REAL Green & Socialism

It is my opinion that REAL Green applications ultimately can reach the level of small local communities.  I am doing REAL Green individually.  I do reach out locally but I almost never explain what I am doing in detail.  Most of my neighbors would not understand this way of thinking.  For them much of what I do is natural for where I live.  Animals, wood, hay, and a well running farm is normal.  The environmental activity well that is for the hunting effort.  So, I am somewhat camouflaged to my true motivations which are REAL Green Deep Adaptation for a coming decline by embracing less and living locally.  This is done relatively with the understanding the status quo must be leveraged to achieve your goals. 

Ultimately it will take a community to realize strong REAL Green results.  What I am doing is not economic in the status quo.  Electricity is cheaper than wood if looked at from strictly a cost approach with labor and material.  Hay is cheaper done by big operators and purchased.  Animals cannot be raised with small stocking rates and expected to provide you a living.  My REAL Green approach to life must have an income source.  Many can do this by having one or more members of the family working a status quo job.  I am retired living off my investments from when I was “status quo”.  If you want to live a life with modern benefits you have to remain attached to the status quo. 

Where this might be improved upon is a community based effort that would embrace  “communitarian-traditionalist-socialist alliance”.  People of like mind in locals can come together socialistically and realize a REAL Green life.  The reality of the situation is if you are going to go low carbon and low ecological footprint efficiently it has to be local and community based.  It has to have a socialistic tendencies to operate efficiently.  What this means is a ordering of activity without the extreme profit motive and the hyper capitalistic approach of private property.  There has to be shared efforts, gift economy, and barter involved.  There must also be a social order with shared leadership that has a hint of authoritarianism.  We can look to the Amish to see how they have managed to maintain their lifestyles. 

If you are going to lower your footprint there are consequences.  Some can go as individuals into a TRUE Green way of life.  The consequences are a very meager life that only works in certain settings for example a very rural life that allows one to live off the land.  For most this is not practical.  I could have chosen this way of life but I would not be able to take my family with me.  It would have been a solitary living alone.  That was not practical for me.  Some might be able to manage this and I salute them because they are closer to TRUE Green.  An alternative for those who have been awakened to planetary decline and see through FAKE Green of the rich liberal establishment the alternative is a REAL Green community embracing socialism at the grass roots level not at the top where socialism is basically just another wealth transfer Ponzi scheme.

“Local Socialism and Civil Society”     resiliance

“I am not suggesting some grand communitarian-traditionalist-socialist alliance here, at least not without a great deal of careful theoretical exploration and clear limitations (some of which I’ve attempted in the past, under the title “left conservatism”). However, I am insisting that advocates of democratic socialism hurt themselves in the realm of political debate, and misunderstand themselves in the realm of ideas, when they present socialism as too universal, and too rational, to ever be republican in the classic sense: that is, attentive to the res publica, to people where they live.”

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