Discouragement and Awakening

Green prepping is not for the faint at heart.  The principals of REAL Green can be applied to your life but there are trade-offs and consequences.  It operates relatively to your higher power of meaning.  What this means is you adapt relatively your positions to life with planetary realities.  The “prima facie” is the critical part.  It is the last stage of the stages of grief which is acceptance.  The acceptance is of the trap.  Know your limitations and from there start your journey.  This wisdom will govern your journey awakening that comes from acceptance of decline.  Decline is poverty that can only be enriched spiritually.  You will travel through life with a new lens of the surreal to navigate the incongruities.  You will discover paradoxes and juxtapositions because you will have to live in the status quo to leave it.


If you accept that the planet is in a decline process of succession plus civilization has peaked and in decline then you embrace this gradient.  This is an awakening because most are not part of this reality.  Instead of fighting the current you give into it.  What this means is embracing three important practices of the enlightened individual ascetism, stoicism, and Spartan lifestyles.  You do this in a relative way that embraces your local reality of people and place.  In respect to your local of people and place you accept there is limitations to how much you can change and what you can adapt.  There is no transcendence only transformation.  Transcendence of overcoming the trap is not obtainable and should not be pursued.  Since REAL Green is an add on this does not affect your metaphysical transcendence of your higher power.  This is strictly in regards to your foot print of life as it relates to the planet and your local.


This means since you are embracing the gradient of decline then you embrace denial of physical and psychological desires and instead seek out spiritual wealth.  This is the living a life of virtue in pursuit of human excellence over attaining physical affluence.  You still must produce and a degree of affluence must be pursued but this affluence must be reduced physically and increased spiritually for the REAL Green balance.  This is a subjective exercise but one that embraces the higher meaning of emulating planetary decline as the beacon.  A decline in place into localism lowering one’s footprint for the planet is the green but also strengthening the local of people and place through prepping.  This is the essence of Green Prepping of REAL Green.  The REAL Green of this way is to be realistic in acceptance.


You will be experiencing the surreal of incongruous juxtapositions and paradoxes by applying degrowth to growth.  You will be using growth to leave it.  This will mean you will dwell in the surreal of a world dedicated to working and paying bills that in reality is not resilient and sustainable.   You use this world to leave it.  You can’t decouple from this status quo world because the planet is now in the era of the Anthropocene.  You are trapped in this world and the acceptance of this forms you REAL Green wisdom.  This wisdom is of triage or prioritization that is a consequence of decline.  Wisdom of less of knowing what knowledge to keep and what to triage out of your life.  This Wisdom centers on managing tech most of all because the Anthropocene is a human technical world.  Try to minimize out this techno world.  Tech is the problem but also must be part of the solution since the world has been altered by the Anthropocene.  Your journey is to green this up with meaning.  You will be applying the old and the new in a hybridization.  You will do this because the Anthropocene has initiated planetary succession and succession means destructive change with niches forming that allow constructive change.  You are that constructive change niche in a world of destructive change.  Your local of people and place with Green Prepping is your vehicle that becomes your lifeboat


The discouragement part of REAL Green is important to the acceptance of your trap.  You will have to balance the discouragement of the spiritual with the material.  Permaculture of low carbon capture and localism does not bring a return typical of what one finds in the status quo.  Permaculture, home economics, and basic skills are essential for REAL Green but they also do not pay in the status quo of Amazon and service industries.  Economies of scale and just in time will outcompete permaculture and cottage industry every time.  You will be doing activities that will yield low returns and this present disappointments.  Your attempt to compensate this with spiritual results will be constantly put to the test.  The dopamine of the world of the status quo is all around you.  You must use the status quo to leave it so you are constantly put to the test of virtue to the planet and your local of people and place with the dopamine of the status quo of success of affluence.


The key is get out of guilt and realize you are in a trap.  Know your limitations characteristic of this trap.  There is no ideal REAL Green.  The key to REAL Green is relativity of acceptance and going forth in a mysticism of transformation that comes from the insight of following the planet in succession.  What this means is finding spiritual wealth in a world in declining affluence.  Embrace a rich poverty.  Reduce the harm to the planet as you build up a REAL Green Prepping monastery of knowledge and things that will be a lifeboat of survival for the dangers of decline.  You will practice palliative care of the hospice as your embrace of the acceptance of decline.  This decline is one of destructive change characterized by pain and suffering your palliative care efforts will embrace spiritual wealth instead.  Discouragement has to be part of this but the guilt of discouragement is where transcendence must come in in your trap.  You can’t transcend you trap but you can transcend the guilt of that trap.  Once this transcendence is achieved the journey has meaning.  Demons become Angels.

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