Behavior is the Key to Green not Tech

The key to a meaningful energy reduction is behavioral.  This is likely not going to be enough to satisfy those who want dramatic change.  The amount of change with degree and time scale would be massively disruptive.  Politically, nations are in competition so they will cheat to remain competitive.  Any effort from the top will be compromised in regards to other nations relative standing.  Within nations much of the population does not care or is unable to care about energy reduction.  Systematically the amount of change needed is disruptive such that an economic depression is more likely.  Keeping economies strong is vital to renewable energy production and energy efficiency strategies so the needed degrowth kills the renewable energy drive in a catch 22 of emissions to reduce emissions.


Do you see the trap?  Can we accept failure and start the lifeboats and hospices?  This can only be with a small percentage of people who are not deceived by the science of solutions like the techno green. Those who deny science of the problem like the browns.  Then there are those that don’t care or unable to care like so many of the uneducated and egotistical.  Many are too old or young to understand.  Many are too selfish or locked into a small world of the ego.  This leaves a small percentage of people who can do dramatic transformations in a local but not at the macro.  These people are reduced even further by those being restricted by the status quo to making money and paying bills restricting time and resources for a local transition.  A final small amount of people can do something and some of these will.


A life boat is green prepping.  It starts with behavior with tech following.  Low carbon lifestyles centered on localism naturally promote conservation and lower energy consumption.  The best tech and practices are combined with proven old ways of low carbon capture to strengthen ones local.  The hospice part is the embracing of a lifestyle of stoicism and Spartan living.  This is about decline strategies that are similar to a terminally ill preparing for death.  This downsizing mirrors the planet and human civilization.  Dignity and meaning comes from the triage of bad behaviors.  A life of less results with more meaning plus a strengthened local of people and place.


This is about the top only capably of some transformation.  A 100% renewable transition is not possible in overshoot with both consumption and population.  Some change is possible and will help but it will not be enough. Technologically the hurdles are far too great to reinvent the status quo of affluence.  Even the systematic is fraught with impossible.  The value chains and the economic activity needed to switch out a world from old to new tech is just more of the status quo.  Tech is the problem not the solution.  It can and must be part of a life boat and hospice behavior change but only on the margins.  Behavior is trapped at the top.  It can change at the bottom with a very small amount of people who can become the monasteries of change.  A seed bank of the best practices and tech can be built into something that can offer the blue prints for a future of a different world changed by the planet not humans.


Human civilization and the planet are in decline and this is a force greater than human intervention.  Embrace this as reality.  If you embrace reality the planet and humanity will support you becuase here is where reality meets meaning.  Meaning is truth and the truth is what humans seek.  So, if you can relate to this picture you will quit worrying about the end game of 100% transition and embrace the journey of living in a world of decline with lower emissions as the vehicle to better living.  You will adapt to decline with decline.  You will use renewables because they are a best tech but you will also embrace the old ways.  Combining the two in triage and salvage you will become more sustainable.  You will do this in the surreal of being in the status quo to leave it.  Meaning will support your efforts.  The end game is collpase but the journey is one of meaning.  Meaning gives a spiritual wealth that will make up for the decline in material comforts.  This is so simple it is hard.  Life is a paradox so do what appears wrong and right will result.

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