Green, You Should Care

This is a long discussion that is only for a few.  Most of you will not understand the subtlety.  Radical progressive greens will react in anger that I dare call into question their lies.  The main point is green is now the primary destructive force through globalism.  I acknowledge brown as a destructive force but instead of a green mitigation there is a green manipulation that is a hijacking by the technocratic elite.  Call me a conspiracy theorist but all one needs to do is look around how this program is shaping up to see these lies.  If you don’t care about green, you should.  If you are green then you need to self-search honestly if you are really green or just a radicalized tool of change of a corrupt establishment.  This discussion is not meant to compare green to brown.  It is about green because green is the path to meaning and truth.  Brown is not.  Yet, green is now the lie brown is not.

PART 1 Politics and infrastructure

Green might not interest you but it should.  The globalists elite supremist are pushing a radical plan to reshape our civilization.  This is a con that is based on fear and tech lies.  Many are desperate for solutions and are believing their lies.  Dishonest science is being employed using all kinds of deceptions.  There is the presenting of theoretical science claiming soon to be applied breakthroughs that will solve carbon emissions.  Claiming science in development will deliver solutions is not honest science it is marketing.  The destructiveness of this NetZero science when built out is not discussed.  The tradeoffs and consequences are hidden from view because the elites feel the masses can’t handle the truth.  It is more like the masses would object if they realized what the elites are doing.  A happy clean picture of a dirty and painful future is presented as a propaganda exercise to get everyone onboard.

These globalist elites are pushing a cultural Marxism of woke that is now being applied to environmentalism.  This has nothing to do with environmentalism and everything to do with authoritarianism.  They want to use the same tactics employed with woke in the political and employment space to force through a program of radical energy change.  This is being driven not only by the political elite but also their corporate allies.  The central banks are getting involved with this pushing national ESG directives.  This will destroy the environmental movement as we know with untold damage to its legitimacy once it fails as the science clearly says it will.

The globalist economics are just as deceptive.  The cost of these programs is immense.  The longer-term costs are not even presented.  Currently we are seeing stagflation from lower growth but higher inflation.  This is a supply problem with post pandemic lockdown mistakes.  There are now mandate shocks developing with labor unrest.  Continued monetization of debt by the federal reserve is stoking demand.  The Democrats are pushing through huge fiscal stimulus that will greatly juice demand at the same time supply is falling.  This fiscal stimulus is significantly green new deal directives.  Globalist want inflation because debt is now beyond what can be managed.  Inflation erodes this debt but is a hidden tax on your backs.

These longer-term costs are a greatly reduced affluence for 95% with 5% being the club who will administer this economy.  This 5% will remain whole and in charge.  The global economic system is already very vulnerable to disruption because of its hyper efficient supply chains.  The pandemic aftermath is proving how dangerous disruptions are to a system that is hyper efficient.  The disruptions of transforming the global energy systems will shatter productivity further.  Places that have never faced brownouts and food shortages will face these unexpectedly.  Confidence will be shattered and unrest will do further damage.  The net result will be less renewable integration into those areas where it can provide a vital strengthening to the existing system.  If you are green, you will be shocked by the unintended consequences of all of this.  If you don’t care about green, you will once you lose your affluence. 

Fossil fuel’s net energy is in decline already which is a primary influence on economic decline.  The economic system is in systematic decline with a host of ills ranging from dysfunctions from corruption and poor planning.  Good old fashion corruption occurring for 2 decades has rotted the core of our social compact.  The social situation is desperate for stability and instead increased instability is thrusting systems and networks into dysfunction.  This alone should make further destructive change dangerous because there is a limit to the degree of change and the duration of the destructive results to stability. 

A better approach is avoiding increasing instability going into a period of instability.  This means the narrative must change from lying to people there are solutions to telling people there are ways to reduce painful change society can’t fix.  This means admitting failure and asking populations to sacrifice for the common good.  This means rejecting the globalist platform of increased centralization with authoritarian control.  In a time of decline increased control will lead to irrational policy.  Results will be further problems not solutions. 

Honest science sees the lies they are proposing.  These radical changes will destroy stability by being the last straw on the camel’s back.  Decline is now systematic and across the board but it will be accelerated by dysfunctional socio-political policy of the Marxist and fascist globalist.  This is under the guise of social justice and green new deal but really is authoritarianism of state capitalism based upon the Chinese example.  The 1% of the 1% will benefit the rest especially the bottom 50% will see serfdom.  Welfare state will supply some help but in a deceptive nanny state way.  The losses will be greater than the welfare given.  The losses of freedom that don’t have a price will be dramatic.  This is all in the name of the pretend common good of social justice and NetZero.

