REAL Green Manifesto

REAL Green starts with individual and local but aspires to community.  This is because REAL Green is green prepping and the real standard of prep is longer term prepping and that is based upon viable communities with producing local environments.  Viable communities start with enlightened individuals.  REAL Green understands that in our delocalized and individualized world viable communities are in danger.  In fact, with the digital age viable communities are even more at risk.  This is not to say digital connections are all bad.  In the case of the decline of viable small communities digital connections represent lifeboats.


The basics of REAL Green starts with behavior and that beginning is in acceptance of decline.  This then is included in the basics of localism and community.  It asks people to be aware of delocalization and the dangers of a declining globalism.  REAL Green says this is what should spark a REAL Green effort.  REAL Green says ultimately a viable small community of like-minded individuals active in a common effort locally is the best it can get.  Viable small communities abound but many are delocalized and not aware of it.  These communities should first embrace a collapse process in localism and understand the tendency for small communities to be delocalized and dependent on the status quo.  The status quo limits small communities to this because of the homogenization of life.  People and small communities are trapped in this homogenization by the fact that survival and advancement requires it.  A very lucky few can withdraw away from this trap but since we are in the Anthropocene all locals are delocalized or exposed to a bifurcating globalism of collapse and migration.


What is even more difficult is real viability of small communities in local production.  Take a church group for example, they are locked into a structured belief system.  Many of these belief systems are struggling themselves against homogenization which is the loss of uniqueness.  This struggle which often involves resources then taxes groups away for the real need for resilience and sustainability locally.  These critical elements are then forgotten about because of the needs for identity preservation instead of a viable local that can withstand destructive change with sustainable practices.  There are very few small communities that are apex in resilience and sustainability.


REAL Green has a monastic individual approach for those awakened and those who have resources.  Many cannot be REAL Green because they are caught in many different traps from education to lack of basic security.  If a person has REAL Green that person seeks to build the seeds of a viable local community individually.  If the environment is conducive then a viable small community which is resilience to collapse and relatively sustainable to decline will develop naturally.  If this does not happen the individual is still doing good works for the local and attempting to lower the foot print the individual inhabits.  This is done both for self-preservation but also as an act of caring and compassion for one’s local environment.


REAL Green is about relative effort with hybridization.  The relative effort is what is optimal in the hybridization of using the status quo to leave it with leverage.  This lever is a tool but it is also dangerous so a REAL Green must always use wisdom in its application or else the individual can be consumed from within and from outside.  Further hybridization involves cultivating low carbon approaches of our ancestors with modern skills, tools, knowledge, and materials.  REAL Green wisdom attempts to pick and choose what should be mixed.  This then involves triage and the clearing of the deadwood of the status quo and in its place building a REAL Green monastery.


This monastery that is characterized by asceticism is not religious but it can be because REAL Green is an add-on not a way to embrace a higher power.  Locals have unique characteristics and by extension the individual.  REAL Green adds to this the Kubler Roth of acceptance of decline and seeks to use wisdom of decline to adapt and mitigate a local to this collapse process.  This is human and natural.  Since we are in the Anthropocene humans are an apex species in all sorts of ways including advancing ecological health or more often attempting to do less harm.  A viable REAL Green influenced community is the best a local can get.  What this means is a local that optimizes its human and environmental situation emulating natural ecology but within the decline and failure of the Anthropocene.  In other words, REAL Green relatively adapts and mitigates the collapse process to reduce pain and suffering which is the basis of the REAL Green awakening.  Unless an individual and or a viable small community acknowledge the collapse process with both human civilization and the planetary environment, they are FAKE Green and or Brown DENIALIST.  REAL Green seeks to navigate these groups yielding to these greater forces and by doing so beats the rush by proactive and measured declining in place.



“Gathering in groups as society falls apart – by Vicki Robin”     jem bendell


“How do we, who are so accustomed to individualism, enter into a new reality of living in concert with others? Not as a condiment but as a necessity. Not through idealistic eyes but as a sober process of surrendering attachment to the ego’s demands and entering a state of belonging to a people and a place.  I’ve lived in several communities and learned many lessons, surprising ones and hard ones. Here are some ideas for those of you contemplating moving to an existing rural community or forming your own, given your perspective of deep adaptation…In short…People. Power. Process. Projects. And sex. These will arise in any group that bands together for mutual aid. Best to talk about this – early and often.  Diversity of perspectives bring depth and wisdom to choices…Community survival is not the same as survival skills like fire building or hunting. Communities need a range of skills. Gardening, cooking, raising animals for food, fiber and fertility, foraging, turning dandelions (and beets and apples etc) into alcohol, natural building, natural medicine, composting waste, food preservation… and on and on. However, it also needs talents like mediators, meeting facilitators, priests or shamans of all sorts (for confession, for learning from mistakes, for healing from pain, for solace, and on and on), comedians, actors, artists, group game leaders, meditation (and other transformational) teachers, wise-elder leaders, and on and on…”

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