Why is Acceptance Critical to REAL Green?

The key to being REAL Green is behavior.  From behavior comes activity but also spiritual strength.  Acceptance comes into the equation in the very beginning.  The starting point is finding one’s limitations and understanding the limitations on civilization.  It is this duel reality that is important.  First as an individual one has to understand the limitations of his local of people and place in regards to how far green prepping can be taken.  Green prepping is preparations for a coming shock but also planetary caring.  Resilience and sustainability are a footprint lowing strategy that is both preparatory and green.  The key for the individual is understanding how far he can take this effort.  Even before this one needs to come to the awakening that this is the way.  Acceptance is faced once being honest about the science of the planetary path of succession.   This is a decline of complexity.


The planet is in succession with ecosystems but also the human ecosystem we call civilization.  The individual has to be awakened to this reality to find acceptance.  He must be honest that technology and efficiency suffer diminishing returns eventually so technology will not save us.  We are near this point and this is expressed by the fact most all technologies have draw backs.  This is a “hole digging” reality.  There are limits to efficiency that are more than cost benefit analysis they also represent lifestyle decline.  The modern man is destroying himself in many ways by hyper efficiency.  Globalism is one such effort.  If the individual is awakened to this reality of decline and limits he then sees the carbon trap and path dependencies that limit civilization’s advance of progress.  Progress is now on an undulating plateau of growth and decline.  Decline is winning.


This acceptance of the macro leads to acceptance in the micro for the individual.  The individual will reflect on these macro limits to adjust his local of people and place.  Keep in mind the trap the individual is in is both macro and micro.  The macro is obvious if civilization is in decline so is the individual.  In the micro the situation is different.  The trap is one of dualism.  The individual is trapped in how far he can adapt away from this macro reality of a greater trap.  The individual is locked into the reality of interpersonal relationships where his significant others may not be awakened or care.  The individual must make money and pay for things to survive so he must use the trap to adapt to the trap.  The local is delocalized by globalism.  Often is the case resources we rely on are outsourced globally.  So the individual must deal with his own limitations and those of his greater community he lives in.


If the individual is honest about the science of this then he will take steps to adapt locally by green prepping.  Preparing for shocks that are possible and probably in the future because of decline and delocalization is one adaptation.  The individual will then reflect on the macro of a planet and our human civilization in succession and decline in place.  Meaning is found in this activity of decline that is normally demeaning.   Shrinking in decline is offset by finding spiritual meaning.  Spiritual meaning comes from embracing the way of the planet in green caring.  Acceptance is the key to this transformation that allows vigorous activity.  Keep in mind this is not a transcendence because we are all trapped even the awakened.  This spiritual awakening does not take the place of your existing higher power.  It is an add on to this.  You can be Christian, Buddhist, or atheist and still go REAL Green.  REAL Green is about a realistic approach to risk management and the reasons for it.  Acceptance is the turning point and trigger to activity that is fortified with spiritual meaning.


There is no place in REAL Green for paralysis.  If you probe the truth then you will go forth on its behalf once you have been awakened.  You will face the abstract death of decline and decay with micro growth in localized niches.  Ecosystem decline of planetary succession is a destructive change but one that frees up niches as complexity breaks down.  Micro climes of growth are available to those who are aware of places where constructive change can take place.  To find these niches requires awareness and orientation.  To get to awareness and orientation takes acceptance of this decline process and the understanding of the individual’s local trap of people and place.  You can only do so much.  You are defined by your local.


Know your limitations.  Some can go much further than others.  Some will be called on to be modern shamans of change.  Shamanism is as old as intelligent humans and was primarily an individual the tribe looked to for spiritual guidance.  In modern times you can be a spiritual guide to this process for others to orientate.  You can possess the force of the planet’s way.  This is a subtle power for those who are awakened and it will guide you to proper and successful action.  What this means is when you orientate to the planet it will assist you.  Some can take this much further than others because they have education and resources.


Be one of these planetary warriors if you can.  If you can’t then help those who can.  Touch your local with this power and see the transformation.  Do this in humility because this power is lost when used for selfish reasons.  Humility should also come for acceptance of decline.  No matter how much of this power you possess you are still at the mercy of your local of people and place.  A community that is not sustainable and resilient will take you down too.  This is why you should get out of a bad place if you can and migrate to a place with a future.  If you can’t then fortify what you have and do this in acceptance of decline, decay and even death.  The truth is the ultimate motivator of the enlighten human.  This is the truth because this is the way of the planet.  Reject the human narrative of manifest destiny and embrace a humanity in harmony with the way of the planet.  Do this relatively to your local of people and place and your spirituality of your higher power.  These are your limits so accept them and then go forth on the planet’s behalf.

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