Sweet Spot

I have demons but I strive to be honest with them.  I see the angles on occasion.  It is in this torment I find beauty.  Beauty is a reflection of life.

Poverty is a grisly word nobody takes lightly.  In fact, in this day and age it is outright frightening.  In a time of so much polarization between rich and poor poverty strikes fear in people’s hearts for what they could become but also a deceptive lure for what they can be.  Yet, poverty is what I am telling you to embrace.  This embrace is not what you think though.  It is a managed thoughtful embrace of the proper way of living that leads to an affluence of spirit.  It is getting closer to the affluence of spirit that will require poverty of living.  We see this in the monks of the early Christian church.  We see this in Buddhism.  There is a reason for this and this reason is affluence is a disease.  It is a disease that kills the spirit.

Let’s be clear affluence itself is not bad it is rather the uninhibited pursuit of affluence that is like a drug addiction.  Affluence is killing the world.  This affluence is man’s addiction with comforts and capability.  It is also his procreation.  Population levels are a very difficult issue to deal with but this type of affluence is an issue too.  Large families are killing the planet no different than consumption levels.  When these types of affluence become out of scale with the rest of the planet there is a destructive effect that leads to less affluence for all life. 

Affluence leads to poverty and vice versa.  This is why a proper amount of affluence and poverty should be the goal.  Actually, this issue I speak if is the standard or benchmark the human narrative has established as the goal for proper living.  This is actually the problem because it is now delocalized and transhuman.  Even in the poorer subsistence parts of the world where good practices are present these great examples of human living are under pressure and being coopeted.

I often bring up China pre-Deng Xiaoping when China was a beacon for sustainable living at the nation state level.  China had a rural population practicing age old permaculture practices.  Cities were full of bikes instead of cars.  This relative poverty compared to the west was jettisoned for wester living standards which was the last straw of planetary decline.  This decline was inevitable but has now progress at such a rapid pace it is likely in the next decade severe natural consequences are inevitable.  China is unstoppable in its drive because its government is a state capitalism machine.  It epitomizes technocratic authoritarianism of a small cabal of elites.  This is criminality and it is destroying its people and its land for hegemony.  The west is just as guilty but the clever Chinese have taken this to new levels of destructiveness

Enough affluence for dignified living but not too much that leads to the deadly sins of excesses is the elusive sweet spot.  This is our goldilocks standard that is not definable nor is it a static point.  It is a moving target.  In REAL Green this sweet spot is surreal and is the hardest part of green prepping.  What is green I smore prepped and what is more prepped is less green.  You will have to participate in affluence to embrace poverty.  The poverty of things gives you affluence of spirit.  It is somewhere in this purgatory of proper living where the destructive sins and salvation of spirit dwell.

Let me be clear I know of no prosperous nation or individual who can claim a physical prosperity that eventually did not destroy itself from within without a humility of spirit.  We see this today with the west and its righteousness.  The secularization of the spirit in scientism and a so-called justified prosperity.  I should say the elite rich because the whole world has pockets of wealthy elites and upper middle class who are prosperous. 

This is now a borderless world of globalism.  The key element that is lacking is the placement of nature into what should be considered prosperous.  Modern green is a lie.  It wants a greenwashed human prosperity that is just self-deception at its most extreme.  Competitive cooperation assures the extremes of affluence until war results.  War results because prosperity is limited on a finite planet.  The war now is on nature but nature already won.

The hubris of sustainable development is the last sin of civilization.  All people deserve a basic living standard but the problem is with the elites who push sustainable development.  This policy is corrupted by profit motives and the benchmarks they have established.  The American dream is a killer because it is not scaled properly to planetary realities.  It is planetary realities that should be the basis of a wisdom directing man.  Instead, there is a wisdom that is only the development of more. 

There are no checks for any “isms” I have studied.  This is an uncontrolled manifest destiny of human arrogance that is our evolutionary dead end.  We have examples of wise living with indigenous peoples in earlier history but these have been rejected as primitive.  There are the Kogi of South American currently warning the younger brother (that is us) of this sickness but few listen.

