I am a normal guy.  If you meet me you would have no idea I am the one writing on this strange blog.  I have no special charisma like people look for today.  I am not a person to lead a great movement and do not want to be.  It is important to me that you know I am not your better.  I am very much an egalitarian with compassion for the less fortunate.  I passionately love this planet and its life system.  I am now your servant in the sense of giving you my story.  My hope is this will assist you in your journey.  I especially say this to the young because your future will be one of crisis.  This is it.

The last great turning of modern man is at hand.  This human existential changeover is happening now just trust honest science to see this.  Don’t trust mainstream science that is completely corrupted and is now the problem.  This is man’s turning of his short time as a species with civilization.  The time frame is less important than the transition itself which points to a process.  Strong events will occur but the process is key. 

The transition is now in progress.  This is the key point because time is running out for adaptation.  Beat the rush.  I am warning you as a friend.  There are those among you who are more advanced than I am with knowledge.  Many of you better communicators.  I am dyslectic so communications are a struggle.  I hope some of you take my message and spread it.  The planet and small communities will be better places if you do.  

I have no specializations as a scientist or engineer.   I have spent the last 21 years in focused study on the multifaceted topics of REAL Green.  I am a generalist and combined with REAL Green vision I see things others don’t.  Few people look at the world like I do because my vision is abstract.  It is depressing in an age of fake optimism.  If you start seeing surreal everywhere you are on the right track.  If you see paradoxes and incongruous juxtapositions then you are getting closer. 

Failure and decline are not uplifting unless you approach it like I recommend in acceptance.  I feel being hyper specialized in engineering or science is an impediment in regards to understanding of decline and failure.  The reason is you must have an understanding of many fields and be spiritual.  REAL Green recommends a specialty but this cannot be to the point where a multifaceted understanding is reduced.  In REAL Green practically you should have a specialized skill but also be a jake of many trades.  This is the same with knowledge and understanding.  There is a balance of science and spirituality that must be attained.  This is the dualism of REAL Green and through this process a wisdom of insecurity is created.  Wisdom is the gatekeeper.  There must be choices and consequences.  Sobriety and humility are a must.

Spirituality is key and this does not mean religion.  Atheism is likely an impediment because atheist tend not to trust spirituality.  You can be spiritual and not worship a deity.  I understand why people are atheist.  They are honest about how bad religion has been.  Science says God is dead.  Many atheists are scientist.  If you are religious, you can’t be a science deniar and adapt with REAL Green.  Science is the problem but also a solution.  It dominates the world we live in so science must be adapted or more directly limited.  Science can’t be denied.  You must understand science and know how to adapt it.

Few people have any interest in degrowth doom.  Degrowth doom is the result of honest acceptance and this leads to humility and being meeker.  Meek seeks less power and with this more dignity is attained.  You will get closer to honest meaning by being meek. 

Many consider me a nutter just because I am a degrowth doomer.  In my local most do not know I am a degrowth doomer.  I don’t talk about it unless it is brought up.  I am just a gentleman farmer in my local.  People see me as a bit odd.  Eccentric is the best term to describe me in my local.  Online is where many of you read what I say and think this guy is not right.  This is a badge of honor in a maladapted world.  It means I am closer to the truth.

I am a green prepper.  Preppers are not mainstream.  Keep in mind being a green prepper is different.  Green is more prepped.  When I say I am a GREEN shaman they have even more nutter thoughts.  I am running a permaculture farm and practicing permaculture spiritualism.  This is how you connect to the planet.  There is a power in this.  This is my REAL message and it is a simple message and a local one.  Time is short and a REAL Green adaptation takes a decade.  This is why I am reaching out now to a few with the right stuff.

A shaman speaks about spirituality for his tribe.  Science destroyed the shaman’s place.  Science is now destroying science.  This is because those who practice science have no shamans.  What I mean is they have unbalanced the necessary relationship with spirituality and science.  Spirituality is something that must be given to you by grace.  Grace is defined as being natural.  Science has destroyed naturalness that was vital to early humanism.  It is now time to properly place science and spirituality in a new framework and this framework must be in recognition of the failure of science. 

The failures of religions are well documented but scientists are loath about self-criticism.  Science is the problem now or better put science without a proper wisdom.  This wisdom is of what knowledge to use and what door of knowledge to leave shut.  It is not wise to know as many secrets as can be known.  Not only is this a waste of resources it has also resulted in a dilution of meaning.  Knowledge is now noise because there is too much.

There is a power that is present in that which is natural.  Connecting to this force and then orientating to its gradient or current is where this power will support you.  Humans can tap into this through honesty.  You will be required to be humble and meek because honesty today means acceptance of the failure of humanism.  Meek is declining in place.  The arrogance of humanism is what has pushed growth well beyond a natural state. 

This power may flow through you but it is not yours.  This power can only be found by honesty.  It is only attained locally where there is proper scale.  This power is diffuse.   This power for humans is spirt that is manifested in permaculture.  Permaculture is key because this is where man meets the land.  Keep in mind permaculture can be the support of permaculture like a carpenter or an ironsmith.  This power connection results in natural morals and morale. 

