The End Game

I am giving you a word salad that is like a regurgitation.  I have probably 200 supporting current event sources for this in articles and pictures just from last year and the first part of this year.  Much of this is evident but the connectivity of the process is harder to see.  I was never very political but have become more political when they came to take it away.  When they label me a domestic terrorist and practice racism against me, I am going to stand up.  I have not changed they have changed the criteria.  The “they” are the global elite.

This is a risk to my local because what I have, they want.  What little affluence I have that’s keeping my small little world here relatively affluence they are coming for.  I do not have time to support this little rant nor is it complete.  This subject could take up several books.  I am busy running a farm and providing for a family so this is the best I can do for you.  I wish I could list all the backup I have for this.  A rant is all I can offer.

This Ukraine war is very dangerous for the world.  Unintended consequences are everywhere.  Nuclear war is now more possible than in the past 2 decades since the breakup of the Soviet Union.  This includes tactical and low yield varieties that is the rage now as if you could contain this.  These war dangers include the social cost of an important Eurasian country that will need to be rebuilt.  Ukraine is a major resource producing country with minerals and agricultural products.  Russia is being marginalized with sanctions and is one of the top resource countries in the world.  This is at a time of resource shortages from two years of covid supply disruptions and deepening financial problems.  If you think this war is confined to Ukraine you are mistaken.  The fighting might be but the consequences are not.

This could have been avoided but the globalist technocratic cabal are fully bent on western domination and Russia stands in their way of complete domination of the west.  Putin may be a KBG thug but the man is smart.  He knows this is the best time to fight because his options will dimmish over time.  Russia deserves respect and they have been continuously marginalized by this globalist group. 

Putin has likley overstepped his hand and it is appearing to me his effort will lead to a military stalemate.  Ukraine is a giant country to overcome even for Russia.  He needed a quick victory and that is increasingly unlikely.  Yet, his war is a statement of a red line that was crossed and the globalist that are so incompetent and reckless ignored.  The west is teetering on collpase from an overextended system and yet they seek power at any const.  This is how elites bring down civilizations.  History is replete with this elite overextension.  The rest of the world is in danger because today this is a global civilization.  Nowhere is their safety.

I say all this as one who is a quasi-nationalist and believes in decentralization.  I am a conservative and a liberal because I am part of neither.  Most of all I am a REAL Green environmentalist.  I am a degrowth doomer that does not fit into any political persuasion.  I am preaching green prepping which is what is green is more prepped.  Keep this in mind when you judge me as you will by me bringing up politics in this polarized time.

The technocratic administrative bureaucracy of the west are converging in a dangerous effort to become a unipower army for the elites bent on domination.  NATO is their private army if you can call it an army.  It is more a military grifting operation.  These groups are more like a criminal gang.  This is a merger of large corporations and governments. Woke polices with the criminal covid actions are just some of their color revolution efforts to subvert the masses to the will of a narrow but significant power grab by a small group.

This is the elites of Davos and the merger of the US, Anglo, and European administrative states. This is a global deep state of deep state parts.  These people have become extremely unpopular with their police state tactics.  What once was called a conspiracy is clearly visible now.  They went for control and now are so unpopular it is likely they will fall apart as a combined force but the damage has been done and can’t be repaired.  Their policies are incompetent and reckless.  In the US the southern border is wide open to nefarious actors.  The economy is being gutted by inflationary actions and destructive executive branch polices.  This is the worst of all worlds of political, economic, and social destruction. 

These elites are merging and seek elite domination by a few over the majority.  These people are using the Marxist tools of raw political power that is basically lying, stealing, and cheating as a means to an end.  This is the kind of moral hazard that destroy democracies and capitalistic systems.  There is the attempted coup of Trump and the stealing of the 2020 election that illustrates the constitution is being disregarded.  Rules of law ignored and free and fair markets gutted.  Once these things have been destroyed it is very difficult to rebuild them because what has really been lost is trust and confidence.  Trust and confidence are liquidity and liquidity is feeding and sheltering all of us.

I mention this because there is a perfect storm of converging decline variables that are not fully evident because this is dispersed risk converging and negatively feeding back into a very dangerous breakdown of a world of interconnected globalism.  This globalism has delocalized much of the world by the push to maximize profits of these elites with economies of scale, just-in-time manufacturing, specialization of supply chains, and global transport. 

This is all facilitated primarily with global transport that is fully dependent on fossil fuels that are in a process of declining net energy returns.  Green energy policy is just compounding net energy decline because it is inadequate to keep this complexity going.  Renewables have a vital function but not as applied in the fantasy of NetZero by the globalist and their hijacked environmentalist.  NetZero is a lie and one need only look at the amount of fossil fuels still consumed for primary energy to see this lie of NetZero. 

Global affluence is a lie and the beginning of the end of growth becuase growth is only possible by increasing energy inputs and a functional system.  Net energy decline and dysfunctional systems point in only one direction.  Decoupling and dematerialization is a lie that turned out to be primarily offshoring and financialization.  Services have taken the place of manufacturing in many rich nations. 