This is deeper because this purgatory is the human dilemma itself of the ego and the other.  It is human instinct to seek survival.  This instinct becomes a demon at a certain point when survival is achieved and prosperity tasted.  It is here where demons of destructive living torment us.  Our demons can become angles but only when the demons have won. 

The angles are found when the ego turns itself over to the other in abject poverty then goes forth in a new affluence.  It is a rock bottom of loss of meaning that is the beginning of the journey to enlightenment.  Today the mechanization of humanism into transhumanism is leading life off the cliff.  Reject this as evil.  This is not evil in the binary religious sense but instead anti-life.  You will reject it but don’t forget you are trapped in it.

This process is the process of life itself in ascending levels of abstraction.  This process is the dance of life where succession and evolution allow for decline and extinction.  In the individual this a process too mirroring the greater process.  It is your life so find the proper affluence for your place and your people.  This ends in death but seek out a good death.  A good death is dying with a spirit in harmony with life. 

Being natural is what nature requires of us.  Only nature can overcome nature.  Human must come to this acceptance which is the only wisdom there is.  This wisdom is the hardest won of all human affluence.  Anyone can buy affluence few can find affluence of spirit.  No price can be put on it except the expense of pain and suffering of surviving in a worthy life.  A worthy life requires poverty of things and affluence of spirit.  An affluence is needed to survive and too much affluence leads to poverty of spirit.  This is the paradox of affluence.  The more the less.

OK, this is all well and good but this is not going to make your bed or feed your children.  This paradox of affluence is just a reflection for proper living.  You will have to go back and live in the turbulence of being and try to find some meaning for it all.  Where wisdom is important these days is with insecurity.  The insecurity of poverty is a profoundly important driver of action.  This is dualistic because the spirt world and the material world have different realities.  Humans are dualistic because of our oversized brain.  There is no dualism in nature except our tiny human part.  Most of nature is natural but in reality, we are natural too.  Do you see the incongruous juxtaposition?  It is in our trap of self-consciousness where this purgatory is found.

Your instincts are like any other animal to have food, water, and shelter.  Yet, as a human you will not have a place to shelter because the thought of abject poverty is so debilitating and destructive.  This is the consciousness of being dead while living.  The contemplation of homelessness is a torment.  The dive to achieve prosperity a demon.  These human natures are debilitating because it prevents good actions in relation to what is right with the planet.  It is destructive because it allows too much action or anxiety of action. 

There is a sweet spot to find.  This is an art but also requires skill.  A great artist has both.  He has the skill with the brush and paint but also an eye for beauty.  Some of it is nature and some nurture.  The art of living I describe is an art of connecting self-consciousness back to the planet in proper living.  It is about living life with failure and success.  The wisdom of insecurity is the humility of accepting the ultimate failure of death.  When you accept and deeply embrace mortality life is possible.  This is what I call optimistic pessimism.  This optimistic pessimism is the journey.

This incongruous juxtaposition explains so much about life.  Affluence kills and poverty gives life but also vice versa.  The important aspect of REAL Green which is a lifestyle of green prepping, is finding a sweet spot in affluence and poverty realistically and relatively.  Humans can’t just live right by instinct there must be a wisdom because we have self-reflection of our mortality. 

This means you will have to invest in poverty to gain affluence.  Poverty is a type of mortality but it is also life.  It is in this surreal world of choices in ego and other the art of the wisdom of insecurity is found.  Fundamentally this is humility and humility is given by grace where our wonderfully guarded egos are tricked back to naturalness.

You will have to have affluence to appreciate how important poverty is.  Wisdom is about what knowledge to use and what to reject.  Wisdom is not more knowledge although knowledge is part of it.  Wisdom is not safe spaces and mediocrity although respect for safety and humility is required.  This wisdom is the hardest path you will ever travel.  The reason this is true is because you are modern and the modern narrative is the unrestrained more affluence and knowledge.  This is what is considered wisdom today.  This is why we admire supercomputers so much. 

