Naked Affluence is FAKE Green

Naked affluence is fake green.  Affluence cannot be made green by electric cars and huge homes with solar or efficient gadgets.  Tech and efficiency is part of Real green but not its meaning.  Real Green is about a smaller foot print that comes with less consumption but more meaning.  The meaning comes from wisdom of choice.  The choice is behavioral and this revolves around lowering your footprint holistically.  You can’t do the traditional efficiency routine of spending money to cut here and splurge there.  Being rich is the problem.  The opportunities of affluence cloud a green attitude.  A lower foot print means less consumption and more effort at capturing solar energy through harvesting of food and gathering of solar power though renewables but with lower consumption.  It is one of those paradoxes and revolves around something simple that is complicated.  The complications come from going against the grains of the status quo.  Most of all a Real Green attitude is about lowering your travel footprint.  Localization is the key.  For most people travel is their biggest earth impact.  Lower your discretionary travel. 

Real Green calls for relative sacrifice.  Since Real Green is an individual attitude of planetary adjustment to make it work you must adapt according to your place in the status quo.  Family, community, and work define you but you can adapt this relatively through Real Green sacrifice.  This means using Real Green wisdom to say “NO” mostly.  Reduce travel and consumption.  Make the travel you do more efficient by combining trips.  Green up your consumerism by buying products with a future and those with lower earth impact whenever possible.  Real Green is not about saving the planet.  You can’t save the planet because any effort you make is wiped away by actions of others.  This is about an individual effort of saving the planet locally.  Locally includes significant others.  Impact your family and friends but do it without confrontation.  Do it with stealth so they will not even know they are changing.  This is about making a difference under your feet and with those around you.  It is about withdrawing from the madness of modern life by focusing on the part of the planet you inhabit. 

There are a thousand ways to do this because of the diversity of various “locals”.  Locals are lives in location or living locations.  It starts from your local where you eat and sleep.  Relocalize because that is where you can implement Real Green.  The act of going local is an immediate green bonus.  It starts from there and the benefits accrue naturally.  Once you have done this attempt to harvest and gather solar energy locally.  It will not be profitable so you will need to continue your status quo life but this is the way you can make a Real Green difference.  It is not profitable because delocalization from a powerful system of globalization controls living through price advantage.  So, it is about a hybridization of the status quo of delocalization and the Real Green of localization.  This is the key to making a small difference that leverages Real Green.  Adapt delocalized globalism to your Real Green localization. Do it through relative sacrifice so you do not upset the status quo that feeds you. 

There are some among you specially gifted and placed who can go major Real Green.  I challenge some of the young who have yet to attach their lives to the status quo to make the Real Green plunge.  Once you have your career and family started in the status quo then it becomes a matter of relative sacrifice.  Major Real Green is also for those who are entering retirement.  Choose Real Green over traditional retirement options that are little more than play until you die arrangements.  Real Green is about Real Green focus (prayer), work, and Real Green leisure.  That is an adaptation of the Benedictine balance of prayer, work, and leisure.  The status quo will control you once you commit and decide on a traditional life being marketed to you.  If you are at that point in life you can leave it in a major way take the plunge.

Very few choose Real Green because it is a way of life like monks or warriors embraced of old.  Back then it was about deeper meaning.   Go back to that time of Real meaning.   Now Real meaning is about giving to the planet to save it in a very small way that your life represents.  If you fight for nature she will support you.  This happens because nature will return meaning to you and it is meaning that ultimately matter to humans.  Power and riches are the prison the ego loses itself in.  Once in that prison it is very hard to leave.  This is not about a new higher power although Mother Nature through Real green is a worthy higher power.  Take your higher power and attach it to Real Green like a farmer plants his seeds in fertile ground.  Walk a new walk that is an old walk some of our ancestors walked before the planet was corrupted by modern man.

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