TRUE Green

I am working on a post that will highlight my solar system and how it fits into REAL Green prepping and low carbon capture.  First, I want to cover something that is above REAL Green spiritually.  REAL Green is the realistic and relative application of green prepping strategies to your local of people and place.  It is a strategy that uses delocalization to re-localize.  It is for those of you trapped in affluence and delocalization. 

I want to discuss TRUE Green.  This is the highest form of green.  It represents the best modern man can do.  There are those who are in the poorer parts of the world that are natives and or subsistence farmers.  They don’t fit into TRUE Green because they are naturally green but many likely would embrace modern affluence if they could.  They are a different conversation.  Many of the same attributes apply to both groups except behavior and circumstance.  True Green is a modern who has lived in the delocalized status quo but chooses to leave it dramatically.  TRUE Green has choice and this is important.  The importance of choice in their case is living the two worlds and opting out of the other.  This is not to say natives and subsistence farmers can’t do the same but generally natives and subsistence farmers opt into the affluence of the status quo.  When this is not the case it is when they have been educated to the difference which means they have been civilized by the status quo but reject this.   The conversation complicates if you mix these groups.

A TRUE Green is awakened and then goes forth in action that is a transformation.  The awakening is the realization of delocalization in regards to what is truly green.  Delocalization is motivated by affluence of materialism and opportunity. Materialism is easy to understand. Opportunity is less understood and revolves around traveling and networking.  A TRUE Green sees the incongruities of delocalization found in materialism, travel, and networking.  They see the imbalances of the human spirt in relation to their local from thes status quo inclinations.  Without balance the human spirit is extremely destructive.  Many modern techno greens are extremely destructive and, in my opinion, little better than a brown.  In fact, they live a lie.  They may be honest with the science of earth issues but dishonest on the solutions.  Many a fake green is a wealthy hipocite. They are a cake and have it people. 

A TRUE Green is a highly spiritual person because a TRUE Green embraces poverty of things for a richness of spirit.  These people will dematerialize from consumerism and decouple from the networking of opportunities.  These opportunities allow power and power allows control.  For a TRUE Green power is nature not man’s.  This decoupling means leaving the digital and shunning modern transport.  This is a vigorous system both for the mental and the physical.  Mentally this type of green will have to navigate the gauntlet of opportunities and networking. These offer so many pleasures both mental and physical.  They will want to leave urban areas because so little is green in the urban.  Urban greens are generally fake green. TRUE Greens will withdraw to rural areas or wild areas to live autonomous lives individually or in small groups.  Their spirt will support them in the poverty of things.  Here the use of poverty is different than the status quo.  Poverty here is lack of material comforts not essentials.  Nature will provide the necessary comforts and things for a TRUE Green and if not, they will perish as is meant to be.

This is a life of naturalism dictated by that which is not status quo of affluence and material capability.  It can be compared to a monk but without the religion.  This is not to say a TRUE Green should not be religious.  Religion is a very local attribute of a person that needs to be compartmentalized when discussing this orientation.  This is not the subject of TRUE Green.  The subject is embracing the planet and web of life.  True Greens cannot escape civilization and its clutches but they can minimize the distortions and the destructive imbalances.

A TRUE Green will likely be a young person who chooses this path before they become incorporated into the status quo.  Once your local of people and place solidifies it becomes very difficult to leave.  This is where my REAL Green come in.  REAL Green is what an honest green does once the status quo has compromised you.  A TRUE Green is pre-compromised and idealized or laundered of the compromise by age or circumstance.  An ideal time to go TRUE Green is when one is young.  When the young reach a maturity of mind and body but are not yet compromised by mental and physical attachments of the status quo.  This is not to say those who are older cannot go TRUE Green.  Any age can make this conversion.  Often older retirees can do it once their family has moved on to their lives and their status quo careers have wound down.  Sometimes middle aged individuals go through a cleansing of the clutches of the status quo and they can find this calling.

This is a transformation that means voluntary simplicity.  It means a life of stoicism and spartan living that yields a richness of spiritual wellbeing.  Keep in mind this means turning your back on modern healthcare and security.  There is an existential insecurity to this but this insecurity becomes a source of wisdom of which I call the wisdom of insecurity.  The people in the status quo who embrace modern health care and security really are not that heathy and secure.  In fact, the status quo is a very dangerous place it is just the risks and dangers have been normalized.  A TRUE Green has a pureness of spirit but not like you might think.  This pureness is existential not ethical although a proper and decent ethical spirit is the result.  It is a low footprint lifestyle that seeks to harmonize with nature.  It seeks to do as little harm as is possible to their local.

I was once TRUE Green.  I went through a spiritual awakening that transformed me twice.  Once when I was young and idealized and once when middle aged and disillusioned.  Unfortunately, the two times this occurred I was tugged back to the status quo.  Once when I was younger in the course of my spiritual journey in philosophy, theology, and comparative religions I was brough back to the status quo by career and love.  I was very close to embracing this way of life but I did not have the right setting to make the leap.  Another time I had an awakening that came when I was disillusioned by the status quo of career and lifestyle.  This was a process that took me to a wonderful farm but I still had to commute to my job and live the lifestyle of the career I was in.  I was active in reading and living an alternative ecological lifestyle that was at odds with my so-called normal life.  I was embedded in a beautiful natural place after work and on the weekends. I was touched by nature one night and left my normal life.  Unfortunately, I was forced back to the status quo by family in a traumatic experience.

I was not meant to be TRUE Green and this is why I am REAL Green.  This blog has covered REAL Green thoroughly so there is no need to go into it but to say it is what you do when your trap of affluence with people and place prevent you from being TRUE Green.  There are those of you who are techno green who may want to go REAL Green for the honesty of it.  That is another discussion.  The TRUE Green is something I respect highly.  I have been there for short periods.  I may go there again.  It is something I recommend to the young and the old.  To those of you who are in between you may want to try REAL Green.  TRUE Green is a very demanding journey not so much with the journey once taken but the choice to take the journey.

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