Do you trust anything anymore?  Do you have confidence?  I read somewhere “Loss of faith is one of mankind’s greatest non-linear phenomena.”  This is the age of loss of faith and the age of deception because those who have the greatest confidence are those most deceived.  The meek will inherit the earth because of real faith.  This is only through the humility and acceptance of loss.  When power and affluence become the central narrative of an age then complete corruption is the resulting condition of that age.  This is now total in a global world.

This failing narrative has not yet failed.  In fact, its greatest effect is near and the result will be its rapid unravelling.  This will be the self-destruction of hubris.  You are here now in this great showdown.  This is a phase change like water changing state but also a chemical reaction.  It is like a phase change in regards to the latent heat of the deception of truth.  Faith is being shed as the phase progresses.  This is a period of turbulence.  The laminar flow characterized by smoothness of steady average growth is now unsteadying and mixing.  13,000 years of growth is breaking down rapidly both within man and without.

Loss of faith in human nature is loss of confidence.  Loss of confidence is loss of liquidity.  Here liquidity denotes meaning.  It is only meaning that lubricates positive action.  Meaning is being lost in a turbulent flow but with a latent lag.  A phase change is near but unfortunately there are no smooth equations for turbulence only secondary ones.  I would argue this phase change will actually be a reaction where the substance of faith, confidence, and meaning is altered.  When you step into this stream of change a new age will great you.

This alteration and dilution can be managed by proper wisdom.  I like to use this definition of wisdom by George Mobus: “Knowledge of Systemness is the hardest won knowledge there is. It includes not just ordinary knowledge, but wisdom as well – the knowledge of what ordinary knowledge to gain and how to use it.”  Truth can’t be change but how we gain and use truth can.

This point is a multi-level passage.  This is a period where millennium is equivalent to a few years.  Over many thousands of years of human civilization building was within the habitable and relatively stable Holocene.   There was always phase change but it was more laminar than turbulent.  Until we embraced fossil carbon on a massive scale man never took the step across life’s boundary to anti-life.  We have opened the box and let anti-life forces out. 

Today’s global reality of technological progress, delocalization and transhumanism are anti-life.  This is the curse of excessive affluence of having the opportunity to progress.  This affluence includes the metaphysical of artificial intelligence and the physical of automation.  The goal is to supplement humans for ever greater efficiency.  This is the only true revolutionary human tradition because there are no limits.  Technology has no social tradition only progress.  Material progress means a human phase out for efficiency.    Civilization is now in this vacuum.

The metaphysical substance that characterizes humanism and matters of the divine are in a turbulent change.  This phase change and reaction will occur soon changing this abstract of human meaning from anti-life back to living knowledge.  It appears this is the period right here right now.  The latent shedding of meaning will start building now.  The reaction of the metaphysical substance of humanism will be a transmutation.  Our metaphysical form is changing so rapidly this can now only be a transmutation.  No longer is this a neat and orderly transformation.  This transmutation is back in time to our true nature.  Hence a worm hole.

I am not claiming to know this transmutation but I am seeing signs as a shaman.  A good spirtual advisor will warn his friends of danger and be joyful in serendipity.  I am warning you and recommending you seek wisdom.  The first act of wisdom is the wisdom of insecurity.  Ordinary knowledge follows but more importantly what ordinary knowledge to keep.  This means decisions and consequences which is where real life happens.

This is the time to embrace a wisdom of insecurity which is an optimism found in pessimism.  It is about life boats and hospices.  It is about the optimistic orientating to the truth.  This will guide your life boat.  Courage is the result.  This is your hospice.  When you embrace the wisdom of insecurity you hand over your being to the divine in humility and acceptance.  I do not claim to know the divine but I will say it is in the neighborhood of the truth which is a reflection of the sacred.  While we can never know the truth, we can approach it.  The approach must be with humility or the result is where we are today as a civilization, without proper scale and balance.  Today there is no humility of humanism and the results are catastrophic to all life.

It is in this zone you will find your true nature.  That nature is a naturalness only found locally and connected to the land in permaculture.  You will not find this in cities or universities.  These are the temples of anti-life.  Naturalness is characterized by simple complexity that can only be found in the circularity of nature.  Waste streams are nutrient streams in this system which means for you a place where you connect properly and from that proper connection constructive life results.  You get there by being yourself.  Finding yourself means first losing yourself.

We are now in the human period of a clash of light and dark.  Light and dark are one in the same but at poles because of our duality.  They at times lose definition and attempt to merge turbulently.  This mixing is a dilution of meaning.   In this period faith is lost and the result is a loss of confidence.  This is now occurring rapidly in nonlinearity.

This is the false dawn of time when that which seems most right is wrong.  This will flip soon and a new human type will result.  This is not what you think.  There is no timing for this in the macro but in the micro, it is already occurring just as ice forms on boundaries of a cooling body.  Yes, seek guidance from water.  This is a planet of water and this dictates proper living.  Streams are the real connection not the internet.

Find ordinary knowledge through voluntary simplicity.  Through the humility of the wisdom of insecurity embrace the proper wisdom of what ordinary knowledge to use and what to dispense with.  This will be a time where excess baggage will prevent you from passing through the wormhole of transmutation.  This is not about a refuge and it is not about immortality.  What this is about is connecting to the sacred in a proper place.  This is the kingdom.  It is that place where balance is.  The truth is in this place.  If you get near this place then use this power to promote it.  You can’t use it for yourself or it is lost.

This is not a rapture nor an unending hell.  This is just nature enjoying nature.  It is here you can overcome but only through the embrace of naturalness.  As such you are part of this process of play which is the mystic way of knowing and losing.  Without this play all becomes static.  It is here you are laminar among the turbulence.  It is here in the eddy of destructive change you can find niches of constructive growth.  This is the nature of civilized man’s final unfolding.  Faith is lost on a destabilizing planet but you with your people and place can be the seeds of meaning.

For you the individual this is being within a spirtual war that is a civil war.   Prisoners will not be taken because of the deadly serious passions of arrogance.  For civilization this is an end game of civil war of progress both internally but also on a finite planet degrading from a stable period.  Stability was conducive to civilization and now the lack of will end it as we know it. 

Paradoxically the individual has access to more power than the whole of civilization.  This power is beyond civilization but available to the individual, family, tribe, and small community.  Hence the meek will inherit the earth.  This is the salvation of proper living.  It relates to proper scale and balance physically that yields metaphysical transmutation.  This transmutation is prolife and hence living knowledge to guide those who accept it to embrace humility in a rapidly changing time.   

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