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I am giving you a forward to a comment I recently made at resilience dot come on Jeremy Lent’s upcoming book. I read another of his books “The Patterning Instinct: A Cultural History of Humanity’s Search for Meaning” which was excellent. I spend a lot of time on my blog discussing the abstracts of spirt, meaning, and behavior. I would like to change course a little and discuss more the nuts and bolts of green prepping I do for a while. I am doing this for a refreshing change not because I have exhausted the behavioral side. I have spent so much time on behavior and meaning mainly because this is critical to the nuts and bolts of proper human activity, I call green prepping or REAL Green. Keep in mind REAL Green is about humility so my individual local of people and place has no right to say yours is wrong. This is the beauty of green prepping in localism. The scale is unique but there are common activities that work better. Finding and cultivating these are they key and this is only something you can do because a local is ultimately your soul.

The nuts and bolts of green prepping are easy to find on the web and in books. It is also a matter of experience which is the trial and error of learning and the dedication to education that all must engage in. It is about luck too of finding the right people and place to build your monestary of REAL Green. Behavior is the critical element to this mainly because without morale of purpose your efforts at green prepping will dwindle. The road of low carbon capture, conservation, and localism is a tough road. It is one of less comforts and less affluence then those who focus on the anthropogenic status quo roles of making money and succeeding. Keep in mind you have no choice but to try to make money and succeed. This is the Anthropocene and that is your environment. Money is your rabbit. The key to REAL Green is the dualism of living this life to leave it. The anthropogenic status quo is out of balance and in decline. Destructive change to the physical world and the spiritual world is everywhere. It is only by accepting this decline and decay as a failure that you can find the spiritual assets of meaning to offset the lower comforts and affluence of REAL Green.

Green prepping is about going local seeking resilience and sustainability with tools and activities that are less powerful and less profitable. This then becomes a balancing act of using some of this anthropogenic world to fortify your REAL Green world. To do this you must have proper behavior or you will get lost. It is a tough road that you will often find yourself asking why? The reason this happens is the temptations and the allure of the easy stimulating life the anthropogenic status quo offer is so tempting. The daily routine that comes with low carbon capture are physically and mentally draining. It is only reflecting on a day or year’s work that the beauty of the routine of low carbon capture is seen. The routine is tough especially when it is far easier to take the easy road of seeking and indulging in affluence. The road of REAL Green is one that seeks the true way based on what the planet and web of life are doing. Here you will find a spiritual power of meaning that is emulating the existential truth of the planet not human truth that has become so corrupted. If the world is in decline then you decline or you are fighting the truth. Green prepping seeks to restore the planet and your local of people and place by finding niches that occur when complex systems break down in succession. This is well known in ecology so what I am saying is not nutter new age spirituality it is science based.

REAL Green adds a behavioral aspect of relative and realistic. Humans have created their own ecosystem that you will have no choice but to acclimate to or you will be devoured in competition. What REAL Green does is combines green prepping with these anthropogenic activities relatively in relation to your people and place. It does this realistically in a means testing of the alternative activity of REAL Green. You will get more REAL Green by respecting the conditions of your people and place. If you are in an urban area with people who have no interest in localism and planetary health your options are limited but you still have options if nothing else than the behavior of acceptance. I personally recommend to these people in extremely anthropogenically detached locals to leave them and find new people and places if you really believe in what I am talking about otherwise your investments in time and resources will likely fail. For some there are no option except humility.

Behavior is the compass that will guide your investment of resources and time. Both are in short supply so you do not have the luxury of too much trial and error. If you get the behavior right the nuts and bolts will fall into place with you personally and your place. In fact, your people and place become a force multiplier. There is a power in people. People in groups produce mental and physical power. If this occurs in the right place then there is an explosion of activity. If it is orientated to the planets way it then becomes a place of beauty that is a reflection of meaning and the truth. The nuts and bolts of the activity are here now all around you. With the web you can access the old ways and the new knowledge to mix in a hybridization that is quite powerful. It is the proper behavior that guides you. It comes down to wisdom that is the knowledge of what knowledge to use and what to reject that is the key. Choices are key. Doors must be opened or closed so proper behavior is what is your power.

Keep in mind REAL Green is ultimately a way of the humility of acceptance of failure. The anthropogenic status quo is the way of human manifest destiny. It is about success and the immortality of human intelligence and growth. This is the trap you reject as a REAL Green. Instead you emulate the planet and follow its way that is now succession of a decline process. Your REAL Green local and your individual REAL Green are part of this failure. You will live with failure. You will do this humbly and it is this acceptance that will open doors of success. The success is the journey the destination is always going to be failure. For the individual this is death and this death comes for all human organizations. In a sense if you embrace REAL Green you are getting out of the denial of death. REAL Green is not a religion it is more and orientation. Your higher power is a unique place just as the local you live in and your place of significant others. REAL Green is about this deep localism of spirit and people and place. REAL Green is not about codifying it is more about modifying.

