REAL Green as an Add on

This collapse process is systematic with multiple variables from planetary systems to human networks.  It is global and local.  It is a process and it will be exhibited everywhere without concern to agenda.  Science can tell us some of the details but now we are entering the unknown territory of a decline of a civilization never experienced by humans.  A civilization that is completely planetary including “All” cultures but also a digital nonhuman web.  Our false god, tech, is part of the answer but not a salvation.  Properly used tech will make the gradient less steep.  Tech can also make it worse if we are not careful.  We have to spend the remaining resources and the remaining global economy properly.  Unfortunately we as a global people are malinvesting the future as we approach the cliff.  We likely have some years left because this globalism is so robust.  We have some very potent tech with ambitious people.  There are still plenty of planetary resources to pillage.  What we do not have is wise and awakened people.  Behavior is the key but that is where we are making the least headway.  What we are doing is digging the hole deeper in regards to meaning with corrupted science and human narrative of increasing affluence. 

This is why I promote a Real Green Deep Adaptation.  This is an honest individual response to a force greater than human management.  Stop fighting this process and join it.  Join it means acknowledging decline and beating the rush.  Downsize with dignity which means lowering your footprint through meaning.  Practice relative sacrifice by accepting your place in all this.   Leveraging the power of the status quo to leave it.  Restore personal honesty as you try to restore a healthy nature to your local.  Relinquish the bad of consumerism and except lower affluence.  A natural resilience that comes with localization is the result of these actions.  Add to these actions relative sacrifice which is doing what you can per your unique situation.  This is a key because realistic actions are your best actions.  Ending the bargaining and dishonesty is the very first step.  Modest doom and prep is requires to avoid alienating those in your local.  Extremism of action and proselytizing doom is counterproductive.  Real Green Deep Adaptation calls for honesty of action with modest changes leading to relative change focused on the local level.

Science is a method to meaning but not the only human way to meaning.  This modern method and message are now so corrupted meaning is hidden in the haze.  Real Green science acknowledges the good and bad with honesty.  Leave existential guilt behind and stop pointing fingers in a hypocritical way.  Finger pointing is fine as long as you look in the mirror to what part you are playing in all this in humility and empathy for the bad actions of others.  Relative sacrifice also means relative judgement.  You can’t expect others to change.  This is about personal change.  You can’t blame others and expect that to make it better.  You can look around and point out what is wrong and which parties are dishonest as a map for your life but you can’t take that and play the justified and righteous.  Harness your surroundings and avoid being offended.  Get what you can from what is around you by avoiding the traps of the ego.  If you practice this way of life the planet will give you power.  This power comes directly from meaning.  You cannot use this power for personal means in regards to selfish and egotistical ends.  If you do this you will lose this planetary power.  What is called for is stoic Spartan action for the pain and suffering ahead that is the planetary reality of ecosystems in decline and localized failure.

This is about adding on to your existing higher power and way of life not discarding them.  You can’t completely rewire your basic meaning given you from nature and nurture.  The add-on is adapting what you have with existential honesty of the science of collapse.  The other add on is Real Green action which is a lower foot print by triage.  It is about making something through hybrid action of the old ways combined with current knowledge.  Most of all it is about going local.   The key to a local is finding a local worth making your last stand in.  The ultimate local is your life system so if you can’t leave your failed local then find your strength from within to create a hospice.  Some locals are immediately on the list of failure.  This last stand hints at the last add on and that is the spiritual one.  This spiritual add-on is the honesty of knowing there are no refuges from the coming planetary and human calamities.  This honesty will purify your existing higher power position.  No amount of physical or mental prep will save you.  This acknowledgment of death on its different planes is the final key. 

Not everyone can be awakened and those who are awakened accept the requirement of action.  This awakened state is beyond most humans and it cannot be faulted.  Nature calls on a few that have found a micro climate for growth within the dead zone of modernism.  Real Green Deep Adaptation is for the awakened ones who choose the path to meaning.  Once you have taken this path then you will go forth on the behalf of the planet and others locally.  You will create monasteries of meaning with knowledge and tools for those who come after.  These action create positive organic changes in your immediate natural ecosystem.  This coming global bifurcation could be an extinction event but it might be a new people that negotiate the bottleneck.  Plant the seeds that may lead them to wisdom and a chance for survival.

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