The con is a build back better lie of a green new deal.  There is nothing green about this.  This is a power grab and a wealth transfer exercise paraded as a way to save the planet.  This lie is being pushed by the globalist elites through their technocratic architects.  More technology and more complicated systems that will be NetZero and solve the issue of saving the planet and providing sustainable development for all is the last lie of modernism.  This con is based on the idea of a top-down approach with authoritarian control.  This is claimed is needed to solve the ills we face.  This approach relies on technology and is an urban based system of social engineering.  The result will be a two-tier society of serfs and feudal lords.  Actually, many will be slaves and expendable. 

If you are a degrowth doomer as I am then you see clearly suffering is ahead.  It is unclear how destructive change will unfold because this is the nature of systematic decline.  Decline happens in haphazard ways and is often swift but also slow and relentless.  It is actually both with various systems components breaking with others holding but constantly facing increasing pressure.  As one after another of system components break down the paces gathers. 

Today we are well into this decline but it has been a slow boil and as such people have been immune to concern.  The pace has accelerated so expect some rapid shocks ahead.  The program of the elite supremist with their Marxist state capitalism of monopolistic corporations and authoritarian government is set to impellent more radical change.  I feel this will be the last straw breaking the backs of the fragile global system that has put all of us at risk from decades of delocalization.  The delocalization means if supplies are not brought into your local you will see shortages and brown outs.  No local is self-sustainable anymore but many are worse than others.  The wealthier your local the worse will be your shortages.    

A better approach is with dignity and meaning instead of the elite supremist approach of lies and discontent.  Marxist thrive on discontent because it allows two things.  One is divide and conquer the various factions.  The other is destroy the fabric of a system they want to shape in their image.  The want to destroy and build back better.  Any means is considered legitimate.  Lying, cheating, and stealing is fine.  Civil war is fine if needed.  This is what is at hand and people don’t see it.  The proper approach is with honesty and the dignity of meaning.  Their approach is slavery to their wealth and power preservation that allows them to trickle down welfare to a suffering population that mistakenly believes these people care about them.  These elites will talk of social justice as they act as tyrants.

The physics and the economics do not add up.  The failures are already apparent to those who know better.  I am not against renewables.  I have them myself.  What I am against is the approach being taken that is using NetZero as an excuse to take away sovereignty.  The plan is radical, destructive, and disenfranchises.  Grass roots efforts with some renewables is a far better approach.  The honest science of renewables indicates they have a more modest application in our future.  If you destroy the economy in a push to radically change civilization less renewables will be produced.  A dirtier world will result instead.

The reality of a dirtier and dangerous world is at hand.  NetZero is a lie and a con job to position a small percentage of the population in good seats for the ride down.  The problems of the world are not going to be fixed by any policies.  They involve nonnegotiable limits to growth and diminishing returns of technology.  They involve waste streams and already locked in feedback loops for consequences.  More of the same approach of using technology to solve problems will just accelerate the problems.  The better approach is adaptation and mitigation with less destructive use of growth and technology.  The impulse to using growth and technology can’t be stopped but it can be reduced.  This is the basis of degrowth doom.  Wisdom over science and technology.  Humanism over machine domination. 

Degrowth doom is a fringe nutter approach but paradoxically the proper approach.  I am calling on honest individuals to see through this con job and to be honest about the reality of decline.  You need to understand degrowth doom will not be allowed a voice.   You the individual can embrace it and begin the process of adaption to mitigate the destructive change ahead by making wise choices with the last of the surplus resources still available.  It is time to fortify your local.  The globalist will do their damage and the populist who fight back.  Science denial will allow for massive dysfunction and irrational policy.

Renewables need to be added where they satisfy the following important results.  Utility scale systems should inhabit sweet spots where they integrate well with existing systems without overwhelming grid systems with intermittentcy.  This is especially true where brownfields already exist from previous development.  Don’t destroy existing pristine ecosystems.  These resources have immense value currently because of all that has already been destroyed.  Land use changes are a significant aspect to human forcing of the planet.  Do not increase this further will dubious projects.

