REAL Green Range

My desire is to be as green as I can be and with as many comforts as I can gain within a balance.  I try to do this with proper scale which is locally with my people and place.  I embrace efficiency but balanced with resilience and sustainability.  This means both modern and the entertaining the old ways of low carbon capture.  The modern ways enhance and turbo charge the old ways.  This then becomes a hybridization instead of a purification of a modern world.  It is both behavior and action.  It is physical and spiritual.  It is status quo but also a new way.  The result is meaning.  Meaning is a spiritual wealth that will offset the lower efficiency of low carbon capture found in the old ways.


Your trap is not so much a trap as a range.  Species have ranges they must live in based upon their species characteristics.  A species will live in his range according to what the planet acquiesces.  Find your range for proper living within the planetary reality of the destructive change of succession.  Looking at it from the perspective of a trap is a way to realize limitations.  Even if you are profoundly green you can only be so green based upon your trap.  I would like to be so much greener than I am but accept that my trap only allows so much deviation from my local of people and place.  Define your trap through exploration.  Know your range and scale accordingly.  For the modern human it is almost always a downsizing.  This is because of what has occurred with modernization that has gone global and delocalized all locals.  In a macro sense humans have explored our planetary range and we are now at limits.  The human species will continue to go further than it should mainly because this is out nature.


The awakened individual on the other hand can adapt locally within this great trap of being human.  Scaling down to a place that is walkable and can be supported locally is ideal.  Since all locals are delocalized by modern globalism no place scales without delocalization.  Use the status quo to leave it as much as you can within your trap.  By knowing your trap, you can find a good scale that will offer you a niche for constructive change within the greater destructive forces of planetary succession.  Extinction and ecosystem failure are everywhere.  One of the most important actions of the modern green then is navigating extinction and ecosystem destruction.  Find a good local if yours is compromised.  All locals are compromised but some are worse than others.  This includes people too.  In fact, one of the greatest impediments to constructive change is being with the wrong group of people.  Try to adapt them of leave them.


If you reach the point of a REAL Green master you will have found a good local of people and place.  You will then start building your monestary of best things and knowledge.  You will embrace the best practices and adapted them individually and locally.  You will go low carbon capture and adapt this through a hybridization of the best of the old with the knowledge of the modern.  Localism will determine you stay within a safe range and not risk weakening your resilience.  Mobility is required of the modern human but restricting mobility tends to be one of the most important action of a TRUE Green.  This lower mobility will reduce prosperity in a physical sense but the meaning that comes from increased resilience and sustainability is a wealth that makes up for the physical loss.


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