Nature’s Way

“We haven’t developed a culture out of touch or harmony with nature. We ARE nature in all its beautiful, brutal, messy, complexity.”


I often try to relate in my that nature “IS” but humans debate her and personify her.  We act as though we can control our destiny when our destiny is nature’s “Way”.  What is occurring now with humans is natural.  Evolution and extinction go hand in hand.  Humans are an evolutionary extinction species meaning nature follows this path and we have been chosen to this end.  It is already too late to change this so embrace it.  An attitude of nothing matters because all is lost is what the ego does when presented with a trap.  Accept and adapt to the tap accordingly.   The best way to adapt to the trap is locally.  Scale locally and Nature will help you.  It is about moving away from human overshoot from delocalization.  We are trapped in this existential danger but we can avoid making it worse.  Localism is the key and relativity of adaptation.  Unique locals have their own characteristics so tap into that to know how much change can be affected.


Humans are just an expression of nature doing what life does.  We separate ourselves in the duality of the ego individually and collectively.  Nature is in succession and the planet in flux.  Civilization will likely not adapt to this because the needed adaptation is so extreme and beyond human capabilities and besides it is outside human efforts now.  The process has tipped and driven by forces beyond human input.  Even well-meaning Ecco souls are deluded because they are fighting succession.


I point to individual and local efforts in acceptance.  Acceptance of a collpase process and acceptance that civilization cannot and will not adapt.  I do not know what is ahead but I can see enough through honest science of social sciences and physics to see civilization is following a nonnegotiable gradient of decline.  While we can shape this decline around the edges an abrupt change of course is out of our hands.  If the individual embraces this fate he is following nature’s way.  He then can accept succession as natural.  You stop putting an angry face on it.  You stop acting as though Nature is like the grey-haired guy looking down on us in judgement and damnation that religion has presented humans with for centuries.  You embrace decline and adapt accordingly as this is the “Way”.  It is sacred and is.


This is not to say you don’t make an effort to change things you just means test the motives behind your actions.  One big behavioral change is going from bargaining and anger to acceptance.  Once in acceptance you go forth on Natures behalf in a spiritual journey of meaning.  Truth is the ultimate path of the enlightened human this appears to be the truth.  This naturally becomes a local effort scaled to people and place immediately around you.  The main reason this happens is once in acceptance the idea of collective change is given up on but change locally with people and place takes on new meaning.


Lifeboats and hospices become the motivation.  Restoration and renewal locally are very much possible and the reason being in succession creative change occurs within an overall condition of destructive change.  Niches are freed up for those who adapt.  If you are a green climate warrior talking about vast Green New Deals then you are not scaled.  You are still bargaining.  If you are invested in this mentality at least focus on the wisdom of scale.  Civilization is in its own succession with economy and socio-political change.  We can create more renewables and less fossil fuel energy but don’t think for a moment this will save us.  Honest physics is telling us this is not scalable.


Honest behavior should tell us humans have a difficult time with acceptance.  Denial of death is a fundamental mental condition of the modern ego.  Break out of the fear of the fear of death in all its forms.  Embrace death without transcending it in delusions. This means embrace the pain.  Accept Natures “Way”.  Go forth on her behalf and transform your local of people and place.  Accept there is no transcendence of the carbon trap humans are in.  Accept path dependencies of humans committed to tech, prosperity, and comfort.  Accept that the green washing of this behavior contaminates even the most well meaning green.  REAL Green says green prep as a way to lower you Ecco footprint and prepare for a way of life that will end maybe slowly maybe quickly and more likely both.  The both means there are locals that will end quickly and others that will have staying power.  Find the ones that are survivable and if you can leave those with no future.  The time is near.


“Our power comes from acting without escape from our pain”


“That is not doomism, it is paying attention. In particular, it is paying attention to all of the sciences and evidence before us. Aiming for the best while preparing for the worst has always been complementary. Preparing for potential societal collapse does not mean we pay less attention to cutting and drawing down carbon. To consider that societies may collapse is not giving up, but opening up to a necessary agenda. The concept and framework called ‘deep adaptation’ has now spawned a community of people who are exploring what anticipating collapse means for them and their communities. It is a necessary conversation that has developed separately from Extinction Rebellion and largely word-of-mouth, away from the headlines. From both personal experience and new research, it is becoming clear that people are being creative and courageous in how they respond to this situation.”

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