Why I am not Prepping Much for the Virus

I am in a similar situation being already prepped and more important mentally prepared.  I am a green prepper so all the things in this article I have already worked on.  Our situation is slightly different but the motivation is much the same.  The important point for me to express to other readers here is green prepping is not about creating this unsinkable ship that will save you.  It is about lifeboats of strategies of things and lifestyle that assist the process of mitigating and adapting to decline.  These things and attitudes become part of a life style that naturally seeks wise simplicity and this then obviously centers around localism.  Scaling with balance results.  What this means is a proper human scale is not the modern one but balance means we are trapped in a scale that is modern but not proper.  Most all of us must live and work in a scale that is not proper for sustainability and resilience.  You can adapt this dysfunctional arrangement


I will make the point that survival has never has been assured even when humans were scaled better.  This is the nature of planetary acquiescence.   What green prepping is then is more of a dealing with the false attitudes the current social narrative habituates us too.  In a way we are more vulnerable than the older times because we have been deceived into believing there is this magic safety net from the techno modern.  What green prepping is about is acceptance of the wisdom of insecurity and the going forth in this truth to make ones local more resilient and sustainable.


There is then the hospice part of this activity which seeks honesty in the face of decline and death.  This view of death is not necessarily the mortal end of our lives but the death of a way of life so many of us have been born into.  Globalism has been all any of us have really known.  Now we are faced with the end of this powerful system both systematically but also planetary.  This means that all those delocalization strategies that have been embraced by individuals and communities will have to be critically examined.  The only obvious response is simplicity and localism.


There is only so much that can be done but doing something should be obvious.  Paralysis is understandable but only in the beginning of this realization.  Simple things like growing food should be a natural response.  Simpler yet is learning to grow food.  Home economic skills are another area.  Crafts and professional expertise that are applicable to this new way of living should be honed.  If somebody is good with animal husbandry or carpentry these should be applied to decline.  A community is made up of multiple skill.  Individuals should become a jack of all trades in general and specialize with your individual talents.  Most people are good at something.


None of this is assured because the damage from delocalization and the destruction of local community has gone so far.  Yet, these powerful human links of community will return from necessity as the absurd world of depending on survival from value chains that stretch the earth are exposed.  Not everyone can do advanced green prepping.  BTW the green part of this prepping means fortifying the planet and the people in the local.  So, many are already green oriented it is just these attitudes have not gone through the metamorphosis that a crisis like this virus is presenting.


It is likely this virus will only hurt globalism with maybe no more death than the flu.  Yet, humans really don’t have any alternative to globalism so this is serious nonetheless.  The basics of survival are centered around globalism so it is not going to magically disappear and a wonderful localism sprout.  This bifurcating process will have consequences that will require pain and suffering and for some death.  That is ultimately the hospice part.  Now is the time to at least evaluate your life in regards to an existential insecurity everyone is faced with.  Even the elite and the privileged have nowhere to hide.  This economic pandemic will touch everyone.  Is it a pathogen pandemic yet?  Does it matter really because it has shaken the economy into a new level which is a lower level of affluence.  These things are related so don’t be fooled when people say the virus is no worse than the flu because on the economic level it is and our economics are global and the global is survival.  Adapt this while you can.



“Why I’m Not Preparing for Covid-19”

https://tinyurl.com/qkzx2za     low carbon life


“We’re not preparing only because we’re already prepared, at least on the most basic and most useful level. I can’t think of much I could add today that would significantly increase our safety. Slightly, maybe, but not significantly.  The great news is that getting ready for one bad surprise gets you at least half way ready for all the others. Ice storm closed all the roads? Better make sure you don’t have to run to the store for food or bleach, and you have some other way to cook, heat and poo in case the power and water stop. Community-level health problem? You’re safer not leaving home, and you should probably assume that power and water employees may not be able to get to work. Lost your job? Better not go to the store, and maybe do without power and water in favor of paying the rent or mortgage. Are you seeing a pattern here? I certainly do.”

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