be neutral.

        So this chapter is about 3 quarters a reply to you, but written for the benefit of all. Sorry for my delayed response, but hope it will make some good camp-fire reading and that it was worth the long wait:

        (I will let it perculate for a bit first and only send out a circular later to announce that’s it’s up).


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