The NEW Green Revolution & REAL Green

The referenced article at the end of my discussion is on my favorite topic of REAL Green Deep Adaptation and the fake green trend in society.  Basically we have very intelligent people that are deceived as well as unintelligent that are being deceived by techno optimist wonders.  In the process these techno optimist are discarding the earth because they feel we are moving off of it in the future with space colonization and space based mining.  It is also a fake green narrative that we can be green and more affluent for those who still see hope for the planet with a new green harmony.  Natural harmony is not consistent with human complexity.  This is the deepest of FAKE green deceptions.

A great point made in this article is power maximization that is the dominant social narrative of globalism is the wrong impulse for society.  This is what is driving globalism.   This is a duel force of human nature with the competitive nature of human groups but also the cooperative impulse of increased shared affluence.  The power of this force is beyond management.  It is highly resilient but with brittle bifurcation points once the criticality of degrowth is reached.  So we have humans turning to maximum power principal to satisfy our competitive/cooperative urges of liberal democracy and market based capitalism in the face of global and planetary decline. 

What we should instead being doing is energy efficiency and conserving.  This means less competition in the name of more natural security plus a change in what we perceive as a cooperative namely increasing shared affluence.  Instead we should be choosing degrowth principals as forces to combat the destruction of the planetary web and earth systems.  This is then a shared understanding of less affluence not more.  These principals would have to first be behaviorally based with broad based education.  A crisis may deliver these ideas but unfortunately a crisis may be too late.  We would have to compete less through cooperation based actions centered on degrowth.  This than becomes the new dominant myth that drives our social narratives eclipsing the current corrupted liberal democracy and market based capitalist version.  Our smartest people must drive this message in unanimity so our political and economic leaders get the message.  Currently our smartest people are fake green techno optimist except a very few awakened ones.  This means there is science denial by our brightest in regards to solutions.  This is perfect for the status quo because it allows politician to make phony pitches that will make things great again and industrial leaders have a new economic growth avenue.

This article is preaching New Green.  This is a macro version of REAL Green.  REAL Green is local and individual in Deep Adaptation because it has come to the conclusion the top cannot change because of the self-organization of the system of globalism.  Globalism may adapt with increased competition of regions in a new multipolar reality both political and economic.  This is still competitive cooperation but with an adapted version with nationalism and regionalism in a balance of power basis. 

REAL Green says human behavior is flawed in its global overpopulation of a highly complex civilization.  This condition is not scaled properly so poor behavior is inevitable.  The power principal will always win in these situations because humans are deceived by techno optimism both the smart and the low intelligence masses.  It is not allowed to have a negative pessimistic narrative.  This is not a rule it is a disposition.  Pessimistic realism not only does not sell with the general public but our system of academia and scientific publication process does not accommodate such thinking.  If it is allowed it is mainly as material for critiques on why techno optimism is the future. 

This then means REAL Green is the way to adapt to a deeply flawed world individually and locally.  This means focusing on small groups locally to adapt to a global complex civilization in decline that cannot change.  This can mean small groups on the internet sharing ideas but the expression of real green is local and individual.  REAL Green is not for everyone.  REAL Green is for those awakened to decline.  It is for those who can practice Deep Adaptation of a collapsing world.  Many cannot and most will not be awakened to it.  You adapt to this condition by coopting it for your individual and local.  You use the status quo to leave it. You yield to greater powers and at the same time harness these greater powers as individual energy to create a better life boat for the coming decline.  This means relative sacrifice for the planet.  Some things you will do will not be green but the overall impulse is REAL Green.  It is also about hospices which is the preparations for death both of a way of life and increasingly of you and yours. e

“The New Green Revolution, a.k.a. The Grand Transition to… ?? – Part I”     LIFEITSELF

“Dr. Nate Hagens uses Hawking’s ideas about Mars colonization in his Reality 101 course at the University of Minnesota to illustrate the point that human society is composed of tiny islands of high competence floating in a vast sea of narratives.”

“The nature of intelligence, expertise, reductionism, IQ, etc. seem greatly skewed these days in favor of quasi-idiot-savant experts who are lifted into prominence by being apparently right about some very narrow slice of reality.  There’s currently not much status which attaches to synthesis, because synthesis is antithetical to most extremely stimulating beliefs about reality and the future. And this won’t change anytime soon. We are left with a choice between offering a bummer message nobody really wants to hear, versus crafting a message that has utility to move society toward chosen goals.”

“A vulnerable world,” where Jorge argues that one cannot be a consistent positivist, if one is not prepared to treat the Earth as a disposable planet, only to escape to the Cosmos later. This escape temptation is expressed by a more ample and complex “anthropofuge” movement, a movement of flight from the human condition that we must take seriously, and which we have to resist.  So beware of this murderous cosmic narrative that justifies Gaiacide”

“This means they don’t bother to do work all the time and are less energy demanding. This is what I imagine the preindustrial way of life to be like. It is not as power maximizing and is more energy efficient and conserving. What I believe we need to be doing is comparing the energy systems of different types of human civilization—the endothermic and the ectothermic—and stop asking which endothermic way of life is most efficient.”  In translation, if we want to live in more harmony with nature or be more “sustainable,” we must behave more like the ectothermic animals and slow down at times.  Says me, a creature that  incessantly works on something around the clock, including evenings and weekends.”

“By the way, I really try hard not to hallucinate.  In Part II, I will show you how naive it is to think than the “New Green Deal” will allow us to continue our current lifestyles, just by other greener means. This, my friends in the developed, power and resource hogging countries is impossible.”

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