I am finding my efforts at a new post of a working vocabulary is taking longer than I expected.  One word led to another.  This is turning out to be very enjoyable so as such let me take a little more time to enjoy it.  It is a bit like what good poetry does to me when I see it.  Yea, art has a value in reason.  I leave you with this I am calling We & It.  I responded to a friend’s post on a blog I have been visiting for years:


My position is less “we” then “it”. This is a process and this time around. It is global plus involves the entire planet and web of life. This fact makes it “complete” and non-negotiable. The non-negotiable is in regards to the attitude by exceptional humans that failure is not an option. Failure is an option. We can on the other hand negotiate with collapse and retreat in force. What is being done now by all colors is a denial of decline. Not so much with decline itself but the thinking there is a way out of a trap. A similar situation is the denial of death with the individual which is bargaining. It basically involves a Kubler Roth psychological process. There is nothing complex about this psychology except that this condition is pervasive and dispersed at all levels giving it a complexity and self-organization. Even scientist and academics acknowledge the problems but are delusional on the solutions not a few but many if not most.

My position is negotiation can take place at the local level of people and place. The individual and small groups can come to acceptance and affect constructive change in overall destructive change of an ascending level of a systematic succession. I call it ascending but the process is descending because it is a process within all the pyramids of life losing complexity with the web of life and being disturbed with the planet. So, this is abstract and physical with the spatial and time. In the abstract is human behavior that is clearly descending in wisdom and the rational. Irrational is one of the decline conditions along with dysfunction and abandonment. The physical vison of decline is obvious, just look around. The individual will not transcend this process but instead embrace it and be transformed. By embracing the process, the individual finds strength and meaning not a refuge but a calling. This means coming to acceptance as a terminally ill person does and going forth in action.

The psychology of this is even deeper for those serious about this adaptations. It becomes a life of living with dualism, finding paradoxes, and seeing the surreal for the awakened. This inevitable condition comes from living two lives. One life in the status quo of growth and “failure is not an option”. The other life is deep adaptation of the spiritual with an acceptance of a decline process. I call it a process because it is both physical and abstract and occurring over time. Events are part of this but it is more the unfolding of history in destructive change. The individual who are awakened then become a conduit of this powerful force. They can make wise choices and profit. This profit is not in worldly growth but spiritual meaning that offsets loss. This has to be with humility or else this strength and meaning will be disrupted. With pride comes delusions of the ego and this then leads to a falling back into the status quo just like the sheeples of techno optimism.

So, this is really not something that can be fixed but it can be adapted from being worse. It is unclear if human exceptionalism and delusional postion of manifest destiny will be much worse than acceptance. Both will lead to an end game of decline. Luck might play out and who knows the process might be short for a bounce back to a growth period. Life is a flux. I doubt this is the case at least in a happy ending. It would require a huge change in technical ability and human behavior. But dumb luck of fate can unfold in a serendipitous way. Don’t bank on it but instead accept it in pessimist optimism which is another nice incongruous juxtaposition feature of the surreal of decline. A hero who finds meaning has optimism even in death. I am only being objective here in regards to how the unfolding of life is beyond human understanding. An alien could pop up and offer humans the sacred secrets. It is more likely nature will play out as it always has and this will be just like past history just a global and technical rhyme.

It is only by scaling properly that good human wisdom is obtainable. This means local and in humility. The humility is acceptance of even the best of intentions and preparations are not a refuge. The wisdom is this is a journey on a sinking ship and as such certain behavior is advantageous and others destructive hence the niches of constructive change found in the ecology of succession. The little mammals that survive the die-off of the dinosaurs is a good example. They turned out to not be the biggest and badest but the most adaptable. In a human case it is the humble and accepting that find a niche of adaptability to properly decline constructively and with spiritual meaning.


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