The Way of the REAL Green Knight

I am speaking now to the REAL Green Knights.  There are very few of you out there but you can have an oversized influence on your local.  Do not fool yourself with greatness.  Your greatness is another greatness.  It comes with scaling to a local of people and place.  It comes with connecting at scale to the will of the planet.  Humans today get lost in their head.  They watch a movie or read a book of exceptional conditions.  Heroics found in Hollywood is almost always for a dopamine hit of worldly greatness with the masses.  Humans are programed for this fantasy of self-exceptionalism.  A REAL Green knight must understand your power is very low level and dispersed.  Your exceptionalism is local and it is in tune with decline which means a low-level planetary permeation.  It is lost when you delocalize and or seek personal empowerment above your local.


Once you move away from your power source you dissipate it and it actually can go negative as a parasitic condition which in the case of behavior is delusions and dysfunctions of self-destructive behavior.   Yet, a knight must participate in and utilize the status quo of things to leave it.  So, this condition of true power and exceptionalism involves a modest view of oneself as a means of achieving power instead of the status quo of greatness.   The tensions but also the successes are in the methods of negotiating the madness of the out of scale status quo.


This paradoxical arrangement is a key component to the power of the REAL Green knight.  Power is attained by the lowest of activities.  This includes behavior and the spatial of a small place for power to be realized.   It is not enough to be humble it is also essential to be local.  This then is one of the chief tensions of the REAL Green Knight participating in a world where greatness is big instead of small.  This paradox of REAL Green is the dualism of a double life of modesty and greatness.  In many ways you must be a normal everyday guy making a living in a world you are also leaving.  This then points to the power of humility and its key component in the behavior of the REAL Green Knight.


This dualism is a danger and a key.  The danger is getting lost in it.  The key is you must feed off a dysfunctional system to leave it.  The key to a success is wisdom of insecurity.  You live failure and the death of things to find a place of rebirth and life.  There is no refuge and no transcendence but there is transformation in strength and meaning.  You will be living and for many suffering in the daily slog of life of the status quo.  Some of you may even be living a good life but even the good life is presented with the anxiety of loss.  The rich have the furthest to fall.  The rich have a great anxiety of loss.  The Green Knight’s strength and meaning comes from embracing the planets way and emulating its processes which is currently the decline of complexity in succession.


This is done in my case locally in voluntary simplicity.  It is done with a Asceticism, Stoicism and the Spartan but in the relativeness and modesty of the Tao.  You then become a Green Shaman in the form of the Native American shaman.  So, keep in mind there is a way and it has been traveled already.  Do not replace your higher power of meaning necessarily.  This is more about relative and realistic and it is in the local with enlightened modesty that true meaning is found.  REAL Green is uniquely individual and local but enhanced by the planetary reality of green shamanism.   It is adapted by embracing the planet’s way locally.  Keep in mind this must be relative and realistic to your local of people and place to be successful or all you are doing is disrupting.  Disruption is needed but a disruption that creates a green prepped local in keeping with the planet’s way.


This is some of my influence for your reference not necessarily for your emulation.   The reason I say this is locals of people and place are unique and undefinable in regards to the conditions that define civilization.  The reason they are undefinable is the singularity found at these levels.  Keep this in mind if you find the need to find a new higher power.  REAL Green is not meant to be your higher power it is meant to be an add on or a devotion.  The reason this is important is REAL Green is a method to attain meaning not meaning itself.  You will know your meaning if you are truly REAL Green.


Ascetism is the practice of the denial of physical or psychological desires in order to attain a spiritual result.  If you embrace failure and decline then you will see the importance of ascetism because you will be physically deprived but seek the tradeoff of a spiritual of planetary meaning.


Stoicism in the practicing the ethics and virtues of a green shaman life or being a conservationist and an “other-oriented” person in local community.  This means using your power for the planet and local community not your own benefit.


I call this Spartanism even though there is no word for it.  It is the practicing of fitness and austerity and trueness of thought.  It also means being egalitarian because your power is from the planet not for your own use hence humility and voluntary simplicity in rigorous activity.


Taoism comes in by embracing harmony and balance with simplicity, patience, and compassion.  This means going with the planetary flow and remembering the key personal attributes of compassion, moderation and humility.


This then can be adapted further with the Native American ways of connectivity to nature.  The condition of shamanism which is the tribal spiritual leader.  You must seek to be the spiritual leader because here is where an offsetting of declining physical wellbeing can be found.  If you are unable to find meaning in decline you will not be able to stay focused on its true meaning.


Now the dark side of the REAL Green Way and that is the guilt that come with the inevitable hypocrisy of adapting and mitigating ideals and reality.  There are many ideals behind REAL Green but there is also the reality of their implementation in a dualistic world.  This goes to the heart of what it means to be human.  The reason REAL Green can be so successful is the hypocrisy of ideals and reality can be best negotiated at the local level in the humility of modest living.  Keeping scale right and accepting your local of people and place for what it is and not what it should be is the key.  So REAL Green can apply to rich and poor alike.  The urban or rural likewise.  The educated and the less educated.  The key variable in adapting the hypocrisy of living less than true green is scaling mind and body to small scale in modesty.

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