The Dualism of REAL Green

“… the difficulty of living in two worlds at the same time, the post-industrial and the sustainable future.  I wonder if you ever feel the same. ”


Personally, I think this is one of the toughest parts of being a green prepper.  The ability to carry on your status quo life but also prep for some kind of collapse process is the key.  So, this comes down to behavior again.  The psychological aspect of adapting to a collapse process is what I like to call the hospice with tech being the lifeboat.  This psychological aspect is the hardest to attain because it requires one living in two world which are juxtaposition.  You must live and grow in the status quo or you are outcompeted but in a world of collapse the key is to collapse in place in relative decline.  This requires special mental skills of adaptation to both lives in a balance.  Most of us who are fully engaged in the collapse process would like to go 100% into what we feel is the proper way to emulate.   This collapse process is supported by honest science but we cannot go 100% or else we upset the status quo of place and significant others.  A radical departure into a new way of life characterized by following the gradient of decline can destroy one’s life if undertaken improperly.


This is not to say some cannot do it.  In fact I would recommend this to those who can because it is the way of truth.  To a true higher intelligence, the truth characterizes the journey with the destination accepted.  To those who can’t go 100% I recommend a second way and that is a retreat in force and by this, I mean living a hybrid life of decline and growth.  You must be green and brown to get greener.  Use the status quo to leave it and in this process psychologically accept failure and guilt as the basis.  This acceptance of failure and guilt gives cover for the seemingly incongruous behaviors one must live with like driving and consumerism when one knows these are so destructive.  Behavior is the KEY and localized behavior at that.  The status quo is path dependent and carbon trapped but the local can adapt to less with proper orientation.

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