Green Decline

The life I am living is in preparation for this collapse scenario.  Collapse is not popular.  People entertain it like they do when they study a disease, they think they might have.  They do this in a quiet secretive way.  My site is not very popular because of what I discuss.  If I were more uplifting, I may get more traction.  I am not seeking popularity nor recognition.  In fact, I want neither.  I want to give to a few of you something that will change your life.  It will be you that changes your life not me.  I am just showing you a door to open.

My response to this aversion is that so many people miss the liberating aspect of green prepping.  It is truly the most important nonimportant lifestyle people could follow today.  I say nonimportant because society considers it fringe and just for curiosity.  It is considered a hobby just like hobby farming which is actually much more.  Many hobby farmers would only be farmers if they could make a living at it.  Decline is not taken seriously.  It is taboo in many circles.  We are told to be optimistic and happy instead.

I explain this disregard for embracing decline and collapse as path dependencies and the trap of affluence.  The trap of the worship of science and the arrogance of humanism.  Humans are now hard wired with transhumanism and delocalized lifestyles.  Any contemplation of simplicity and localism has little traction other than in nostalgia.  I myself that live this life do it in a surreal and dualistic way.  I have come to a way of adapting to these mutually exclusive life systems by a hybridization.

I use the status quo of growth to leave it.  I leverage the status quo to build up my local and get positioned for a simpler life.  What this means is living a dual life of conventional growth and non-conventional growth.  You will need to grow either way.  Constructive growth locally in permaculture with renewal and restoration is essential to life.  The status quo growth of getting wealthy and comfortable is a delusion. 

The local world I am trying to return to has been dismantled from many decades of modernization and it has to be rebuilt.  Simplicity needs tools and education.  You will also have to continue to live the status quo life or you may lose your family and be thrown to the street as homeless.  The reality of the status quo is you must produce status quo results are end up a ward of the state or homeless.  Profit drives survival in our status quo world, don’t think otherwise.

There are some exceptions with the young who are unattached.  There are those who can come together as a group and do this move out of the status quo into a permaculture localism.  I am not speaking directly to these people.  I am speaking to people like me that have the time, money, and education.  I am trapped in affluence because of my people and place.  I accept this and wish it could be different. 

Most of these people I am speaking to will be middle age and older and have already experienced life.  They will have built up skill sets and established relationships.  They will have resources to make a move to different way of life.  I don’t offer much to urban people either.  My advice is, get out of cities while you still can.  I will not pretend to be an example for everyone.  I am just relating my experiences to those who might fit into my way of life.  Yet, there are many aspects that apply to all walks of life.

I have to respect those who can’t follow what I am preaching.  I have the time, money, and education and because of this it is my duty to do what I am doing.  I feel in no way superior nor judgmental on those who can’t.  Even the fools who are the robber barons and killers of nature I feel I am below.  They are the most deceived.  Their way is the most difficult.  You can never get enough affluence and knowledge which is basically what power is.  Power is an illness of the soul.  These people will never find true piece of mind.  Their empty soul will never be quenched because you can never get enough power.  The power of tech and affluence is a killer that causes self-destruction individually and collectively.

I am not going to pretend I am sheltered and others doomed.  This is not at all the case although I am prepped and will have options others don’t.  One thing I do not have is luck.   I have increased the odds but they are still odds and subject to luck.  I have the preparation but I do not have lady luck.  What I do have is proper preparations so if luck visits me it will prosper.  I will also know who she is because I will be humble and accepting for failure of everything I do.  If lady luck visits, then I have the potential to flourish in adversity.  This is the best it gets.  With REAL Green there are no assurances.  There are no places to hide.  You face death with dignity.  You seek to find a good death and find life in the process.

What I am doing has another silver lining if you want to take green prepping to a higher level.  What is green is more prepped and what is more prepped means more odds at survival.  What is green is more natural and a pathway to grace.  Keep in mind REAL Green is adamant about not being a religion.  It is an add-on spirituality to your existing spirituality.  It localizes and attempts to throttle down anti-life tech.  It attempts to embrace low carbon capture locally with efforts to harvest carbon naturally.  It attempts to gather carbon with lower tech. 

