Green Paradox

Should tech be considered green?  What has green become if we are discussing very dirty earth minerals as vital to green.  They are dirty to produce, use, and dispose of.  This is what green has become.  It makes me wonder if green is doomed.  If the whole basis of lower emissions is more growth and dirtier tech then is there a trap?  Yes, there is definitely a trap.  Not only a trap but a box.  The world cannot go backwards or forward without more emissions.  Green is a hostage now.


This is why I point to a needed fundamental change to the modern green.  This key point begins with the acceptance of failure.  The modern awakened green enlightened by honest science and common sense should acknowledge failure of the human narrative of techno success.  This techno grandiosity is just a mind game.  It is a psychological trick.  It is pure propaganda of wishful thinking.  It ignores reality and instead invests in fantasy.


If failure is accepted then this green techno movement could be adapted towards life boats and hospices of green prepping.  Renewables will not allow zero emissions.  They will not scale to a point where they can replace fossil fuels and then replicate themselves indefinitely in some kind of steady state energy transition.  There is this hope and dream of a clean carbon world of a resilient and sustainable future all predicated on techno advancement.  It is instead a trap of the mind.


The key salvation of sorts is this failure can then be adapted.   The vital nature of renewables becomes a green prepping tool.  Renewables can help humans manage their gradient of decline from steep to flatter.  We can green prep with renewables as lifeboats.   This would allow the second key that is a hospice of palliative thinking by making the decline less painful.  Behavior would be adapted through acceptance in a process of prepping for decline.  Once behavior is adapted then real progress can be made.  If there is delusional behavior little can be changed.  In fact, the trap is made worse with more doubling down on failure.


If this acceptance of the absurdity of techno green could sink in then humans might manage to bring their existential behavior into acceptance that tech will fail and with it complex human civilization.  This will be painful and dramatic and it is a consequence of overshoot at all levels.  This dramatic turning from growth to decline could be slowed and managed far better with a behavior of acceptance.


Renewables can be focused on to fill the gap in many places.  They allow more resilience especially with adapted behavior grounded in localism combined with intermitency and seasonality of new lifestyles.  There could be some kind of bifurcation of human civilization into a mass movement embracing voluntary simplicity back into low carbon capture and activities found in permaculture.  Low tech and no tech of ways of doing things like our ancestors did.  This could be enhanced by all the knowledge we have today.


There will still need to be the highly energetic core of civilization to man those function that are vital or else a messy collpase would occur.  These still may be collpase but given time the management of this dangerous decline could be attempted.  This would be a crisis situation of people embracing heroic efforts.  So, we are talking a movement back to simplicity of the majority and the maintenance of critical systems by a few that is the crew of the sinking ship.


Of course, this is wishful thinking and points to the ultimate trap of the human mind and the failure of human behavior at the level of global civilization.  You would not have the enlightened few taking care of the masses embracing simplicity.  You would have slaves and lords.  With this failure of humans out of scale in overshoot then I call those who can to withdraw individually and in small groups.   Create microclime locals of common sense doing this bifurcation themselves.  Live in the status quo to leave it.  Triage out what you can and salvage a low carbon capture permaculture living grounded in localism with seasonality and intermitency.  Do this realistically and relatively in relation to your trap of the status quo.  The tools, knowledge, and financial resources are there for many.  This new individual I call a REAL Green monk.  This monk can take the dirty and the trapped and crated a niche of green resilience and sustainability albeit in a world of decline and failure.  Create your own green monestary and prep for the fall.

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