So in conclusion I plan on doing a few nuts and bolts comments in the future of what I am doing with my green prepping monestary that is a permaculture homestead. Keep in mind farming does not have to be the only REAL Green but the reality of humans being animals that must eat and find shelter means all REAL Green activity revolves around this activity. You can be a carpenter that localizes in support of a permaculturist. You can be a doctor who keeps the farmer healthy. You can be the soldier who protects his people and place. Low carbon capture of the old ways combined with the modern knowledge humans have devoted so much time to discovering is the recipe. Wisdom then determines what of each to mix to apply to your unique local of people and place. The following is my latest comment:

Human and planetary history are at or near the apex of intelligence and its relationship with the physical of the planet and people. If this statement comes out dualistically it is because that is the underlying nature of intelligence which is the self-reflection of life. This self-reflection is both inward and outward. In fact, both must be encountered to be transformed then awakened into action. The core meaning in this day and age is not the deeper we go with science into the nuts and bolts of the universe, no, the core meaning is the nature of this self-reflection of life. Intelligence itself is now at an apex in and through the human spirit. Here is the core of life’s meaning. The rest just follows or should follow because today the pursuit of knowledge is getting ahead of human wisdom. Humans are going places they should not go because instead of wisdom which is the choice of what knowledge to pursue and what to reject is all but regulated to being considered primitive and instead there is the idea of singularity of humans and intelligence in transhumanism. It is wisdom not knowing where meaning dwells in the truth because wisdom is scale.

This transhumanism is really the mechanization of consciousness in a vicious circle of the ego’s descent into a singularity of control. This is the combining of the human spirit with the techno which is all those hyper complex and complicated constructions humans have created in the name of knowing. Human wisdom is no longer our guidance. In fact, human wisdom is now being attacked as superstitious and primitive. Transhumanism seeks a transcendent human into an abstract digital state of immortality. The reality of this is the end of what is human. Some say good ridence because it has been the primitive human that is destroying the human race, the web of life, and the planet. They are desperately doubling down on this path which is instead a trap of consciousness. This is seen as a way to stave off collpase of all. Seeking this kind of immortality of the ego in a techno world of the singularity of intelligence is the ultimate descent of the ego into the power impulse.

The reason why this is such an apex of history is because in a sense the planet and the web of life are merging in a self-awareness of evolution. We are seeing forces that are both deceived but also liberated. The deceived are doubling down on transhumanism of techno optimism and increasing power of human building of intelligence towards singularity. The awakened are going forth following a transformation of the realization of this mechanization of life. Scientism is just another human religion and human religions are always corrupted by control that leads to separateness. This is not to say religion itself is wrong it is the eventual process that eventually lead to deception. The codifying that which is sacred is the eventual trap. The sacred is beyond control so this process becomes the vicious circle of the mechanization of the ego trying to usurp the scared. Humans and the web of life are now at the apex of this process because of just how far human intelligence has gone. Keep in mind human intelligence is nothing but the intelligence of the web of life. There is no separation of the two. There will be no undoing of this process either because this is the nature of life.

This leads to you the individual and where you fit into this. You would not be here reading this unless you were searching for meaning. This is a great process that you the individual should be aware of but do not lose yourself to it. Your transformation is accepting the failure of this human narrative of techno growth and unstoppable pursuit of the increasing trap of intelligence. This is a process to behold and then to go forward in awakening into a place where you belong and where you scale. Humans are now out of scale and this is forcing the web of life and causing abrupt change on the planet so much that those preaching scientism talk of leaving a destroyed planet. If you are truly awakened you will go forth in the name of your higher power on the planet and web of life’s behalf locally where you scale and where humans belong. Here you will live properly as best you can with the web of life and adapt to the planetary changes. You will yield to these unstoppable greater forces just as the small mammals adapted to the epoch that saw the end of the dinosaurs. This is an Epoch changing time within the web of life and the planet. By scaling locally as awakened humans properly should you will hopefully find niches of constructive change in the greater change of declining complexity that is the succession of the web of life in an abruptly changing planet. This in an Epoch transformation you are beholding. Here our extinction is at hand or the rebirth of a new human. Realgreenadaptation.blog

“Awakening to Life”

Awakening to Life

2 thoughts on “Wisdom or Knowing”

  1. Thank you for your deep wisdom; that we can all transition pragmatically through acceptence and humility, yet also with purpose and meaning.

    I sent through an e-mail yesterday – mentioned video presentations in it – here is one of them on his channel, but there are others too:

    He provides a lot of food for thought & his research seems to be sound, although it seems he’s not aware of declining EROI re energy. Will send through another update in a week or two by e-mail.


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