No tech is applied whenever possible which means embracing nature naturally.  Man is tech orientated so REAL Green does not attempt to dispense with tech.  Instead, what it does is humanizes it and seeks to eliminate the worship of tech. A proper REAL Green way is to live the status quo to leave it. 

This means triage, hybridization, and salvage.  The triage is removing the destructive growth from your lives that is leading to self-destruction.  The hybridization is taking the old ways of low tech or no tech and boosting them with the best of modern knowledge and material.  The salvage is being efficient with what you have.  Efficiency is a killer in the modern sense with ever rising need for performance.  This efficiency is different.  It means taking what you have and using it properly with applications.  This tech type is more related to conservation.

Salvage will be a critical element of decline.  In decline there will be abandonment, dysfunction, and the irrational ever more present.  This means an adaptation and mitigation through taking what you have and repurposing it.  This is not about hating tech either.  Tech is a natural response of our human essence so respect your nature.  Do not hate things either.  Consumerism is destructive and an illness but this does not mean hating the things you bought.  That is a complete waste.

Instead apply strategies of triage and hybridization to salvage what you have.  Many things have a high imbedded ecological cost.  Make use of this in the sense of avoiding obsolescence.  Trashing an item because something better is available is often a green downcycling.  You might think you are saving energy but instead you are increasing energy use.  The important aspect of salvage is seeking to lower the status quo and build up localism.

The biggest aspect to decline that is necessary is not the things you need but the attitudes.  You will need to go through an awakening that will transform your life.  You will need to reject scientism with its transhuman idols.  Tech and knowledge must be controlled with a proper wisdom.  This wisdom is of less and local.  It seeks proper scale.  This wisdom is a wisdom of insecurity.  You will accept failure and mortality and through this acceptance find a liberation to be optimistic. 

This is transmutation.  You will change state from a creature of the status quo to being natural in REAL Green but not without a purgatory of the surreal.  This transmutation will deliver you from the latent pessimism found in the cognitive dissonance of the anti-life of transhumanism and scientism.  This transmutation is changing back to the naturalness of pro-life.  This is a grace that comes from letting go and accepting mortality.  Tech and affluence are not going to save you.  This is what the priests of scientism want you to think.  This is their deceptive message.  What will save you is right in front of you and under your feet.  It is becoming real and authentic.

That was a wordy introduction to the next level up of collapse.  Remember in these chronicles I am showing collapse in an ascending way in optimism.  You started with all-down.  This is where you are in the belly of the best with the worst-case scenario.   Now you are in the guts of REAL Green which is a place of dignity and optimism albeit with respect for the pessimism of decline.  Your demons become angles and through this transmutation a grace of naturalness is found.

This is the life you will live where the effects of decline come naturally.  The all-down is a relatively swift death and destruction.  Green prepping allows you to find a good death in this situation.  You will find dignity and preparations for death but not a refuge.  There will be some lucky ones who will be the seed bed for the future but they will be few and far between.  Extinction is also possible but that is a given for all species eventually. 

In green decline you will have adequate resources to adapt and mitigate if lady luck visits you.  I say this because in this phase of decline there will be general decline with localized failure.  All-down is global failure.  To be successful in general decline it is absolutely critical to find the right local of people and place to increase your odds.  It is like finding the right job to advance your career.  There is no substitute for the proper place and people.  The key is a place to force multiple with relationships.  Community is a force multiplier so people are as important as place.  This is not a time for lone wolves.

This next level I called green decline.  The world is in decline and green is the new pathway not industrialization.  It is a pathway to renewal and restoration of people and place.  It is both material and spiritual.  It is with proper footprint yielding a powerful force multiplier of material and spirit.  The body of Christ so to speak is where the kingdom is.  I do not want to be religious here other than to point out that Christ mentioned community as the “salvic” ingredient to life.  Salvic here is saving grace that community opens up. 