Centralization and concentrated power are the enemy of this natural power.  Centralization and concentrated power are the mechanization of nature.  Too much leveraged knowledge and the power multiplier effect of networking destroy this connection.  Today this has resulted in mechanistic transhumanism.  This force seeks to subjugate humans and nature to maintain its power and affluence.

Now is the time to embrace what I call the wisdom of insecurity.  This wisdom is of less things and more meaning.  It is a pessimistic optimism in a time of fake optimism.  Today we have fake techno optimism.  This is the worshipping of a false god.  It pathway is transhumanism.  Transhumanism is delocalization that comes from unbridled knowledge and machine living.   Delocalization is the reason for a destabilizing planet and a humanism in decline. 

This wisdom of insecurity is 80% spiritualism with 20% practice.  Connecting to the power in the planet gets you to 80%.  The 20% is a transformed lifestyle.  Once proper wisdom is achieved there is a natural elevation of proper action far above what you now have.  This action is natural and because it is centered on meaning it is effective.  It is REAL productivity not making and doing things to increase affluence.  Instead, it is proper action that is green and prepped.  Affluence is the problem today.  Affluence is a product of excessive science and knowledge. 

I am not asking you to reject tech and knowledge for spiritualism.   This would be unbalanced.  Yet, since science is so dominant today more effort must be dedicated to a spiritualism.  The wisdom is knowing the trap science and knowledge have put humans in.  Even those who are poor and do not even know science are exposed to the excesses of science.  The green revolution allowed an order of magnitude too many people that is forcing the planet.  The problem is more than the affluence science is creating it is also population.  Knowing this trap then requires scaling accordingly. 

The trap of carbon and the path dependencies of tech is now complete.  There is no going back and no going forward.  The day of reckoning is approaching. The trend today is towards transhumanism and this is a hyper delocalization destroying humanism and planetary stability.  This is the mechanization of human arrogance.  This is where machines merge with human agency.  It is failing because of the problem of trust.  Trust means letting go in the truth.  Humans do not even trust human behavior anymore and seek artificial intelligence and automation.  Algorithms are now employed to game human behavior. 

Distrust is the result of transhumanism.  If you do not trust then you can never let go.  Here modern science has opened so many doors the truth is now completely relative.  It is now quantum and debatable. Not debatable as in an intelligent analysis but debatable because of the noise.  One field says one thing and often another the opposite.  Online advice changes with the day.  Today machines are watching machines that are watching humans and these humans do not even trust their own nature.  This is a vicious circle of maladaptation.  It is a mechanization of control.  Human nature can’t be trusted making human nature that which must be subjugated.

Science is now scientism.  Scientism is embracing Marxist authoritarianism.  These techniques of coercion and lies are the result of existential distrust or the lack of grace.  Again, grace is being natural.  Picture an oak tree being an oak tree.  The wisdom of insecurity seeks grace through humility and being meek.  Meek is being scaled properly to nature instead of arrogant with power over nature.  The humility of this is important.  The simplicity of it should be understood.  This is what is ahead not the complex and complicated of AI and exotic machines.

Be wary of the addiction to the light switch and the ignition key.  These everyday luxuries of affluence are slow boiling you with delocalization.  You are trapped with them but with all traps adaptation is possible.  I will tell you here and now if you are in a city especially some of the worst in regards to resilience and sustainability, get out.  If you get out and move to a rural area you should embrace low carbon capture technics of green prepping.  This is basic permaculture and not rocket science.  In addition embrace the wisdom of insecurity which is a spiritual permaculture.  What is green is more prepped.  This is vital because eventually the reliability of the grid and supply chains will be in crisis.  A wisdom of insecurity is your starting point permaculture is your action.

Next post is the practical activity of firewood and heating your permaculture homestead.

2 thoughts on “WARNING”

  1. I am with you! I read all of your posts, and they give me strength.
    Our permaculture farm in Cambodia is a thriving piece of earth, our business for selling the products that come from our farm is not thriving: nearly two years of markets being shut down. My job ends on Dec 31, 2021. With no salary and little income from our farm, my five-year-old son and my wife are in danger. My wife spent the first 10 years of her life in a refugee camp. She has nearly starved to death on multiple occasions in her life. She does not want to go back to extreme poverty. We have a blessed life. The future is a bit darker than the day I am living in now.
    I thank you for your work and life!


    1. Dave, your situation is the tragedy of the surreal world of doing the work of good in truth but getting caught up in a nasty socio-political mess that may destroy your good works. I personally think this mess is based on and built around lies the elite supremist are benefiting from. It is amazing there is this situation with your farm not having markets in a world approaching food shortages!

      Possibly losing the farm is a devastating thought but the important point is you have the knowhow. This experience cannot be taken from you. This is a time of great disruption. Even those who think they have a stable life could lose it. Stay strong and don’t weaken in spirit. The wisdom of insecurity means we do not have security but we have the strength of following the truth. You are one of those wisemen!


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