There is no check value for this narrative.  It is a malignant growth that leads to death of the individual, the collective, and the planet.  This is a world of limits.  This world is finite.  It is a system of interconnected systems.  The life system is competitive cooperation but where it differs from the human version is a planetary naturalness of it.  The human version is an ego driven kind that manifests itself in civilization.  It is said without civilization we will destroy ourselves but the problem is scale.  The scale of today’s civilization is no scale.  It is complete randomness and turmoil.

In REAL Green you will invest in poverty by building up a permaculture farm with a spiritualism.  This spiritualism is a permaculture spirtualism.  The permaculture part of this spiritualism is the resilience to be sustainable.  This resilience is only relative and realistic to what your local of people and place is capable of.  You will not transcend your local.  This is your trap so accept it and go from there.  The only real sustainability is with and in nature.  In REAL Green you see this but you are also trapped in the human narrative of unrestrained knowledge and growth. 

This microcosm of the greater ecosystem of all life is the human ecosystem that is competitively cooperating to perpetuate the destructive human tendency of unrestrained knowledge and comforts.  This makes humans the most destructive force ever unleashed on this earth which can be seen in what humans have done in the blink of an eye with 13,000 years of civilization. 

This is a flash crash because humans are already crashed but fool ourselves that we are not.  It is over for humans with the end near.  This may or may not be extinction but it will be a new human type if we survive this bottleneck.  Your blink of an eye life might not experience this but I predict your children will.  This is why your wisdom now is so important for those who come afterwards.  This is why I say only a few will sow the seeds of this new human type.  These pioneers will be those who practice spiritual permaculture.  Not all seeds will fall on well-watered earth but some will.  If the planet acquiesces our continued life form, we will go forth as a new human type.  It is here you must find your spirituality.

Manifest destiny of exceptionalism is the denial of death of civilization.  Just like the individual the denial of death is a destructive force that prevents proper living.  In the case of the individual this denial can be turned into acceptance.  This acceptance in the individual allows grace that brings man back to naturalness.  If you accept death then you have turned yourself over to complete failure and it is this rock bottom that allows you to go forth on life’s behalf.  In the case of civilization, it is a destructive force that will only end in its end.  This is the nature of species in overshoot.  Bottlenecks are how nature regulates life.  Do not torment yourself over this.  This is naturalness of nature that just must be accepted.

In this tiny amount of time humans have grown to occupy and force the planet itself our actions now are planetary on par with the geologic.  Yet we will just as rapidly wither and die because of limits.  In fact, due to the different nature of growth and decline the downside will be rapid whereas the upside was a slow average building up.  The finite of mortality will erase everything we have built up.  This is very hard for humans to accept but it is here the inflection towards life is for humans and their dualism of spirit.  If you do not embrace death, you cannot find life.

Many are innocent because of being too young, mentally challenged, or advanced age.  Those I speak to are the leaders.  It is your responsibility to follow this path.  It is your wisdom the fate of others depends.  This is a huge burden to carry but you have no choice if you embrace life honestly.  The way you can use this wisdom of insecurity which is a mix of poverty and affluence is find a proper scale.  This means seek out grace.  Grace is naturalness but keep in mind nature is a competitive cooperative dog eat dog world so this is no transcendence from being eaten.  This is only finding your niche or exploiting new niches as nature allows with succession. 

In a sense what humans are doing is natural because only nature can overcome nature.  It is this point that is vital because humans must deal with this through the stages of grief.  Acceptance must be reached of mortality to have life.  Find a local where you scale and this complexity will naturalize.  If it does not it is not meant to be and it is here acceptance is vital.  Civilization is gone and there will be no acceptance so this is why you can only find a proper wisdom locally.  If you are protesting what civilization is doing you are spinning your wheels in mud.  You will get nowhere quick.  You will dig your hole deeper.  You will be used and exploited in this deception.