Renewables should focus on beefing up emergency services with local applications of renewables and battery backup.  This is where EV’s have an important application.  Individuals should have small systems for lighting and refrigeration as a way to prep for an unstable future.  Emergency services including food system support is vital.  People will be very desperate if food systems are not secure.  This means distribution systems need protection.  Policies of local food production combined with renewables need to be advanced.

Permaculture communities that can live with intermitency should be invested in with renewable systems taking pressure off the existing grid.   These permaculture communities can serve as battery backup.  This means permaculture communities that are adapted to intermitency because of conservation and off grid strategies can shift surplus power to the grid as needed to support parts of the economy that can’t be interrupted.  Permaculture communities are also key to local food systems.  This is a far less expensive investment with the side benefit of resilience and sustainability because investments are being made in rural areas that supply food and ecosystem support functions. 

This permaculture response is part of my pitch to depopulate cities before it is too late.  Significant amount of people need to be moved back to the land to take pressure off cities already overpopulated but also to strengthen food systems with local production.  This can be paid for at a fraction of the cost of this green new deal lie.

Vast industrial renewable systems are hugely expensive and will eventually end up stranded assets as grid integrity breaks down.  Large amounts of wealth will evaporate overnight with these investments.  The knock-on effect will travel through the system further degrading other system that have been centralized with unstable technology.  A decentralized system is needed to break this dominoes effect.  This does not mean these decentralized systems will not fail.  What it means is they will slow failure with individual inertia of their sustainability and resilience.  This end game of civilization needs a retreat in force not a grand campaign of lies claiming victory.  Scientism is man’s greatest lie!

If you made it this far then you see the lie of green.  You see how this lie will be forced on you.  You will also see decline is in the cards for you either way.  Yet, the decline could be reduced and the results less painful.  We are all together at this point of inflection.  There are no refuges.  Follow the Globalist elite supremist green new deals and lies of social justice socialism or resist it in with decentralized approaches of retreat in force in localism.  Local responses are properly based on unique local strengths.  Yes, ecosocialist, capitalism is a failure but less a failure than what you propose.  You will hasten decline and make suffering worse.  Your social justice will be slavery and your fancy words tools of suppression.

PART 2 Spiritual

The above is the physical and practical argument for an alternative approach to applying renewables to a global civilization in decline.  The following discussion is on the spiritual component of green.  This will be of interest to some of you.  Green prepping of REAL Green is about permaculture localism.  This is something individuals and small groups can embrace but the most important factor is behavior, attitudes, and meaning.  The above arguments I made will fall on deaf ears.  It appears society is already locked into bad decisions that will make life far more difficult.  You the individual can accept this top failure and make personal arrangements at the grassroots.   First you need a spirituality of why or else you will not have the morale to make the sacrifices.  Sacrifices are coming.  Proactive sacrifice will be more effective and less painful.  This is my approach.

Green is a secondary color. Secondary colors are those that can be produced from mixing two of the primary colors together.  It is blue of water and yellow of the sun that makes the green of life.  This is photosynthesis.  A spiritual photosynthesis is call for with modern man.  A proper green is called for.  The biggest lie these days is with Greens.  Browns are honest about their postion.  It is the modern Green who claims to be green but is no better than the browns.  Modern greens are calling for radical change with growth and technology based on a green lie. 

This is a hijacking by the elite supremist with their technocratic prescriptions of control and development that is concerned with wealth and power preservation not green.  If they cared about green they would lead by example.  If it made economic sense, it would already be realized.  Instead, economic decline is everywhere.  You were already going to face deprivations from a planet at limits of growth.  Now the elites will take even more away though lies and misrepresentations.  Outright stealing is occurring.

It is vitally important you understand Green now from multiple angles.  The most important Green is the planet.  Green is not going to save the planet.  The planet will save itself.  In fact, the planet was never in need of saving.  What is happening is what the planet and life does.  If you do not understand this than you are an arrogant humanist.  This arrogance is from a rationalization that humans have control of their destiny and can control the planet’s destiny.  This is a species self-deception.  It is this species self-deception that is the problem now.  A new spiritualism is called for but first a deeper look at this lie is required.  Definitions of the many shades of green should be reviewed.

TRUE Green is man as he should be.  It is not what arrogant humanist want to hear.  They think they can have the modern and green but this is the greatest lie of mankind.  There are many that come under this TRUE Green definition from across the world.  My best historical example would be the Osage Indians of the 17th and 18th century.  These people were the dominant tribe in my area of the Missouri Ozarks.  I have a large section of my library dedicated to the Osage.  I mention them because I have done the research on them.

