REAL Green Failure

Discussing total doom Is not saying total doom will happen quickly.  Binary behavior that is not capable of seeing a world of grey is what techno optimist tend to be.  Doomers have evolved and others  have gone delusional and now think we are in a techno age of solutions.  This could not be further from the truth.  We are now in a decline and decay process.  This is across the board of human behavior and planetary realities.  There is great tech evolving that could allow mitigation but it shows no evidence of saving us from the traps we are in.  Path dependencies that got us to this point of failure revolve around techno solutions and we somehow think different tech solutions will get us out of trouble.  The so-called golden decade of the onset of renewables was a time of destructive central bank policy that now has the world in a debt trap.  The peak oil crisis was papered over with the malinvestment of debt.  We are also in a carbon trap that means the renewable fantasy of green techno optimism will hit a brick wall.  Renewables can do much for our civilization in decline but it is showing no indication of overcoming the carbon trap.


The biggest issue is behavior and techno optimism is just another example of the behavior that must change but won’t.  If they didn’t learn from the last 10 years they never will.  A techno optimist thinks failure is not an option when we are already failed.  Modern man can win a retreat from this decline process but that means tough adaptation actions that acknowledge retreat instead techno optimist are on the offense.  Climate protests are an expression of this offensive behavior that is doomed.  Humans must downsize and live less energy intensive lives.  This does not mean more efficient tech it means less consumption and less people.   Tech can be part of it but not the driver.  This kind of degrowth behavior will be destructive there is no putting lipstick on destructive policy but this will be an organized retreat embracing decline not denying it.


Humans must reduce the bad behavior that has no future instead central banks have enshrined the status quo in growth-based behavior.  This continues the energy orgy behavior by repressing and easing the dysfunction of growth-based activities green or brown.  This has allowed investments without good ROI.   The planet is getting tougher on frivolous investments and we are covering that up with debt.  Policy adaptation is needed but wise policy not delusional policy.  Europe is making some good policy steps but will likely ruin it by overplaying its hand of continuing the unsustainable.  Renewable and EV centered policy could be recognized as a mitigation step but not a transition paradigm.  You may think well it is better than the alternative.  To a point this may be true but just imaging this alternative policy properly applied then one can see the wasted resources that might be much better applied with proper behavior adaptation.


Proper behavior would be policy stepping back from growth proactively understanding this process means recessionary results.  Degrowth policies mean a strangling of globalism but also allow for better adaptation to the reality of decline.  The climate response is a sham because loop holes are large and fake policy hides the truth.  Climate is lost as is the health of the planet. Less destructive behavior along with mitigation strategies should be where the bulk of policy and resources need to go.  Instead the world will purse tech-based growth that FAKE Greens tout as a green revolution with support of the brown status quo of fossil fuels and growth.   Renewables and alternative transport are not green and cannot be made green.  FAKE Greens are embracing growth and the transport culture when this is what is the problem.


Localism is the answer and this involves a degrowth of globalism simultaneously with a growth of local efforts.  Instead FAK Greens are trying to green up the status quo.  Local efforts will not provide the profit numbers needed by globalism.  What is not admitted by techno growth driven people is the fact the system requires financial repression and easing to survive.  This means globalism and techno growth have already failed.  The numbers have just been massaged and the bad economic behavior supported financially.  Since the proper actions of degrowth along with targeted growth locally is not going to be embraced this ensures that the behavior FAKE Greens are pushing is a failure too.


REAL Green would start with the behavior of failure driving a policy of reeducation and center around mitigation strategies.  Grand renewable policy of a Green New deal that is touted by regions like Europe or political classes like the liberal left will be a failure.  Some of their policies will yield some good tech but it is the behavior that will waste valuable resources.  At a point the effort to go carbonless will fail.  It will fail because the carbon trap says we can’t maintain a human scale that is global and go carbonless.  There is too much consumption by too many people.  This means we will get to doom but by a route of delusion and deception of FAKE behavior both Brown and Green.

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