This local is where you belong.  It is your naturalness.  The grace found here is the ego letting go in the other by being natural.  It is the local where this naturalness can be found but never fully attained because civilization is delocalized.  The attainment of this sweet spot is never allowed completely because life is about succession.  So, there is no transcendence except in momentary glimpses of true beauty. 

Death brings forth life so a safe space is only found by living with the unsafe.  In REAL Green this means you will have to invest in poverty.  You will have to live in that human world of excesses to leave it into the natural world where humans once were before they lost their innocence.  That innocence was a naturalness of pre-civilization.  It was a time of hunter gathers living semi-nomadic lives in an oral culture in a world animated by spirts.  If you look down on that world as brutish and superstitious then you are truly deceived and living in the absurd.  What do you call the world of today in unrestrained conquest of all?  In a world of no limits there is no sanity.  This is the mechanization of the spirit in a pure destructiveness.  This is scientism with transhumanism resulting in a delocalization that is a death worship.  This is the human legacy that is an evolutionary dead end.

In REAL Green you will have to invest in leaving this with investments that are part of this.  Your primary goal is finding a local to grow in but in a world in destructive growth that is in reality a turbulent degrowth.  Growth today is not growth if it is destructive.  This is just an illusion of growth.  We call it growth to make us feel better because failure is not an option these days.  This humility will call into question knowledge and intelligence itself.  Science can never do this because scientism says it is only with science the truth can be found.  This is actually unscientific and instead a religion and an evil religion of mechanization and darkness. 

It never occurs to the priests of scientism that science and the spiritual must respect each other.  In REAL Green you will seek out a place that is in the in-between of science and the spiritual.  Both worlds must be respected or else neither is.  This is found in the wisdom of insecurity that starts with the humility of failure.  This is ultimately the acceptance and embrace of death.  It is this humility that is properly place in nature that allows you to feed off affluence to achieve a proper poverty.  You will have to be poor of things to be rich in spirt.   Affluence is a disease of human nature that must be broken to find real affluence.

This applies to those already in poverty because these poor can be rich by luck and skill.  Think of all the fortunes lost by the newly rich.  Think of the lives ruined by riches.  Think of the poor that have happiness and it is lost when riches are found.  So even if you are in abject poverty, it is vital you understand this condition of affluenza so when or if you climb the ladder, you don’t ruin what you attained in poverty.  It is harder for a rich man to find this true affluence but also difficult for a poor man to keep it once found. 

In REAL Green you seek the assistance of the planet to find your niche and most importantly you accept death which means you may never find it.  The way you do this is embracing permaculture both materially and spiritually.  This is a way of life properly scaled to the land and its web of life.  It is not a power you can possess.  It is only a power you can embrace.  The key element of this is grace that leads to a naturalness.  It is not transcendental except for brief moments.  It is transformative because if you embrace this power, you become part of it.  You are an imperfect vessel so your journey will be one that is constantly beset by demons and angles.  This journey is one of life boats and hospices because civilization is gone.  In fact, from the very first days of civilization it had already sowed its demise. 

Go local and be natural.  Embrace the wisdom of insecurity.  This world will require the hybridization of affluence and poverty.  For those reading my message it will for many be mostly triaging out affluence.  I am not worthy to speak to the poor except to say the meek will inherit the earth.  You will not have a place to lay your head if you embrace the wisdom of insecurity which is the self-consciousness of fear in self-consciousness.  You will second guess yourself until you let go in faith.  You will die a thousand deaths to be reborn.  This is so simple it will be the hardest thing you do. 

I say this for the clever and ambitious.  The meek are already there.  The simple and contrite are there already and although many of these people suffer, they suffer less than those who are tormented by the demons of affluence.  The meek have found their angles in acceptance.  It is only in the local of voluntary simplicity this can be found.  It is here the wisdom of insecurity allows choices between poverty and affluence.  It is your journey so don’t listen to me.  I am finding my way too.  I am now getting old in cognitive and physical decline.  If I am lucky enough to grow old, I will once again be a child.  I will find my innocence again in that world of animated spirits all around.  

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