REAL Green Reality and FAKE Green Whining

There are some things that can be done.  Some things are being done and many things are not being done.  This planetary situation is not going to be adapted much from the human point of view.  This is because the urge to populate is beyond much control and the drive to being affluent and comfortable is not being confronted.  Fake Greens are honest about the climate science but not the solutions.  They think it is about investment decisions and the right tech.  We need to end fossil fuels they say and go carbon neutral.  The science of doing this is not honest.  It is not even close.  This individual wants his cake and eat it.  Peace on earth, fairness, and more happiness without fossil fuels but more comfort.  These things don’t add up.  The blame game is everywhere with no accountability.

 Pointing the fingers at the 1% by a 1% is hypocrisy.  Everyone reading these words is a type of 1%.  An aboriginal in the jungle is a TRUE Green none of us are.  The minute you turn on your devise and read theses words you are in a way guilty.  Sure, there are psychopathic trends in the rich and powerful but not really as a group.  The system allows it so some do it.  Any of you can instantly be rich and these rich poor.  This is a systematic condition of overshoot.  It is about a self-organizing force of a civilization of intelligent humans seeking survival and happiness.  No different than our ancestors but what is different is the tools within our reach.  What is also different than in the past is we have been delocalized and now are helpless to live differently in aggregate.  Some can make the effort to live differently but not much.  Globalism has meant comfort and high populations but also loss of freedom to live differently.  We are prevented by choices and fate.  Our choices are surviving economically or be consumed by a system and become destitute.   Fate is being delocalized. 

Fake greens will whine about the planet being ruined by fossil fuels as they use tech and talk about tech that has a fossil fuel basis at lunches that were brought to them via fossil fuels.  This is all brought to them via a basically high energy civilization which can only run on messy energy, tech, and resource exploitation that come from such a large and consumptive population locked in economies of scale and comparative advantage.  Fake green individuals should be talking about efforts we can make for when nature ends this process.  This is ahead because honest science tells us this.  We can mitigate and adapt but most will not or cannot.  We won’t for many reasons because we compete to be better than others and we cooperate to allow others to do what we want to do within a frame work of laws.  Until procreation has draconian rules and consumption is rationed out in a draconian way any other approach will fail. 

Talking about what is not possible over and over is insanity.  Instead you acknowledge what is wrong and accept what must be done.  This is not to say we should not leave fossil fuels as best we can.  We should also build out as much efficiency and renewable energy as we can but be honest about what we can do.  Man should know his limitations.  He should be honest about his footprint.  He should be strong enough to face pain, suffering, and death that is inevitable for many.  Instead we pursue comfort and pleasure in the here and now and read about these horrible things with our morning coffee and then go about our business.  If you were to dwell on this issue of planetary destruction you risk going mad.  If you are in a trap with a predicament that is beyond fixing then you adapt and mitigate as a life system. 

We also have those who make a living on this.  Our modern-day journalist makes a living on talking about these tragedies and fantasies.  Climate people have careers based upon these discussions.  This is hardly a real solution with flying and driving to seminars and conventions to talk about what cannot be fixed.  This is where wisdom comes in.  Wisdom in this situation says the best one can do is adapt locally and individually and hope this effort will gain support in one’s immediate environment.  It is also true those who are gifted with leadership can make large impacts on bigger levels but nobody is going to change this situation until a power of fate and reality steps in.  Fate and reality work at different levels of time and space.  The planet and the web of life may adapt and change because of what we have done but not in our life time.  We may have initiated a hot house world who knows in that case the time and space are actually space time as in a new planet eon from now somewhere among the billions of stars. 

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