REAL Green Disabilities

I suffer from dyslexia both spatial and dysgraphia.  This means I have challenges both receiving and disseminating the human word.  I did not know about this until much later in my life when I grew out of it somewhat.  The reason I mention this is when you read my posts keep in mind the struggle, I go through to get a reality that is in my mind out into words.  Yet, also keep in mind this disability is only a disability in regards to writing and reading.  It is an advantage to seeing life outside of the dualism and the 2 dimensionalities of the written word.  I feel and understand things others can’t.  On the other hand, I struggle to understand and describe things that to others comes freely.  This has not stopped me from trying to enrich you my reader with my experience.  I do this in the name of the planet and my higher power.  They are speaking through me.  I am just an earthly vessel of the way


So, when you read my comments try to read what I tell you in the regard to a disability but also a extrasensory vission.  Instead of judging what I say with grammatical righteousness try to see it like poetry instead of gospel.  Even the things I do in REAL Green are poetic.  The dull and boring mechanics of permaculture and low carbon capture takes on a different meaning when combine as a REAL Green monestary.  It is the high volume and low value of your REAL Green activities that add up to an amazing monastic reality of planetary reverence and resilience.   Sustainability of prepping for dangerous times combining with planetary healing.  Localism and scale are key to this.  Staying individual you can create your own language and songs much like the song bird who comes and visits your house with beautiful melodies.


I speak to you not as your leader, mentor, or teacher.  I speak to you as my friend and companion on this REAL Green journey of discovery.  I am learning everyday from others.  I take that learning and act upon it in relation to my local of people and place and give it back to others.  I do this because this is what the planet told me to do.  No, I was not spoken to.  There was not some dream that I woke from and knew anything.  Keep in mind I am not commenting on that good or bad just that was not my revelation.  My revelation was an awakening and enlightenment that came with the honesty of acceptance over multiple years.  It was an evolution of a difficult life that was a journey of learning.


I am getting older.  I am in my late 50’s feeling the impact of declining physical and mental capacities.  Again, this is where acceptance and humility come in.  I am degrading with old age and not fighting it.  I do make an effort to stay fit and eat well but I do not try to stay young, one day I wills top writing about REAL Green because I will not have the ideas in my head.  I will instead have my monestary of ideas and things around me for those who come to understand and take way their enlightenment.  Maybe I will just make a fun estate sale for people who come to celebrate the end of a man’s life in the sale of his things.  I will be carried away in my family’s memories for a time as the eccentric guy who lived differently.  Eventually nothing will be remembered about me.  The planet wills this and I follow her will.  My higher power of meaning pushes me on through the drudgery of daily low value activities that after completion amaze me with a work of beauty.

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