Science needs Wisdom to say NO

I am not a scientist but find science and mathematics fascinating. Last night I was reading about Tracy-Widom distribution. This caught my eye:
“Universality is “an intriguing mystery…Why do certain laws seem to emerge from complex systems, he asked, “almost regardless of the underlying mechanisms driving those systems at the microscopic level?” … -20141015/
When it comes to a complete life it is better if science keeps to itself and spirituality to itself. A separation is in order reflecting human duality. The ego and the sacred can produce demons and in some ways science and spirituality is similar to this human condition. Most people here realized how screwed up religion is but often many don’t also see what science has done to humans and the planet. In fact, the damage science has done can be in some ways compared to what religion once did. Religion still does damage but to a lesser extent because science has tamed religion’s efforts at explaining the scientific. Science is the problem now.

Science has become a religion and that is why it is failing us. An organic planetary based spirituality is needed now grounded in science. This would be one that includes science and rejects science denial but also respects the metaphysical aspects of reality science cannot explain. IOW when science develops its own spirituality it is as bad as religion pretending to be science. Religion needs to focus on community and not act like scientist justifying community but science needs to stop dissecting community because values are destroyed. Humans must reject an unrestrained thirst for knowledge without bounds and this is the problem today. It may be this spirituality is only as simple as a check valve for our thirst for knowledge. Too often spirituality divulges into the noise of the complex and complicated and is lost. We already have a wealth of comparative spirituality to draw on and appreciate. The one missing ingredient is a check value to science and an acceptance of science wrapped up in one. It may be fate and humanly impossible with the check value being the universal itself. Intelligence cannot be controlled accept by its own demise.

Physics is seeking the deepest realities of life like singularity. Spirituality is needed to say no somewhere in this process. It needs to be a gatekeeper or a part of our brain is out of control. A spiritual reflection says humans can’t handle unrestrained science. This is clearly evident with humans today from Bio labs and factory farms to highly volatile organic compounds. The whole discussion of a 100% renewable world is another. Cover the world in pannels and turbines is absurd. Humans are out of control because of the quest for knowledge without limits. Spirituality is the limit mechanism and it is out of service at the moment. Scientist will often blame human problems on the lack of knowledge and this is true too but degree is important to that topic. Unrestrained procreation because of human emotion is a simple fact but a techno modern world of vast systems going automated is quite another. Science is vital to a point. Life will stop this thirst for knowledge without limits on its own because that is what a higher power does. Real spirituality seeks to respect the higher power. The higher power maintains balance and harmony by nature of its design. No way of knowing the higher power but that does not mean it should not be respected or the consequences are horrendous. Science can’t explain this because it breaks apart things in study instead of beholding all at once. Nothing can behold all at once and if it could it would stop in paralysis.

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