age of chaos

I have been discussing many conditions that point to a peak and a tipping into an alternative regime of all aspects of life on this planet.  I am talking about a macro change from growth to decline and stability to instability.  This is happening within humanism too with the cult of progress driving humans into a mechanization that is anti-life.  Ultimately this is a problem with physical and metaphysical scale.  The planet is reacting with system transitions from a species disrupting a complex system.  In metaphysics humans are delocalized and increasingly transhuman.  This prevents the proper wisdom of restraint.  There is now nothing in the way of progressive self-destruction.

It is vital to understand the underlying force that is driving these conditions.  Exploring this abstractly with some nonscientific methods is useful because science is unable to.  Science is the problem so we can’t expect science to admit its failure.  These abstract notions need not be precise like a weather report but instead an overview of a climate of reality.  We are now entering an alternative climate so to speak.  In climate studies this is called an abrupt shift.   This requires us to think and react differently.  Many seemingly unrelated occurrences are instead related.   This condition of a systematic change is present everywhere and within systems.  This all points to chaos and its paradox of deterministic chaos.

This paradox is important to humans now because of our moral and ethical situation.  We have a modern secular scientific view that is firmly in charge of human progress.  This dominating view asserts that moral and scientific certainty are one.  Science was never meant to be moral.  This certainty is seen as the best way to further progress.  This progress is seen as a perpetually better world regardless of limits.  This is actually just a myth of a better world.  Science is now mythical.  It is a belief system governed by an ideology.  This is faith based and manifested politically with a state and corporate fusion.  The elite are now the priests and the technocrats the scribes.

Politically this is classic fascism but a fascism that is driven by the Marxist urge to power.  This power urge is ultimately luciferin.  In ascending levels of abstraction there is a class of spiritual predators called Luciferians who consume power for their sustenance.  They are seeking to engineer failure out of life’s equations in a quest for immortality.  The quest for the power of immortality is the ultimate blasphemy to the life force.  Lying, cheating, and stealing are condoned in the ends justify the means morality because a better world is not possible without total control.

This is deeper yet but in abstraction.  It is about the tensions of life itself where self-consciousness enters its final cycle of circular thinking that manifests systematic chaos.  This opening up of the forces of chaos is vicious and deadly when it assumes mythical proportions.  Current science-based reality is self-destructing because of this deceptive myth.  Knowledge and technology have taken on a life of their own driving relentless destructive change.  Systems are compressing in complexity.  Everyday life is more and more encumbered by complications making survival increasingly precarious.

This urge to power is now bifurcating through the myth of progress.  Technology is rapidly stripping away stability as the system approaches limits and tips over into diminishing returns where technology no longer is a force of good.  As breakdown occurs more technology is applied.  This destruction is planet wide in the sea, on the land, and in the air.   It is within life itself where DNA is now being manipulated.  We can personify the machine like it is life-like but this is actually within the soul of man and further yet, an impulse of life itself.

This abstraction can be seen physically once dots are connected.  Our human myth of progress has metastasized.  This is now a cancer to life.  It is a mechanization that is alien to life’s symbiosis.  Further, it will run its course.   Human intervention is no longer possible because scale and balance were lost long ago.  Somehow this process represents life’s deeper nature so passing judgment on this as evil is self-deception.  Instead, it represents the ultimate paradox of consciousness with oneness and isolation.

Alan Watts describes this condition with a religious allegory.  Allegories are often the best educators to hidden meanings.  They are also the only way to understand the highest levels of abstraction where dualism merges into singularity:

“Someone or something beyond conscious control must overthrow the Devil at the right moment, for, being an archangel, he can read thoughts and is always aware of the intention that precedes the act. He can be defeated only by an act without prior intent. “let not your left hand know what your right hand doeth.” Now in Christian terminology this “someone or something beyond conscious control” is called the grace of God, and grace is held to be the only means of overcoming the machinations of the Devil, that is, of the vicious circle into which self-consciousness can lead us.”

The paradox of deterministic chaos is important to you the individual in this time of tipping into alternative regimes.  The heart of this paradox for you is determinism and free will.  It is about choice which involves moral responsibility.  We live with virtue and sin in our hearts.   Ultimately our dualistic condition of good and evil requires grace or naturalness to heal our rift from life that is a bi-product of the isolation the ego leads us into with self-conciouness. 

These seemingly unrelated conditions and circumstances are manifesting in randomness and disorder when the case is more a dynamical system becoming highly sensitive to conditions.  In an ecological view it is the breakdown of a complex system in succession.  In system thought it is the bifurcation of a complex system that has broken through thresholds to alternative states.

In the micro world of the individual, it is living in decline with the possible collapse of society.  Collapse is a taboo subject in the myth of progress so individuals who entertain the idea are rejected.  This process need not be disastrous to you the individual.  If approached properly it can be an opportunity for more meaning which is ultimately the greatest of attainments for the individual.  This will not be without pain and suffering but it does present the opportunity for the heroic where the human value of love and altruism trump death and destruction.  This is what is spoken about as the Kingdom of Heaven.