These people had a spoken culture that was a semi-nomadism of seasonal movement.  This type of culture optimized ecosystem seasonality and intermitency of climate, plants and fauna.  These people were well adapted to their ecosystem.  They may have been superstitious but this served a purpose of connecting the human condition of dualism back to the planet.  It was a way of scaling the arrogance of human self-consciousness with the realities of animal survival.  Those of you who look down upon superstition fail to see Scientism as superstition.  Modern superstitions are far more destructive and dangerous than those of the past that were called primitives.

These people had an organic science of food, water, and shelter.  Tools were specialized with great care adapted slowly over generations and this technological development was limited.  This is a key variable and one our current civilization is incapable of.  These people did not have the luxury of too much luxury.  Yet, my readings show their leisure time was in many ways greater and more rewarding than ours.  The simplicity of their lives allowed this.  Incidence of mental illness was minimal.  They utilized agriculture at the optimum times.  They gathered and hunted properly because the ecosystem dictated what was optimal.  They adapted the ecosystem with fire properly.  The waste stream was minimal and dispersed.

Their culture was adaptive and as the white contact occurred, they were confronted with their biggest adaptation.  This adaptation should be a blueprint for modern man inevitable decline.  The native cultures that were absorbed into our modern world can now shed understanding on how we need to leave modern life for survival in an altered world of decline.  If one discounts their shorter life spans, they had lives much more fulfilled with meaning and purpose.  This is what you the modern must consider about declining in dignity.  This is the key you should consider.  These people were lied to and their sovereignty taken.  This is now happening to you so take warning from their past.

The reason this epitomizes green, concerns balance and scale.  This was humanism as it should be.  It is an apex species in an ecosystem as it should be.  Their culture deteriorated with the influence of Europeans but critical parts remained unbroken.  Their core identities survived and it is this adaption to destructive change that should be an example for modern man.  Keep your dignity and decline honestly. Embraces decline because this is reality.  Resist it is like swimming against a strong current.  You may drown.

The next shade of Green is the early European settler who lived among these Native Americans.  These were a hearty group.  They adapted well in regards to the next shade of Green with small towns and homesteads.  They are a shade darker towards brown but still a TRUE Green shade.   This color I call moss.  This green is what I refer to as “Return” humanism.  This is the spirituality of permaculture.  It is the economics of the frontier human.  It is likely the first proper step down in the collpase of complexity you the individual should embrace.  You are going to be called on to be a frontiersman.

I have many books on the frontier man and his life ways in my area of the Mo Ozarks.  If man could have remained here locked in time in this state a relatively stable green could have survived.  The problem with man is a combination of his dualism combined with technology and energy.  Man’s dualism allows incremental creep of technology and energy that eventually becomes cancerous.  This cancer should not be judged as good or bad.  To judge either way is arrogant humanism.  This is what life does.  Species will always overshoot and this process is why evolution occurs.  Extinction is often the result and if you are honest, you will accept our extinction is possible especially if continued poor choices are embraced.

Frontier man had a more circular permaculture with the support of surrounding small towns.  Animal labor, primitive agriculture, and foraging all were present.  Waste streams still remained mostly nutrient streams except where populations grew too large.  This is why small towns are preferable to cities.  Be real and honest and see how the urbanist technocrats are a force of destruction.  Reject them as the devils they are pushing control and mechanization.  Greater affluence is achieved when human populations force multiply but it is also here the potential for destruction increases.  Balance is where tradeoffs and consequences must be addressed.  In your case as an individual leave the big city because of this.  They cannot be reformed or adapted they are out of scale.  Here the worst of decline will hit first.

It is at this point a wisdom of insecurity is required.  This wisdom is of what knowledge to embrace and what to reject.  This is not something that can be written about fully although there are rules to follow.  It is an art and a moving target.  Life and the planet are in flux so proper wisdom must also flux.  This wisdom is called insecure because you will have to embrace less security to find more.  This is paradoxical and surreal.  The meaning of this is the fear of fear is what prevents proper action.  Fear is to be respected but not hidden from.  Proper action will have to incorporate a healthy respect of fear but not paralysis.

