the fool

“The Fool arcanum represents a young enthusiastic man wearing luxury clothes, standing close to the edge of a cliff, with a dog that can represent our animal nature.  He does not seem bound to the limits of our terrestrial world, and his eyes are looking up to the divine and celestial planes, showing his aspiration to rise up spiritually even when you sometimes need to jump into the unknown. He is ready for it, because he is supported by his conviction that Divine Providence will help him to improve his human condition…The sun that shines behind him is meant to illuminate the path that should be taken, and protect him as he works towards his goals…Others see the Fool as the ultimate symbol of supreme initiation.  With this interpretation he is the true Initiate, reaching for Ultimate knowledge…is about to undergo deep spiritual changes, or is standing at the crossroads of something important in their life…The Fool will bring them into a world of spirituality, where they may find Knowledge out of most people’s reach. With this interpretation, the Fool symbolizes a need for freedom and independence. It indicates a positive evolution on a path of wisdom.”

We are at the precipice of an age tipping over.  We are at the pinnacle where an old world gives over to a new one.  This is with the physical knowledge of science but also the metaphysical of spirtual revelations.  It is those who can see this reality with these views together that realize we are at or near the precipice.

It is those who know this special knowledge that will submit to its requirements and go forth on its behalf.  This is life unfolding in a new way requiring a new approach that humans have not seen in a few thousand years.   There was an explosion of awareness in the last awakening of spirituality that brought the great religions and spiritualities of the antiquities.  This differs though in placement in a fundamentally different age but not in substance.

This age is not one of growth in a new age of stability that was to bring agriculture and industry.  This is the tipping over into an age where man is absorbed back into nature to assume a proper place that is now unbalanced.  In this process, us mere mortals who live very short lives will see a particularly disruptive period of turbulence like when the laminar flow of air on a wing is disrupted.  This can be a crash or a landing because in both instances turbulence is required or present.  A landing is actually a controlled crash and this represents an insight for what is ahead.

I am speaking in a holistic way of things but I speak to the individual.  I speak to very few of you.  Not many can see this place although if you study with honest science plus a spiritual approach with humility then this place is clear and vivid.  This calls for a new human type that will be molded out of this time of great change.  It will be those who like the fool embrace this time unconditionally seeking its support.

You will be supported if you respond to this call.  Nature knows this place.  Life has gone through bottlenecks before and its basic nature has adapted to these recurring times.  Conforming voluntarily to this reality results in divine providence.  Do not seek miracles but instead witness those already all around you.  Ecosystems break down and open up opportunity.  This opportunity is not obtained but instead offered to those who open up to this grace.

In a sense all knowledge that has come before will be of little use because this tipping over is other worldly.  This is not foreign but intimate and innate.  This is a getting back to who we really are.  There is an ultimate knowledge to this that requires a rejection of knowledge of the past.  This rejection is not in repudiation which is judgmental but instead a sacrifice like presented to Abraham.  It is the sheading of the constraints of previous knowledge to open up to a new way to a proper knowledge for what is ahead.

This is so simple because it is the basis of life on this planet.  The simplicity of it makes it beyond most because today’s knowledge is of the type that is based on power and gain.  This is about what knowledge that is required to make the spirtual leap into this new world.   This new world is the rebalancing of humans and their relationship to their planet and fellow life.  The simplicity of this is the returning to what our hunter gathers ancestors respected.  This is not a return to that time but instead a marker to how life must be approached ahead.

I speak to you the individual as a green shaman.  I speak about REAL Green.  This is a way to live for a some during this time.  I say some because increasingly people are urban.  REAL Green is about leaving that life so I am not qualified to speak to those seeking an urban version.  REAL Green is about depopulating cities not doubling down on them.  Cities are where this trap is the most difficult.  Cities are where affluence is perused most powerfully.  It is affluence that must be departed from so cities are the ultimate trap.

 REAL Green is not a refuge.  It won’t save you.  What it can offer is the strength to dance near this cliff.  If you have been awakened then you see the cliff.  Seeing the cliff, you can withdraw in fear or live with that fear.  This will be a very fearful time.  A wisdom of insecurity will guide you on this journey if you learn to live with fear.