In REAL Green the permaculture community grounded in localism with low tech is the gold standard.  This is permaculture farms orbiting a permaculture town.  This is it so quit complicating things as we do in the status quo where we search in vain for what is right in front of us.  This is so simple it is next to impossible for some to find.

The priests of scientism with their technocracy of increasing applications of knowledge and tech to further anti-life control is what you will want to reject.  Smart cities and centralized control are anti-life.  In this way scientism is evil.  Transhumanism is dehumanization.  Delocalization is invasive and disruptive.  Seek to leave this modern-day religion of affluence in a relative and realistic way.  Every institution is corrupted with this virus.  Every system coopted.  Accept this and use a spiritual judo to use it to leave it.

Get out of cities for they are where you will be deceived and turned against life.  Get out of the modern techno optimistic green lies and the color revolution tools of woke.  These are fascist lies.  Governments have combined with large monopolistic corporations to now drive these soulless changes.  There are the noble lies of our so-called betters who feel the sheeple can’t handle the truth.  The real problem with the truth is with these people.  They want to control you to maintain their wealth and power. 

There are no noble lies except with children.  With grown adults these are just lies of deception.  There are also the Marxist and Machiavellian lies of coercion that these elites use once the noble lies fail.  You must realize these people do not care about you at this level.  They can’t because so much of their energy must be expended to attain more affluence and power. 

Social justice and green policy are a lie today.  Normal greens and caring people have been coopted.  Science and academia are the deacons of these elite devils.  I do not trust science and have a huge disrespect for academia.  All I see with universities these days are shiny new buildings and bloated staff.  Professors are tenured and care little about the sanctity of the truth that knowledge is supposed to give us.  Everything in science and academia is corrupted by the profit motive now.

This is where we are at in society today with the globalist.  They are seeking to transform humanism in subversion to transhumanism.  This is the last stage of the destructive process of the arrogance of humanism.  This is where death is worshiped.  Humans can’t be trusted because they are irrational so instead, we trust algorithms and automation.  Nature can’t be trusted so we do geoengineering.  We are told to own nothing and we will be happy.  What this amounts to is an age-old elite capture technique.  Divide and conquer to assist the elites in their worship of affluence.  If you follow this you will die.  If you reject this you will find the truth.  It is as simple as this.

I have to reiterate this, leave cities and go rural if you can.  Cities are the cathedrals of scientism.  It is here you will be subject to the worst of its prescriptions.  If you can’t leave then at least be aware of what is being done to you.  Honesty is a prerequisite of the truth.  The consequences for this arrogance of humanism are now at the level of species extinction and abrupt change to all the planet’s systems.  The acceptance of this is embracing the truth. 

While many who worship scientism understand the consequences of modern man’s growth.   They are fooled at the next step of how to fix all the problems.  They are fooled by the priests of scientism who claim tech and knowledge are our only solution.  Tech as our savior is a false god.  Reject this or face the consequences of dehumanization.  REAL Green says this is a lie.  The only solution is a natural wisdom that seeks to minimize tech and knowledge.  Tech and knowledge must be placed properly or they are a destroyer of worlds. 

This does not mean anti-tech it just means properly applied tech.  Most often in this modern world this means rejecting new tech and instead downsizing in dignity.  You will find a spiritual windfall in being natural and authentic.  You will naturally find renewal and restoration in niches of constructive growth surrounded by a slow decline in succession of the planet, life system, and human civilization.  This wisdom will be what you employ to reduce transhumanism and delocalization.  You can’t leave these forces because these are the conditions of this new age of the Anthropocene.  But you can adapt them to prepare for the next age that is the breakup of the Anthropocene where nature reestablishes its order.

This ascending level of an optimistic decline is the one I am planning and working towards.  This means a life of permaculture.  It means learning new skills that revolve around low carbon capture locally with others.  This will only be a niche movement.  Most people will be hostage to transhumanism and delocalization.  Yet, at some point these pockets of permaculture localism will be vital as this world of transhumanism and delocalization self-destructs.  It will be these locations that will harbor the skills and knowledge to rebuild locals.

