Failure is an Option

Greens and degrowthers alike will not let go of “failure is not an option”.  They cling to it so as to create the situation of honest science of causation but dishonest science of solutions.  They are bargaining instead of accepting.  What this means instead of provisioning a lifeboat of extending survival they are doubling down on fixing what can’t be fix.  This means huge efforts at digging the hole deeper.  They are skipping the palliative care part for the terminal illness of civilization.  This is creating false hope.  We already have the browns lost in their delusions of growth and development that will never change.  The Greens and degrowthers compete with this with their solutions which will not pan out.


To be fair the general population cannot accept the truth.  Competitive cooperative forces allow a multitude of points of view that influence global policy.  This means a hodgepodge of policy in a spectrum from green to brown but mostly centered on growth.  What is worse is the moral hazards of corruption of a global civilization that is now beyond repair.  Once this rot becomes institutionalized it is unreformable.  Science and academia are beyond repair now.  They are politicized and under the influence of the economics of opportunity cost.  The means justify the ends and so forth.  This means proposing solutions to a predicament that is a human trap is the folly of our collective Tower of Babel.


Is there a solution to this for the Green and the Degrowther who are clearly honest with science?  I point to an even deeper acceptance from Greens and Degrowthers who are awakened.  They must also accept that their movements are hopelessly compromised by the dishonest science of solutions plus unaccepting that the planet is now been tipped and on its own gradient.  Not only the planet but the very fabric of human civilization is also tipped and unreformable.  This is a human nature issue.  It is beyond the policy and development or not it is at the core of what it is to be human.  It is our very soul.  We as a species need to find our soul.  Nothing is more difficult than that.


The awakened Green and Degrowther will understand this and see that the lifeboat and palliative care disposition must come individually and at the level of small community.  These awakened will see that in destructive change there can be constructive change.  This means awakened Greens and Degrowther should combine their unique approaches to planetary succession and the failure of human civilization.  There is a need for both green growth and degrowth.  They will have to each be applied in the proper way together.


Some of this will coalesce in a self-organizing way by the forces of truth that both policy forces possess.  If they come together and recognize the power of a new movement then a powerful force of change can be leveraged.  This means embracing and accepting the failure of the modern human.   This will closely mirrors planetary succession in an enlightenment of acceptance.  The best of growth and degrowth combined to outfit a lifeboat of extended human survival but with the key ingredient of acceptance that the human ship will sink.   From this disaster a new human type will emerge or there will be extinction.


These doors are not for humans to choose although we can commit suicide.  These doors are human fate that is determined by planetary succession which human systems are a part of.   Human duality feels detached from planetary fate and hence bargaining.  Humans are reaching to geoengineering and vast green tech systems to fix this trap only to make the trap worse.  Both these forces of human policy will fail if the very basis is not failure. Fail to accept failure and you will fail.  The deepest truths are paradoxes.


So, this comes down to the awakened in each policy field of Green Growthers and Degrowthers to manage and harness the best of their field to create a future that will allow a new human type to emerge.  This new human will likely not be a techno modern one but it is unclear how much will be lost mainly because it is difficult to judge what can be retained in a precipitous decline.  This new human type will have to be spiritually advanced with a wisdom that determines what knowledge and tech to retain and what to reject because the lifeboat will require choices.  Choices are the crucible of the human spirit.  Decisions are where humans show their worth.  This new human type will face the scale between a proper living in a new reality or the end of who we are.   All this will be driven by a vastly different planet and human society just ahead.

2 thoughts on “Failure is an Option”

    1. I hope my message assists you in adapting to the reality of planetary decline. Keep in mind the adaptations I speak of are unique to you in your local of people and place. We all share strategies of adaptation. There are similarities and principals of adaptation common to all but it is the application to your unique way of life and most importantly your dearest people in your life that makes this special to you and you alone. This is why I call my way REAL Green it is realistic and relative applications of green prepping technics to individuals and small groups who are awakened to the trap of civilization.

      The most important first priority is behavior more specifically acceptance. If you accept civilization is trapped and you are trapped in a civilization that is trapped then you can begin green prepping adaptation. This is an individual journey to meaning which is a transformation. It calls into question the modern human narrative. It uses the modern way to leave it. The individual is trapped in this modern way but they can orientate better. It is not transcendence. You will fail along with civilization yet you will be prepared mentally and physically for this failure. In most cases this macro failure will be a process and it may be the case it comes to those after you like your children. The key point is behavior becomes lifestyle with respect for the planet and adaptation to decline.

      This is not a cult nor a religion it is an addition to your unique higher power of meaning. It is open source meaning you can make REAL Green yours. Ultimately it comes as a message from the planet through those who are awakened. The knowledge is all around us. It is honesty and humility that becomes a wisdom of insecurity this message imparts. This wisdom will primarily be based upon what knowledge and things to include in your life and what to reject so it is about triage and salvage. It is about the old and the new combined in a hybridization of local low carbon capture leveraged and enhanced by modern knowledge.

      You can become a modern green Shaman by following this way. A green shaman is a spiritual guide in a local of people in place. You are not going to change the world but you can change the place immediately around you and help shape the lives of those you love. The spiritual element is the important aspect because a green shaman will decline in place which means less comforts and satisfactions. This is made up for by spiritual assets of increased meaning and psychological satisfaction. Meaning is the pursuit of truth and truth is the ultimate goal of the awakened human.

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