If you want to approach what is really happening intellectually you must make this approach in enjoyment and wonderment.  This means setting judgment aside.  It means laughing and crying because in the world of dualism these juxtapositions go hand in hand in the approach to the sacred.  Humans can approach the sacred but only in this condition can you avoid being overwhelmed in existential anxiety.  Any other approach is quickly absorbed back into the vicious circle of dualism.  The sacred has the appearance of a singularity composed of dualism.  It is determined free will.  It is above all unapproachable to those who seek to know.  The more we know the less we understand and we know quite a lot these days.

Wonderment and enjoyment that is the basis of life can delve into this drama in ascending levels of abstraction.  On the level of everyday living this observation will appear like conspiracies, quackery, and pseudoscience.  This is to be understood and enjoyed but by no means diminishes the wisdom.  When I say wisdom what I mean is judgement of what should be retained and what should be discarded.  I just told you judgment must be put aside on this mental journey and this is true when gazing into the sacred.  Where wisdom must apply judgment is when we return to our everyday world of making a living.

In this everyday world a vital requirement is scale and balance.  Scale requires you to live within your limitations both mentally and physically.  Balance requires a proper mix of science and spirituality.  This balance is the keystone of wisdom and the reason our human myth of progress is out of control without a transcendental wisdom that both connects and survives.  The secular has taken on spiritual roles and the result is corruption of the secular in science and humanism.  We are worshiping ourselves and the results are destructive.  This is species dysfunction.

These days scale is at its worst and balance is skewed towards the secular and science.  Even our religions have been corrupted by this.  It is called progress and modern life is infected with this condition at all levels.  This progress is unstoppable because it has mechanized.  The machine is taking over our lives.  Without the machine we are naked and alone.

At higher levels of abstraction the progress myth dominates the collective self-consciousness.  At higher levels yet, it is life itself reflecting on itself.  At this level then we are approaching the sacred and no more reduction can be achieved.  Somehow this is where determinism and free will combine.  It is where we must leave off in mysticism.  Aldous Huxley said “For the radical and permanent transformation of personality only one effective method has been discovered –that of the mystics.”

In a sense the collective must experience a mystical conversion.   This is the nature of self-destruction with death giving forth life.  Life is now barreling into the destructive phase of one species mechanizing the basis of life on a planet.  Science and technology will destroy itself along with the socio-political apparatus constructed around it.  Yet, the vital aspect of time value to mortal humans means this is more about a journey and less about the destination.  The destination is death regardless but rebirth is there too.  In between these two juxtapositions is life of the individual.

The three conditions of this new age most important for you the individual are abandonment, dysfunction, and the irrational.  These three conditions are markers for the breakdown of the ecosystem that your life is part of.  These are interrelated and self-adapting, meaning they cause a response from each other.

Abandonment leads to dysfunction and the irrational.  Dysfunction causes abandonment and irrationality.  Irrationality causes dysfunction and abandonment.  These conditions are in convergence now as a complex system breaks down.  These forces of chaos are combining in a negative reinforcing way.  This will likely involve symmetric results that can be expected but also asymmetric results that can’t be understood beforehand.  Keep in mind the world has never been here before to degree and extent.  The planet is occupied and transformed by human progress.  Feedbacks are now being felt after a system inertia finally releases into rapid physical change.

It is worth reviewing some defining aspects of chaos theory.   This period of peaking and tipping is described well by chaos theory.  In previous years since the start of the industrial revolution there was the buildup phase of relatively stable growth now the cusp of chaotic decline is before us.  The personality of these two historic regimes must be respected if adaptation and mitigation is desired.  What is more difficult is they are now in overlap in a way that your world will be surreal if you do attain an awakening.

Chaos theory:

“is an interdisciplinary area of scientific study and branch of mathematics focused on underlying patterns and deterministic laws of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions, and were once thought to have completely random states of disorder and irregularities.”

“in mechanics and mathematics, the study of apparently random or unpredictable behavior in systems governed by deterministic laws. A more accurate term, deterministic chaos, suggests a paradox because it connects two notions that are familiar and commonly regarded as incompatible.”

“describes the qualities of the point at which stability moves to instability or order moves to disorder. For example, unlike the behavior of a pendulum, which adheres to a predictable pattern a chaotic system does not settle into a predictable pattern due to its nonlinear processes.”

There is so much happening so quickly.  These examples will seem unrelated and juxtaposed and often incongruous but that is the nature of the paradox of the times.  Simply put what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right.  This is not so much morally speaking but instead the difference between on and off.  In other words, binary expressions both true and wrong.

I speak to you the individual because ultimately REAL Green concerns localism.  It is grounded in the simplicity of people and place.  Scaling and balance is of the upmost importance at these levels.  Lower your delocalization and moderate the transhumanism of the machine that is corrupting your life.  Do this appropriately for the rapidly changing times.  Relatively and realistically change according to this shift.  Since it is a process, you will need to live in both worlds.

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