Permaculture Green Prepping

I will mention what I am doing in regards to green prepping.  Keep in mind the template can be applied to your unique local of people and place.  The basics of green prepping is localism.  This localism is shaped by strategies to increase resilience but also improve on the planet within your microclimate.  I call it a microclimate because it is your unique place you can shape.  If you green prep it you will have something different than your surroundings generally because so few people green prep.  I do permaculture grazing but you can be a gardener or also a carpenter.  A community is many things find your specialty but also learn diverse skills that enhance security for survival in a crisis.  Your unique place can be shaped by green prepping specific and general   Remember be REAL about it which means realistic to your limitations.  Your limitations are the trap you have to respect and negotiate.


The key is behavior behind what you do.  This behavior accepts a macro shift in the planetary ecosystem of the Anthropocene.  It is now in decline or better a succession from complex to less complex.  Tap into that with your local and your personal life. This is about finding constructive change within a world in destructive change.  Below I am explaining my permaculture situation and the tension between the status quo of turning a profit and the goal of green prepping of becoming more resilient at the same time you improve your surroundings.  Be prepared to be disappointed because the journey is a tough one.  Yet, you will find a meaning not found in the status quo.  This meaning is from the planet not civilization.  The land under your feet will guide you.  Acceptance opens your mind and soul.  Decline and succession then becomes a journey of meaning instead of only a life of consumerism in decline.


I am doing a permaculture rotational grazing with multispecies on fields that are polycultures.  This is combined with a personal effort at green prepping.  How this works is I am REAL Green (realistic) efforts at lowering my footprint by scaling locally but realistically.  I incorporate conservation strategies in my life at every level I can in a relative way to what I can get to work.  I try to go as far as possible but there are limits.  Economic survival is a key but also adaptability of my local of people and place.  I am also prepping for a decline process.  Permaculture localism is an essential part of a prep portfolio.  If you are more resilient and sustainable you are more protected to a crisis.


REAL Green is also a spiritual approach to the land with respect for the planet by enhancing wildlife on the farm and within the grazing system.  This is done by lower stocking rates that allow and even enhance wildlife.  I am also doing restoration efforts on land dedicated to wildlife that serves as recreational land for extended family.  REAL Green is also about animal respect.  This is difficult because an operation has to make money so a balance has to be made to respect animal welfare and make money to cover costs.  Keep in mind I am considered a hobby farm because I am not making enough to live on.  My stocking rate are too low.  That is the key variable.  Higher stocking rates mean more profit but lower benefit to people, animals, and the land.  I am living off past investments to cover my costs.  My operation covers its cost but does not support me.  My labor is free.


The key part of this is I am green prepping.  I am scaling local with garden, orchard, grapes, animals, wood lot, and natural forage both animal and plant.  I don’t hunt but there are great wildlife resources here if I needed food.  There is lots of natural plant forage.  The way this enhances my prepping is I have the animals in the field that can be made into  food.  I grass fed cows and goats are greener than feed lot meat but I am raising calves and kids.  The calves will end up as replacement stock but the steers go to feedlots.  I have no control over this.  This multispecies mix is the best for managing a polyculture of grass, weeds and brush.  This greatly lowers the need for mechanical and chemical pasture management.  I have learned to live with invasives.  In fact, I need some of them for the goats.  The cattle mange the grasses that the goats eat less of.


My goats are registered Kiko breeding stock.  These are meat goats.  I make a big effort to find homes for as many animals as I can.  I can always find homes for the females but not all the males.  They go to the sale barn as meat goats.  I have 4 Anatolian shepherds that are also our pets.  I have no indoor pets because dogs are expensive.  These are working dogs and pets.  If the world were to collpase they could serve as guard dogs around the house.


I gather solar energy with a solar system and also wood biomass from forest management of dead and dying trees.  I make square bale hay with a small HP tractor and baler.  I have one field dedicated for custom large round bales I can’t justify the equipment to do the big stuff.  This hay field offers the animal an alternative habitat.  It is surrounded by wild pasture both polyculture and some fields that were put into native grasses that now dominate.


The long story of this effort is you need to be able to support yourself to do green prepping permaculture. I am at the limits of time and money.  There is never enough of both to do what you want so the triage of priorities rules.   Permaculture green prepping is good for people, animals, and land.  It focuses on local.  I combine multiple efforts into one effort of green prepping of a lower footprint and increased security.  This is hard work with lots of small efforts of moving animals and biomass.  It is low return.  It is often uncomfortable.  It is difficult to find people to do work so I do many low value jobs.  Yet, at the end of a month I can look at the summation of the effort and see good results for all.


I am saying this because industrial agriculture is needed to support you if you choose to only farm.  I am not commenting on the 3rd world which is another place and issue.  I am talking to the rich westerner who wants to be green and prep for a decline process.  This is hard rewarding work that offer spiritually meaning.  It is not the comfort of a gated community near the beach with golf and sun.  It is with the extremes of weather, bugs and thorns, hard labor of animals and biomass.  I feel it is the future of declining in place with activities that are better scaled.  If SHTF I have something.  I have a deep pantry, full freezer, and long shelf life food. My extended family have a place to go if the cities become dangerous. I recommend this life to some who can and respect those who can’t.  It has humbled me to life and enriched my spirt.

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