REAL Greenism

What we have today is FAKE Greenism.  FAKE Green believe growth and increasingly complicated tech will decarbonize the economy “AND GET THIS” make us wealthier.  This is a fairytale narrative that is needed because there will be no support for a REAL Greenism of degrowth and less affluence.  Even more, REAL Greenism say degrowth and less affluence will not save us.  Our fate is sealed and consequences are to be paid for.  REAL Green does not say tech is not part of our solution tool box.  What REAL Green says is let’s start from the beginning and acknowledge an unavoidable collapse process.  So, the starting point is behavior not tech.  The wise application of tech behavior tested is what should drive tech not profit and efficiency.  Collapse is coming and nature is showing us why and how.  We have time to live.  The sky is not falling tonight for most of us.  During this time we can adapt and mitigate the coming trial by fire. 

REAL Green goes further and says this honesty and proactivity cannot be adapted to at the top because of systematic drag of entrenched behavior.  If we go the REAL Green route of acknowledging a collapse process and embrace degrowth and lower affluence it is not clear if our globalistic system that is based on hyper growth can manage this forced degrowth.  This includes green and wise degrowth.  This house of cards may just collapse without explanation.  This is the real danger with honesty and degrowth.  Further dangers are human nature.  How do you harness fear and anxiety of a people who have been conditioned to growth and improving living conditions and most recently, lied to that everything will be fixed?  Human nature can ruin this whole project too without any rationality. 

This is where REAL Green goes local and individual.  REAL Green individual follows the bigger picture but only to adapt his life and his local to a coming collapse process.  He leverages the status quo of growth to degrowth with dignity.  The degrowth with dignity is an orderly process with meaning.  REAL Green acknowledges a collapse process and acknowledges civilization is hopelessly trapped and unable to change its trajectory.  There will be no 100% renewable world with social justice.  There will be no space travel and asteroid mining.  There will be increasingly failed states and regions trying to adapt to failure.  Pain, suffering and death will increasingly be common place instead of happy faces we constantly see on TV.

REAL Green gets with the picture by triage and hybridization.  Remove items and lifestyles that will impede your survival.  Embrace the old ways with new knowledge.   Use the best tech that is tested for REAL Green localization to find a better way.  Be skeptical of complicated high tech.  If tech scales to the local and has robust durability then it is likely a good fit for REAL Green.  What we see now is aggressive tech with constantly tweaking efficiency without reality testing and cost accounting.  The old ways of harvesting solar energy locally with animals can be adapted to include renewables gathering solar energy.  All of this embracing intermittency, seasonality, and increasingly climate instability.  Demand management and adapted behavior will drive a new kind of efficiency that really is what humans used to do.  Animal power has a place in all this.  Growing our own food and dwelling in a local instead of a culture of travel is the REAL Green way out of the rat race. 

To achieve this, REAL Green says embrace these changes relatively based upon who you are, where you live and the degree of understanding of your significant others.  Do not alienate your family, friends, and community but challenge them and reach out to them.  Bend the rules and step on some feet but don’t burn the house down.  Remember REAL Green acknowledges a collapse process.  REAL Green engages in prep but not the mentality that prep will save you.  REAL Green prep is about getting lean and mean.  It is about being able to sprint and do long distance but it also acknowledges you can’t out run collapse.  REAL Green is seeking to yield to greater forces and attempts to slide under the radar screen as a motive.  It is ready to apply maximum force because REAL Green understands survival will be tested and death will be close at some point.  Start the process of engaging in activities that expose you to pain and suffering but at the same time enjoy life.  That may sound like an incongruous juxtaposition but it is really just more of a paradox.  Embracing pain and suffering will allow you to enjoy life.   Add REAL Green on to your existing higher power program.  All REAL Green is trying to do is localize and prepare for a paradigm shift.  It is an add-on not a system.  REAL Green is not trying to start a new religion.  REAL Green is about meaning and harnessing the truth. ����������������>a+T

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