This is why I often speak of the monasteries of knowledge and things.  You can use consumerism now to buy things and sources of knowledge that will be vital post collapse.  In the decline phase of green decline, you will be gathering knowledge preferably in books and art to guide those who will come afterwards to a more harmonious and balance life in nature. 

You will buy tools and machines that will assist this process.  Quality items with time proven uses that are low impact.  You will gather these together in a barn just like has always been done.  You will store these out of the weather and continually debate through your REAL Green wisdom what should be kept and what should be triaged out.  There is not enough room for everything so you must choose wisely what you store in your life boat.

This monastery is about education too.  It is here you will instruct those who show an interest for what is REAL Green.  You will advise and instruct so these people take knowledge to other locals and fortify them.  Hopefully this green wisdom will be contagious.  This is also about spirituality.  I am a green mystic and shaman.  Not all are called to this.  Some of you will be carpenters or metal workers.  Some of you teachers or doctors.  Know thyself and grace will inspire you. 

My calling is to be a spiritual advisor on REAL Green.  The planet has instructed me to do this.  No, it did not speak to me.  It instructed me through my life experience.  I listened and understood what to do.  I have had spiritual experiences both in the light and the darkness.  I have been awakened and transformed.  I now go forth on behalf of the planet.  My higher power is mystic meaning I have given up on knowing and now go forth naturally on the unknowable behalf.

This is a surreal way of life.  If you pulled up to my homestead you would not see that much difference from other homesteads.  In fact, my permaculture is likely less potent than others who are more skilled.  Remember I am a green shaman so a spiritual advisory.  My permaculture is secondary to this spiritual permaculture.  I have modern things.  You will see my energy gathering devices.  My solar panels will be of interest but normal.  You will see my wood boiler.  You will see my elaborate grazing system.  None of this is out of the ordinary.  It is just a typical farm.  I have equipment and furniture just like everyone else.

It is digging deeper that the REAL Green prepping and spiritual permaculture bubbles up.  Everything I do is influenced by REAL Green prepping so if you would dig deeper, you would see a transmutation of a different state of consciousness.  Taking this deeper as a green shaman I would take you to your more natural state like the oaks and the birds. 

I would tell you that you can’t find this it will find you.  All you can do is open up to this.  It is only found in acceptance of death which is the wisdom of insecurity.  It is the wisdom that yields the humility that offers the grace that will lead you away from the anti-life of scientism and to the pro-life of permaculture localism.

You will see my library and art collection.  My maps and painting will be of curiosity but without digging deeper you will not see their meaning.  Most of my painting are Native American.  This is the time we will need to return to Native American ways.  It is the time of preparations for some of the basics of the oral culture of these semi-nomadic hunter gathers.  It is not likely I will get there but this next or the generation after will. 

My library is full of history books.  Many have old photos.  Many books are how-to books recovering the lost ways of the past.  Many books are books on comparative religions and spiritualties.  Remember REAL Green is not a spirituality so much as a way to bring honesty back to your existing spirituality by becoming natural.

You will see my carbon capture devices with wood, animals, and plants.  You will see a permaculture design.  Again, I am not an expert in permaculture.  I’m getting good with goats and cattle but with my garden, grapes, and orchard I am not an expert.  I have them because these types of things are required of a well-balanced permaculture homestead. 

I am a specialist in a few things but a generalist in many things. I can do carpentry and be a mechanic but this is not my specialty.  I try to surround myself with people who have specialties.  This is the nature of permaculture farms orbiting a permaculture town.  Various specialties will be in each farm with concentrations in the towns.  All together this is a powerful system embracing the planetary ways of life.

I have cars, tractors, computers.  I have electric devices.  I am essentially modern.  This is because I am realistic and relative to my local of people and place that is highly delocalized and transhuman.  Even in the Ozarks of Missouri this is the case.  Even rural areas are now adapted to the technocrat lifestyles of the cities.  I am no different.  In fact, I am a kind of oasis in a transhuman world. 

