REAL Green Scaling

REAL Green admires and respects doctrines like the Simpler Way and Rojava Kurds but does not embrace these doctrines as such.  REAL Green concern is scaling of localism.  In a relative sense localism will never scale to the level many like the Simpler way adverts preach.  It is not an answer for levels above a local and small group.  This scale is as small as the individual because often there is no REAL Green present in ones local.  It can be a lonely affair but one that is honest.   The reason this is the case is the carbon trap and path dependencies that anchor the status quo firmly in a brittle climax economic and social system.  What REAL Green does instead is yields to scale and forages off it.  REAL Green realizes status quo scale wins if you resist it but you can adapt it locally.  You will still have to pay your tribute which means you will have to delocalize as required to make a living.  A rare few can withdraw in ideal circumstances into REAL Green monasteries and even these lucky ones are still trapped in a common failure.


It is scaling that allows trap mitigation.  REAL Green finds strength in scale.  Small scale and low carbon gathering activities form the basis of scale mitigation.  The status quo is a global late stage capitalism of overshoot of consumption and population in an Anthropocene of planetary decline.  A scale mitigation strategy requires a careful transitioning to a simpler way of life.  It is careful because it requires diligent wisdom of what lifestyles and tech to embrace.  It is not a rejection of tech nor a counter revolution of the status quo behavior but instead a way that yields to it but in strength.  The strength is the meaning that comes with low carbon capture techniques along with localizing behavior efforts.  It is the hybridization of old ways that were naturally local and the benefits of the huge amount of knowledge and material the modern status quo has made possible.


The gatekeeper is REAL Green Wisdom that seeks mostly less.  This less is avoiding the pitfalls of tech and knowledge that are a siren song of delocalization.  It is the triage of this siren song that is the basis of REAL Green wisdom because we live in a world of too much of everything complicating and disrupting harmony.  We are sucked into delocalization through dopamine hits of physical and mental pleasures.  REAL Green preaches a relative asceticism, stoicism, and Spartan living.  The relative nature of this action is avoiding the radical and the destructive of overt disruptive behavior.  Remain under the radar screen in camouflage of humility.  Your delocalized status quo trapped local only allows so much deviation materially and with meaning.  This is an add on not a new way for your local which includes place but also group.  You can only adapt your local away from the trend of delocalization and relativisms.  You cannot stop the process of decline and collapse because this is planetary and systematically path dependent.  It is the nature of succession that occurs when a species and ecosystem are in a condition of being at the thresholds of overshoot.  This overshoot is planetary and systematic and all the more reason it is a unbeatable trap.  It is about accepting the failure of this system your local is trapped in.  It is about making life boats and hospices to this condition.  The lifeboats are alternative living and the hospices is the acceptance of death in a holistic way.  This points to one of your most important REAL Green decisions and that is picking your local.


What is meant by this is the embrace of collapse with green prepping.  It is about the journey which is an organized retreat in force.  Even though a REAL Green local is yielding to greater powers and in retreat this retreat is in force and organized.  It is drawing on the energy of the stats quo to leave it into a local that is more resilient and sustainable to the coming end of the status quo of delocalization.  Doctrines that are offered to those who think the status quo can be made different get lost in the futile effort of battling the trap.  They think there are ways to transcend the trap and transition out of it but this is little more than those in the denial of death in terminal illness.  REAL Green calls these people FAKE Greens because they are living a similar delusion as the Brown DELUSIONALIST.  A brown is in science denial or the bargaining of beneficial science to create a narrative of success.  A Fake Green is a step up by being honest about the science of planetary and social decline but delusional and bargaining with the science of the solutions.  Both groups have not made it through the stages of grief.  Both are in the neurotic condition of cognitive dissonance of existential wandering that a world of relativistic meaning requires.


REAL Green starts with failure and its acceptance and springs forth to activity embracing a journey of green prepping that seeks proper scaling.  This proper scaling offers meaning and planetary support.  The meaning comes from knowing the truth and the planetary support comes from proper scaling to a planetary process of succession into a less complex and less supportive natural environment that only localism can adapt to.  The planet is dying and so is civilization.  REAL Green scales to this both mentally and physically and this is what offer a meaning that powers the journey.  This journey is into the gauntlet of collapse in acceptance to the end that is the failure of all we have come to know through the habituation of growth materially and with the advancement of knowledge that came with that growth.



“Kurdist Rojava: A Social Model for our Future”     resiliance


“The immense relevance of Rojava should now be apparent.  It is one of the most impressive examples of people building a society based on the kinds of principles and practices that must be adopted if we are to make a transition to a sustainable and just society.  Summarising the main elements in this remarkable venture show how closely it aligns with the Simper Way perspective:  The basic social unit is the small local community which decides most of the economic, legal and social issues affecting it.  The orientation is cooperative and collectivist, focused on finding the best way for the community.  Both the capitalist and the state-controlled way are rejected, in favour of grass roots democratic control.  Hierarchy, domination and top-down power are rejected. The community governs itself via thoroughly participatory processes.  The economy is geared mostly to local self-sufficiency and is not driven by profit or market forces or the individual quest for wealth; it is driven by the intention of meeting needs.  Much production is carried out via cooperatives and much productive property is publicly owned and commons.  Inclusiveness is a high priority; the underdog is provided for, jobs are found for the poor and unemployed.  Emphasis is given to ecological sustainability, especially to developing sustainable local agriculture.  The vicious trap that is the conventional “development” ideology is avoided. That doctrine asserts that growth of GDP = development, you must compete in the global market place, you need for capital and loans to build the infrastructures investors want (so they can ship out your resources). If you accept these myths you will soon end up in impossible debt, and have to wait many decades before any benefit trickles down to your poor masses. But development in Rojava focuses on using local resources to produce basic necessities for local people with almost no dependence on capital, investors or the global economy. (See TSW: Third World Development.)  Its change strategy centres on “prefiguring”, that is building new ways within the old system.  Thus the centrality of cultural revolution is recognized. If people come to understand and happily opt for the new ways, then they will eagerly build and run them.  Little or nothing can be achieved by ruthless vanguard parties using violence to take state power if people in general don’t have the necessary vision. Participatory control of “state-level” functions will come later as the grassroots movement strengthens.  It should also be clearly evident that Rojava is confirming the basic Simpler Way claim that the required perspective for saving the planet is not Eco-socialist, it is Eco-Anarchist.”

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