The REAL Green Master

FYI, my posts here on my blog tend to be musings from comments on other sites.  This means you will get a certain amount of redundancy.  I apologize for this but it does facilitate a steady stream of material for my blog.  I try to post once a week.  Since REAL Green is a journey this redundancy is also a adaptation over time of the REAL Green message.  The below comment was on Resilience dot com :


I am adapting my operation and fortifying my life with green prepping in a REAL Green lifestyle.  I am an expert prepper and have all the basic assets.  I am green with my animal operation and habitat restoration efforts.  I am low carbon focused with conservation and efficiency strategies.  I call it REAL Green because these efforts are relative and realistic.  My operation does not support me although it supports itself.  The wildlife management efforts are drenched in fossil fuels.  I have to still participate in consumerism and modern mobility.


Where REAL Green comes into this is acceptance behavior.  I am accepting humans are trapped and the lies of both the greens and browns are a result of this trap and path dependencies.  Human civilization will fail as we know it but the process might be a slow boil which is a decline process.  I am sure about failure because the planet has tipped into phase change.  That is the key.  Human civilization will not adapt as-is to this tipping IMO.  My life will suffer decline also both the natural one of old age decline but also decreased affluence as overall affluence declines because of planetary phase change.


REAL Green is a journey to meaning in all this.  It is not a religion of meaning.  Keep your higher power of beliefs.  These metaphysical aspects of your life are too personal and abstract to be dealt with by REAL Green but you can REAL Green them by incorporating the planetary situation into your higher power.  What this means is turbo charging spiritual meaning to offset declining physical conditions of lower affluence.  Seek spiritual assets to offset increased poverty of the decline process.  If you are following the planetary trend then the planet will support you.  Fight this trend and you will be resisted.  This concept is simple and evident like spending time in a strong current.  You can flow with it or against it.


REAL Green reluctantly resist the current as needed because a REAL Green lifestyle is relative and realistic.  An adapted life is only adapted so much.  The REAL Green lives in the Anthropocene trap like everyone else.  REAL Green the trap by discovering your limitations.  Too much change is detrimental so fine tune change to what your local of people and place can adapt to.  Localism is another key variable.  Low carbon is no longer low carbon when it is mobile.  Scale is disrupted when greater lifestyle ranges are lived.


There are some interesting ways to adapt consumerism and tech into the old ways of low carbon capture and localism.  Use triage to get the dead wood out.  Be a hybrid with the best practices of the old ways leveraged with the modern.  Use salvage where possible.  Huge amount of embedded carbon is already spent with many modern items.  Many times, using an existing asset is lower carbon than building out a high efficiency new product.  A REAL green realizes diminishing returns to tech and efficiency is rapidly rising these days because of cost/benefits.  Debt and marketing are obscuring this fact.  Honest science is no longer honest with the solutions because of this.  So, keep it simple but robust.  Generally high performance is lower REAL Green.


Real Green on the basic level of green prepping is for everyone.  Everyone can green and prep up locally.  Where REAL Green becomes more advanced is the lifeboat/hospice journey combined with monastic elements of gathering and organizing elements of best practices and things.  The life boat analogy is evident but the hospice one is the behavioral part.  Decline is death so offer palliative care of spiritual meaning.   If an individual has what it takes by nature, nurture, and luck then he can go forth to become a modern shaman of REAL Green.  This is not meant to be bizarre.  I use the word Shaman because you will be taping into the power of the planet and the gradient of change.  Again, keep in mind this is not a cult or religion.  It is not saying you must have a particular belief or faith but you must be honest with science and systems.  REAL Green is just saying emulate the planet in succession.  Do it locally in realistic and relative change that is shaped by the trap of your local of significant others and the place that is your home.


One size does not fit all.  I am a permaculturist doing animals and a homestead.  You can be an artisan or a craftsman adapting your skills to this new planetary and social tend.  What ties all this together though is adapted behavior of acceptance of decline with localism.  Scale properly and adapt your behavior to reality of decline.


A REAL Green master is for a few.  A REAL Green master is humbled by this.  The humility comes from being subservient to the planet.  Living in its ecosystem instead of above it.  A REAL Green master has the time and money to change and likely has found a satisfactory local to grow his green prepping effort.  He will be blessed with good significant others.  He will have the time and money to do this.  We are talking lots of work.  Low carbon is time consuming with low returns so if you want to remain modern you will need resources often times from abstract sources.  In my case I am living off investments.  My low carbon green prepping operation could not support what I am doing plus the modest way of life I live.


Keep in mind a lot can be done with a little in REAL Green because you are downsizing into localism and managing low carbon.  So even though it is a subsidy it is smaller than trying to keep up with the Jones.  A master REAL Green finds meaning in all this and even if it is all washed away in violent destructive change some of the monestary will be a beacon of change to those who come afterwards seeking the truth.  In the end it is the journey into truth that man finds his true self.

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