The REAL Green Monk and Shaman

In REAL Green Deep Adaptation, a monastery is called for in its ascending levels of adaptation.  In the beginning there is the Kubler Roth of acceptance.  REAL Green starts with behavior because it is behavior where wisdom originates.  In the beginning there is the acceptance of decline and collapse.  Wisdom is needed to first accept the decline process that will mean the end of life as we know it.  This wisdom embraces the forces that guides ones conversion to REAL Green way of life.  The wisdom that develops from REAL Green way is accepting and humble and through this the power of the planet is channeled.  The acceptance is with planetary decline and the humility comes from the power this meaning will instill in you over those who are sheeples in the status quo.  As a shaman and a monk your meaning must not be used for personal gain or it is lost.  This ultimately manifests itself in shamanism and the Benedictine monastery but relatively in your local and your significant others.  The relativity is living in a status quo and using that status quo to leave it.  The shamanism comes from the connection and harnessing of nature.   The Benedictine Monastery is the local that is the accumulation of low carbon living that builds a local and a place for rebirth.  This then is human but also planetary.  Taoism is also present with yielding and the letting go into the way. 

REAL Green is not a religion nor a cult.  REAL Green is an add on to your higher power and local.  Shamanism, Benedictine, and Taoism are only for illustration.  Your local and your higher power are uniquely yours.  This is about the individual reaching out to your place and your people but it starts with individual conversion.  It is a spiritual way that embraces the best of comparative religion but also science and human sciences.  Real Green is about hybridization of the old ways with the new.  Take the well proven low carbon old ways and enhance them with modern knowledge.  Triage out lifestyles and things with no future.  Build up a place with the basics of a library both digital and paper.  Have a tool shed with tools, hardware, and backup supplies for a journey into low carbon and low planetary footprint living.  This is a local way of life which means living, eating, and traveling local but relatively because the status quo of family and career will force you out of your local.  REAL Green is about low carbon farming and gathering.  The farming is permaculture that attempts to integrate the modern with the old ways of farming within the planetary cycles.  These are the nutrient cycle, hydrologic cycle and the carbon cycle.  It involves animals, plants, and humans but also machines because this is the Anthropocene.  If you can do this without machines then do it but most can’t anymore.  It may only be a garden or aquaculture but REAL Green must have a connection to land or water to connect to planetary forces. 

The two keys to REAL Green are local and relativity.  First find a local with a future.  If your local has no future in the decline process then prepare for a future that may mean being a migrant.  As a potential migrant be aware of where you can go and how.  If your local has a future build on it relatively.  You have a local that is you, your place, and your significant others.  Leverage the powerful system we know today in consumerism and digital knowledge sources to find ways to leave it.  While you do this, you build up your local with restorative actions.  This means healing people and nature.  You do this with the understanding you are carbon trapped and path dependent in the status quo.  There is no transcendence of the Anthropocene but there is the chance to mitigate and adapt it through life boats and hospice strategies.  The life boat is the basics of GREEN prepping and the hospice is the behavior that comes with embracing the decline process that is a paradigm of decline that is self-organizing and planetary.  You realize that ultimately if society collapses then your local will be challenged with the collapse.  You accept this condition of being exposed and helpless and this may be your end too but you have found the meaning and the source of strength to face this. 

You have to walk a tight rope between this REAL Green way and the status quo of endless growth and techno optimism.  You shed guilt because guilt will hamper your ability to walk this tight rope that involves a focus on your local but also your status quo position.  To be effective you cannot turn your back on your career and family but you can affect them with change.  You can be a force of change through stealth resistance.  You will have to do things that are not GREEN but you will do these things to get GREENer.  Embracing the low carbon ways of the past with simple tools and local living will not pencil out economically so it will have to be a hobby if you can afford that.  Hobby farms, gardens, and skills sets are everywhere and people do them because they have talents.  Find a few things you are great at and do them but REAL Green means also knowing the basics of many things our ancestors knew to enhance resilience and sustainability of the local.  If you have the money, time, and awakened knowledge then become a REAL Green Shaman and Benedictine/Taoist monk complete with a monastery farm. 

I only used those examples to illustrate not to promote.  You may be on the ocean in a sail boat and in that case your REAL Green will be adapted differently.  As an add on then your REAL Green will fit your higher power.  This add on means connecting to the planet and your local with basics of REAL Green wisdom.  Also realize that REAL Green is not for everyone.  Very few can walk this path.  It is somewhat like being a Jedi warrior that embraces the force.  A REAL Green monk must be awakened and to be awakened means a spiritual experience of seeing the planetary process of decline.  Seeing this process, you build upon the rebirth.  This rebirth is the ultimate of the REAL Green monastery because you will have accumulated knowledge and things for those who come after you to function as the seeds and the soil of new life.  Planetary connection is the Key both of material and spiritual.  Collapse may come quick or be a stairstep process over time.  It may be a process that spares your local for a period and others are ended sooner but collapse will come.  This is why choosing your local is so important if you can.  If cannot then accepting all locals are at risk yours maybe more than others.  There are no refuges from the coming storm.  Honest science and REAL Green instinct will guide you to the right place whether you become a monastery, a pilgrim, or at some later time a migrant.  This is a journey not a destination because life is in flux and all will eventually be washed away.

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