REAL Green Shaman

There is a very small percentage of the people that are mentally capable of being “quality” and just as few bless with the resources to be nurtured to the awakened state. The living alone like a mountain man is more a metaphor for the awakened who may live among many people but they live alone in their awareness of the truth. The other issue is humility. The planet calls on such people to go forth on its behalf and not to use this power for selfish use. This is basically the way of the shaman who leads the tribe spiritually and often alone on the margins. This may sound word salad nutter but this deeper awareness is as old as intelligent man. If you have been called by the planet then accept your calling and go forth on its behalf unselfishly. Keep your proper scale and understand your mortality. This Life of being awakened will be short as the end speeds up the older you get. It often takes to post middle age to reach a true awakening because of all the experience needed. Many die on the way to the awakening. So, as you reach your twilight years with failing mind and body you hopefully will have built up a treasure chest of best practices and quality things for the young who are also being awakened behind you. Give them support and encouragement. Nothing special about all this. Yet, the mentality is very rare today becuase modern life has become so noisy.

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