This process is another destabilizing force because services require energy and manufacturing.  Energy is in net energy decline and manufacturing offshored.  For example, our health care system will come to halt quickly without offshored manufactured products and ample energy.  This heavy leaning to services for affluence by the richest nations will end quickly if there are any serious disruption.  This is what is ahead.  This is a Ponzi scheme and visually a house of cards.  Catch 22’s and doors slammed shut are the consequences of this arrogance of humanism that affluence always creates.

That was a quick summation primary aimed at showing how overextended and vulnerable the world is presently to economic and energy disruptions that will spill over into food and vital products.  The covid crimes of the last two years have shown the elites will stop at nothing to gain complete power.  China’s CCP has been a nefarious actor in all this and bent on world domination.  The west is following their play book.  Elite capture of western elites is now elite merger in the fascism of state capitalism based upon a westernized version of the CCP with social credits, economic control through monopolies and anti-competitive corporate policies.

These polices will destroy globalism and the people will rebel.  This will lead to further social and economic breakdown.  Resources supply chains and manufacturing supply chains are destabilizing at a time when much of the world is in large urban concentrations fully delocalized of their vital needs.  Monocultures and delocalized goods point to systematic unsustainability and brittle reliance.  Brittle resilience is another incongruous juxtaposition that points to the paradox that increasing complexity destroys complexity.  Simplicity in symbiotic relationships is its antonym.  This is what is needed but the doors are shut to a painless return to a world less complex with many fewer complicated machines.

This is going to spill out into economic pain and suffering for large groups worldwide.  Food and energy shortages will morph into goods and service shortages.  The merging and converging of decline in both physical things and the abstract of systems will eventually put a globalize world on the edge.  This is at the same time the planet is in abrupt change from human forcing with unstable weather.  Ecosystems are in decline and localized failure.  The web of life is in an ignored extinction process.  It is ignored because we have copious supplies of industrial agricultural monocultures to hoodwinked us into thinking food and water are in plenty.  Yea, I mention water because it is also industrial and mainly available to most because of energy.

I had to mention these things to you to understand the importance of prepping.  I am not trying to change your political beliefs.  That is really irrelevant now because both sides face failure.  No political persuasion can grow our way out of this and that is all they can offer now.  One side want to make America great again.  The other wants to build back better a green social justice technocratic utopia that is really more about gulags and slavery.  This is beyond political.  I will say this there are politics that are worse in regards to hastening the process and that is what we have now with those in change in the west and China.

We are now at that point where you should be prepped but most are not.  I have gone over why most can’t in posts on this blog because I have done it and know just how difficult it is.  I have also spoken about how ineffective it is longer term to be prepped as an individual without a prepped community.  Without a community of prepped groups and individuals your prepping is only good for a short window if decline is rapid and complete.  If this winds down into a depression that is manageable then a fully prepped rural location that produces some food will be a good bet.  Living in an exposed urban setting is a bad bet in either situation because almost all cities from 20,000 to 20MIL are too big.  Yes, even towns of 20,000 are poorly constructed to serve the 20,000.  The urban areas of 20MIL are timebombs.

Most of all I ask you to accept this situation as something that is unavoidable and now in play.  The world is breaking down and the consequences are both predictable but also full of unintended consequences that are unpredictable.  This is the worst of all situations because the predictable consequences are truly dangerous on their own merit with the unintended ones just adding to the dangers.  Unintended consequences are just too difficult to plan for.  All of this could have been reduced and the worst avoided, theoretically. 

The reality is this is a self-organizing process that once set in motion has no choice but to run its course so theoretically at this point is fantasy.  This is the nature of path dependencies and the carbon trap the entire world is in.  Even if you are poor and subsistence your neighbors aren’t.  When the world breaks down there is nowhere to go.  The world is fully exploited.  In fact, two worlds could be exploited and we would still be in overshoot.  The reason I say this is because no amount of growth that could come from some kind of wonderful discovery of free energy would save us now.  It is too late.  The process is planetary and systematic.

I would ask you to refer to my many posts on failure and acceptance.  I have also well documented good prepping strategies.  The importance of courage is now more important than ever.  Break out of the comatose thinking people are in that this will all turn out ok.  Technology is not going to save us here.  It is now just making the situation worse with complicated things and a complex system that can’t be maintained. 

Seek voluntary simplicity which at this point is voluntary downsizing and psychological preparations for pain and suffering.  Nobody can truly get a handle on what is ahead.  It is extremely dangerous overall.  It may unfold in multiple years but I feel the turn I have spoken about so often is now complete.  The age of decline and breakdown is upon us.  Before these past two years I would have said we were in the neighborhood of this breakdown.  We are now squarely in it.  Your window to prepare is closing rapidly but this is not true of your spirtual window.  It is here where courage can power you through the physical depredations of an age of decline.

3 thoughts on “The End Game”

  1. I am happy to see you are still sharing your wisdom and insights with the world. We need all we can get. As I often tell people, I am not prepping for end times– there is no prepping for that– I am prepping for hard times.
    I wish you and yours the best.


    1. Sound wisdom David! Hard times are ahead so chose wisely with where and who you share these hard times with. Hard work for hard times is a good plan. If you chose wisely and embrace hard work there will be plenty of good times. This is becuase prepping for hard times gives the optimism of action. Good luck my friend.


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