A New Permaculture

We are definitely in the Anthropocene which means permaculture must adapt.  It must be a hybrid to survive.  It must also reach back to the past and leverage the modern as another hybrid approach.  It must embrace salvage which is taking what has been destroyed and adapted by modern industrial behavior and then adapted with creative change that represents a niche being exploited constructively.  A permaculturist must use the status quo to leave it and in doing so realize the relativity of green.


I wish I could be TRUE Green but few can be all Green.  Maybe a young person or motivated family can retreat to the margins of life off the grid and embedded in natural harmony.  For most even if they desire this and have the skills are not allowed to by the limitations of their people and place.  Society dictates who can and who can’t.  The result is a lifeboat for most on a turbulent sea of destructive behavior.  Save what you can and accept the destruction of the rest.  Outfit your life with permaculture if you can.  If you can’t support it with good intentions like buying their products that are often higher priced and more difficult to reach.  Keep in mind permaculture is more than agricultural it is about a diversity of best in the class products and skills related to planetary caring.


Seek to lower your footprint by declining in place in localism as much as your particular Anthropocene trap allows.  You will have to pay taxes and earn a wage and in doing so you inevitably are corrupted by industrial life.  Accept this and use it to leave it.  Also accept the planet and human civilization is in decline.  Do palliative care in the hospice of destructive change.  What this means is accept decline and death in its many forms and what results is action.  The action is found by being drawn to productive niches that offer constructive change amid an overall condition of destructive change of life in succession.


I am living this in my REAL Green.  There are others who do more and have more Green credentials but that is not the point.  This is individual and focused on the inner core of a personal local of people and place.  Do not get caught up in comparisons of who is greener or not.  Be individually green as is allowed by your people and place.  This is all that can be done because anyone who thinks the world can be saved is delusional.  You can’t save the world by proposing vast new growth projects of Green New Deals.  Degrowth movement recommendations are likewise dangerous.  We should understand degrowth means more environmental damage if not handled properly because of the potential for green efforts being abandoned or becoming dysfunctional.  This also means that degrowth policy could become irrational by destroying more than it saves.


In my opinion the planet will lead the way and we should follow.  The way you orientate to the planet cannot be done by the typical modern green today with digital and hyper transport.  It is instead going local in a low footprint close to the beating heart of the planet.  You can only know the planet with a proper lifestyle as close to it as you can manage.  Keep in mind the majority of this is internal with behavior adaption.  That said you will have to be the judge of your local of people and place.  I cannot critique your way but I can mention in general the critical criteria of what works and what does not.  This is a time of a vast global inflection from growth to decline of the human system and the acceleration of planetary decline that has been going on now for a few hundred years because of the human system.  The only way to survive this in a green way is scaling to the proper place, with the right people, and the correct behavior.  That is for you to find out.  Nobody can know your most intimate place but you.

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