I have reached out with localism everywhere I go but the time is not right yet.  People are so indoctrinated and attached to these transhuman delocalized conditions my calls to embrace permaculture localism falls on death ears. In fact, I do not even talk about REAL Green unless asked and even then, I do it in a camouflaged way or else I will be judge as a nutter.  It is better to use trickery to get people to be natural.

So, I come across as normal but a bit odd.  I can’t hide everything and really don’t try to hide REAL Green that much.  It is just I respect the fact most people can’t handle too much truth so I give it out in small doses.  Keep in mind I do this in humility and obligation.  I am in no way superior and in fact I am the servant of others. 

Christ talks about this.  You will be humble and have compassion and empathy for others.  You will also have to have compassion for yourself because this life is so difficult to follow.  You are an imperfect vessel of the truth do not beat yourself up over this.  You will constantly be faced with challenges but also ones that are part of the surreal of living a life to leave it.  You will constantly be faced with a local of people and place delocalized and embracing transhumanism.

I define transhumanism deeper than the normal definition.  My definition includes the car and the digital culture.  The standard meaning today is merging tech with life with implants.  This is just transhumanism taken to the extreme.  The transhumanism I talk about is what happens when we rely too much on cars and computers.  We are setting ourselves up for hunger and pain unfortunately.  There is no future in the car and digital culture. 

Keep in mind I am transhumanized and delocalized.  I am fighting it or it is better to say utilizing it.  Fighting something is less effective than harnessing it.  This is like entering a river and swimming with the current but at an angle instead of head on. 

It is not possible for me to leave this transhuman delocalized world but there are others who can.  If you can, leave it.  Go to a rural place and engage in permaculture.  This should be spiritual permaculture also which is the embrace of green spirituality.  You can include your existing higher power.  We all have a higher power which is just our source of meaning and truth.  If you don’t have this then I can’t offer you much because what I speak of is challenging and requires sacrifice.  Without meaning you will not make it.

The next in my collapse chronical series will be a review of prepping strategies.  I don’t want to dwell too much on these strategies and technics because there is a wealth of information on-line to draw from.  Yet, it is important to review the basics.  Some of these I will be using and some are not relevant to me. 

It is important to be prepped in my opinion.  This is what our ancestors did because they were more exposed to crisis situations regularly.  Their daily lives were more precarious and the times were much more brutal for those unprepared.  Today there are safety nets and emergency services.  The reason you will want to prep is because these are luxuries of affluence that may not always be available.  It is my opinion the next generation will be faced with challenges we have not seen in hundreds of years.  You can prepare these people as teachers and spiritual advisors.

3 thoughts on “Green Decline”

  1. I wish I could believe in working with a tight knit group of people to form “community”. I had what I thought was my “A” team in Hermann. But when I initiated discussions of what we would do when the SHTF, everyone was only interested in themselves with no thought of a cohesive unit. Began planning my retreat to the woods where I could die with nature. I am completely ok with dying & dying alone.

    Just ventured out of my solitary life to enter a “shitty”-New Orleans. Another reminder of how different life can be between ones’ life & those in the bowels of the beast. Was very aware of the churn & turmoil of those in close quarters.

    Unfortunately one needs money to get out of the cities & onto a spot of land. We have been very fortunate. Many will never be such.


    1. Be yourself and I feel you are being yourself by disappearing into the boundary waters region. I am not finding much permaculture community around here either but that does not mean what we are doing is wrong. It is more the time is not right. When SHTF our ideas will have traction. Hermann had great potential but there is too much interest in gentrification instead of localism.


      1. Yes, I know I am where I should be. Have never been a person that needed the stimulation of people & what cities offer.

        I am not keen on helping those that ignore the impending crisis until the last minute nor do I believe that most people are wired for a communal mindset. The churn over wearing masks & vaccines have shown that. No one cares until they are effected.

        I often think of the sacrifices my grandparents and parents made during the great depression and World War II for the good of the community. Now everyone is more concerned about their rights being trampled than helping their neighbors out.

        Agree that many communities place more emphasis on businesses making $ than on uniting resilient communities.
        They can have it. As for me, am content. ☺️


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