This is about the journey into a new age with new skills that are old ones.  It is about a new spirituality that is a new and old one.  It is the blending of the amazing knowledge we have gathered over these many thousands of years.  It is the blending with the old ways that is the key to it.  It will be those who apply this blended wisdom that are able to journey best.  This wisdom is not tech based.  It is a spirtual knowledge that guides what science and tech to seek.  It will be about the triage of knowledge that can’t be taken on a life boat on a sea of change.

This is about a time of finding proper knowledge by eliminating the clutter as best one can in a realistic and relative way.  It is about knowing one’s limitations in acceptance and humility.  This act is required because modern knowledge is so powerful.  The knowledge you can tap into is more powerful.  It is what propels life.  The only way to tap into this is with humility.  This is the basic requirement of proper spirituality.

I have been talking very spirtual lately when the message of REAL Green is a practical.  REAL Green is a way of gathering and harvesting energy through biomass but also properly utilizing modern sources that are fossil and tech related.  The nature of this age requires both but the key is less modern and more of the old ways.  It is those who properly combine the two who will have a robust lifeboat. 

The way to do this is first spirtual.   This spirtual exercise will be the hardest of skills to acquire.  I am speaking spirtual lately because there is so much unfolding so quickly that it is required of me to speak of it.  Decades are unfolding in a short time indicating a shift is near.  This is like the pounding of the drums at a Native American dance.  It is a call to the immediacy of what is ahead.

It is very difficult to lower your affluence because it is our nature and the nature of this age to increase affluence.  This age has been characterized by competitive cooperation.  The cooperative has leveraged the competitive to become a golden age of affluence.  We have seen an age of conquest giving over to an attempt at global cooperation.  Unfortunately, this has seen the corruption of power and knowledge.  This is now destroying this age of affluence.  Your natural instinct is to have more affluence but what is needed is less but of the right kind.

To find the right kind is a spirtual skill to be learned but more importantly awakened to.  The awakening is looking to nature for how it does things.  This is a blending of awakened proper living with the many wonderful things created in this age.  Use the skills of homesteading and permaculture as your basic lifeboat.  Then look to the stars as earlier navigators did to chart your course.  This terrestrial navigation is really about orientation to the ways of nature that can only be fund through humility and acceptance in a properly scaled local way of life.  This is not messianic it is simple and ordinary.

This will be hard work physically and mentally.  It is about less physical and mental comforts but with resulting spirtual meaning.  It is this spirtual meaning that becomes the guiding principles of the palliative care of the hospice.  This hospice is a kind of explanation and expression of the destructive change of what is ahead.  It is a type of death but different than our mortal end.  It is the death of an age and way of life but one that may unfold for generations.  This may sound like a long time but a generation in human time is so little as to barely make a mark on an age.

If this is done properly then it is a type of waking up like the Buddhist realize from their meditations where they battle their frustrations.  It is the final letting go of the frustrations that is the key to moving forward in ease.  In a sense the demons become angels and then there is a moment of clarity.  This is the simplicity and complexity of what is ahead.  If you begin this journey, you will find meaning and it is meaning that has always been a requirement of being truly human.

3 thoughts on “the fool”

  1. Love the Tarot card analogy! I have a set and it is uncanny how the cards fall at times for those that have an open mind.

    As one of my friends say, “Let go or be dragged.” This piece could be on aging gracefully with acceptance also.

    My companion & I often talk about how no one’s calling us up from the White House asking us what they should do so other than voting or getting into the weeds as a political lobbyist there’s not much a person can do at this stage to affect real change politically. And mankind is not going to slow down in consuming resources so there’s that much a person can do either to prevent us hitting the proverbial wall. Nature does have a way of doing the ultimate reset. There are some that question whether Covid was part of that population reducing, natural selection thing.

    Here is to living large, yet approaching life with humility & grace! Take care my Dear Friend & come visit!!


      1. If we don’t schedule it, it won’t happen. Pick some dates & we’ll make it happen. 😉


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