REAL Green Shamanism

REAL Green spirituality incorporates green shamanism.  It is important to understand the difference between the standard shamanism discussed these days and a green shaman.  REAL Green tries to filter out the nutter ideas and instead goes for the deeper historic human meaning.  Tapping into your local of people and place results in proper scale.   This allow a REAL Green wisdom.  This wisdom leads to a planetary spiritual response.  This is not a speaking in tongues or a mad rant claiming special powers of miracles.  It is the simple and basics of finding the scale that allows a local connection to people and place.  This is a low-level metaphysical energy.  It is felt and understood from humility and acceptance.  It then goes forth doing good deeds for one’s local of people and place.  There is not the excitement and dopamine most are looking for.  Instead it is connectivity and a familiarity with the essence of life which can cure the self-isolation of the ego.  The most immediate spiritual meaning is the earth below your feet and the people around you, in the here and now.


One does not have to practice the formalities of shamanism.  There is a practice one can study.  I studied Shamanism in the 2004-2006 at  I do not discourage this but for most this will not be the point of REAL Green shamanism.  REAL Green is consistent that you need not reinvent your current spirituality you hold dear to your heart.  A green shaman is connecting locally to people and place in REAL Green.  The way of the shaman is a spiritual persuasion that was historically the spiritual leadership of the tribe.  Green shamanism is instead an add-on tapping into the practice of shamanism to enhance one’s existing spirituality.  REAL Green has specific lifestyle rules and a compilation of instructions focused on localism and the behavior of the acceptance of decline.  This focus is on the art of green prepping through homesteading and permaculture.  This yields spiritual assets that strengthen ones existing higher power not supplements it.  Green shamanism is something all religions and spiritual persuasions can utilize.  This is important because for most their existing spiritual home is sacred.  REAL Green does not attempt to interfere with this but instead build on it.


In REAL Green, green shamanism means actions and routines that bring you closer to the planet.  These are most fully realized in homesteading and permaculture.  REAL Green calls for a monestary of knowledge and things preparing for the decline of the planet and human globalism.   This is a great turning into a new human epoch of decline.   These constructs enhance resilience and sustainability of the REAL Green local.  REAL Green can also be applied to crafts, skill sets, and artistry.  I focus on homesteading and permaculture because that is my life formation.  My REAL Green local needs a small community to thrive.  REAL Green demands require one to be good at many things and specialized in a few.   The REAL Green needs relationships in the local that provide specialization. A local community is a mirror of the REAL Green in the respect to skills and specialization.  As a green shaman you can summons a local by bringing localization efforts to life.


The unfortunate situation for the REAL Green these days is there are very few small communities for a REAL Green to connect to.  It is often easier to connect digitally with people of like mind but this is a delocalization.  The digital delocalizes and distorts the true nature of your local as well as enhances it.  The Anthropocene is a human epoch of delocalization that REAL Green seeks adaptation to.   Restrict both the auto and the digital tools.  You should use these delocalizing tendencies to leave them whenever possible.  This is part of the triage and hybridization of REAL Green.   The abilities of modern transport and digital connectivity is so great but it is only through proper wisdom and balance that the delocalization of these powerful tools can be minimized.  Green Shamanism seeks planetary strength to assist with the adaptation.


Green shamanism is the metaphysical and spiritual side of going REAL Green.  When one practices REAL Green, the mechanics opens one up to spiritual results.  You can connect to the planet.  You do this locally with people and place.  You do this with restoration in mind.  All around you the beauty of the Holocene is being degraded by human forcing, your homestead of permaculture seeks to restore habitat.  The REAL Green does what he can in decline in acceptance.  Green shamanism comes in with the connectivity of this process.  It yields a power by tapping into the planetary way to deal with the many uncomfortable tasks required of low carbon capture and the confinement of localism.


Our species developed not as the techno modern but as semi-nomadic hunter gathers.  In this way a green shaman attempts to reconnect to this earlier reality but realistically and relatively.  You have to have a car to survive.  Most people need electronics to interact with people.  Where green shamanism comes into this is the wisdom of reducing these powerful forces.  It is like the bartender that recommends to a patron not to drink that next drink.  These forces and lifestyle are powerful in their ability to delocalize.  It is almost always the case that reducing their use increases spiritual benefits.  The physical can be advanced as well mainly because too often we fail to enjoy the simplicity of staying local.  The physical of the local requires constant effort.   The basis of REAL green is low carbon capture.  Low carbon capture is high volume and low profit in the techno modern world’s value system.  This means a constant degradation by delocalizing behavior of the digital and auto.  It is understandable some locals are so poor it is better to migrate from them.  Some of you are trapped in poor locals so you leave for relaxation.  This is discussed as one of the formative principals of REAL Green.  First find a good local.  Green shamanism can help with this.


Green shamanism rediscovers the power that is lost when one delocalizes.  It reconnects the REAL Green to his people and place yielding a powerful spiritual asset.  It is this spiritual side of REAL Green that is green shamanism.  A shaman was traditionally on the fringe of the tribe so he could be in touch with the great spirit.  In a sense the modern green shaman stays out of the status quo as much as he can so he can maintain the wisdom of REAL Green localism.

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