Anticipating Collapse

“Anticipating Collapse”     damariszehner


“Collapse can’t happen soon enough, as far as I’m concerned. By collapse, I mean the breakdown of the complexities of our current society.”


The pace of collapse is a difficult topic to define in regards to good or bad.  It is clear we are in a collapse process of sorts now but one punctuated by growth also.  The problem with this undulating plateau of a growth-based world entering a collapse process is much of the growth that is occurring is bad investments in regards to longer term sustainability.  This includes so called green investment which is many times fake green.  The pace of this decline is critical to survivability because degree and duration of shocks dictate species survival in an ecological succession.  While our species may survive a decline our institutions so important to (so called) civilized people might not survive.  It is likely we are going to have to have a little bit browner decline than many greens would like.  The KEY is behavior not tech.  Tech comes second.  Until greens realize this they are doomed.  Too many greens do not accept failure but that is the starting point for proper behavior.  Once acceptance is found then mitigation and adaptation can be embraced.  Acceptance does not ensure survival of our cherished institutions but it does give us hope


“But there are two points I want to make about collapse: that it is inevitable; and that it is necessary before genuine reform can take place.”


It is true that nature is categorized by evolution and succession of complexity.  It is likely our civilization may be too brittle to adequately change but it is also true that often shocks that create crisis are essential to behavioral changes and this issue of a better collapse is really about behavior with tech second.  In regards to the tech it is about properly applied tech with a gate keeper of a wisdom honed in a decline process IOW a wisdom that has gone through the stages of grief and is orientated to decline.  This orientation means choosing less complexity but relatively based upon the rate of decline.


“collapse now and avoid the rush,” as John Michael Greer puts it.”


This is what talks about.  It is about localism and acceptance of a coming collapse process.  Collapse does not have to be bad it can be a way of life.  REAL Geen calls it green prepping.  It is a journey not a destination.  The destination is likely collapse for all of us but the journey means some will collapse sooner and harder than others.  Be one of those who tries to adapt to this.


“But the future doesn’t need to be a Book of Eli scenario of blasted landscapes, gangs, and cannibalism.”


The sad reality is when Hollywood gets involved the picture is clouded.  When our best minds in academia are in denial then the good aspects of a decline process are not expressed.  It becomes an issue of “failure is not an option” pushing crazy green initiatives that will likely fail instead of a measured retreat of civilization that is both green and brown.

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