A “return” is what REAL Green is.  This is a journey of lifestyles but also the cultivation of meaning.  This is the moss color of REAL Green.  Chartreuse is the color of yellow and green the techno optimist follows.  Planetary forces are breaking down the hyper efficient chartreuse.  In the case of moss, it is the brown of earthly and simplicity mixed with green that is life.  Yes, this includes the dirty of brown used to describe fossil fuels because fossil fuels will be needed to downsize.  There was too much energy in the modernism of chartreuse.  Energy is affluence.   The result are now a religion of technology and a worship of affluence.  Yellow is the sun but in the case of the sun this energy is dispersed and life giving.  In regards to the religion of technology of modern man the yellow is transhumanism of the mechanization of life with high energy. 

It is the strategies of concentration of this dispersed energy that is the key to a proper Green.  Frontier man had the basics of technology with metal, wood, and the utilization of animal labor.  There was the force multiplier of human networking of the small town.  It is here where education and the storing of knowledge was concentrated.  It is here where a monestary mentality is needed because of the need for an ascetic effort and the spiritual growth to offset the natural needs and wants of affluence.  Affluence must be restricted and this restriction must be internal and this is why a spiritualism is key.  It is only in spiritualism a proper restriction can be found.  This is because meaning must be behind restrictions not authoritarian dictates. 

Energy and technology provide affluence and it is here where scale is lost.  It is here where diminishing returns occurs rapidly.  This concept of diminishing returns is the transformation of the problem solving of energy and technology into the central problem.  It is the core issue of humanism and its destructive duality in today’s world.  This means spirituality must limit science because science is now a religion.  Spirituality must limit all religions but especially scientism.  Religion is the inevitable effort at controlling what is the truth.   Spirituality is the connectedness to meaning.  When extremes of control or lack of control occur destructive activity results.  This is inevitable because of man’s duality and the reason civilizations always fail.  You can step out of the extremes partially to better position.

The naturalism of being is grace.  Grace is the key element to Moss in REAL Green.  Be more as an oak or a bird in your embrace of life than a machine.  The return aspect of REAL Green is the journey.  The destination is death.  We are now in the age of death.   The difference with the REAL Green journey is it is an optimistic pessimism.  It is here the embracing of green prepping yields a spiritual meaning.  This spiritual meaning is the optimism of spiritual permaculture.  Permaculture enriches the local environment and there is an organic natural meaning that is the key aspect of this spirituality.  From meaning comes truth.  Truth leads to power but in this case, it is the planets power not the individual.

This spirituality is an add on and this concept is vital to understand.  You the individual and or a small community should not try to reinvent your existing spirituality but instead adapt it to this new reality.  The reason this is important is new age spiritualist are always failures.  It is the existing time proven versions that can be a glue for adaptation.  For example, the Catholic parish with a school is the epitome of effective community.  The whole perish is dedicated to the development of the next generation.  It is family oriented.  In this way it is a tribe and tribes are where effective government is and always have been.  Add to this strength the return element of REAL Green and you have a powerful force of adaptive change.  Groups are force multipliers.  Groups with morale are where true strength is.

What REAL Greens are leaving is the excesses of self-deception of the ego.  Man has opened doors that can no longer be closed.  This is the result of the arrogance of humanism.  The key point here is not that man made this choice so much as life made the choice.  At a higher level it is life itself in its dance that went there.  This line of thinking is for forgiveness but not pardon.  The forgiveness is self-forgiveness that accepts humans are part of something not separate.  There is no pardon because consequences are real.

There is a world within worlds.  REAL Green is taking you out of the abstract of the bigger world and planting you in your local of people and place where constructive change is possible.  This local is where you make your bed and gather your food.  It is hard to self-deceive at this level because the basics of daily needs to be satisfied is the primary focus.  It is here where constructive change is possible when a proper perspective is employed.  The top is gone stop following this failed narrative and instead use it to leave it.

The REAL Green man is leaving the techno green and returning towards an earlier TRUE Green.  It is the urban FAKE Green of power and wealth that is failing.  It is the green of globalism that is a tower of babble.  This is a Ponzi of exploitation and extraction of ever-increasing affluence.  On a finite planet the rules of limits end this pyramid scheme.  Technology is the true revolutionary human “ism”.  The mechanization of technology does not stop until it has destroyed itself.  The control impulse of ordering nature to an egotistical result knows no boundaries so hence it is a destructive force when elevated to a religion.  This is what man has become.  Science has been elevated to religion in scientism.  Transhumanism of man and machine is the result.

