REAL Green Traps

If you are honest about science then one realizes we are path dependent systematically with multiple problems that combine to be predicaments.  I don’t need to repeat them other than to say normally scientist ignore economics which is also a problem with a decline process that means our ability to manage all the other problems will decline and this overall decline will further cause the economics of humans to decline.  It is a vicious circle.

We are carbon trapped so renewables are little more than a short-term techno fix.  Our modern greens are very delusional on this subject.  We also have the modern greens preaching degrowth that is delusional because systematically globalism must grow or is comes apart.  Degrowth will crash the economic system that powers our ability to mitigate the predicament of being path dependent and carbon trapped.  We are clearly in a paradigm of decline on all levels.  Even intelligence is splintering into unwise areas of noise that actually lower overall intelligence because of the corruption of quality intelligence.

Behavior is the key and proper behavior accepts we are in a decline process.  Proper behavior can be reached through Kubler Roth.  Once we are at acceptance than proper behavior can be adapted and then and only then can techno solutions be applied.  This also means the destructive change of degrowthing can be embraced.  Degrowth means abandonment, dysfunctional, and irrational.  Degrowth must be part of the process once behavior has been adapted.  Degrowth and techno solutions then are applied in a proactive way to adapt and mitigate to decline once acceptance of failure is reached.  This means embracing decline with science and engineering but also education and leadership.  This would be like an organized retreat where an army has a flexible withdrawal in force.  If we do not get proactive and begin retreat the decline process could become like a disorganized route.

Of course, the above is just mind games because we are path dependent in the bigger picture.  Common agreement is not there.  We are in competitive cooperation in the big picture which means we tolerate each other to allow survival but we continue to try to overcome our neighbors.  There are no solutions at this level and there can never be with populations at the level it is and with the consumption levels that allow populations to be at this level.  This is a duel force preventing mitigation at the highest levels.  This then means the only place to find solutions is lower down the chain to where humans scale properly and that is some kind of local and small community.

This is where people can change and make a difference but of course only in regards to mitigating and adapting to decline that ultimately will lead to collapse.  The key to all this is behavior that produces a local wisdom that accepts decline and failure.  This then allows a success of sorts that is a local that has increase resilience and sustainability in the face of human and planetary decline.  It means getting out of the denial of death on multiple levels from the personal to the community.  It means lifeboats of techno solutions and hospices of behavioral changes.  The top is gone just as the planet is gone as we once knew it but the local is not.  Restoration can be done to the local in the sense that the natural and the human can be strengthened.  For a cascading decline process over time frame unknown.

The key point here is it must be done in the reality of we are in the Anthropocene of globalism and planetary decline.  You can’t leave globalism and expect to have the resources to power a stronger local.  You will have to utilize dirty behavior of human growth to leave it.  This means a hybrid of using energy intensity to get to where you can live low carbon.  Yes, low carbon is not economic but it the only salvation for the decline process.  So, you build a low carbon life with energy intensity of modern life.  You do this dirty activity to leave it.  You do it relatively and with an advanced behavior that requires strength of being in a twilight zone.

This twilight zone is the surreal of embracing a world you are trying to leave.  To do this one must be practical, flexible, and honest.  You realize there is no hope at the top and with the future of our status quo but you know you can make yourself stronger and more resilient for this process locally.  This is a green prepping.  It is embracing the planets current ecological cycle of succession.  This is non-negotiable and there are no other planets to go to.  We are trapped and the only way out of the trap is to live within it.  Use carbon to go low carbon.  Adapt behavior to low carbon.  Accept death all around and through that create a rebirth of new life that will come from death.  This is how nature operates so emulate it.

2 thoughts on “REAL Green Traps”

  1. This is where you come to the crux of the problem.

    The lessening of overall intelligence, the inability to critically think, & facing the reality of the predicament, all seemingly weak points of our society. I haven’t enough faith in human nature to think we can transition to an enlightened society.


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