Deep Adaptation through REAL Green

I have been on the track of honesty about renewables for some time now.  Renewables are transformative not a transition.  The understanding of this difference is the key to the future.  If this is true then the key to the future is “Deep Adaptation”.  The reason Deep adaption is the key is the failure that will come with the integration of renewables and our inability to meet climate targets as a result.  The economic implications are a basis of this failure.  The Deep Adaptation agenda calls for resilience, relinquishment and restoration.    “Deep Adaptation:  A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy.  The author, Jem Bendall, is more concerned with climate than the economy and energy.  Real Green looks at all three as a convergence of decline along with overpopulation and overshoot and it forms the basis of a platform that finds its home in the individual in a local with action that provides meaning.  The basis of the Fake Green message today is renewables are our salvation.  My Real Green platform says fake green is dishonest science when we honestly study all three decline convergence forces. 

Deep Adaptation calls for resilience which can be described as a combination of adaptation and mitigation of decline forces.  Relinquishment is a very important part of Deep Adaptation in my Real Green Platform because this is where the honesty comes in.  Fake Greens believe we can have our cake and eat it.  We can transition without losing affluence.  In fact fake greens say we will be more prosperous with more fantastic tech.  How often do we hear these days “energy is not a problem” from our Techno optimists?  Relinquishment means embracing less.  The key is less.  For proper adaptation and mitigation less must be central.  Systematically this is suicide for the status quo so if we do seek less affluence then we will see a bifurcating global system.  Of course that bifurcating situation is at the top and the top has no intention of less in fact it wants more.  The problem is a finite planet will give the top less eventually so beat the rush and decline now with less.  This means we must focus on resilience if we hope to adapt to less. 

Restoration is a key to both the natural and human and its focus is local.  The local must be restored with an alternative human footprint.  The mechanism is a hybrid of the new and old technologies but it is much more than technologies.  The key is behavior over tech.  This new human myth that is based on the old is about returning to a smaller scale with travel, consumption, and energy harvesting and gathering.  This is juxtaposition of the status quo that is delocalized, modern, and high performance based.  Real Green says collapse in place and beat the rush.  It says this is personal and with small groups.  It admits the top cannot be reformed except in niche areas and on the margins.  Competition and consensus means a diversity of ideas on solutions cannot be reconciled at the top.  The Paris Accord is a sick joke but completely understandable with Real Green.  Crisis of disequilibrium will hasten the pace of decline such that conflict will be yet another decline convergence variable.  Leave this process and go local as best you can in a delocalized global world.  Leverage the delocalized global to build your local while you can.  The delocalized global is robustly fragile meaning it is resistant to change until it shatters from its unsustainable needs.  There is not much time left to leverage this powerful force.

The behavioral key is relative sacrifice because of the inconsistencies of emotions that occur with acknowledging one’s oversized footprints with one’s ability to change.  Change what you can locally and with significant others.  This Real Green Platform is an add-on to your existing local and the meaning you get from your higher power.  What it does is orientates the planet and a new human behavior into your life system that will be locally based and with its primary concern being significant others.  Real green calls for salvaging what is around you and triaging out bad behavior and unneeded physical and mental distractions.  The key here is relatively or in other words the best you can because you will be torn apart with inconsistencies of being required to be in the status quo but being focused on leaving it. 

Real Green is about levels of awakening.  The highest level of course is getting to the point of building a monastery of knowledge and physical things to be seeds for a future.  The future is for someone else if the planet allows a reboot post collapse of modern civilization.  This also involves the relative again because the higher you become awakened the more humble you become much like a monks of old.  A Real Green monk would be a combination of an ancient shaman, Benedictines, and Taoism.  I covered the three because it is the synthesis of the three ways that is a road map to planetary harmony of the human sprit.  The humility comes from the power the planet will bestow on you.  This power is not traditional human power of control it is more power that meaning brings.  Once this meaning is used selfishly it is lost. 

Deep Adaptation principles in the Real Green platform of honesty and action is the key to the individual’s preparation for an uncertain future.  It is not a political platform that fits national or international goals.  It will not work at these levels.  It is meant for concerned individuals and locals as an orientation for behavior and tech.  It is about wisdom of what knowledge to use and most importantly in this culture of consumerism and vast amounts of knowledge, what not to use.  Real Green action will not save you but it will offer you a less bad way down.  Embrace it and find meaning. 

“Renewables Are Dead”    automatic earth    der Spiegel via google docs

“Over the past five years alone, the Energiewende has cost Germany €32 billion ($36 billion) annually, and opposition to renewables is growing in the German countryside. “The politicians fear citizen resistance” Der Spiegel reports. “There is hardly a wind energy project that is not fought.” In response, politicians sometimes order “electrical lines be buried underground but that is many times more expensive and takes years longer.”  As a result, the deployment of renewables and related transmission lines is slowing rapidly. Less than half as many wind turbines (743) were installed in 2018 as were installed in 2017, and just 30 kilometers of new transmission were added in 2017. Solar and wind advocates say cheaper solar panels and wind turbines will make the future growth in renewables cheaper than past growth but there are reasons to believe the opposite will be the case. Der Spiegel cites a recent estimate that it would cost Germany “€3.4 trillion ($3.8 trillion),” or seven times more than it spent from 2000 to 2025, to increase solar and wind three to five-hold by 2050.  A total expenditure of some $150 billion per year, every year from 2025 to 2050. On a rapidly failing project. Note: the numbers are “flexible”: just above, it says “Over the past five years alone, the Energiewende has cost Germany €32 billion ($36 billion)” , and seven times that is much more than $150 billion annually. Later in the article, the author says “Germans, who will have spent $580 billion on renewables by 2025 ..” General rule of thumb: it will cost much more than any estimate will tell you.  Between 2000 and 2018, Germany grew renewables from 7% to 39% of its electricity. And as much of Germany’s renewable electricity comes from biomass, which scientists view as polluting and environmentally degrading, as from solar.  Of the 7,700 new kilometers of transmission lines needed, only 8% has been built, while large-scale electricity storage remains inefficient and expensive. “A large part of the energy used is lost,” the reporters note of a much-hyped hydrogen gas project, “and the efficiency is below 40%… No viable business model can be developed from this.”  Meanwhile, the 20-year subsidies granted to wind, solar, and biogas since 2000 will start coming to an end next year. “The wind power boom is over,” Der Spiegel concludes.” s focus is loc�V`��N

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