Science is the other pole to spirituality.   It reflects man’s dualism.   Science is the ego at work.  The other is where his natural spiritualism seeks to reconnect the lonely isolated ego.  Science with its technology and its energies have now been elevated to the religion of scientism.  Science is now anti-science coopting spirituality by censoring anything that rejects scientism.  The compression of time and energy with tools of technology has sped up the pace of life.  The breaking point is near.  Scientism can’t allow science to be called into question.  This is blasphemy and must be crushed hence the authoritarianism and impulse to more technology.

REAL Green is calling on an existential honesty of living with the consequences of doors opened that cannot be shut.  This is an adaptation to the trap we have created.  REAL Green is calling on a return to simplicity of the ways of the frontier man.  REAL Green is calling on greens to leave their FAKE Green world of chartreuse.  This act is so simple it becomes very difficult.  It requires a leap of faith because of common sense.  Common sense can’t be trusted today by the priests of scientism but you must trust it.  It is your instincts that have come from generations before you that know in your gut what the truth is.

This is not to say leave technology by rejecting it completely.  It is too late for that.  This is the age of technology commonly called the Anthropocene.  The call is to embrace a spirituality of natural grace.  It is a calling to reject the religion of technology that is now scientism which is resulting in transhumanism of the merging of machines and men.  It is the mechanization of the tools of the age of death in destructive change killing the planet.  Transhumanism is often described as AI, digital implants, and genetic manipulation.  It is this but it is much more.  It is the car culture and it is the digital communications systems we have lost ourselves in.

The modern Green is urban and technological.  He is also self-deceived and co-dependent.  Cities can’t be made green and technology is not green.  The modern Green is wrong on both these fronts in his massive green new deals.  More urbanism supported by more technology and control is not a solution.  This green is a lie.  This lie is now beyond the noble lies of influence for those who can’t handle the truth.  Children can’t handle the truth.  These lies are now really a lie of irreverence to life itself.  Scientism is anti-life.  This is when the noble lies become Marxist and Machiavellian.  This is when this process goes to the extreme of the ego seeking wealth and power preservation at the expense of life itself.

This is where the modern Green is.  This is what the Green New Deal is with its lie of NetZero and green prosperity.  The modern Green is a lie and his woke and techno programs are pure destructiveness.  This is inevitable and hence a good or evil label is a waste of time.  The more important response in REAL Green is acceptance and from this act of acceptance humility is embraced.  Humility is voluntary simplicity.  It is meek and meager.  It is through this transformation that the power of life itself is returned to.  Life will support you when you take this leap of faith because this is the way.

This is a required awakening that may or may not be encountered but it is those who experience this powerful spiritual experience that will be transformed.  This is about honesty and naturalness.  It is about localism of a proper permaculture that includes a spiritual permaculture that enriches.  Science is gone to the extreme of religion with technology and any energy source available no matter how dangerous.  Woke is the political application of Marxist and Machiavellian lies to wealth and power preservation.  Woke Green is a lie.  Techno Green is a lie.  The only TRUE Green is a semi-nomadic hunter gatherer.  You as a REAL Green with thread this needle and take the middle course.

This is the age of death.  This is the Anthropocene.  REAL Green is the path of return.  The return is to the frontier culture.  Here the frontier is the border between modern and old.  It is a hybrid world of technology and the natural.  It is not TRUE Green and it is not FAKE Green.  It is something in-between and the best that can be done in a trap.  This is a carbon trap and a trap of path dependencies of a technological nurture for hundreds of years.  REAL Green seeks to turn back the clock where it is still possible because it is from our past technics of survival must be revisited.

One thought on “Green, You Should Care”

  1. Democratic or Republican, both sides are equally corrupt. Representation has been replaced by self interest in doing whatever it takes to get re-elected. Gone is personal integrity & planning for the good of the country & whole.
    Many reject the government yet have no meaningful alternative to suggest.

    Agree decline is inevitable & there is no solution to the modern world’s predicament. Too much mental clutter. The worst of human nature is coming out with no filters.

    I used to prep. Now am resigned to the inevitable but this in itself is liberating. As Natives say, “Today is a good day to die.” If one can be at peace with death with dignity, one is free of much emotional baggage & is liberated to appreciate each day. This makes the political churn unimportant. There is no solution. So one is free to engage further into the natural world & redefine the truly important aspects of one’s life.


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