Let’s REAL Green Greta

Let’s be fair to Greta whether she is genuine or a stooge, it is likely her generation that will experience the worst of what is ahead.  If only climate change were the problem.  In fact, climate change may not be the worst immediate problem but that is what FAKE Greens want us to believe.  They want us to believe that there are techno solutions if and only if we employ them.  This means both employing and taking away.  Yes, both so called green growth and green degrowth are touted as what will save us if we would only follow messages like Greta’s.


Honest science that is not myopic with climate specialization, will notice that the trap we are in is both carbon and path dependent.  The carbon trap is obvious to honest science.  Renewables show no evidence of having what it takes to replace fossil fuels and maintain the status quo.  Honest science points to the fact that renewables appear unable to grow large enough to eclipse fossil fuels let alone replace and self-replicating more renewables when they old wear out.  There is also the inconvenient fact that the climate system has probably already been forced into a new paradigm with system-initiated carbon changes meaning human intervention at this point may be too late.  The path dependencies relate to the fact we are trapped in behaviors and system that got us here.  We may be able to change around the edges but a new system is likely only after the collapse of the current.  Globalism that produces so much to support for overshoot of population and consumption has no alternative and cannot be greened up.  The basis of globalism is energy intensity of value chains, transport and economies of scale based upon consumption these support large populations both in mega cities and rural areas.


So, the climate argument is trapped in physics and economics.  Economics is behavior based so how do you model irrational human behavior?  This then goes to the heart of the issue of the message of Greta and its legitimacy.  She is not acknowledging failure as she should.  I she acknowledged failure and then said we must build life boats and hospices then she would be a true enigma rising above the tired human narratives of perpetual growth by whatever it takes.  She could say that renewables are vital in extending out pain and suffering and degrowth is also vital in cutting out the fat that is waste.  We need to quit bad behavior based growth immediately but doing so is self-destructive to globalism.  She could say we need to choose polices that are proactive and preparatory for collapse and by doing that this ensure collapse will happen.  This shut door is because once you pass through that door there is no turning back.  Once growth policies green or brown are adapted to proactive and preparatory for collapse then globalism will end and with that overshoot will have to adjust to a level of stability far lower.  This assures pain, suffering, and death.


With economic abandonment comes irrational and dysfunctional of the forces of mathematical chaos IOW cascading destructive change has no modeling to determine the outcome.  What would be needed is coordinated constructive change to adapt and mitigate this like emergency maneuvers are for a controlled crash.  Greta can’t go there because she does not believe that nor do her handlers.  This is not an acceptable message by the FAKE Green establishment and of course from the Brown Denialist.  Failure is not an option at these levels.  A message that disruptive of the status quo cannot be gone to.  It is ok to talk about green solutions and even some green degrowth but you can’t talk about failure from collapse.


Greta deserves to get angry but she should study up on Kubler Roth and realize she is still stuck in the first 3 stages.  This FAKE Green movement of techno solutions and sweetened degrowth fantasies will end in depression and once the acceptance part shows its head so much will have been wasted on the bargaining.   Unfortunately, that is human nature so let’s just say Greta deserves to be angry and deserves to learn from her mistakes.  Old 55-year-old people like me did the same and this is part of the reason we are where we are at.  Some mistakes are to big to fix.  Modern globalism is one of them.

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