A Journey Not A Destination

I visit various Ecco sites and post comments.  Here is one such posting on Resilience Dot Com:


“I wholeheartedly agree with the benefit of green prepping. I do worry about the limited scope for that kind response, however. In developed countries the vast majority of people are almost completely isolated from land that can support them using green (or any other) methods. In modern and developed countries it is mostly people with great privilege who are able to afford land that can produce food, water and shelter and which enables them to adapt to economic contraction by becoming more and more self-sufficient.”


I agree but mention to those who can to do it.  Part of my green prepping platform is acceptance and humility.  I accept the system is degrading first and then accept my own exposure to it.  There is no transcendence only a limited transformation.  I accept society will not have the options to reconfigure in any kind of mass movement.  Society is trapped and that trap means many people are trapped.  There are just few options for many.  I am humbled by this and refrain from pointing fingers as if I am better than others.  I am blessed and these blessing are focused on a small scale of my local.  I am making a small difference on a small scale.  This is the proper orientation because in my opinion the human condition is one of scaling.  Some maybe can make a bigger impact but for the most part large scale changes will be swallowed up in the decline process.  The reason for this is the nature of the carbon trap and path dependencies our human system is in.  Keep in mind I am using the dirty status quo to green up my little place and small group of people.  I am not TRUE Green but instead REAL Green which is realistic and relative.  In the big picture I am just a small micro clime.


“Degrowth will be a disaster for the vast majority of people because they will not have the resources to adapt. Life will get harder and harder. Paid work will disappear. Food supplies will first lose their variety and then their abundance. Rationing schemes will spread the privation around, but they won’t prevent it. Eventually there will not be enough calories to go around and people will start losing weight. Hunger might prompt a mass migration from urban areas to rural areas, especially by the young and fit, who will be a valuable labor supply for struggling food producers. Cities will become centers of privation and death for those that don’t have the strength or the skills needed in the country.”


I agree so this is why I say to those who can to relocate both people and place.  Scale properly and try to go under the radar screen.  For those who can’t adapt then embrace with acceptance the coming storm.  Mental adaption goes a long way.  Enjoy life now and limit anxiety for the future.  There are material things everyone can do like short term preps.  Everyone can green up some.  Do daily acts of kindness to nature.  There is no sugar-coating decline and degrowth.  I am also realistic about my green prepping.  The wrong kind of decline will swallow up all my efforts.  This is why I call it a journey not a destination.

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